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0 Chapter Directory 63 The Third Horror Movie
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
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The chameleon liquid is really a good thing, and the six of them entered the heavily guarded Northollan company building. Judging from Ah Jing's prior investigation, the ninth and tenth floors of this building are the most stringent. General employees are basically unable to enter, and only senior people can enter.

     There are no elevators on the 8th to 9th floors, only the stairs, and the ID card authentication door is set at the stairway. Although the chameleon liquid can easily reach the eighth floor, the gate is not only closed, but also has two security guards. And this door, there is no way to enter with chameleon liquid. Of course, Ah Jing had already considered the countermeasures.

     She had previously identified a person with permission to enter the ninth floor, and decided to use this person. Of course, considering the factors that the other party would resist, she chose a woman, Zong Haolin, the Minister of Technical Analysis. At the same time, I also hope to know something from her mouth. As long as she was given a potion to control her nerves, she would be able to manipulate her to the ninth floor. While using her ID card, they would go in again.

     Of course, her office has also been found on the seventh floor. The six people walked quietly on tiptoe to her office on the seventh floor, and as soon as she was about to enter, she heard her rapid voice from inside: "You said...Take the No. 4 test subject to the United States tomorrow? Why? I disagree, the current test in China is still not ended and I made a hasty decision... I know that I am not a member of the development department, but I have the right to provide accurate data to show my position!"

     The door was pushed open.

     Hao Lin just hung up the phone, looked at the door that was opened out of thin air, and then immediately closed it again. I haven't reacted yet, and my neck is choked tightly without knowing what thing."Pry her mouth open... rest assured, I have investigated, there is no monitor in this office."

     It was a woman's voice. She wanted to struggle, but only felt a stream of liquid slide down her throat into the esophagus. Immediately afterwards, her brain began to enter a free state...

     "It's a lot smoother than expected." A Jing said with Telepathy. She waited for the potion to take effect. Soon Zong Hao Lin's eyes became blurred immediately, and then she started boss people around.

     "Take your ID card, and then compile a reason to go to the ninth floor. When you open the authentication door, you casually talk to the security guard next to you, and you will enter the door for about ten seconds. Do you understand?"

     After Ah Jing finished speaking, Hao Lin immediately signaled with a nod and immediately got up.

     At the moment, at the top of the building, Lu Shenhuai was wearing a headset and was watching each picture meaningfully. In front of the certification door on the eighth floor, Hao Lin was walking towards the door step by step.

     "Is it possible to manipulate the hypnosis of others? Or..."

     Lu Shenhuai just heard all the words that Ah Jing said absolutely clear. He also understands that the purpose of these people coming to the company is absolutely the same as Ren Senbo, which is Bad Premonition. He knew early on that even if a monitor was installed in Zong Hao Lin's office, she would definitely be discovered by her, but instead made her unhappy with the company. However, the crucial moment when John is about to be sent abroad is different, even if he is at risk of being discovered by her. He didn't believe this woman at all.Before, pretending to invite her to drink, actually placed an ultra-small bug on her shoulder while patting her shoulder. He had to ensure that before John left China, he grasped the woman's every move.

     "However... Didn't see anyone around her? Where did the woman who hypnotized her go? Judging from the monitors in the corridor, only Hao Lin came out of the office alone... Could it be hiding there? Huh, that's interesting."

     He connected the line at the security office and said, "Listen... immediately follow my instructions..."

     When Zong Haolin came to the authentication gate and just took out the ID card to prepare for swiping, the two guards stopped her and said, "Minister Zong, the superior's order was just sent, you can't go in..."

     At this moment, a helicopter is flying directly to City Y.

     The man sitting on the helicopter listened to the recording sent by Lu Shenhuai: "Get your ID card, and then compile a reason to go to the ninth floor. When you open the authentication door, you casually talk to the security guard next to you. After a delay of ten seconds or so, do you understand?"

     "Good... This is Ren Senbo's daughter's voice, very good!"

