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0 Chapter Directory 70 Lifting Method
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Shen Huai looked at several documents faxed from abroad, and his brows grew tighter.

     The person who invaded the company a few days ago baffling again vanish without trace, making him completely no longer trust the company's security measures. The growth of Undead Eyes also seems to be not smooth.

     "Uncle Lu, can you accompany me to the movies? It's so boring at home..."

     Haoqun pulled Shenhuai's clothes and said, "Recently, you have come to accompany me, so I don't feel bored. My sister went to the United States so far, and I told you to listen to you carefully. I think you must have a good relationship with your sister. Very good?"

     "Well, your sister is an important backbone of our company." Shen Huai touched the little ghost's head, more or less a bit helpless. He actually had time to see the child, and sometimes he had to play games with him. But it’s no wonder that Zong Haolin has great value for the company, not to mention that the development of Undead Eyes is currently blocked. As a minister of the Technical Analysis Department, can she do something with all one’s heart for the company in the future, this child Is the key.

     Two years ago, the child was paralyzed by a car accident and his lower body was paralyzed. It was originally determined that he was going to be in a wheelchair for a lifetime. However, the situation is different now. Shen Huai promised Hao Lin that as long as she is willing to help the company to develop ghost eyes, then her brother may continue to stand up. It is also for this reason that Zonghao Group, which originally had no desire to improve, was able to restore its innocent smile.

     However, Shen Huai is very clear that when Zong Haolin's use value has completely disappeared, she has only two ways to go. First, continue to serve the company, and second, go to see King Yan Luo.It's impossible for a company to let a person who knows so many people know how to break away. He knows this very well. However, he will not let such things happen. Shenhuai is a person who attaches great importance to appointments and commitments. He promised her that after completing the development of the undead pupils, she will let her leave the company and will not go back on her words. Presumably, he will be the guarantee, and the senior people will let her go. After all, colleagues have been emotional for so long.

     "Huanqun, listen well. Your legs are inconvenient now, and there are no movie theaters nearby. Your sister has repeatedly asked me to take good care of you. Well, this is good. What model do you like? I can buy it for you. ."

     Seeing Haoqun, he couldn't help but recall the days when he lived with Mu Jing and Yuan Ji.

     He wanted to protect him well from the dip a finger of the company's criminal hand.

     During these days, he will come here after work, and the door key is given to him by Hao Lin. It is strange to say that Hao Lin hated him very much, but when she heard Shenhuai telling the story of him and Yuanji and others, although she could not fully agree with Shenhuai, she thought that he was not an absolute villain and actually started Trust him.

     Before boarding the plane, she handed the key to Shenhuai.

     "After I leave, you have more time to see the Artemisia, his one person will be lonely."

     Hao Lin was willing to trust him so much at this time. Shen Huai was very surprised. Didn't she hate herself in the past? And he also knew how much she cared about the younger brother."I believe what you said to me today, you are not a cold-hearted person. Anyway, he will go to the medical institution under your company every week for leg treatment. I used to take him in the past. , Please help me take him, thank you first."

     Somehow, he was inexplicably moved, except Mu Jing and Yuan Ji, for the first time, he was truly trusted by a person for the first time, even willing to entrust him to someone more important to her than her life. .

     And this person is even used by himself. It is too ironic. This trust makes the relationship between Shenhuai and Hao Lin no longer so hostile.

     "You really trust me that much? Just because you said those words to you today?"

     "I thought that you, like the rest of the company, are human beings and people who play with life, however... I observed today that your eyes are truly heartbroken for someone, and you are really mourning the passing away Life. I think you should be trustworthy at least compared to the rest of the company."Hao Lin finally said that. Shen Huai feels ashamed, but he is actually a distance away from human nature, but also One Step Away. Although his motivations are different, he did assist the company in conducting many extremely tragic experiments, and he committed a crime that could be imprisoned for life. Although Zong Hao Lin carried out a transaction with the company, she kept the bottom line of humanity and absolutely did not participate in those cruel experiments. She was only engaged in data analysis and did not directly stand on the front line of development. Of course, she also has sin, but in comparison is much more noble than herself. At least, she will confess, but Shenhuai is different, as long as you can save the mirror, he will not care how many people are sacrificed.

