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0 Chapter Directory 66 In The Fourth Horror Movie
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"Mom... why? Why do those people want to move our family's things? The father can't be corrupt, right? It must be fake..."

     But reality is cruel.

     Zili's father, as the deputy director of the Land Bureau, will embezzle the public funds used for land acquisition to purchase villas for his family and wants to use the money to send his children to study abroad. Nowadays, the deputy board that was once loved by everyone has become a scornful corruption criminal, and it has also affected his wife and children.

     The mother changed from an official wife who was originally flattering and fawning to a hardworking woman who was going to run around for three meals. She used to wipe her white hands with hand cream. She became full of calluses and was poked at the spine from time to time. Scolding, and finally, she started drinking too much. She earns about one third of her monthly salary for the money to buy alcohol, and when the alcohol is high, she becomes not recognizing one's family, and even abuses her many times.

     But this is not the most shocking to him. One day, when he came home, he personally saw his mother and other men fooling around in bed! She has completely lost her heart of shame and made money by selling her flesh! What an unbearable extraordinary shame and humiliation for Zili! After that, he completely closed himself and lost confidence in everything in the world.He clearly remembers how cheerful and talkative his father was in the past, a person who was loyal. The reason why he is corrupt is not his heart, but many people do it. He feels unfair, so he is ruthless. Ruthless also decided to make a fortune, so that he can have a guarantee in his later years, and also allow his son to study further. This is totally the difference between his thoughts. But what is wrong is wrong and cannot be recovered. And mother, she used to be a person of Xianlang Shude. She also loved her father with noble character, never attended any wives party, did not stick to tobacco and alcohol, and even rarely played mahjong gambling money. Be an upright person. It is this society that has changed parents and made them what they are now!

     Therefore, he hated this society and refused to accept the goodwill of anyone, nor was he willing to face his own heart. Even a good girl like Yuanxiu did not accept it because she was so similar to her mother.

     People are fragile, and people can't stand any twists and turns. The so-called personality, the so-called conscience, will be abandoned by worthless in the face of temptation and pressure. Zili doesn't believe in anyone but himself.

     However, when Yuan Xiu faced the final date of death, he realized that he by no means gave up completely, and he still had expectations and hopes for this World. He also has people who want to protect and love. Unfortunately, he has no chance.

     This room is about 20 minutes in the movie.

     What Zi Li doesn't understand is why this movie started before the death date? Moreover, even he was swept in. He was supposed to die in the horror movie "Bottomless Well".Nan Rentian, this person is one of the most powerful people who excluded him in the past, and even repeatedly called him a "son of corruption" behind his back. Of course, he was just cold-eyed and did not disregard as a matter of any importance. Nowadays, it is actually the same fate, fortune plays with a people.

     Nan Rentian is a very proud and arrogant person. His father is a soldier. His grandfather participated in Resist US, help North Korea (1950s slogan). The honor of his family makes him very proud, so he always remembers his identity when doing anything. When I was in college, I planned to join the army, but my mother was too opposed, and my father was not in G city at that time, so I didn't get it in the end. Finally, he graduated from college and became a prosecutor, which was indeed his original wish.

     At the beginning, in the face of Zhong Zili's son of this embezzlement, he treated each person so coldly and rudely. A gesture of consider everyone else beneath one made Nan Rentian extremely hot. Although the father’s corruption is not related to his son’s affairs, he believes that Zili may not be ignorant of his father’s behavior. Even if he does not know, he should not be so resistant and disdainful to others’ help. Do you think your father was wronged by double rules? Therefore, he hated this character extremely, and almost believed that he must have been informed of his father's corruption behavior, and he must be a hedonistic son of rich parents.

     "Unexpectedly, I will be locked here with you..." Nan Rentian sighed and said to Zili: "Oh, really must be laughing at me in your heart now. Yes or no? Just how are you !""Save some effort, we very possibly might dies here." Zi Li kept knocking on the wall behind him, and Ren Tian was already in a desperate look, saying, "Have you never seen the original movie? This cell has no contact with the outside world at all. We simply have no way to go out. The people who were locked here died in the end, and none survived!"

