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0 Chapter Directory 67 The Fourth Horror Film
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

The chain was really hard, sawed for about ten minutes, but only slightly cracked.

     Nan Rentian can't sit still now, completely lying on the ground.

     "What happened? Prosecutor? Can't you eat?" Zi Li glanced at him from time to time and said, "Can't it be supported anymore?"

     "Cut, you less sarcasm me!" Nan Rentian replied: "Just standing for a long time, a little pain in the neck, so lie down and rest!"

     Zili felt it, and his words were gradually no longer malicious.

     Mu Jing is still trying to connect the two of them, but still no result.

     "Something to eat, not to eat dinner." Ren Senbo handed him a fast food box, the two were sitting in a car, opposite the car is the Northoran company building.

     "It was my mistake, the sub-Space Channel I made was cut off by what thing. But why does I don't understand this? Now another hour has passed, and it will be the date of Nan Rentian's death."

     Ren Senbo saw that he did not eat, so he opened the lunch box and opened the plastic chopsticks. Minding one's own business wanted to use the lid inside to water the rice. Mu Jing saw him eating so deliciously, he couldn't help but wonder: "Aren't you worried? It's about your daughter's life and death."

     "I know. Since my wife passed away, I understand."

     When Ren Senbo said this, he did not seem to show any special expression. Tie Mujing spent so long with him, and he didn't know this person very well. Sometimes he is very solemn and sometimes a little humorous, but most of the time he is meditating. He is an unpredictable man."I never understood why you left your daughter? If you were afraid of her death because of her physical physique, you don't need to cut her off completely? Maybe she would commit suicide because of despair? Do you think there is no such thing? may?"

     After Ren Senbo swallowed the food in his mouth, he inserted chopsticks on the rice, stirring it meaninglessly, and said, "Yes... she is lonely and scared. But I still have to do that. Her physique is very special. , I know very well that what she will face in the future is definitely not a simple ghost, but a more desperate and more inescapable situation. My ability is too strong, helping her will cause her to produce too much for me Depends. This is not what I want."

     "That's what I said... I used to rely too much on Ji Ji's wisdom. She as far as I'm concerned is like goddess-like existence, but I can't save her after all... I don't know why Shenhuai wants to kill She, even if he has pains, I have a hard time understanding. I hope Ji should not be an alien physique, she could not be a ghost, leading Shenhuai to kill her... I don’t understand, I don’t understand..."

     "I can't answer you." Ren Senbo was also sighed at this time. Although he was a predictor of The Almighty, he did not know everything. He can predict the life and death of mankind on a large scale, but people's hearts are often invisible.

     Mu Jing began to recall all the scenes that day...On that day, three people entered the blocked floor. Mu Jing was determined to use this opportunity and the three escaped together. He first released the split spirit pupil eyes, although at that time it was not possible to make sub-spacial rift(s) like now, but only if that kind of extreme baffling ghost, these two eyes can hit the simple attack of the ghost body. Retreat.

     In that place, ghosts will appear on time every day at 8:00 P.M. At this point, the company's people have investigated very clearly.

     At that time, the three people walking in the corridor, each person next to each other, fearing which one to lose. Just when eight o'clock arrived, the lights went out instantly, and at the branch of a corridor like a crossroads in front of me, a white shadow rushed out suddenly!

     Despite the early mental preparation, Mu Jing was shocked. Although Li Lingtong's eyes had been released, he could not guarantee anything. After all, the company's people have repeatedly emphasized with him that even a powerful ghost eye cannot kill a ghost. The company is dedicated to the development of supernatural abilities that can destroy ghosts.

     In fact, he also knew that it was just sing the high part. The real purpose is the same as those who study technological weapons.

     "Shenhuai, Wish Ji, you follow me..." Mu Jing decided to protect these two only friends who were born so far, he was ready to fight against the ghost for their sake.

     However, when he turned around, he found that the two were gone!

     "Shenhuai! Wish Ji! Where are you guys? Tell me!" He kept running on this floor looking for it, and he has not seen any ghosts. Finally, he saw it in one room...Deep choke pinching Ji Ji's neck!

     Mu Jing thought until here, he hit the steering wheel fiercely, and shouted: "Why in the end? I tried to understand his mentality in the past, but I still don't understand... Does Shenhuai really think so? He Have you ever disguised your feelings for Yuan Ji? Did he not want to run away and live a free life with us? I don't understand ……I want to know the answer. So, I continue to stay in the company, accept the experiment, I I want to find the reason why Shenhuai betrayed us! Although, today I understand that he didn’t really want to betray us, but whatever the case, I can’t forgive him for killing Yuuki, even for any lasting reason. She! Even if he did it to save all mankind!"

     This is also natural. For Mu Jing, who grows at a super speed in a blocked state, I hope Ji and Shenhuai are his entire world. Both of them are the people he loves most. However, his favorite person killed another individual he loved!

     At this time, a BMW passed by the two of them.

     There were two people sitting in the car, the driver was Shenhuai, and the other was Hao Lin. She had managed to regain consciousness from a hypnotic state and knew that John had been sent to the United States yesterday.

     "Now I will send you to the airport. The overseas branch has made a huge breakthrough in the Super Domain. This is also the biggest reason for sending John abroad. I estimate that in another month, he can become an adult, and he will not die at that time. The pupils have been tested, can really kill ghosts! Hey, say something? Minister Zong.""Are you staying in China?" Although Hao Lin asked Shenhuai, she looked out the window.

