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0 Chapter Directory 65 The Fourth Horror Movie
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

He didn't want to step here again.

     But he still came, just because of the man's words.

     "I hope you go there."

     Like a blast of lightning, a figure appeared in front of Zili, and all the bullets fired in a flash suddenly vanish from sight.

      Each person looked at him with surprised eyes.

     "Tie... Tie Mu Jing!"

     A handsome man with a pair of purple pupils stood in front of Zili.

     "Let's go, stay here, your date of death will come soon. I have also sent away the people upstairs."

     The man stretched out a finger and drew a square shape in front of Zili, then a red spacial rift(s) appeared out of thin air, sucking the baffling son away!

     "Hehe... I'm glad to meet you, I didn't think we would have a chance to meet again."

     Suddenly a cold voice came, and the guards gave way to both sides, only to see Lu Shenhuai walked in front of him with a strangely shaped pistol.

     "Lu Shenhuai!" The handsome man fiercely recited the name of the other party in a nearly cursed tone, and his purple deep pupils became less and less human.

     "You don't want to leave again... This gun is specially made by me and will not be affected by the supernatural power. Now..." He pointed the gun directly at the handsome man.

     "Leave me here, continue the experiment..."Tie Mujing opened his arms and looked at Lu Shenhuai with hateful eyes. His voice even began to choke a little: " and Jiji, didn't you promise me at that time? You were born to me in The person I believe most after this world. But why... why do you want to kill her? Why do you betray me?"

     "Some things...not as simple as you think. In short, I am now the director of the development department of Nosoran. Unlike you, you are a successful product, and me? I am a defective product! Since you exist , The existence of my incomplete product is naturally meaningless. As long as it shows value, I can survive!"

     Mu Jing's memory began to drift back to the past...

     "What a lovely boy... you see, his eyes, this is like a king..."

     "Finally, a successful product appeared... so good..."

     He was able to see and think at that time. When he was a baby in his baby.

     The ninth and tenth floors of this building flow much faster than the outside world, so staying on these two floors, even if infant state enters, it will become an adult more than ten years earlier than the average person.Nosoran’s hidden cutting-edge technology has been able to reach beyond the field of relativity, but there is still no clue about phenomena such as ghosts that cannot be explained by science. So, look for excellent supernatural abilities in all over the world and let them work for the company. Those who would rather die than become the company's weapons, simply use their hair to copy DNA to create clones. However, cloning technology has been established worldwide, and the survival rate of individuals is very low. Even those who survived, many had ghost eyes without being born.

     In fact, in the final analysis, although the supernatural constitution can be inherited, it is not inherited through genes, but is similar to the karma report of the Buddha. In short, it is completely beyond the scope of scientific understanding. No matter how cutting-edge technology is used to analyze ghost eyes, there is no secret. Most of the cloned people are actually physical.

     At that time, Tie Mujing was the only one born with ghost eyes and cloned alien physique. In the special room with him, there are two other children. Like him, they were sent in from infant state, and the two children were also thought to have potential spiritual abilities.The two children are a man and a woman, the man's name is Lu Shenhuai, and the woman's name is Gongsun Yuanji. Being blocked on these two floors, the three became intimate friends not to hold anything back. Because everyone has a common destiny, knowing that they are different from ordinary children. There are no parents and no brothers and sisters. During that time, the room will continue to show them various images, allowing them to accept all kinds of knowledge at the fastest speed. At that time, the speed at which knowledge was absorbed was the key to observing whether the other two people had a spiritual constitution. The smartest of the three is Wish Ji.

     Moreover, when she grew up to look like she was in her tens, she was already a rare beauty. In general, the term capable of causing the downfall of a city or state can rarely be used on a child, but... Wish Ji is an exception. Her amazing beauty, gasp in amazement, supple long hair, lovely eyelashes, a pair of smart eyes below, and she likes to laugh, so smart, Mu Jing and Shen Huai are fascinated by this girl.

     Although you can eat delicious food and wear gorgeous clothes, there is no such thing as freedom. They are only instilled in the theory of loyalty to the company, given the most cutting-edge scientific knowledge and all the supernatural data collected over the country, every day except learning is an experiment, and absolutely can not go out.

     However, there are friends who can support each other. Both Mu Jing and Shen Huai gradually disliked this kind of life during their studies. Although they knew that there was a monitor anytime and anywhere to monitor this room, they also gradually learned that the company’s actions were criminal and they were not obliged to do so for the company. Sell your life. However, if there is a dissent, it will be resolved by the company.May Ji come up with many ways to avoid talking on the monitor, such as what gestures can be used to express what meaning. Therefore, this allows them to have many ways to discuss ways to escape from the company.

     The three children who had been closed since childhood, planned how to escape in this way, to see the outside world that can only be seen in the illustrations of the film and the book. They also want to be able to breathe under a free sky and grow as healthy as the average person. And Shen Huai also swears to Mu Jing, he absolutely will guard him and Yuan Ji. Three people made this oath.

     But everything changed... on that day...

     Finally, in a certain year, they are already 20-year-old bodies, and at this time, the beauty of Ji Ji has reached its peak. She has been confirmed that she has no spiritual constitution, but she has not been "handled" by the company. I am afraid that the scum of the company covets her beauty. As for Shenhuai, it is because it has not been completely determined whether he is really a supernatural constitution.

