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0 Chapter Directory 72 The Last Horror Movie On
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

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     "Impossible! He can't be a fake Zhao Ji! If it's a fake, I should feel it. It's not a real cursed person. I definitely can't feel its existence!"

     "So... what is this!"

     Pointing at the photo of the deceased who had been published in the newspaper, Fenghui threw it on Run An's dark face and said angrily: "How should I believe you? Although Zhao Ji and I were not very familiar in the past, but...I don't want to read it again Until anyone is dead! I have lost so many friends, and my son... I am alive and what does it mean!"

     A Jing couldn't help but also feel that her hair was standing upright. She actually started with yesterday and not long ago, with a thing...I don't know what thing it is! Still holding him, no, it should be his hand for several hours! The most terrible thing is that that thing can actually deceive the darkened supernatural induction, making him really think that the other party is Zhao Ji!

     At this time, she suddenly thought that this plot also appeared once in "Death from the Human Form"! At that time, the protagonist ran into a bandonded factory with a girl who thought she was the victim. Unexpectedly, the girl actually called him at this time! Then he knew that the girl next to him was fake!

     "It's really a horror movie..."

     That night, Hong Kong Yingjie movie company received a call, and the person answering the call was Chen Yaofeng, the general manager.

     "Hello, is it Manager Chen? Do you remember my voice?""Ah, this... isn't Mr. Yi your voice? I heard from the mainland that you were missing with your sister baffling, this is what's going on?"

     "Listen... I only have one request, I hope that the official website of the movie "Dead Humanoid" will modify the setting content of a bit related, and add this comment to the content introduction of the new DVD in the future. So Is it clear enough?"

     "Yi...Mr. Yi, you are a bit too much. This movie has been released for so long. Moreover, when the contract was signed, it was also well said. After agreeing to all your conditions, the movie is adapted. The right is given to our Yingjie company, and now you want us to modify the official settings, which is too can not be justified."

     "How about the box office of "Death" in Hong Kong, you and I have with eyes can see it, and even two Japanese horror movies of the same schedule are defeated. And the settings I requested to modify are also not at all especially big changes, how about you doing me a favor?"

     Run An first reminded him of the benefits he brought to him in the past, and then begged him, and Manager Chen was completely confused, and after thinking about it, he asked: "Well, Okay okay. Which part do you want me to change? ? I think about it."

     "In the original movie, the extremely bloodthirsty killing demon was hidden in various carrion corpses and was constantly killing others. Please change this setting to-he actually only kills virgins. Is this all right?"

     There was a dozen seconds of silence on the other end of the phone."Mr. Yi, have you been particularly bored lately? You are missing, and want me to change this boring setting. I am busy now did you know? Christmas is coming, our company is stepping up the schedule of new movies, If you want to fight against the imported blockbuster, you are still so boring..."

     Seeing that the other party was going to hang up, Suddenly said: "I heard that you intend to let Chen Chuan take a shootout from your company next year?"

     Chen Chuan is a newbie actor who is very popular in Hong Kong recently. He once appeared in the leading role of "Death from the Humanoid".

     "The news is very good, what happened again?"

     "He has a very good relationship with me, I heard that he is still hesitant to take this drama, if this time I call to persuade him not to take your drama, your New Year's gear next year..."

     "Okay, I'll change it! I'll do it! You're so full of food and panic!"

     Run dark is done without any means. I don't know if Fenghui can be saved. It can be said to give medicine to a dead horse. Because when they watched the horror movie, this setting didn't exist yet, so it might not be effective at all. However, if this limit is increased before the date of death, it may be prevented. In other horror films, Run An has no ability to do anything, but he is the original author of "Death from the Human Form", Feng Hui will die in this movie, so he must not sit idly by.

     "I shouldn't write horror...if Fenghui died, it was my fault."

     After Runan put down the phone, he hugged his head in annoyance and silently looked at A Jing sitting opposite him."Raise head up." A Jing suddenly hugged her dark shoulders and said, "You have done a good job, really. My father asked me to come to your brother and sister, I think that was his wise decision."

