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0 Chapter Directory 62 Eighth Ghost Eye
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Zong Hao Lin followed four staff members dressed in white, along a narrow corridor, and came to the door of a room marked with Experiment No. 4.

     After taking out the ID card to verify the identity, Hao Lin said to the staff member: "Let's go first, don't come in without my order."

     Then she stepped into the room.

     This is a very wide room. At first glance, even if it looks like a seven-star hotel room, in a wide and comfortable room, a boy is performing a simulated operation in front of a computer.

     "John, how do you feel?"

     The boy turned his head, he had beautiful blonde hair, but it was an Asian face, and at first glance it was a mixed race. His eyes are purple.

     "Sister Hao Lin!" The boy named John looked very happy, and immediately ran to Hao Lin and snuggled with her, saying, "I have finished my work today, do you have any new tasks?" ?"

     "Hmm..." Hao Lin smiled and touched Mo John's hair, and asked him to sit down and said, "Are you still used to it? If you have any need, just talk to the staff member here. In a few days, it will be done. Your training test for ghost eyes."

     "It's really boring here..." The boy bored to death and looked at this luxurious room and said, "I want to play outside. Sister, what do you think?"Hao Lin comforted John patiently: "No way, after all, it's dangerous outside. Listen, John, you can't go outside to play casually. The company's people will try to meet your other needs. Also... let me see your achievements today. Your ghost eyes-the ability of the undead pupils."

     When John heard it, he immediately nodded excitedly. At this time, he was like a student who was going to show his homework in front of the teacher. As he began to release the supernatural power, the light in this room went out immediately. Immediately, a dark voice rang around. A lot of blood began to appear on the ground, and then, looking at the boy's face, his left half of the face was originally beautiful, but... now it is full of blood and protruding carrion! And, the purple ghost's eyes kept protruding, like being alive, wanting to get rid of the shackles of the body, and staring at Hao Lin.

     Immediately, more terrible changes still behind.

     Although Hao Lin had already had mental preparation and had set escape tools on his wrist, he was still nervous at the moment.

     The release of spiritual power is more and more powerful. Although all the furniture and floors in this room are made of special materials, considering all kinds of circumstances, the floor under John's feet began to crack, and then he gradually bent down . Immediately, the sound of crawling began to spread throughout the room!

     Hao Lin put on special glasses that could see in the darkness, and found out...Whether it was on the floor, on the wall, or even on the ceiling, John's body was crawling! Moreover, they all have half grimace!

     "Stop...John! Stop!"Hao Lin couldn't stand it anymore, she actually cried to stop!

     Too cruel... her unimaginable company was so cruel to a child, and transformed a good child into a ghost! if this is not the case, for the sake of Artemisia, she is absolutely impossible to stay in this beast company!

     After leaving the laboratory, she immediately saw Lu Shenhuai.

     "It's coming off work. Would you like to have a drink? I know there is a nice bar nearby."

     "No need. I will go back to accompany Haoqun earlier."

     Lu Shenhuai is a person she hates a lot in the company. She once watched this man with a sneer to face the pain of those subjects. At the same time, he also proposed to negotiate with himself, thinking that the job of Nosoran Company, in exchange for his younger brother to get the best treatment, as soon as possible to restore healthy conditions.

     All of his own nightmares were caused by this person.

     "Miss Zong... Don't refuse to go beyond a thousand miles..." He put Hao Lin on the shoulder and said: "After all, everyone is a colleague, it is better to have a good relationship."

     "Enough..." she coldly replied: "I will continue to do my best to work for you, but I will not sell my soul to the company. I have my principles and bottom line, also... Don't forget our original agreement, Once the eighth ghost-eye experiment confirmed that it was a critical period of survival, I would resign immediately after finishing my job, but you still have to continue to treat my brother to ensure that he can recover.""Haha..." Lu Shenhuai answered with a smile: "of course... I will not forget this. Undead pupil eyes will be an important step for the company to kill Ren Senbo and use ghosts as weapons, you Naturally, it is also a very important talent for us. If you complete the promotion of John’s ghost eyes to undead pupils in time, beyond Ren Senbo’s yin and yang pupils, he can also predict that he is here, like a belt Take Tie Mujing like this to take John away...he is an extremely important person to us. Of course you are the same...Forget it, since you don’t want to accompany me to have a drink, I won’t be forced. , Please."

     Hao Lin immediately shook his hand away and did not turn round.

     Lu Shenhuai took out a pocket watch, looked at it silently, and said, "It's coming soon... Wish Ji. The day that the undead pupil's eyes are completed is not far away..."

     The garden show disappeared without trace.

     "Who else don't believe me now, just leave here."

     In the room of A Jing in the hotel, all the people who had watched the horror movie that day were gathered, except for the ninth person who could not be found.

     "How can..." Nan Rentian still hard to believe, the ghosts in the horror film will actually come to reality? However, now that Bingzong is dead, Han Ning and Yuan Xiu are missing, this is an indisputable fact!

     Looking at the remaining five people, A Jing raised the volume and said: "If there is Don't believe me, the person who decides to go back, please please."

