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0 Chapter Directory 64 The Third Horror Film
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

A Jing overlooked a very important thing.

     Before the date of death, the cursed person does not die.

     But it does not mean that they will not be attacked by ghosts.

     At this time she was aimlessly running on the ninth floor.

     Since the ninth floor is such an important floor, it is too strange not to arrange anyone to guard it. Moreover, to enter any one room on this floor, you need to verify your fingerprint, but you only need an ID card to enter this floor. This point, Ah Jing had thought of it in advance. After she had control of Hao Lin, she asked her about this problem.

     And Hao Lin gave her the answer that the head of the company... no fingerprints! He lost his fingerprints because his hands were licked by the fire in the original fire. Therefore, the originally set fingerprint authentication system was cancelled and changed to ID card authentication.

     Reminiscent of the fire at Nosoran at that time, A Jing speculated that perhaps the leader had lost his fingerprints because of that incident. So... is this accidental?

     If fingerprint verification is set, then they cannot enter the ninth floor.

     It was as if someone had arranged it deliberately to make her plan a success. However, it is impossible for anyone to predict the use of Soul Eater's eyes because of internal injuries, except for a foreseeer of The Almighty.

     Yes, only her father, Ren Senbo, can do this. If the fire was caused by him and he calculated exactly what would happen in the future, then... he was trapped here now as part of his father's plan.Soon, she ran into a large room and opened the door without authentication. Inside the door, it was...

     She is in the hotel room!

     She quickly turned around and walked back, but behind the door was the hotel corridor!

      At this time, she immediately realized what, quickly lifted her watch to see, it is now six o'clock, six hours away from Midnight 00:00... And the Northoran company is definitely more stringent than the previous alert. Times, I don’t know how many people will be at the door.

     No... the most important thing is that since she is back here, it means... the third horror movie is already opened! That horror movie called "Evil Eyes".

     The plot of "Eccentric Eyes" describes the truth that a teenager with abnormal eyes studied by a person who has been researched by ordinary people can't notice...

     Having said that, the teenager... what's your name? A Jing remembers that his name seems to be very ordinary a name ...... She suddenly felt uneasy and went back to the room to open the computer and check.

     The boy's name is...John! His name is John!


     Zili raised the foreigner and asked, "Where is John? You should know?"

     "John...I don't know, I just listened to the orders of my superior..."

     Zili pinched his neck bitterly and kept pushing hard, shouting: "Tell me! Otherwise I will let you die! Don't tell me you don't know!"

     "I... I said... I said... On the upper floor, in the room named Experiment No. 4..."If this foreigner had just released excessive spiritual powers in his body and caused his body to almost collapse, he was far from being unable to fight back. Zi Li also began to become more and more violent because of Yuan Xiu's death.

     After Yuan Xiu died, he realized that he had missed a treasure that could have been cherished. But it’s useless to say anything, whatever the case, he also has to try to live and then avenge her!

     "Listen...Long Ting," Zi Li grabbed the foreigner and said, "What should we do, do you understand? Go back to the elevator and go up to find John!"

     "Ok...Ok..." Both Long Ting and Feng Hui were subdued by Zi Li's courage, so the three men dripped chameleon liquid on their bodies again, recalling the route just now and the memory of the plan that Ah Jing gave them, slowly Go to the elevator.

     To be honest, if the view death as a return home looks open in front, who would dare to come back here? There was a pair of blood-red eyes just now!

     Entering the elevator, all three people were playing drums. Although Telepathy can be used to contact other people, Zi Li currently has completely lost his mind, and the other two cannot watch him go to death, so they have to follow him. Moreover, no one dared to come back to the elevator now.

     The elevator door opened, but the three people who rushed inside couldn't see any one. But this is also natural. Now that the place has been completely abandoned, John is taken to the helicopter on the rooftop and is ready to leave.Just at this time, the sound of the propeller came clearly, Zi Li heard it really, and ran back to the elevator quickly, pressing the button to the roof, and Long Ting followed.

     When the elevator doors opened again, what the two saw was that the helicopter had left the ground. And a blonde teenager is on that helicopter!

     "Blonde... Could he be John?"

      At this time, John suddenly turned his gaze to the two. The cigar smoking man looked at him strangely and asked, "What are you looking at, John?"

     "No, nothing." John's eyes always caught Long Ting tightly.

     Then, the two could only watch the helicopter gradually disappear into the sky. "It's over... I... what should I do..." Dragon Court kneels down on the ground, tears flowing out and dripping on the ground.

     "I should... what should I do..."

     The child next to him watched it, and it was somewhat sour.

