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0 Chapter Directory 80 Hades Blade
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
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In the next morning, Hao Lin submitted resumes to several technology development companies. She obtained phD in biological sciences and psychology, and even went to the United States to study. Although her experience at Nosoran was erased, this was the case. Only one technician was hired, and the problem is not big.

     In fact, the legs of Artemisia fragrans have been treated many times, and it is no longer completely impossible to walk. After another treatment, the wheelchair can be abandoned. At present, if he just wants to walk in a short distance, he can easily do it by massaging his legs, but if he wants to exercise vigorously, such as playing basketball, it is absolutely impossible.

     For her brother, she must continue to work hard to make money.

     After submitting her resume, she and Shenhuai met at the agreed place, along with Mu Jing.

     The appointment was in an open-air coffee shop. When the three people gathered together, it was somewhat embarrassing. Because in the past, Hao Lin served as the head of the Technical Analysis Department of Nosoran, while Mu Jing was the escaped experiment. After Shen Huai repeatedly explained that Mu Lin was serving the company for his younger brother, Mu Jing did not hold her malicious.

     "What did you say? The weakening of living things aura? Why is this?" Hao Lin was very surprised when she heard Mu Jing mention this point. According to her ghost eye ability measurement of Mu Jing in the past, he basically determined what he had. Split Ling pupil eyes are very stable.

     But in the final analysis, ghost eyes are just a window to show idealistic power from the perspective of materialism, and can not be completely analyzed and concluded with science and technology.Mu Jing said the reason: "Because I wish Ji came back. I saw her that day. For this reason, my spiritual power weakened day by day... The ability to foresee has been deprived. So, I cannot predict the three of us. When will he die in the future."

      spoke until here, everyone knows it well. If you really want to predict the date of your death, then only has one way.

     "Our only Yirun Anhui and Yirunli brothers and sisters?"

     Hao Lin gave this only conclusion. Although she knew it herself, the two siblings had no reason to help them.

     But Mu Jing also pointed out the difficulty of this matter: "In any case, the most important date of death data must be obtained. Yi Runli's Prophetic Ability is still very weak, and now it is purely deprived. I want to try to discolor her pupils, but... she seems to have entered the Foreign Space too."

     Now Mu Jing's split spirit pupil has weakened to the extreme, and can only jump in a short distance in the same space. It is basically impossible to cross the space.

     "Now, I only have to find Yirun dark. Whatever the case is going to take Yirunli out, otherwise we will all die. May Ji’s madness not stop, her hatred and resentment will not disappear because of Nosoran Company , Just stopped."

      At this time, Shenhuai added another point: "There is still one tricky character, that is John. He is still alive."This surprised Mu Jing and Hao Lin. But Shen Huai then said: "But I think his situation is different from ours. He is actually not a living person anymore, you might not be very clear when admiring Jing Jing. John's immortal pupil is actually..."

     In Mu Jing's mind, a scene in his memory passed by immediately!

     "Could it be that……"

     "Yes. Just as you guessed."

     At that time, Mu Jing saw Shen Huai strangling Yuan Ji, and he pushed him to the ground resentfully. Then, when he lifted Yuan Ji, he found her already dead. At that time, he had no time to inquire Shen Huai, and suddenly the door closed. Then, from under a desk, a strange humanoid climbed out! I couldn’t see clearly whether it was a male ghost or a female ghost. The human figure crawling on the ground twisted his body and walked towards him gradually. A pair of eyes kept protruding, and at that time, suddenly Mu Jing used the split spirit pupil. The power of the eye will tear the ghost's body in an instant!

     Although its limbs were scattered, Mu Jing knew that it was not dead at all. And its two eyeballs rolled down to Mu Jing's feet.

     Shen Huai's words made him wonder, could it be those two eyeballs... those two ghost eyeballs were recovered by the company's people?

     Then... transplanted to John!

     Hao Lin explained: "John was originally a blind man who was blind, but after transplanting these eyes, he could actually see... And John was an orphan, and the company offered him exchange conditions for transplanting eyes."

     That pair of immortal pupils, actually...