     "Of course, I must catch Tie Mujing, and the same is true of Yi Run An and Ren Jing who have fooled us! You can rest assured that your brother will be taken care of by the company's people during this period."

     Of course, Hao Lin can't worry about leaving his brother in the country alone. However, she also knows the consequences of defying the company’s orders. Only with this ultra-high-tech company can it be possible for her brother’s already unaware legs to run again, and she can see him grow up healthily.

     "I heard that Tie Mujing was your old friend. Don't you think it's too much when you do this? And, I also heard that you once killed your yet another friend... You were so willing to take your soul Sell it to the company? As a clone, is the heart broken?"

     Hao Lin questioned him like that.

     "I know how human beings are facing the desperation and terror of death. You are regarded as a crippled product by the company. Once it is confirmed to be useless, it will be disposed of because you are evidence of company crime. But do you For this reason kill your friends and reduce the number of people competing with yourself?"

     "No! You shut me up!"

     When Shen Huai spoke until here, it just happened to be at a crossroad, when he encountered a red light, he stopped the car. Then he stroked the pocket watch in his pocket and said, "There are many things, without any means..."

     He recalled everything that day...Suddenly, I was walking on the corridor before, and then I entered a baffling room. And the door is locked, doesn't have any way to go out.

     At this time, they actually saw... a twisted figure was lying on the glass outside the window, and a pair of empty eyes was watching them!

      "No... Don't..." He was completely shocked at the time, and the whole person fell to the ground, and wishing Ji also felt that it might be different to escape death, he had to open his throat and shouted: "Mu Jing! Come on, Mu Jing! "

     But looking again, the ghost lying on the window was gone.

     Shen Huai was just relaxed and turned around to comfort and wish Ji Ji, however...he even stood behind him when he saw the ghost! Shaking his head, he stretched out his hand to catch him... he didn't know the courage at that time. Anyway, it can be said that he was out of it. He even pinched the ghost's neck!

     He didn't wake up until Mu Jing punched him in the face.

     The person he strangled was actually Ji Ji! He actually killed her!

     He was strangling the ghost just now! Why is this happening?

     For Shenhuai, he killed his companion who shared his troubles and was also his beloved. His heart died at that moment, but he still lives absolutely, in order to give Mu Jing real freedom. His purpose is to transplant the undead pupils into Mu Jing after successful development, thus Mu Mu no longer has to fear the company's people. The action that Ren Senbo took Mu Jing away disturbed his plan. Therefore, he needs to capture Mu Jing back.

     After that, it doesn't matter what you do..."Miss Zong, remember that. Those of us who have to deal with spirits can no longer believe what they see in front of you, because Your Eyes will deceive you."

     Zili's hand saw had broken the iron chain saw for almost 3-February. He excitedly said to Nan Rentian who was still lying: "Waiting for me, prosecutor, I will help you later! Neck now Not better? Can you stand up?"

     "It's not too good, I don't know what happened, my neck seems to be getting more and more painful..."

      At this time, Zi Li suddenly stopped and said to him in a sincere tone: "If... there is a chance to survive, can we... be friends?"

     Nan Rentian was silent for a moment.

     "Forget it... I know you will. It's a joke that promising people make friends with my criminal son. Forget what I said." After that he continued to start sawing the chain.

     At this moment, a voice shook his soul.

     "Yes! There is no harm in having another friend."

     He looked at Nan Rentian with amazement, he was looking at himself with a smile. This is an expression he never showed himself. Zili in this brief moment, actually felt his eyes a little wet.

     "Um... ok! There is a nice western restaurant near my house. If you survive, how about going there to eat something?"

     "Although I don't really like Western food, however... forget it. But it's your treat!"

     It turned out that extending the hand of friendship can also be so simple. Zili feels that he can still have a nostalgia for this World. He shouldn't think of dying so quickly.At this time, the speed at which he saw the iron chain was getting faster and faster. Just a little bit last, you can be completely sawed off.

     And Nanren Tianxin felt a little emotional. In fact, what was righteous to restrain the ghost before was nothing more than his self-consolation. In fact, he was also very scared in his heart, but he didn't want to show it in front of Zili. Unexpectedly, in the end there is a chance to be friends with this guy.

     "Since you said that, I will take you to a hot pot restaurant in my house next time. The beef there is delicious."

     "Well, it sounds good."

     At this time, both of them looked at each other, different mouths, same voice said: "Must live!"

     At last, sawing the last cut, however, the sawtooth actually began to contract into the muscles! Is the effect of this medicine expired?

     "Oops! No!"

     He to bite the teeth tightly continued to saw the iron chain, another point...

     The saw teeth were almost completely submerged in the flesh, and he rubbed his wrists all over the iron chain!

     " live! For me, even my first friend!"

      to bite the teeth tightly, finally, the iron chain was cut off!

     By this time, blood had flowed from the wrist due to friction. A lot of sweat beads also flowed out of his forehead, all dripping into his eyes, so he wiped his eyes.

     At this moment, Mu Jing looked at his watch, shook the head, and said, "It's... Midnight 00:00 has passed."

     As Shenhuai said. We cannot believe what we see, because our eyes will deceive us.When Zi Li took away the hand that blocked his eyes, the scene in front of him made his body completely cold.

      "No... not true... not true!"

     The iron chain that locked his feet was completely undamaged.

     His hands were full of blood.

     On the ground, there is a body with separated corpses.

     That was Nan Rentian. There was an irregular cut on his neck, which had no head.

     "Neck is getting more and more painful..." Zi Li at this time recalled his words.

     Just now he was sawing...not an iron chain, but...Nan Niantian's neck!