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0 Chapter Directory 68 The Fifth Horror Movie
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"Found! The subspace barrier disappeared!"

     Mu Jing immediately drew out a large spacial rift(s), then reached in and quickly grabbed a person's hand!

     "It seems that there are still obstacles..." Mu Jing continued to input the ability of split spirit pupils into the sub-Space Channel, and the iron chain that bound Zili was also smashed in an instant. Then, he pulled Zili all over Out of the spacial rift(s)!

     "It's me... it's me who killed Ren Tian... my first friend..."

     At this moment, Zi Li was completely dull in his eyes. Although already returned to the Real World, he didn't seem to be excited at all, instead he kept looking at the blood in his hands, weeping bitter tears.

     "Keep off, Mu Jing."

     Ren Senbo came to Zili and suddenly put his hand in front of him, saying: "Listen...forget everything. This is the so-called reality for you!"

     Then, Zili's eyes suddenly became hollow, and then the whole person collapsed to the ground. No one noticed that there was a black butterfly nearby, flying to the distant sky, that is the real protagonist in the horror film "Butterfly Change"-the corpse demon butterfly.

     Hospital, in a darkened ward.

     "Well...well, there are only three people alive now?"

     "No," A Jing corrected, "It's four people, there is still one, and I can find it without any means for the time being. I can only talk about it when I have a hunch. Will the treatment be okay? Can you be discharged as soon as possible?""I want it too ah..." Run Anyang smiled and raised his arm, and felt a lot of pain in his whole body: "I didn't expect that the power of the soul-eating pupil's eyes would become like this when it was overloaded. It seems to be a kind of anti-bite effect. ."

     "You can say that... tomorrow is Zhong Zili's death date. He will die in the horror movie "Bottomless Well". The content of this movie is a bit imitated "Ring", also said to be pushed into the well The innocent soul does not disperse here, and that well can make time and space disordered. In addition, "Death from Human Form" written by Run An also has a theme related to time and space chaos.

     "So... what about Zhong Zili?"

     "I don't know the reason. He seems to have forgotten something very important. Now, when he goes to prison to see his father, he seems to want to say his final farewell."

     "What about Gao Fenghui and Zhao Ji?"

     "I'm still waiting for my next order. I will go to Gao Fenghui's house later and ask some questions about the Tubingzong in detail, because the relationship between them was good."

     In Fenghui's home, he is also having a final farewell with his wife and children. Because he knew that he might not be able to take care of the mother and son in the future. Of course, in order not to worry the two, he said nothing.

     "What happened? Husband?" The wife looked at a table full of food in confusion, and asked, "You actually cook for me to cook for me today? Why are the past few days on leave? You usually save money on the table. At most one meat dish, how come there are so many today?""Ah, this is it. Yesterday I found an advertising leaflet in the mailbox. It was a newly opened butcher shop. Not only was it cheap, but it could also be delivered to the door. So I called this shop and asked them to Bring a few pounds of pork, let us have a good time!"

     Anyway, the life is not long. When you are still alive, eat a few meals. If you die, you can also be a ghost. That's what Fenghui is thinking now.

     Wife heard until here, went to open the freezer of the refrigerator, and said in surprise: "You bought so many pounds of meat? Did you finish this? Are you okay, husband, you always hate waste, these days I also watched your heavy hearted, it seems that it was the day that I went to the Classmate Meeting for Halloween. What happened the matter? May I tell Tell me about it."

     Seeing his wife care so much about herself, Feng Hui felt so sad that she wanted to suffocate.

     Really... can't live anymore? Without that man named John, are we dead?

     He asked himself repeatedly. He wanted to live, live with his wife who loved him, and wanted to raise his son.

     However, everything is often extravagant.

     In a prison in City G, Zi Li, who was visiting the prison, talked with his father through a glass. This may be the last call.

     " seem to have lost a lot of weight recently..."

     The father in front of him had sunken eyes, almost white hair, and no strength to hold the microphone in both hands."People are's always like this...Trouble you still take the time to see me, Zili. Is the work going well? Is it useless for me? If it weren't for me, you wouldn't just be a postman now. "

     "It's not good to be a postman. have to eat on time, fight for performance, and maybe you can commute to prison. Remember... Dad. I haven't hated you."

     One sentence, he almost spoke.

     I won't be able to see you again in the future.

     My father saw his son a little strange, he couldn't help but wondered, and quickly asked: "Zi Li, what's the matter?? Tell dad, although I'm here can't help you, I can give you an idea, Zili!"

      "No... It's okay, Dad..."

     "Is that you mom hit you again? Don't lie to me, open your clothes let me see your arm!"

     "Really not her mother..."

     "What the hell does she mean, how can she do this!"

      with great difficulty Zili only made his father believe that it had nothing to do with his mother, and then, he said the last farewell.

     "In short, Dad, you take care... Mom, she is actually very pitiful, I hope you don't blame her."

     Watching his son leave, Zili's father thought more and more strangely: What the hell is this? Does he know that thing?In fact, Zili is not his biological son. Twenty years ago, he knew that his wife had no fertility soon after he got married, but because he loved her, he did not care about this problem and chose to adopt a child. Although Zili was adopted, he did treat him as one's own, but in the end he was so involved in him. It was because he was not his own son that his mother could bear the abuse of him like that... Does he knows his own life experience? However, who his biological parents were, and the father who had this idea did not know.

     After Zili left the prison, he immediately went to Fenghui's house. This time, their family is eating. Feng Hui was very happy to see him, and invited him to dine together.