     Suddenly, Mu Jing's dangerous hunch struck in an instant, he was too late to discern it, and shouted urgently: "Shenhuai, flash away!"Although Shen Huai's reaction was quick, he jumped away almost immediately when the voice of Mu Jing fell. However, a purple-blue light shot from a distance from a distance, and immediately broke Shen Huai's arm!

     The people in the open-air coffee shop lost one's head out of fear at once. Everyone looked for the source of the light and started scatter in all directions. And Mu Jing also started the split spirit pupil eyes to find the person who emitted this light.

     Just now, it was definitely one of the abilities of the split spirit pupils. Then, the person who attacked them was...

     Before he could react, he saw a figure flashing behind Shenhuai. A blood red long blade was placed on Shenhuai’s neck. Then, a cold sound came out: "Tiemu mirror, what are you? Does it mean? Call me to come over, but be with this Northolly company's running dog? Without saying it clearly, I immediately let him Person's Head Drops To The Ground!"

     That man had just obtained the darkening of the eyes of the split spirit pupil.

     "Quick...stop," Mu Jing didn't know how to explain for a while, and could only explain briefly: "In short, Nosoran no longer exists, we do not have a hostile reason, isn 't that so? And Shenhuai will also be our companion in the future... I'm calling you today to discuss how to rescue your sister, so you can't talk about it..."

     Shen Huai's arm is still bleeding, and his consciousness has been blurred a little. The dark red blood blade is the spirit of the split spirit ghost in the hand, and the ghost blade that is manufactured in the hand! Even at a long distance, the ghost-eye ability exuded by this knife can instantly cut off a person's body. He was actually start off leniently just now, otherwise Shenhuai has already gone to see the king."Clarify the words...what is a companion? He is from the Nosoran company, and I am carved in bones and engraved in the heart!"

     Run dark not to yield an inch, when he was about to push the question further, suddenly his head was knocked hard, and then to have a dizzy spell, and the ghost blade immediately disappeared.

     "Give me a stop before going too far! Go ahead and hold a ghost knife under someone's throat under public place with numerous people. Do you have common sense? Mr. Tie, sorry, this man is because of his sister , Become a little impulsive..."

     It was A Jing who knocked the head in. Then, she picked up the broken hand on the ground and took out her healing potion. She said to Shenhuai: "Relax, I can help you pick up your hand. Well, look at my face, please don’t Care about with him, after all, haven't you almost made us suffer too much? It should be even."

     Although Shen Huai was unbearably painful, A Jing pointed his arm at the amputated limb and dropped a few drops of white strange potion. He suddenly felt the broken nerves reconnect together. Just a few seconds later, he was free to wave his arm again.

     "Fortunately, this idiot didn't really cut off your head, otherwise this potion won't save you any more."

     Seeing this scene, Yun An couldn't help recalling that he had forgotten to let Feng Hui also bring a bottle of this healing potion, otherwise he might survive.

     Watching more and more people gather around, I heard the sound of a siren in the distance, and A Jing tapped the darkened head again, saying, "Idiot, you! Please take us away now! Don't tell me You have forgotten how to use Split Ling Tongyan!"Ah Jing is really the nemesis of darkness. As long as she speaks, the darkness becomes very obedient, and she dare not say a word.

     In short, after the riots, the location changed to City G, the apartment where the newly bought house was run.

     There are only two bedrooms in total, usually Runli and A Jing sleep one, Run Dark sleep one.

     "Putting it that way...He and you used to be friends?" Run An looked at Shen Huai's hostile expression at this time, and Hao Lin's uncomfortable embarrassment, coupled with Mu Jing's repeated excuses for Shen Huai, he Finally, I believe that Shenhuai and Haolin can be trusted.

     "Forget... I was just too impulsive, sorry, Mr. Lu."

     For the sake of her sister, Yun An didn't care to admit her mistakes to Shenhuai. Maybe in the future, he really needs his ability to help. After all, he has worked for Nosoran for so long, and it should be a little bit more accurate information.

     "First of all... the problem is," Mu Jing’s attitude towards seeing the darkening of the air has been relieved and is very happy, so he said: "My split spirit pupil eyes are in a state of exhaustion, and you just got split spirit pupil eyes, but you can rely on ghost eyes The ability to unleash the ghost blade is really amazing, and you can launch an attack so far away, your potential is really amazing."