     Now, we are in a state where we cannot go up or down. Even with the use of chameleon liquid, I am afraid it is difficult to escape. However, after Midnight 00:00, Long Ting will die...

     "I'll be the bait," Zili suddenly lifted up the Longting, and said, "It's time I paid the price... While Yuan Xiu was alive, I failed to cherish her, and now she's dead... Say nothing." It's too late. I won't let go of the bastard who killed her, no matter if it's a ghost or a demon, even if I fight this life, I'll kill those demons!"He didn't wait for Long Ting to express his position, he took Long Ting to the elevator, and then said: "Relax, don't Miss Ren give us a lot of special potions? I'll block those people, you leave first. Maybe John and Not on the helicopter just now, you continue to find ways to find someone to ask for a result... don’t worry about me, my date of death is not yet, so I won’t die..."

     After taking the elevator to the ninth floor, he opened the elevator door and saw Fenghui standing at the door, so he pushed Long Ting out and said, "I went to the eighth floor to attract the attention of those people, listen well Now... find other people, I will cover you away!"

     Zili has made up his mind. Yuan Xiu’s death confirmed him completely. He liked Yuan Xiu and saw Yuan Xiu coming to him, but his self-esteem drove him not to reveal his true thoughts, so much so that Yuan Xiu to death doesn’t know at all. She chose a two-line relationship.

     But... everything is late. So at least, protect other people!

     No matter who the enemy is, he will not let go!

     The elevator door opened, the eighth floor in front of me, there were already many guards at the door. Of course no one could see him because of the chameleon liquid, so he took out another bottle of potion...

     At the moment, Run Dark is still lying on the hospital bed.

     " would actually hurt yourself like this..." Run Li is helping him to cut an apple, looking at Run Dark with a sad face. She is a little scared from Now on, afraid that her brother will one day Really leave yourself...

      At this time, Run An's cell phone on the bedside rang, and Run Li quickly took the phone to connect and said, "Hello, which one?""Um... that," it sounds like a middle-aged woman: "is my son Long Ting here beside you, young lady?"

     "What? Are you Mr. Long's mother?"

     "Yeah... he didn't know why he asked for leave from his work unit. After making a phone call early in the morning, he ran out and asked him to say nothing. His attitude was strange recently. So I pressed the redial at home. Key, he dialed this number to go out, I think he should be by your side?"

     "Ah, Mr. Long is not with us now... If you have something to find him, I can tell him."

     "Miss, who are you? What's the relationship with our family Longting?"

     "That... me, I am a staff member of a sports fitness center. Mr. Long wants to be a member of us, so come to us to go through the formalities and then go out..."

     Run An couldn't help but admire the level of her sister's fabrication of lies. It is clear that currently already an unemployed wanderer, actually take on a new lease of life and work in a sports fitness center.

     However, next, Long Ting's mother's words made Runli have a surprise...

     On the ninth floor of the experiment building of Nosoran Company, Long Ting was very worried about Zili, but Feng Hui pulled him and said, "Forget it, Zili is the best in us. You can't deny that you are so fat Stay with him and help him, only worrying him..."

     "You, what did you say? Are you kidding, Fenghui?" Long Ting looked at Fenghui with an expression like seeing an alien, pushed him away, walked into the elevator, and said, "I'm going to help the child Off! And... your last sentence What did it mean just now?""Um... I said you were so fat..."


      At the same time, Run Li heard Long Ting's mother's reply that surprised her: "That child still wants to lose weight? He has lost weight like that, what else should he lose?"

     "You... what did you say?"

     Feng Hui said this sentence.

     "Yes! Why do you say I am fat?" Long Ting couldn't understand at all. Since graduating from college, he has started to lose weight. He has been wondering. This time everyone has reunited. He has reduced his weight to 70 kg. Why not? Alone surprised?

     At that time, John stared at him for a reason.

     He was a few kilometers away from the building when the helicopter was suddenly deeply worried and sick at heart and said to the man smoking a cigar: "BOSS, I just felt weird just now... Why didn't the man on the roof just find out? "My ghost eyes are absolutely clear. Why does a sister who has been so seriously injured stay in his clothes, he doesn't feel uncomfortable?"

     The elevator that reached the eighth floor opened, but inside the opened elevator, not a soul in sight.

     No one knows that the most cutting-edge scientists of Nosoran have created a space that is different from the outside world. The space-time travel in this space is much faster than the outside world. Its purpose is to maximize the efficiency of employees by accelerating the metabolism (biology) of cells in the human body. And on the ninth and tenth floors of this building, that's it a space.

     At this moment, it is Midnight 00:00 in this special space.