     "I know. But are we in the movie now? We are not the characters in the plot! We are people in reality, so it is so easy to give up? I must not die here!"

     Nan Rentian shook the chain and said, "Then how do you say we are going to leave? Want the teeth to bite the iron chain? Break the wall again? The wall outwardly is a brick wall. In fact, the bricks on the outside are just furnishings, inside. radically is an unknown metal that is harder than reinforced concrete, you die!"

     "Are you afraid of dying?"

     "The date of death has not yet arrived, I will not die! I must go out, justice is the victory over evil! Even if the ghost is going to kill me, I am Stern Righteousness, what is there to fear? I have never done anything wrong There is no shame in the sky, no shame in the ground, absolutely no reason to be retaliated to die in this place!"

     "Childish...You probably haven't taken off your diaper yet?" Zili almost wanted to be chuckled. Nan Rentian actually believed that this world was good and evil? Is the garden show damn it?

     "You... you dare to insult me?" If Nan Rentian could not reach Zi Li at this moment, he would rush to fight with him.His life path is completely different from that of Zili. He has always believed that the world is fair, and those who perpetrate evil will be condemned. As the so-called heaven's net has wide meshes, but nothing escapes it (idiom, from Laozi 73), loose, but allows no escape, justice will prevail over evil! However, Zili, who has tasted the warmth and sadness of the world, knows what justice and evil are. The so-called justice is just the slogan of the winner, and evil is the label for the loser. If Heaven really is justified, why is corruption and bribery, the father is double-punished? The father is not particularly greedy, and he only did it once, but the officials above him are avaricious and insatiable, and they don’t know how many mistresses are maintained outside, and they are the officials to charge Bribes, and when my father had just assumed office, he really held the attitude of being honest and official.

     Is this fair? His father was double-regulated because he was honest and did not know how to make a good relationship with the people above him. There was no hard backstage. The people above fight corruption. The first choice is those who have no background. Besides, he is a deputy. When he was censored, he once shook out the fact that several of the above people took bribes and wanted to make merits to reduce the sentence, but all of them were people with backstage. There was not enough evidence, and no one could take them. What did he and his mother do wrong? To be blinded by others forever, can not get equal opportunities with others. Some people around him said they wanted to help him, but how many were sincere? Haven't you taken pleasure from others' misfortune to satisfy yourself?"Insult you...I'm not interested." Zili started to think about countermeasures. He took out two bottles of liquid that A Jing gave him. One bottle had the ability to harden the skin, and the other bottle allowed him to let The plastic becomes an iron liquid. Ah Jing is really like a robot cat, and even such a liquid can be prepared. Zi Li really admires this.

     He first dripped the former liquid on his arm, and then slammed the wall behind him, and the bricks fell one after another, immediately revealing the ferrous metals behind.

     Knocked on again, the hand immediately became sore.

     "Sure enough... is it useless?" He looked at the iron chain and thought: if there is a liquid that turns iron into plastic...

     Nan Rentian also knew that if you continue, the oxygen in this room will soon be consumed. According to the development of the plot, terrible things will happen in this room later, either there will be an organization or the whole will collapse. It's just, I don't know how much it will differ from the original plot.

     "You... at this point, simply ask you." Nan Rentian asked him a question: "You, what is it true or false to Yuanxiu? She is dead, you don't have to hide it Are you? Although you perform well seems to regret her death, but I want to know if it is your sincerity."

     "Do you want to know what this is doing?"

     "I want to know that she loves the wrong person in the end is it not. She is someone I have always admired. She has helped me many times in the past and is a very important friend of mine. I am sad about her death. and so……"

     "If I said yes, would you believe it?"Nan Rentian didn't know whether he was affirmed or denied, but he still answered him.

     "Yes, I don't know either. Even if you say yes, I don't know either true or false. But, if it is true, then you must live well, even just for her."

