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0 Chapter Directory 79 Room 803
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

After dinner, Weijing remembered her sister's strange phone call.

     Although there are no blood-related sisters, Yilian originally supported her father's remarriage, so she accepted her and her mother's existence. The biological father of Weijing divorced her mother when she was a child, so she always wanted to have a father.

     The current father is indeed very good to her, not to mention that this is a giant, she should have been lucky. However, since I started living in this family, there has always been a feeling that I am not actually here. Moreover, although the elder sister accepted her, but when it comes to the biological mother of the elder sister, it is inevitable to be embarrassed. Moreover, my sister sometimes treats her and her mother too politely, but feels like treating guests rather than family.

     And my sister's phone, what's going on? Of course, Weijing couldn't believe what her sister said, but even if she wanted to make up a lie, why did she make it so outrageous? Could it be that she has a nervous disorder? But listening to her, it seems very organized, no incoherent speech.

     After returning to the room, she closed the door. She sat alone on the bed and pondered for a while. In the end still, she was uneasy, so she picked up the telephone receiver and planned to make another call to her sister.

     And just as she dialed the number, suddenly the window was blown open by a gust of wind, and a large number of her drawings on the table were all spilled onto the ground. She quickly put down the microphone to pick it up.Weijing is a popular shōjo manga family. It is not easy to become a successful cartoonist in mainland China where the animation industry is still exploring. She has loved graffiti since she was three years old and has contributed articles to comic magazine since she was ten years old. Her style is extremely gorgeous and beautiful. Even many readers who are used to Japanese manga are praise without cease, yet her plot style is able to fly one's banner on a solitary tree, so it is a rare genius in China's comic industry.

     At present, she has signed a ten-year contract with "Lingyue", the largest comic weekly magazine in China, and is currently serializing a popular shōjo manga called "Red Lan".

     She sorted out all the drawings and put them back on the table, but she stumbled to the ground!

     In front of the desk... there was a person sitting with his back to her!

     "You... who are you? at what time?"

     Weijing kept moving his body back, but at this time, the sitting person turned back.

     The scene in front of me is really incredible.

     The person herself!

     Weijing passed out...

     "Weijing, Wejing..."

     The soft voice called her, and the heavy eyelids gradually opened, and the face that smiled as usual faced his eyes. She will not forget this voice, this face, and this smile.

     This will only smile to her.

     "Mu are here, don't leave..."

     At the moment she was lying on the hospital bed, next to her parents' anxious eyes. However, at the moment, only the man is in the eyes of Wei Jing.He has been guarding himself, watching her with so affectionate eyes.

     Wei Jing, who is only 18 years old, can hardly resist this tenderness. Besides, Mu Jing is such a handsome man. He is surprisingly gentle in front of Wei Jing, completely converging and never concealing it in front of anyone. Icy.

     He clasped Weijing's hand and made a boo gesture, saying: "Don't talk, no one can see me."

     The mother said to the doctor: "She woke up, doesn't matter?"

     "Well, it's just caused by too much fatigue, just rest well."

     Weijing really hated the doctor who was standing in front of her and Mu Jing, so that she could not watch Mu Jing well. She hated the people in this room even more, so she couldn't talk to Mu Jing properly.

     But he came because he cared about himself. Wei Jing thought this way, and then rejoiced.

     At that time, yet another self appeared, whether it was an illusion or a dream, it didn't matter anymore. What was important was that Mu Jing returned to her. When he was away, she could only pour out her feelings in the comics, and she could only paralyze her difficult thoughts with her work. She is unimaginable if she can't see Mu Jing again one day, whether she can still live.

     "Mom... is it okay to let my one person stay for a while?"

     Weijing, like a pitiful little animal, shone with those moving eyes. No one could refuse her in the face of this look. Although the mother was still worried about her, but since she woke up, she also let her mind down and let the doctors leave for the time being. Anyway, there was a call bell at the bedside. If something happened, you could call the nurse at any time.After the door closed, she fell to Mu Jing's arms immediately.

     "You finally came to see me... It's been a week, and I haven't been able to see you..."

     "It's still the same, always thin, eat more." Mu Jing touched her long hair with a smile, said in a soft voice: "Be sure to take care of oneself, maybe... There will be a long period of time in the future and I cannot see you."