     Then Mu Jing expressed his thoughts again: "Simply say... Your split spirit pupil's eye ability is still in the initial stage, you must reach the barrier that can break the subspace, maybe you can do it without relying on the medium. Enter the different dimension. If you want to save your sister, you must still improve the ability of the split spirit pupil."

     When I heard it, there was indeed a way. I was overjoyed and asked, "So... what method can improve my ability?"But he was also afraid that the other party would say something like human flesh, but Mu Jing's answer surprised him.

     "You already have the split spirit pupil eyes, so it is not very difficult to improve, the problem is only time. If you want to be quick, you can use the ghost blade. As long as you can make it more than two meters in length. , Then using the ghost knife, you can cut the barrier between the dimensions and reach the different Dimensional World!"

     Runli was lost in this unusual space.

     "Why... where is this?"

     She was in a corridor on a certain floor, looking at the scene outside the window. It was completely dark outside. If there were some stars dotted on it, Run Li could still convince herself that it was in the universe, at least there was the possibility of going back.

     However, there is nothing here.

      At this time, suddenly a hand grabbed her by the shoulder, scaring her almost the soul flies away and scatters. Looking back, she was a woman about her age.

     "Miss, did you... also enter here when walking up the stairs? Come to my house first. My name is Jian Yilian, and like you, I accidentally entered here."

     City A, the fishing village where Zimei lives.

     "What a joke, time and time again!"

     Zi Mei looked at the large group of people in front of her and could not keep calm.

     "You think I'm somewhere here? I'm a psychicist. I'm not a servant who is called by you. I helped you before, but also for Mr. Ren's sake... and you, Tie Mujing, how come you are also busy Alright?"

     At this time in the purple charm room, gathered all the current parties."Do you know?" Run An looked at Mu Jing and Zi Mei who were looking at each other.

     "Of course I know..." When Mu Jing saw Zi Mei, her eyes were colder than ever, and she said without emotion: "After all, we all have a relationship with Mr. Ren. But I don't like her, The host of this fierce ghost."

     "Everyone... I don't like your counterfeit!"

     Seeing that the two are about to break out of war, Ah Jing persuades both sides to quarrel and unable to solve any problems after all.

     This dark path is actually much more complicated than the dark imagination. Deep in the underpass, there is a huge practice field. It was a huge round square, surrounded by several pillars made of mirrors.

     "Miss Ren... I have repeatedly stated that this is last...I don’t want to be involved with you anymore..."

     Purple Charm in the end still is Loose Mouth, allowing them to borrow this place to enhance their supernatural powers. This square is covered by spiritual power, and at the same time, it can maximize the activation of spiritual powers. In addition, there are spiritual mirrors around it that can prevent ghosts from turning around. This is the best place to practice.

     Mu Jing, Run Dian, Shen Huai and Hao Lin also came here. Mu Jing also wanted to restore her own ghost eyes ability as Run Yun, Shen Huai and Hao Lin could provide theoretical guidance.

     As soon as I walked to the center of the square, I feel as if I have entered yet another world. The ghost's eyes were almost can't help to release, the palm of his right hand was a masterpiece of red light, and a red fierce blade nearly one meter long appeared in his hands."Nethersplit ghost blade..." Hao Lin also saw this kind of fierce blade that visualizes ghost eye ability for the first time.

     As Run Dark waved the Ghostcracker's Blade, many white misty heads appeared continuously around his body, and each head looked unusually vicious and vicious, like the ghost in Avichi.

     These ghosts surround the body around the darkness, but only Mu Jing, which also has ghost eyes, and A Jing, who has a sudden and alien constitution, can see it. Both Shenhuai and Haolin can only see their existence in the mirrors around them.

     "Why...why?" Hao Lin asked Mu Jing in a puzzled way: "Did he have so many ghosts in his body?"

      "No..." Mu Jing shook the head, pointing to the ghosts and saying, "That ghost-cracked ghost blade has the ability to transcend Yin and Yang. Although it is not as powerful as Yin and Yang pupils, it can completely ignore the barrier of Yin and Yang, but , Can create the darkening of the fierce blade, and can already use his own soul as a bait, and the solitary soul, unbound ghost floating on the edge of Yin and Yang will be concentrated on this knife and become a part of his body!"