     "Today our family is very open, do you want to try it?"


     Anyway, it's the last meal. After eating this meal, it's time to take the Underworld Spring's Road.

     You can see Yuanxiu when you die? He was expecting so much. However, he now began to fear. Death is divided into rest, and those who cannot rest.

     do not care! He simply sat down and began to enjoy Wind Sweeping Destroying Clouds. Seeing how he wolf down one's food, Feng Hui's wife asked him from time to time if he needed additional food.

     After dinner, he talked with Fenghui and suddenly said: "let me see your son how is it? Fenghui? I want to see how it looks like you. By the way, did you choose a good name?"

     "Well, take it, his name is Gao Fan. A Ping, you can bring Fan Fan to Zili to see."

     Zili wiped his mouth and took this opportunity to say to Feng Hui: "I want to live with you tonight.""You... what did you say?" Feng Hui said with horror: "This... will scare my wife and son!"

     "Isn't this the point of the problem? You and I are going to die the same way. Since that is the case, I will give you confidence in the image of fighting desperately with ghosts... And, in the process, maybe I can find some tips, and then Teach you, on Sunday...when your date of death comes..."

     "Really... I understand. Will Miss Ren also come?"

     "It seems that Mr. Yi will come too. His physique is really strong, and such serious internal injuries have been restored to seven or eighty percent. By the way, you can compile a reason to let your wife live in another room. Me and you Live in one room. Don’t be afraid, you won’t die tomorrow.”

     Although it was said so, but knowing that the person in front of him will attract ghosts and have to live in one room with him, it is impossible for anyone's heart not to resist emotions. However, direct refusal is not good.

     At this time, Fenghui's wife came with a baby, Zizi looked at the child with a smile, suddenly said: "Can I... let me hug him?"

     "Um... alright."

     After taking over that child, I couldn't help but let Li Li sigh. His life has been equivalent to flickering candle in the wind. And this child has a bright future. Anyway, he is going to die, just wish him healthy growth in the future. Thought until here, he bent his head and kissed the child's forehead.

     "What a lovely child. Fenghui, your son must be a very good person in the future."

     "Yeah...but, maybe I...""Don't say it, forget everything now!"

     Although Zili and Fenghui did not say anything in college, they had a very good relationship with his friend, Bingzong. Bingzong's character was a bit extraordinary, so he didn't exclude him very much, and even said that he liked his character. For this reason, he also had some contact with Fenghui.

     It is strange to say that although Fenghui doesn't like Zili, he doesn't hate him as much as ordinary people. Besides, Bingzong appreciates Zili very much, so he sometimes shows a very friendly attitude towards Zili.

     And now, he is becoming more and more disgusted.

     "Bingzong once said to me that he actually thinks the two of us are very similar."

      "Is that right?" Looking at the baby in his arms, Zi Li replied indifferently: "Perhaps it is."

      At this time, the doorbell rang. Run An and A Jing are here.

     That night.

     Persuaded his wife to live in another bedroom. Four people including Run An, A Jing, Zi Li and Feng Hui gathered in one bedroom, and no one said anything.

     "You said that letting him live here is your suggestion? Miss Ren?" Feng Hui asked, quite surprised: "But...but, in the end..."

     A Jing patiently explained: "No matter where it is, it cannot be safe. Yuan Xiu’s death has fully proved this, isn't that so? Instead of staying here, wait at one's ease for the exhausted enemy .. I have come up with a method that may allow Zi to live away from you."

     "Method... what method?""Connect you... with Fenghui's life and become a state in which if one of them is dying, the other is also dying. No matter how powerful a ghost is, it is impossible to kill a person who has not been turned yet across the date of death. . This is the best way I can think of so far. So..."

     At this time, Feng Hui and Zi Li, the left and right hands were actually connected together by A Jing with a pair of handcuffs!

     "Ren...Miss Ren, where did these handcuffs come from?" Feng Hui felt very inconceivable.

     "I made it myself."

     "...When I didn't ask."

     In fact, Ah Jing did make sense. She watched "The Bottomless Well" many times in advance. Everyone who would die in this movie was pulled into the bottom of the well by ghosts. The well can appear no matter where it is.

     If you follow the plot, then the two people who were linked by handcuffs will definitely die together. However, Feng Hui's date of death has not yet arrived, so he has no reason to die.

     Using this Time Rule, can you take advantage of it? Not to mention the darkening, A Jing herself is also very worried. She is very confident in the sturdiness of the handcuffs she made, and her spiritual power is poured into it, even the darkened soul-eating pupils can't open it.

     Quietly in the room, each person stared at the watch on his wrist.

     "Zi Li... are you afraid?" Feng Hui asked.

     "Of course. I'm scared. But, I have to face it too. Today, I told my father what I should say. I told him that I didn't hate him. I think there is no regrets... I, I want to live."

     The two were silent.Feng Hui didn't know what to do, there was a kind of idea that he wanted to comfort him well, but found it hard to speak out again. At this time, gazing carefully at Zili's face, he suddenly found that Bingzong's words were not wrong. He and Zili are indeed very similar.

     And at this time, Fenghui’s wife suddenly woke up and looked at her watch, it was almost midnight 00:00. She looked at her side, who knows... the son is gone! Then she hurried to the door, but what she saw was... a well! And around the well is not her familiar living room, but a strange courtyard!

     She also saw her son, however, the son actually... is crawling towards that well!