     This sentence made Wei Jing's heart fall, and she quickly grabbed Mu Jing and asked: "What are you going to do? If you need my help, I will definitely help you. I can give up anything for you. ! Please... don't leave me..."

     She cannot be without Mu Jing.

     No one can see Mu Jing, he can easily enter the locked room, he can penetrate the human body, he has a pair of breathtaking purple pupils. However, it didn't matter. She fell in love with Mu Jing and fell in love with him when she first saw him. Since he first appeared in front of her and introduced herself to her, she vowed that she would not look at other men in her life.

     From that day on, she incessantly thought of Mu Jing, and he could appear in front of her at any time. Weijing knew that Mu Jing was not an ordinary human being. She guessed that he might be an elf, a fairy, and a god.

     Mu Jing only told her that he had a responsibility to protect himself and not ask her to ask more. As long as she needs, he can always be beside her. When he heard what he said, Weijing realized that he was his own destiny. She did not want to leave him all her life, and her happiness and anger, sorrow and joy were all drawn by him.She likes to buy watches with the same brand as him, likes to buy clothes in the colors he likes, where he has stood in her house, she will always stare at it for a long time, and continue to clean and look like new. She recorded her thoughts and love in her diary and locked it in a drawer like a treasure.

     For an eighteen-year-old girl, the man she loves can be all in her life. Because her heart and the world are too small, a person can fill the whole heart.

     However, for Mu Jing, it is rather contradictory.


     After saying this, the exact existence of the body embraced by Wei Jing disappeared. She was unable to suppress this strong grief as if a part of her body had been cut off.

     After leaving the ward, when Mu Jing opened his eyes again, he was already at home.

     In the study, a man was standing in front of the bookshelf waiting for him.

     "Mu are still good..."


     He did not approach the hard-to-see man, but looked at him with hostility.

     "Why are you here?"

     "Nosoran no longer exists. We, there is no reason for hostility. Isn't that so?"

     "not have."

     Mu Jing shook the head. He cannot forget the death of wish Ji.

     "So are you going to protect Jane Weijing?"

     Shen Huai's words stung him, and Mu Jing began to get angry. But then his words made him irrefutable.

     "I'm different from you. I by no means I have the illusion that your feelings for Yuan Ji are not as good as me."Deathly still in the study at this moment.


     Mu Jing wanted to justify his behavior, but when it came to his mouth, it only changed into these three words.

     "Then why do you make a misunderstanding for that girl? Make her think you like her. What is the difference between this approach and playing with her feelings? You know she loves you, but you really enjoy this kind of feeling, am I right?"

     Mu Jing knew that he couldn't explain to him in this matter.

     "Wish Ji's death is not my wish." Shen Huai began to explain the truth of Yuan Ji's death, and after adding the details of the day, he added: "I didn't tell you before, I didn't want you to worry about me. . But now, I hope you don’t get involved in the life of Jane Weijing. She is different from us. Both me and you are destined to die by curse."

     Mu Jing felt his head dizzy. He supported the wall with one hand and said, "I...I'm not very comfortable...You go back first, Shenhuai..."

     At this time, Shenhuai coldly looked at the white figure standing behind Mu Jing.

     The figure was less than three meters from Mu Jing's back. Shenhuai looked absolutely clear.

     "Your living things aura are much weaker."

     Shen Huai looked at Mu Jing with a trace of sympathy. Where is he now like a spirit with a different constitution? His ability weaker and weaker is smaller. Now he can do nothing.

     "It seems...Mr. Ren told you many things..."

     "Shall I help you?""No..." Mu Jing covered his forehead and slowly supported his body, saying: "Shenhuai, I'm sorry, I misunderstood you in the past. I won't let you die on the future date of death, at the same time I Will also repay Mr. Ren's kindness and save his daughter. I hope you can help her for my sake. You and she should have met once?"

     "Reluctantly met."

     Immediately thereafter, Shen Huai suddenly found that the white figure behind Mu Jing disappeared.

     "First of all...I want to use your power to tell me the date of the death of the next person you will foresee, and then we will go together to stop it." Shen Huai explained his intention: "Of course, you can also find any Miss and others, but the most important thing is, I want to long can I live? Mu Jing, how long can you live?"