     I don’t know how long time has passed, and both of them started stomach rumbling with hunger, and it feels like a whole day has passed. The reason why the correct time cannot be known is because in this cell, the time will be very chaotic, and the pointers on the watch are completely disordered. According to the plot of the movie, once the room changes, maybe you can escape, after all, the two are familiar with the plot. This is the biggest opportunity.

     However, nothing has changed, but it is the most frightening. What if there is no change in this way?

     The atmosphere was too stiff, finally Zili also couldn't bear spoke.

     "Do you believe in the existence of the post-death world?"

     "The world after death? You mean heaven and hell? Likely, since there are ghosts, it is not surprising that there is a world after death."

     "If that's the case...If I die, I don't know if I can see the garden show. If I can really see her...I hope dies here instead. Anyway, this World has no people I can no longer be attached to, my most beloved person, the world can only be found after death."

      spoke until here, he took out a cigarette case and a lighter from his clothes, drew a cigarette to his mouth, and asked, "Do you want to smoke one? This brand of cigarette is very fragrant.""No. Also... Are you wasting oxygen like this?"

     "Whatever you want, I'm taking something out to share with you anyway." Then I lit the smoke, leaned my head against the wall, looked at the smog, and imagined the existence of the world after death. Is the world a complete void after death, or is there a country like the human world? After dying, can I keep the same as before Can you still find each other?

     When Garden Show is alive, the greatest fun is to be with yourself. Even if he was just reading a book at that time, his eyes would not be shifted towards her, she would be so satisfied and so intoxicated.

     She knew she might not have responded at all, but she did. What a fool.

     "If I die... I will definitely accompany you... So, wait for me!"

     When only half of the cigarette butt was left, he smothered the cigarette on the ground, and took out the two previous bottles of liquid and poured one of the bottles into the other bottle. Nan Rentian looked at him curiously and asked: "You... why are you arbitrarily deploying?"

     "If you mix liquids that can harden muscles and liquids that can turn plastics into iron, what happens if you mix them, don't you want to see them?"

     The color of the mixed liquid became very strange, a little like purple and a little blue, and he poured half of the liquid on his own wrist/skill.

     He then shook his arm a few times, and there's nothing about it changed.

     "Don't you want to turn your arm into iron?" Nan Rentian was still holding a glimmer of hope, but it turned out that this chaotic approach would not work.However... soon he saw that the wrist, the back of the hand began Emerging Transformation, the muscles began to bulge piece by piece, and formed a straight line. And those raised muscles actually turned into iron blue, turning into... zigzag shapes! "So that's how it is... After being mixed together, it can become the ability to turn the muscle into a saw." Zi Li looked at this result and didn't seem to be surprised yet, while Nan Rentian was almost even an eyeball They all stared out.

     Then he began to put the saw on the iron chain and wanted to cut it.

     "What... do you have any plans?"

     "There will always be a way? At least get rid of what is holding us back."

     Nan Rentian looked at him now and suddenly felt that he might have blamed him in the past. He is actually not a bad guy.

     However, when he thought of the garden show, he had to despise this person. Perhaps, it is not easy to judge a person with right and wrong.

     "Then I... try it out, put two liquids..."

     "No!" Zili immediately shook his head and said, "I just experimented on my own body. I don't know what side effects this will have on the body, so I will break the iron chain before I come to rescue you. In short, I have vowed to kill Yuanxiu’s group of baffling things, and I will definitely take them with them for funeral! Yuanxiu is dead, I will not live any longer...Since there is a world after death, what is there to fear ?"

     "You... are you crazy? Do you want to die?"

     "Listen... Your date of death is gradually approaching. After breaking the chain, I will try to break through the wall again.""Pierce the wall?"

     "My date of death is on Thursday, so I will not die for the time being. I will try to go out in various ways... Although from the point of view of the movie, it is not possible to get out, but this is not a movie... I Never bow to the baffling stuff! Absolutely not!"

     His eyes were firm.

     However, in the past, there were many people who faced various spirits and ghosts with such firm eyes, but their endings were all the same.

     Similar scenes, Run An and A Jing have seen too much.

     Zhong Zili is no exception.