     "Don't be like this, I haven't faded to ask a woman to comfort me." Run dark raised his head, and at first glance saw A Jing's tender eyes, stunned for a moment.

     A Jing is really beautiful. She is a rare and good girl no matter the appearance or connotation.

     Moistening that moment, she was deeply attracted by her, so she stared at her silently, and gradually, there was an urge to hold her in her arms.

      At this time, suddenly the door opened and Runli walked in and said, "Brother, I want to discuss with you..."

     However, she happened to see Ah Jing's shoulders on Run An, and her brother looked at each other affectionately. What she realized at once, quickly said: "I... disturb you, I will go out first!"

     After closing the door, she suppressed her beating heart and ran back to the room, actually to get agitated.

     Unlike Run-darkness, Run-li's cursed destiny on herself doesn't knowing anything at all, so she is living with the mentality of ordinary people. She just saw that scene and thought: Although I expected it to be like this... but I didn't expect so fast. Seeing that brother's gaze just now... In the past seven years, because he has turned around everywhere, his brother has almost never had in-depth contact with people, so he has not been in love until now. It’s better now, no need to be worried...

     "Run Li, open the door...what to talk about?"

     Run dark currently already completely woke up. Both he and Ah Jing are people with no future at all. How can they indulge in flights of fancy now?However, A Jing is still in his own room now, remembering the darkened eyes just now.

     "Sure enough... Sure enough he treated me..."

     The next day was Saturday, the day before Fenghui’s death. Surprisingly, he came to the hotel very consciously and took the initiative to find Rundang.

     As soon as he entered the door, he said, "Please help me. I want to survive. I struggled all day yesterday. Originally, I thought that since it was so painful, it would be better to die. But I thought of A Ping. She I called yesterday and said that I hope she will tell her all the truth, and she will believe it no matter what I say. Let’s go together. I want to go to A Ping’s house. I will see her no matter whether I am dead or alive tomorrow."

     "Your wife... is it acceptable? Such a cruel fact? I think it's better not to tell her."

     "Tell her the truth. I want face reality after all. Xiaofan is a good boy... Gods in heaven will not treat him lightly... Also, I am sorry for Zili, I said to him that day Is too cruel."

      spoke until here, Feng Hui's eyes were full of tears.

     Moisturizing also feels sour in my heart, which is not a taste. I clearly felt everything, but nothing could stop it. Fenghui will never know that he was so close to his son, yet so far away.Fenghui’s wife was incapable of believing her son’s death. She just thought that her son had been abducted and reported the incident again. But so far, she doesn’t have any results. have any results. Fenghui's wife always believed that her husband knew the son's whereabouts, but she didn't know why.

     On the way to his wife's house, Yun An repeatedly asked him: "Do you really want to tell her the truth? Do you know how cruel this is?"

     "If you don't say that, in her next life, she will always look for Xiaofan who can no longer appear in front of her. Then she will fall into greater despair...She is still young, even if I die, I can still Marry, I want to do something for her at least before the date of death."

     A Jing suggested: "You might as well make up another lie, at least... don't let your wife know that your son died so miserably."

     Feng Hui shook his head and said, "I know A Ping, I can't lie to her. And I'm tired and I don't have the energy to conceive a perfect lie."Rundang is really impossible to put up with it any longer, stepped on it with a violent kick, stepped on the brake, stopped the car, and then dragged Fenghui down the car, pulled it to the street, pressed it against the wall, and shouted : "Gao Fenghui! Would you give me a little reason? Okay? You will die tomorrow, and now let your wife know what the cruel truth is? What would it be bad for you to make her think that Xiaofan is still alive? At least she can hold There is a hope, isn't that so? There is no body anyway, as long as you don't say, she will never know that the son is dead, she can think, maybe the son was taken away by someone, but at least still alive, that's all Become her Mental Pillar. Can you imagine a woman facing the fact that she was born and died baffling in October?

