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0 Chapter Directory 74 Thirteenth Floor
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

The temperature of the air conditioner in the room is reasonable, but the atmosphere is a bit depressed.

     Runli's hand fiddled with the skirt restlessly, looking directly at the editor of the magazine in front of her. The other party was patiently looking at her resume with a suspicious expression.

     "Well, Miss Yi, we will hire you, but I want to remind you that our magazine circulation is not large, it is just an ordinary jewelry introduction publication, so it is completely different from your original working environment. Please pay attention to this..."

     Hearing what he said, Runli immediately put down the big rock in her heart and said excitedly: "I understand, can I come to work at any time? Just do it today!"

     "Well, let's start from today..."

     Runli's fourth application was finally successful. As soon as she stepped out of the editing room, she immediately called Run An. Who expected that she hadn't spoken yet? Run An An's first sentence was: "Sister, your phone is in the right time! Tell me the date of death!" "

     "Yes... I have a hunch? But I haven't... I haven't felt it yet." Runli began to feel a little lost again in her heart, and the excitement just disappeared without trace.

     "Well, isn't it? Then you called..."

     "Nothing, brother, Let's talk about it later."

     She closed the phone cover and thought in dismay: in the end... such a day will continue until at what time? I’m going crazy, and every day I have to think about who will die somewhere...Runli came to the desk that the editor had arranged for her, and began to sort out some manuscripts. In the afternoon, she and a colleague went to a jewelry company to visit about the release of their latest jewelry. If it's possible to grab this news, this month Magazines are sure to sell well.

     With the arrival of Runli, all male colleagues in the office were all eyes shined. I usually face the computer all day, or just edit the face of nothing much changes, and suddenly a young and beautiful female colleague, as long as a bachelor, will both eyes shines. For a time, all the male employees ran over to offer courtesy to Run Li and asked her various questions, and one of the most important questions was whether she had a boyfriend.

     "Go to work! Don't just because people are embarrassed to refuse, just win an inch, want a foot!" Suddenly, a female colleague in glasses ruthlessly knocked on the heads of those people with a dozen thick sheets of paper, Drive them away one by one, and then gently say to Runli: "Hello, newcomer, my name is Tang Hui, welcome you to work in our magazine."

     "Ah... please advise..."

     "Also... I'm going to interview in the afternoon. You are going with me. Well, do you know the address of Tianmu Jewelry Company?"

     "Actually..." Run Li said a little shyly: "I have also just arrived in G City, and I don't know much about transportation."

     "Okay, then you and I will go. It will be faster if you take the subway. That company pays attention to time. You must not be late."At about one o'clock in the afternoon, Runli started to pack things, and rooted Tang Hui to leave the magazine. On the way to the subway station, the two also had a lot of problems. Of course, Runli basically concealed her experience, and Tang Hui looks a bit more daring, and looks easy to get along with.

     The subway is very crowded, so both of them can only stand. At this time, suddenly Runli noticed that there was a very familiar figure among the crowd of people...

     At this moment, the scene in front of her suddenly changed drastically, and the surroundings were almost not a soul in sight, but the carriage was still driving, with only one man standing in front of her.

     Yes... Runli recalled that this was the purple pupil man she had seen before!

     "It's you... why, why are the people around you gone?"

     Looking at her shuddering appearance, the man couldn't bear to scare her anymore, so to open the door and see the mountain and said: "Relax, I just created a spacial rift(s) with the eyes of Split Spirit. Now you and I are not in the original space. Well, let me introduce myself first. My name is Tie Mujing. It is one of the first batch of clone experiments of Nosolan Company. It has a split spirit pupil. Fortunately, Yirun Miss Li."

     "You... do you know my name?"

     "Of course I know. Because I know Mr. Ren Senbo, have you ever heard of this name?"

     "Ah... Ah Jing's father!"

     Mu Jing pointed to the seat next to it and said, "Sit first, it will take a period of time to get to the station. We are not on the same plane as the people in the car, and we can't be hindered by doing anything.""But... if Miss Tang finds me missing..."

     "This you don't have to worry."

     Although Runli has gradually calmed down, she is still vigilant. When she sits down, she is separated from Mu Jing by three seats.

     "That... just say something..." She felt the atmosphere a bit awkward.

     Mu Jingda felt that she was very cute, and she was still very worried, but she still insisted that she wanted to listen to her own intentions, and she pretended not to care. In fact, all the thoughts in her heart were written on her face.

     "Mr. Ren is my benefactor. I must have fulfilled his request, and I did it for a friend of mine. He might do some stupid things for me. Listen well... In order to stop him, but also Mr. Ren’s wish, I’m here to help you. Both you and your brother’s alien constitution are beginning to be unstable, isn’t that so? ”

     "Unstable?" Runli heard him say that, recalling the hunch of the Museum of Dawn, when she almost foreseen the death of one after another on the day of her death, so did his brother, who he foreseen later The images are all fuzzy. This is a situation that has never happened in seven years.

     "Iron...Mr. Iron..."

     "Call me Mu Jing, I'm more accustomed to it. How about I call you Runli?"

     "Well, but... yes... that, Mu Jing, you said help us, what does it mean? Brother, his ghost eye ability is not strong enough? I heard that the strongest is Yin Yang pupil, and My brother's soul-eating pupil is the third strongest.""He should be split spirit pupil eyes now." Mu Jing suddenly approached Runli, reached her hand in front of her, scared Runli backed away and said, "You... what are you going to do?"