     The day the company left the room, the company immediately gave them an order."The three of you have listened...Tomorrow, it will be your first training. You have got the exact news, a haunted news came out of a building in City E, we decided to use this opportunity. At present, I will arrange for you three Incorporated into the police team, there are people from our company in the police force. At that time, the haunted floors will be evacuated on the ground that the dangerous people enter the building, and you will enter those floors when the time comes... Listen, the time is Three hours. The person who stays on the haunted floor for three hours and can survive, regardless of whether he is a supernatural or not, will be the object of the company's Intensive Training, and will naturally not treat you badly in the future."

     The three of them knew when they received the mission order that this was the best oppurtunity they had escaped. Of course, in order to prevent them from making "inappropriate actions", they installed bugs on them.

     That day...

     Mu Jing actually took two or three steps, put his chest against the pistol, and looked at Shenhuai with both eyes. He wanted to see a trace of fear in his eyes. In Huai's eyes, there was only indifference.

     "Why... killed Yuki? Why did you betray us at crucial moment? Don't you like Yuki too? Didn't you say you want to fight her with me? I take up the gauntlet! If finally Yuki chose you , I won’t blame you, but why... why do you do that? Why!”"Ridiculous!" Lu Shenhuai swept her leg, kicked Mu Jing to the ground, and held the gun against his forehead, saying, "That's what I hate! May Ji not want to hurt our friendship." , She didn’t tell me which of the two of us she likes... no, maybe she likes both, but she can only choose one. But she doesn’t need to worry about choosing now..."

     Mu Jing looked at this old friend of life and death, and even pointed a gun at him, in front of this group of scumbags!

     "I won't kill you... catching you alive is more valuable than killing you. I want you to live well, and then dedicate your split spirit pupil eyes to BOSS. This is my wish! For this, sacrifice Ji Ji , And you, as far as I'm concerned doesn't matter!"

     Mu Jinglin smiled and said, "I understand... well, goodbye!"

     Suddenly, a hole appeared at Mu Jing's feet, and then he fell down instantly! And at the same time, Shen Huai also pulled the trigger...

     The void disappeared and there was only one bullet left behind on the ground.


     "So much nonsense!" He took the gun back and said, "It's unlucky, let him run."

     A red spacial rift(s) appeared above a garbage dump far away from Nosoran, and a person fell from there and fell directly on the garbage dump.

     "It looks awkward."

     "I want you to control!"

     Mu Jing came out of the trash and looked at the man who laughed at him in front of him."How is it?" Standing in front of him was a middle-aged male. His pupils were also purple, and he looked extremely divine.

     At this moment he was holding a smile and looking at the dirty Mu Jing and asked: "Is there's nothing about it harvesting?"

     "Well...there are indeed a lot of gains, that is, Shenhuai did not betray us. May Ji teach us before, and if we say the words "My Wish", it means that the three of us promised will never change. The promise, he is still his former."

     Shenhuai hasn't changed...he is still the same as before!

     "And... he deliberately kicked me to the ground, so as to ensure that his deliberate shot was not found."

     "It was really thoughtful."

     Mu Jing asked in a puzzled way: "Why did you look like you didn't expect it? It seems that your Almighty name also has an undeserved reputation, Mr. Ren Senbo!"

      "Is that right?" middle-age man micro answered with a smile said: "I think, know less a little things in the future and be happier."

     "Whatever you say...I followed your instructions and sent all those people back to the hotel where your daughter lives now."

     "its not right……"

     "Well, why is it wrong?"

     "Two people didn't go back to the hotel!"

     When I woke up, I was confused by the surrounding scenery and my memory."Where is this? Why am I here?" Zi looked around inexplicably, and found that a chain was tied to his foot, and the end of the chain was connected together with the wall. This is a four-sided In the walled room, there are no windows, the walls are made of brick, and there is a dim light above and below.

     "How could it be? How could I be in this place?" At this time, he suddenly saw there is still one lying on the ground, called out hastily: "Quick, wake up quickly, where is this?"

     "Um..." The man struggling to stand up with his head covered, it was actually a tough day!

     "Where am I?? Good eyes are familiar." Ren Tian was also ignorant. He was still in the building before. Suddenly, when he opened his eyes, the surrounding scene changed completely!

      At this time, Zili and Rentian recalled at the same time.

     "The cell in "Butterfly Change"!"

     "Butterfly Change" is a movie about a group of young people who went to the mountains to catch butterflies, but they were confused by the butterflies. When they woke up, they found that they were staying in a cell without doors and windows. There was only a lamp above their heads, and there were only two people in each room. , Everyone's feet are locked by an iron chain. Look closely, Ren Tian's feet are also locked by chains.

     "'s impossible, Ren Tian will die the day after tomorrow, why now... how to open this thing!"

     Ren Tian knows that "Butterfly Change" is a horror movie that he will die. So, does this mean that he is not far from the death period?

     The feet of the two were locked by iron chains, and the ends of the iron chains were in opposite walls. Due to the distance of the cell and the length of the iron chain, the two people could not reach the other and could only reach far. Look at each other.The horror film "Butterfly Change" began.