     Fenghui don't overdo it and say, "I know...but letting her live in an empty hope is also cruel to her..."

     "Listen...if that is the case, then you will live and work hard, at least for your wife, not to die! You go to see her now, and then tell her that Xiaofan will not come back, but still alive, I can do it no matter how you edit it, but I can never tell her the truth! As long as you are alive, you can remember this child together, and maybe you will have new children in the future, and you may also have hope and happiness!"

     That night, the three of them had a very rich dinner at Fenghui's house.

     "You can't drink wine, just have some food," Fenghui also deliberately sandwiched a piece of pork belly with Run An, and said, "eat more...but really didn't expect Mr. Yi, you know how to cook, The aroma of this meat sets off extreme saturation.""You have praised me too much. Actually, I think it's not too good. The taste of the meat is not half of my previous skill." Yun An answered with a smile: "If you like it, I will cook it for you later."

      spoke until here, Fenghui's chopsticks fell to the ground.

     "I... there will be later, right? I have an appointment with A Ping, and I will pick her up on Monday, and then, no matter what happens, I will face her together."

     A Jing also comforted: "Relax, you will have a future. "Death from the Humanoid" is a film adapted from Darkness. Why is Darkness afraid of that ghost?"

     The story of "Death from the Human Figure" is about the obsession of countless people, over time, formed a evil spirit attached to a carrion, and in order to create its own body, kill a lot of people, and use the other's body as its The new body, and the sign of the evil spirit is... three claw marks!

     "You can rest assured... I won't let you die in the hands of the ghosts I created!"

     It is three hours before Midnight 00:00.

     The final stage of the final battle chosen by the three is... Police Station!

     As long as there is a new clue to the death of Tu Bingzong, the police will definitely be willing to listen to it. After all, this case is of great importance, and Run An and A Jing use Chameleon liquid stealth to follow him at any time. It’s okay to give fake confessions, nobody knows anyway. Although the police station cannot be said to be safe, physical damage has a certain effect according to the settings of tarnishing. I don’t know what this evil spirit will be out of the original horror film this time."Listen well...Although the official website of Hong Kong has changed the settings, this evil spirit only kills virgins, but I am not sure if this is useful, so don’t expect too much." Run dark before coming to the police station, He told Fenghui's coping strategy: "Since the guy is attached to the rotting corpse before he can act, then my soul-eating pupil can pull it out, so I can't hurt you, how do you feel?"

     "Well... a good idea."

     "Make mental preparation... Fenghui, listen well, I will protect you..."

     In fact, the most worrying thing about Run-darkness is the strongest ability to die from the human form, chaotic time and space. This is the same as the bottomless well. In addition to this, the general physical attack can also hurt the guy.

     At this time, in the confession room, according to the pre-made words, Fenghui began to tell the police about the fake confession. Finally, a special mention was made: "Actually, my family received three anonymous threatening letters all saying that they want to kill Die me, I hope the police can protect me." After that, I handed them the fake threatening letter.

     Every word on the letter was spelled together with the typeface printed on the paper cut from the magazine, so the handwriting is of course impossible to find, and the letter was not mailed, but was directly tucked under the door to him of.

     If it is under normal circumstances, the police at most think it is a prank, and it is impossible to send a large number of police forces to protect them, but under the premise of already dead, they must of course pay attention to it."I understand, Mr. Gao." The police officer looked at the clock and said, "It's all this time, you go back first, we will deploy police force to protect you tomorrow, please rest assured. We think that your son's disappearance may also be sent to this We must investigate the anonymous letter."

     After leaving the opening for the room, Fenghui entered the toilet, confirming that Run An and A Jing were at his side, dripping chameleon liquid on his body. Then, the three of them swaggered into the office of the serious case team working overnight, and these police officers were investigating a bank robbery.

     Suddenly, a police officer felt something strange, he quickly raised head up, and was surprised to find that on the wall... actually appeared out of thin air Three claw marks!