     No one moved. Everyone sat in their original positions, thinking about their own affairs."Then... start the deployment plan." A Jing took out a form and said: "This is the five of you... this week's timetable for death. Listen, you are based on trusting me, Cooperate to fight against the ghosts that will kill you. So you must not have any luck or doubt about your date of death, otherwise, your end will be the same as Bingzong! I am definitely not frightening words to scare people, this is a matter of life and death!"

     This room is not too big, the number of chairs is limited, most people can only sit cross-legged on the ground. A Jing put a board on the bed, put the form on the board, and said, "The five of you will die this week... I know you are uncomfortable with this sentence, but if you want to survive, you must work together. Did you understand?"

     All five are nodded. Although reason makes them not want to believe that their lives are about to die, the fear of unknown things makes each person nervous and looks at the table.

     Dead Time Cursed Keywords

     On Tuesday, Long Ting's sly eyes, Wednesday, Nan Ren Tian Die change

     Thursday left the bottomless well

     Friday Zhao Chi Shadow Demon

     Gao Fenghui died from the human form on Sunday

     After reading this form, each person is tightly frowns. This form looks like an examination schedule. It specifies who will take which subject on which day. However, this is their death schedule. Watch! Moreover, it also stated which corresponding horror movies would kill them!After listing this form, A Jing said, "Today is Monday, tomorrow is the Dragon Court, and your date of death is now. Those who have not yet reached their turn cannot be idle during this period of time, because you do not have It’s my turn, so there is a guarantee of immortality before the date of death. I decided to gather together to ensure that each person can survive. You should also know that everyone’s fate is the same now, so you The cooperation is totally mutually beneficial, not to mention not all college students? No matter from what angle, the cooperation is justifiable? Or someone wants to face the ghost alone?"

     This is naturally impossible. Since everyone bears the same cursing destiny, then naturally they should help each other.

     "Very good...then get ready. You five listen well, and our next task is... to enter the experimental building of the development department of City Y of Northallor Company and take a man named John. This The plan must be completed before Midnight 00:00 today, if you want to survive..."

     "Nuo...Nuo Suolan company? Invaded that company? What a joke!" Long Ting immediately objected: "I heard that this company has a lot of shady, but there is no evidence to find out. There is any collusion in the underworld, we invade them... how can it be!"

     "Then do you want to die?"A Jing grabbed the fat man's collar and said, "You figure out the situation! You will die tomorrow, and you will die with fear! All will die, don't you try to take a survivable path? Invasion? I will naturally deploy the company’s plan. I have already have to use the power of ghost eyes if you want to survive, but Run Dark can no longer release the ghost eyes ability..."

     Run-darkness caused serious internal injuries due to excessive acceleration, but this was a problem that A Jing did not consider. He now releases his supernatural ability a little, he will vomit blood, and is still in hospital for treatment. Runli is looking after him. Therefore, he is currently basically unable to consider as a combat power. Therefore, A Jing would take a risk out of desperation and decided to use the invasion of Nosoran Company to take John's move to win.

     Although John's existence is the top secret of Nosoran, but with A Jing's Hacking Skill, Nosoran's computer system can be swaggered in without being discovered. Although their firewall is well done, it is nothing compared with the cracking software she made. But even so, she only found the name and the company's intention to develop new types of ghost eyes through this person, not even the photos, which shows how careful the company is.

     The five are still quite hesitant. Invading such a big company and taking away a character who doesn't know at all under heavy security is really dangerous. Of course, Ah Jing also understood their concerns, so he gave them a detailed floor plan of each floor of the experimental building, let them know each person, and described various situations that need to be considered.Whatever the case, China is a country with very strict control of weapons. Even if Nosolan employs a large number of bodyguards, it is unlikely that there will be a large number of highly lethal weapons. For ordinary firearms, Ah Jing has many potions. To deal with, she also has the kind of medicine that can be cured immediately by trauma. Coupled with the magical chameleon liquid, each person feels that there may be real hope.

     "I say it again ......Don't hold trusting to luck, the task of taking the person with the supernatural power can be said to be a success without success. There is no way to bring him out, you are dead, I can say that."

     However, invading Nosolan, in the end still a very risky approach. But for the five of them, it may be the only way to survive.

     Driving from city G to city Y takes a lot of time. At about five o'clock in the afternoon, six people arrived in front of Nosoran's experiment building.

     This experimental building stands in the center of the city, with a jet black cone on the outside, and more than a dozen security guards standing straight at the door. Everyone must be authenticated when they enter.

     "Wouldn't it be a problem if they had an infrared monitor?" Feng Hui quietly said to A Jing: "The chameleon liquid is not an invisible potion. We are not transparent people, but fuse with the surrounding environment? So no Is it still possible to be recognized?"

     "Relaxed...I have investigated in advance, there is no such device, it is estimated that the development expenditure is too much, and there is no spare funds to spend more thoughts on the monitoring system." Go to a secluded alley, After noticing that no one was around, A Jing took out the chameleon liquid."Everyone just needs to drop one drop on the body... This is a release solution, just three drops. Listen well... Because we can't see each other and can't talk, you drink this blue potion , It's called'mind potion', is a liquid that can transmit brain waves through the mind... well, in short, people who drink this potion can communicate with each other through the inner voice. But the potion is still During the experiment, the sound may not be very clear, and it may be related to the distance. After entering, according to my instructions, you must not act without permission. Do you understand?"

     All five were nodded and then dripped chameleon liquid on their bodies...