     The man immediately went through the headphones and the road opposite Shen Shenhuai boss people around: "Before I arrived, you are in charge of controlling the situation, this time you must catch Ren Senbo's daughter! If there are other fellow parties, all Execute without any mercy! Block the entire eighth floor and rush other employees to the bottom. Once someone invades the eighth floor for no reason, there will be no amnesty! also... There must be no failure of John, you understand?"Lu Shenhuai replied excitedly: "Understood! BOSS! Rest assured, before you arrive, I will completely change Ren Jing's group like a turtle in a jar!"

     A Jing saw the guard saying that, it was estimated that something had happened, and he was ready to fight at any time.

     The manipulated Hao Lin certainly could not obey the orders of people other than A Jing, but forced to enter, the guard quickly stopped her, and at this moment, a large number of gun guards flooded into the rear corridor!

     A Jing does not hesitate at all and grabs the ID card from Hao Lin's hand. While the guard is not paying attention, insert the card into the hole and the door opens immediately!

     "The door...the door opened... this is what's going on?"

     When a large number of guards rushed to the door, A Jing decided to try his own experimental physique first.

     So the guards coming over, each person clearly felt a pair of powerful hands pushing on their chests, and then they all fell to the ground!

      each person shouted anxiously: "There are ghosts... there are ghosts!"

     After the door was closed, the guards could only stand in front of the door, stunned, because this door was only accessible to senior people.

     Behind the door is an elevator. Six people took the elevator to the ninth floor. Lu Shenhuai, who was looking at the monitor, was completely stunned. The elevator was obviously not a soul in sight, but someone below clearly pressed the elevator! Is it possible that ghost?

     "Damn... start first-level security!"Where can Shenhuai tolerate John being robbed? He is now on the tenth floor, and the ninth floor is a place where a lot of research materials are stored. If those things are taken away to the police, or open to the public, Northoran Company It's over! Although there is a fingerprint authentication machine at the entrance of each data room, and there is an organization that automatically destroys once it is forcibly destroyed, but now the enemy is human or ghost doesn't know at all, he has no confidence that the organization on the ninth floor can block it live. The ninth floor is simply a labyrinth, and no one can see it. The corridors are filled with information. The walls seem to be made of special metal alloys, and fingerprint authentication is required at the door.

      "No... not here, it should be on the upper level..."

     At this time, when the sirens suddenly made a big noise, and the six people had to run towards the elevator door, the elevator door opened.

     "This...this is..." A Jing froze completely.

     A blond and blond man with purple pupils is standing at the door!

     "Purple..." Ah Jing has realized what, although the pupil level is definitely not high, but... the other party is a supernatural ability, this will definitely be no problem!

     "What's going on? It's just six people, and only has one is a supernatural power..."

      The blond-haired man speaks standard Chinese. He stepped out of the elevator and said, "Is the high-level man specially sent me to deal with people of this level? Really boring..."

     "A...A Jing..." Feng Hui asked her inwardly: "Can this foreigner see us?""That's of course...I don't make a transparent potion, I can only deceive the ordinary naked eye, how can it be deceived ghost eyes?"

      The blond-haired man said with a sneer: "Introduce yourself first, I am the company's security minister Ogers! My ghost eyes are soul-eating pupil eyes... what about you? You shouldn't have ghost eyes, this supernatural ability is how did it get here?"

     Ogers gradually approached these six people and said, "Well, a woman only has one, then you are Ren Jing? Who are the five behind? It looks like an ordinary person..."

     At this moment, Oggs suddenly covered his head in pain, his body fell to the ground, and screamed continuously.

     "Stupid guy, there's too much nonsense..." Lu Shenhuai, who was watching the monitor on the screen, was holding a remote control in his hand at the moment, and said: "Anyway, it's a big deal if the information is taken away. There is no way, only to release his soul-eating pupil's eye ability to the limit and turn Ogers into a ghost body!"

     At this time, the door was already open. A tall man with a cigar walked in and asked, "How is the situation going?"

     "Um... as you might think. Ren Jing did invade the company, but they are now on the ninth floor. I have sent Ogers to deal with it. Please rest assured."

      "Yí?" The man took off his cigar and looked at the surveillance screen. Frowns asked, "Au Jiesi is ghosting?"