     "Check the inside of your soul, I think...maybe because the supernatural power is gradually activated, causing the Oni within the body to begin to break through the inhibition of the soul. Your ghost's eyes are not awakened, I think, the difficulty of repairing It won’t be big..."


     "What happened? Didn't Miss Ren tell you anything? Ah, it's coming to the station. Let's talk about it next time, I'll go first."

     In an instant, the surroundings turned back into a crowded carriage, and Tang Hui took Runli's hand out of the station at this time, and said, "What are you stupid? Did you notice that you have arrived at the station?"

     Mu Jing also got out of the car, watching her back disappear gradually, and suddenly a dangerous hunch passed by. He looked back suddenly, but found that in the crowd of people in the car, he was standing with a drenched with blood Woman! And this woman's appearance, even burn to ashes, he will not forget!

     "May Ji!"

     He was about to return to the car immediately, but the door was closed. He planned to open the entrance of the space, but he found that something seemed to be blocking him. Immediately after, he watched Yuan Ji covered in blood, staring at himself with a vicious and resentful look, and the subway slowly started...

      "No... impossible!"

     Immediately, inside his mind, just a moment, flashing images of countless people...

     The death date of those people is today!That night, the TV station broadcast a big news. A certain section of the carriage of a subway, actually disappears without a trace, where all the passengers in the carriage whereabouts unknown.

     Mu Jing looked at the news and searched the memory in his mind.

     At the beginning, wish Ji died at what time?

     By the way, it's Midnight 00:00 ... People who died at Midnight 00:00 will turn into ghosts. May Ji just want to find his revenge? Yes, because of oneself failed to protect her, his ability was not strong enough to let her die, he failed to keep the agreement...

     No... he immediately rejected the idea.

     Ghosts do not have human views of good and evil. What happens when he is alive does not mean that it will be the same after death. He knows this very well. May Ji's undead cannot rest, she will continue to kill. However, Yi Runli did not foresee the death of those people...

     This is a sign that within her body's ghost has gradually broken through the bondage of souls...

     That night, at about eight o'clock, Tang Hui's boyfriend drove her back to her apartment downstairs. Before leaving, she reluctant to part said, "Is there still a chance to come out tomorrow?"

     "Oh, you're really greedy, didn't you accompany you for one night today? The magazine work is still very busy recently. I have the opportunity to talk about it next time. I have to go back quickly, otherwise my brother will say me again. ..."

     Suddenly, her mouth was heavily kissed by her boyfriend, and she can't help to wrap around his neck, and the two had been kissing for a long time before loath to part said goodbye.

     "Ah... Everyone is busy with work, it's not easy to meet..."When entering the apartment, the first thing was to get the newspaper. Her brother never got the habit of taking the newspaper. Until now, she lived with her brother and her parents were not around.

     "Um... a weird subway accident...what, it's really scary to look at, it really is Great Thousand World there is no lack of strange things."

     After reading the newspaper for a long time, she had walked to the elevator, but she froze when she put down the newspaper. A sign stood in front of both elevators: "Repairing."

     "Is there a mistake!" She also stared at the sign carefully to confirm that the elevator was being repaired. It was dumbfounded at this time, but her family lived on the 13th floor! Wouldn't it be exhausting to go up the stairs? I just went out with my boyfriend for so long, my legs are numb, I just want to go home early to take a bath and then go to bed.

     "I'm really desperate... I will read the constellation column in the newspaper tomorrow. Is my luck this week?"

     She walked up to the stairs, looked at the high steps, and couldn't help sighing.

     "Forget it...let's lose weight..."

     At this time, suddenly her mobile phone rang, and the number is the newcomer Yi Runli who just came to the magazine today.

     "Hello, Xiaoyi, is there anything?" She answered the phone as she climbed the stairs.

     "Miss Tang? Hurry up and escape! You now have mortal danger...really, escape!"

      "Ah?" She took the phone, looked at the number carefully, it was indeed Yi Runli, and then asked: "What are you talking nonsense? Today is not April Fools' Day, what will I die? Who wants?" kill me?""This... listen to me, where are you now, the details are not clear now, tell me your home address, I will come to you now, and then you will understand, I swear, I am absolutely no and Are you kidding me!"

     Tang Hui recalled the behavior of Yi Runli today, thinking that she was not a person who was bored to make jokes about this kind of thing. After thinking about it, she thought, anyway, it was also a colleague who told her address anyway, and it seemed really what's the matter, why not just tell her the address.

     After hanging up the phone, Runli felt relieved and reported the address to Runan and Ajing, and then said before they left: "Please let me go too! I promised that I would not mess up, please Let me go too!"

     After darkening and hesitating a little, nodded.

     After Tang Hui hang up the phone, she began to think of Runli's words all over her head, and unconsciously had gone six floors.

     When it came to the seventh layer's, the corridor was completely dark and there was no light at all. In addition, what Runli said just now made Tang Hui frightened.

     "It's okay... it's okay..."

     She comforted herself in this way, but her footsteps slowed down and she didn't dare to make a loud noise. Every time she walked up the stairs, her heart beat. She couldn't help but curse why the elevator went down today, and Runli's baffling phone. She wanted to call back and ask again, but suddenly at this time...

     She felt someone peeping at herself! Just above the stairs!Tang Hui is not a neurotic person, but also a rare woman who does not like to judge things intuitively, but now... she feels a sight, coming from the steps above!

     Although I can't see anything, this kind of feeling is impossible to get rid of. She wanted to persuade herself that only after listening to the call from Runli just had this kind of feeling, but she couldn't help Decieve Oneself.

     The line of sight gradually approached, as if to penetrate her body...