     Mu Jing or wishing Ji's happiness is the only question he will consider while alive. For him, comparing entire worlds and realms' people with them, he would also think that the latter is more important without the slightest hesitation. May Ji die, then the most important person is naturally Mu Jing.

     "Huan Qun, you sit here for a while, I'll go and see what to eat..." He didn't continue to think anymore, but walked into the kitchen to see what other ingredients were still there. He has always been a little confident about cooking.

     At this time, the throat was held up by something cold. a voice whispered in his ear: "Remember my voice? Just make a reason to leave here immediately, I don't want the children to see scenes that they shouldn't see."

     How can it be forgotten? He nodded and returned to Haoqun's room obediently, saying, "Ah, sorry, Haoqun, uncle thought of a very important thing and had to go."

     """I'm so sorry. I'll bring you something delicious next time, okay? Let the nanny cook it for you for dinner. Goodbye!"

     Walking out of Zong Haolin's house, according to the instructions of the voice, he slowly entered the corridor. He looked around and saw no one around, and said, "Is it possible to appear? Miss Ren Jing? Although I don't know how you can be invisible, But there are no people around now, you don’t need to hide anymore?"

     "No...and I still need you to help us. In short, I have a lot of trouble now."

     "Of course I know that the company's people are looking for you, for the sake of Mu Jing's whereabouts. Without catching him soon, the company's people cannot always rest or eat in peace."

     "My request is very simple. I want you to let a person with soul-eating pupils evolve into split-linger pupils in the shortest time."

     Ah Jing’s idea is that so far, those ghosts seem to be able to pull people into various weird spaces and invade through space. There is no split spirit pupil that can manipulate Space Ability, and the rest of them have to wait for death. Copies. Zhong Zili died for this reason. If he had a split spirit pupil, he could be pulled back into Real World.

     "It seems that if I don't agree, I'm dead."

     "You just understand. Don't tell me that there is no such way! You have been studying ghost eyes for so long, don't you even have this result?"

     "...Okay. But let me go when I'm done."

     A Jing pushed the knife further against his neck and said in a nasty voice: "The ugly words are on the front. If you dare to play any tricks, I will not let you off! Take out the phone, then shut it down and leave it with me. "This is in the city of E, where the former old development department was located. Although the impact of the fire is great, it has been basically rebuilt. After all, the cutting-edge technology of Nosoran is first-class in China.

     Of course, in fact, senior officials know that it is not an exaggeration to say that they are world-class.

     A Jing took Shen Huai to a parking lot that could cut off radio waves, and then forced him to drink the potion to manipulate the action. The reason why he didn’t drink it at the beginning was because he didn’t know how long it would take for the promotion, and the medicinal effect was limited, so it should be used with maximum efficiency.

     Run An has been waiting there for a long time, and he was relieved to see A Jing driving the car (a newly purchased used car). After drinking the potion, Shenhuai began to talk about ways to improve his ability.


     After listening, both were completely stunned.

     The way to ascend is actually to eat human flesh!

     "Run, you..."

     "A Jing, I said...this is unavoidable..."

     The practice of eating human flesh is really unacceptable. Ah Jing repeatedly confirmed to Shenhuai, who was hypnotized, that the other party said that this was the only way to quickly improve the ability of ghost eyes.

     "Is it necessarily human flesh? Can't it be human blood?" A Jing asked again, but the other party's answer was firm. It must be human flesh. If you don’t eat meat, it’s useless to drink only blood or eat human bones.

     "Understood... you go." A Jing gave him the forgotten potion, and let him drink it automatically when he got home. If he drinks it now, he will fall in this parking lot and it will be unconscious. Wake up tomorrow to be sure Will doubt.Watching his car drive away, the two only stood in place sighing voice, wailing breath.