     The wind swept the silent streets.

     Sui Yunxi looked anxiously at the camphor tree in front of her and the garbage scattered around her.

     Here is a small scale square, there are many artificial green belts around, there is still one artificial lake.

     Thinking of the letter, Sui Yunxi began to worry. But she had no time to react, and suddenly a red light flashed in front of her, and a man appeared in front of her in an instant.

     Under the moonlight, the deep purple pupil looks like a beast. The purple pupil was glowing with evil light, which made Sui Yunxi shudder uncontrollably.

     "Mrs. Jane, Hajimemashite... no, not actually Hajimemashite."

     Mu Jing confronted this woman with whom he could not hate, but could not sympathize, with his usual cold eyes.

     "You... Who are you ?"

     "May Ji be dead. Maybe you don't know?"Then he began to observe each other's expressions. Sure enough, her face was full of shock. She really didn't know about this matter, and she didn't even know that Ji Ji had returned to take revenge.

     "Why...why...why would Ji die?"

     "I asked you to come out today to remind you... to protect Weijing well, because may the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed, she may hurt her. Although she will not die for the time being, I cannot guarantee She won’t go crazy, or...become yet another person. I can’t protect her for the time being, so I only ask you. You are a special person to Yuki, even if she turns into a ghost, you should be able to She caused some trouble."

      heard until here, Yunxi was finally understood.

     "You are the mother of Weijing, so this should also be your duty."

     Leng Jia rubbed her eyes and yawned a few more times, looking out at the darkness outside the window, (idiomatic usage) with great difficulty before she could hold back her tears. In this place, if there are many people who are in the same situation as hers, she is definitely desperate to collapse. The words of the man named Wen Bangming gave her a glimmer of hope.

     After checking the stock of food, she began to distribute the food for the next few days. Fortunately, the stock of meat was sufficient, and there were many frozen foods. There were still a few big bags of instant noodles in the kitchen. I didn’t need to worry about eating for the time being. Problem.

     Before she heard the sound of shattered glass from outside, she immediately went to the window to see, but nothing has not seen. However, she felt that just now's voice came from below.On the floor below, only the one named Wu Longfei lived, did he show whats the matter? For a time she was somewhat anxious, in this weird space, whats the matter could happen. No matter what the case, it cannot be taken lightly.

     The gas stove was on fire, and a pan was placed on it, with a piece of meat in it.

     Leng Jia pays attention to controlling the heat, not to burn the bottom of the meat, and then starts to boil water. She doesn't know how long the tap water can last, so she wants to reserve as much as possible. There are four thermos flasks in the house. She also took out all the washbasins to hold the water. After all, in this environment cut off from the outside world, water is an important key to survival. If there is no water, no amount of food can only wait to die.

     After putting a pot of water, she began to unscrew the gas stove. However, the blue-blue flame did not appear for a long time, and she couldn't help but wonder, and she played a few more times, still useless. But the pan on the side is burning the meat well.

     "Really..." She took the pot away and planned to put the pot directly to boil water when the meat was finished. Who knows suddenly the flames on the gas stove suddenly jumped up, and the fire was not blue-blue, but a strange purple. The flame was really uncomfortable and scared Leng Jia.

     "This... what the hell is this?"

     At this time, a burning smell began to fill the kitchen. She quickly picked up the chopsticks and turned the meat back. The back was completely black. She looked at the flame at the bottom of the pan in wonder, and it suddenly became so big. She remembered that she had tuned a small fire before that's right! How could the flame automatically become so big?She immediately turned off the gas on both sides, and then took the meat out. You can’t waste it now, even if it’s scorched. She next served another meal, looked at a piece of caramelized meat and a bowl of greens on the table, sighed saying, and picked up chopsticks and ate.

     Suddenly, her chopsticks suddenly fell to the ground.

     The black part of the flesh actually formed...something like a word!

     She quickly picked up the meat and carefully distinguished it.

     That is a sentence, and it can be read.

     "I am just under the table!"

     At the moment she just distinguished all the words, Leng Jia's ankle was caught tightly by something...