     "Yeah...because I want to kill all of those people in the shortest time. After all, the situation in the data room...""You idiot! I'm going to catch Ren Sambo's daughter alive!" The cigar-handling man punched Shen Huai's face with anger, then grabbed the remote control in his hand and said, "This... The remote control of the artificial supernatural power amplifier? Close!"

     Ou Zeth's body was unable to withstand the increase of huge supernatural powers, and gradually began to have red eyes.

     "Ghost... He is going to be a ghost!"

     The terrifying aura emanating from Ogers, all the lights of the corridor were turned off, and the surroundings suddenly fell into darkness.

     A Jing is very clear that if a person is ghosted, it will become zombie-like at the beginning, which is the terrifying existence of unying and unextinguished. If she has a mirror on her body, you may restore the other party, but the situation is different now. ...

     There was a dark moment around him, and A Jing knew that Ogers was currently already the same as zombies, and would attack them indiscriminately at any time, so she shouted in the darkness to all around: "Quick drops of liquid! In this case If I feel that something invisible can touch my body, I will treat it as a ghost! Drop!"

     Anyway, there is darkness all around. Before the eyes adapt to the darkness, we must think of a solution as soon as possible. If you don’t take the mirror, you must kill the foreigner before the other party is completely ghosted!

     The spooky ability becomes a ghost body. At the beginning, it is a physical zombie state, but in the later period, it will become a real ghost with an indefinite shape. This time depends on the individual's physique. In short, once the other party becomes a complete ghost body, then The six of them are dead!And among the six people, Long Ting is the most feared one, because he will die after one o'clock. Although there is still a period of time from the zero point, but I can't find John anymore, his life can be said to be in imminent peril.

     A Jing first sprinkled a liquid that could hurt ghosts around him. Then, according to the judgment of the direction, he walked towards the elevator step by step. Now that there are ghosts on this floor, the company's people will not have the courage to enter. They would rather sacrifice this building than kill them. However, considering that John, he did not dare to blow up this floor directly, but simply used such a vicious method.

     But Thus is basically certain, John is upstairs!

     When it was almost time to reach the elevator, at this time, a pair of bloody eyes appeared in front of her!

     "Flee away!" A Jing finished accelerating after he said this. I don't know how big this floor is, so I have to take a hit.

     The door of John's room was opened, and several black men walked in, all of them foreigners with fair hair blue eyes.

     A man with a cigar walked in, looking at John in amazement, and said, "Go, little John, I will take you to the United States... there is a very good's country, there..."

     "Sister Hao Lin?"

     "She... you don't have to worry about her affairs."

     "I don't go where there is no sister Hao Lin." He replied stubbornly: "I want to stay wait sister, come here!"The man with a cigar certainly knows that he cannot force John, otherwise he will be in trouble once he releases the undead ghost eyes. So he had to deceive him to say: "Sister Hao Lin is also in the United States, where you can see her..."

     The ninth floor was quite large, and the six quickly ran away. Long Ting and Fenghui and Zili ran into a dead end, and looking behind them, it was still dark.

     "Just...what did Miss Ren see?" Zi Li only remembered her called "Quick Run", and then everyone dispersed.

     Feng Hui recalled and said: "At that time... I seemed to see a pair of... blood red eyes!"

      spoke until here, everyone shivered.

     "Don't ask, it's definitely the ghost of the foreigner. Don't worry, he's just a zombie now." Zili is calm and unhurried, but the dragon court is anxious. The zombie is the king of evil, impervious to The monster of sword or spear is said to be restrained with glutinous rice, but I don’t know whether it is true or false described in the movie.

     However, at this time, around the corner of the corridor... Climbing alone!

     "Ah... a ghost... a ghost!" All three retreated to the corner, but the man said, " me..."

     Listening to the voice, the foreigner just now, how does it sound like dying?

     Zili lifted him up and took a closer look, his pupils... still purple!

     In fact, when the cigar smoker pressed the close button, his Oni within the body soul reaction stopped."Wait..." Zi Li said to the two behind him in horror: "Since this guy hasn't become a ghost... Then the blood-red eyes that Miss Ren saw... who is it?"