     "Don't you go to the morgue or funeral home to steal the body and eat it? Although I know that there must be a price to pay for the rapid ascent, but it is too..."

     Ah Jing is really hard to accept this, let alone Run Dark. Although he hopes to improve his ghost eyes ability to save the remaining people, but... he can't accept human flesh.

     "A Jing, what do you think?" He is absolutely unacceptable, not even the flesh of the body. And Ah Jing's attitude is also against: "My thoughts are the same as yours, the price is too high. Maybe there are other ways to do it... Tomorrow is Zhao Ji's death date... Feng Hui is now caught in Insane. State is gone, there is no reason at all. However, if he knows Zili and his true relationship, I am afraid that the degree of madness will be even greater now. In short, this evening go to Zhao Ji to discuss the countermeasures."

      At this time, Ah Jing's mobile phone received a call from Fenghui. She quickly connected and asked, "Fenghui... Are you okay?"

     "Well... I'm so good... Zhao Ji is at my house now, why don't you come? My wife went back to her mother's house, and she couldn't accept the complicated death. Although she asked to call the police, the police didn't believe it at all. As for what she said, I... I will to pull oneself together! I withdrew all the deposits from the bank from the bank, and also resigned. I will contact the black market these days to buy some weapons, I don’t think about the consequences. I have to fight you die, I live!"Now Fenghui is already completely lost one's reason. Not sure that his two rushed to his house in a hurry, and when he entered the door, he was completely stunned. Feng Hui laughed wildly with his hair, and took a kitchen knife to cut all the sight in the room. I thought it was someone robbing.

     When Zhao Ji saw Run An and A Jing coming, he hurriedly asked the two for help. Finally, everyone tried one's very best to persuade sb, and Feng Hui calmed down slightly, but the knife never left his hand.

     Feng Hui was sitting at the table, pointing at a table of dishes and said, "Listen... Everyone stays here today... Who dares to go, just looks down on me! Well, you see, there is wine on this table Meat, let’s eat and drink together! Hello, sit! What are you doing standing up!"

      This time is indeed the time for dinner, plus Fenghui's appearance that he will not sit down and drink with him, he will kill. The three of them have to sit down and tackle a difficult job, watching Fenghui give each of them Pour wine one by one.

      "Hei!" Then he immediately drained the cup in one gulp, and darkened them and had to follow suit. After drinking a few glasses of wine, everyone looked at him trembling with fear, and Feng Hui's expression was slightly calm at this time: "What happened? Just drink, don't you eat vegetables? These dishes are all made by me. , Isn’t it against your appetite?"

     Stimulating him now, I am afraid he will really collapse, so I have to accommodate him and accompany him to eat this meal. While eating, Fenghui burst into tears, and her head fell on the table. Although he said nothing, everyone knew how painful he was at the moment.

     No one comforted him, because at this moment no one could feel the same with him.After crying for about half an hour, he stopped speaking and seemed to be asleep. A Jing took a quilt to cover him, then put the knife back, leaving him a note.

     "Go. No one can help him now, no need to be worried. He will commit suicide. Before the date of death, he will not die. Let his one person calm down."

     A Jing's words although it sounds cruel, but it is also true. To someone who has lost loved ones, say "restrain your grief, accept fate ", "people can't be reborn", "please to pull oneself together" if they don't hurt, doesn't tickle, basically impossible to alleviate this tearing the heart and rending the lungs. Fenghui cherishes his own family court, his entire world is his wife and son, and now his world is half destroyed. Even more terrible than this is that even a few days later, even himself, will also step onto Underworld Spring's Road. This is not a normal human suffering.

     After walking out of his house, Yun An stared at the window where he could be seen for a long time, and then left with Jing.

     "Listen...Zhao Ji." His eyes suddenly became sharp, just like an eagle hunting prey, with a firm tone that he had never had before: "Do you want to live?"

     "Ah... that, of course!" Zhao Ji replied impatiently.


     Run An raised his head, looked at the gloomy sky, and said: "So... let's get started!"