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0 Chapter Directory 81 A Person Came In
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Both Mu Jing and A Jing reached the same conclusion. If you want to increase the length of the ghost blade to more than two meters, attracting ghosts as a part of the body to supplement the ghost ability of this ghost knife is the only quick way. Of course, there are certainly dangers. If there is not enough living things aura, those ghosts may bring him into the underworld at any time.

     But for the sister's words, Run An wouldn't care about and think about anything.

     A Jing also knows this very well.

     The red light became stronger and stronger, and the fierce ghosts also began to make horrible howls. For a time, each person was far away from the darkness.

     Darkening the ghost blade in the hand at this moment is the most violent moment...

     "Have a cup of tea..."

     Runli overwhelmed by favor from superior took over the teacup passed by Yi Lian, paying attention to the surrounding environment from time to time. The room she is in now doesn't seem to have any abnormalities in its furnishings. If it is not a strange view outside the window, this is definitely just an ordinary apartment.

     "What's your name? Which floor do you live in?"

     Seeing Runli's mood gradually stabilize, Yilian began to patiently ask her about her situation. However, Run Li basically couldn't calm down at this moment. She was very clear about the appearance of the people who were involved in the Supernatural Event(s) and died tragically. She just wanted to escape now, but she couldn't find a way to escape.

     "I... I want to escape... I want to escape..."The place where Runli is sitting now faces a wall with a door leading to the bedroom. The door was originally covered up. At this time, Runli suddenly found a white hand sticking out of the door and closed the door heavily!

     Runli's eyes were almost black suddenly, and then she lost consciousness.

     Ming Yi water rolled under the bed.

     He is blind, so he usually does not turn on the light in the room. But this time the situation is very strange, so he also had to turn on the light in the room. Although I can't see it, I feel at ease.

     However, even blind people can see things in dreams. A horrible nightmare woke him up, and when woke up, he was already lying on the cold floor.

     Ming Yishui groped nearby, grabbed the edge of the bed and stood up, walked over to the drinking fountain and poured a glass of water to drink.

     However, somehow the water seems to have... a very strong smell!

     He suddenly spit out the water, and dropped the cup on the ground, and rushed into the bedroom bed, began panting heavily. However, at this time, he suddenly heard in the room outside the bedroom, the sound of what thing on the ground dragging came!

     Is that... what sound?

     As a blind man, his fear is naturally more than ordinary people. Even if you want to go out and see, it is invisible. However, their hearing was terrifyingly keen, and he carefully distinguished the sound as if it were... the sound of clothes or cloth dragging on the floor. in other words… there is definitely someone outside!

     "Who...who!"He called for courage, but... the voice suddenly stopped, and immediately he felt... the voice changed direction and was walking towards the bedroom where he was!

      "No... Don't come in! Don't come in!"

     However, the sound did not stop at all, but moved more quickly...

     "Wow Aaaaah—"

     The screams that came from hell shocked Pang Tie who lived on the 12th floor in the extreme. He hurried out the door and locked it, and hurried down the stairs to the 11th floor below. He clearly remembered the 11th floor The blind man lived.

     At this time, Ming Yishui felt that the thing was already entered in the room! At this time, Pang Tie's voice came out: "Mr. Ming, are you there?"

     Hearing this voice, let Ming Yishui as if relieved from a burden, quickly opened his throat and shouted: "I am here, come and save me!"

     After Pang Tie ran into the bedroom, he came over and said to Ming Yishui: "Mr. Ming, are you okay? Is the scream you just made?"

     "Um... yeah," Ming Yishui was finally relaxed, and then cried, "Some... Someone just came in here... Someone just came in..."

     "What's going on? Could you please make it clear!"

     Then after listening to Ming Yishui's description, he said: "Then... why don't you go to my house to live? How is it? You can't see it, it's definitely inconvenient to live alone. I was also single anyway. it is good."

     "Then... that's great..." Ming Yishui said as if relieved from a burden: "However... won't it bother you too much?""Where, you are too polite, everyone is a neighbor, and is involved in this strange place again, it should be taken care of each other."

      At the same time, just as the darkening was driving the fierce blade in his hand, Mu Jing's split spirit pupil eyes were also released instantly.

     A long blade of blood red also appeared in his hand. Like Rundun, they were all ghost blades.

     "You will also use this ghost knife?" Run An looked a little surprised. The length of Mu Jing's knife was about the same as his own, and it was about one meter. But he hadn't reacted yet, Mu Jing's knife had resisted the darkened one.

     "If you want to improve your ability, actual combat is the best way... I declare that I will not start off leniently, you better have mental preparation!"

     Then, in Mu Jing's body, many sprawling heads began to emerge, and the square was suddenly filled with the roar of tearing the heart and rending the lungs like hell.

     A female head with dishevelled hair has a big mouth opened wide, biting her dark shoulders, and then his throat was tightly choked by something invisible! Run An knew that the ghost on the side of Mu Jing had launched an attack, he also not to be outdone, waving a ghost blade, a skeleton larger than his body instantly appeared behind him, rushing straight to Mu mirror!

     "Stop me!"

     A Jing suddenly ordered that the ghosts around them disappeared without trace at once.

     Mu Jing stopped because A Jing was the daughter of the benefactor, and Run An stopped because he was really afraid of A Jing."Do you think this is mysticism? Do you still fight swordsmanship? Who are our enemies? Those unseen and untouchable souls and evil spirits who want to claim our lives at any time! Can sharp swords kill them? What we have to do now is how to improve the ghost ability, not the sword!"

     In the Foreign Space apartment, Pang Tie just took Ming Yishui to leave. Suddenly Ming Yishui thought of something and asked, "Just now... I seem to hear what's going on outside, Mr. Pang, you come in Who has not seen sometimes?"

     "No, you were alone when I came in. And it's strange that the outside door is not locked."

     "Pang...Mr. Pang..."

     "What happened?"

     "Are you really... nobody saw it?"

     The air seemed to freeze, and at this moment, Ming Yishui suddenly said: "No... Someone has come in, absolutely someone has come in... But why are you lying? And I obviously locked the door!"

     However, the answer to him at this time was a sneer, and then he heard the answer.

     "Because the person who came me!"

     In fact, Pang Tie simply hasn't left his room. He originally wanted to save Yishui, but when he reached the door... the door to the outside was suddenly closed, and then Pang Tie's eyes looked directly at the door, how could he without any means Imagine the sight in front of you.

     Sitting at the door was a person with white eyes, it was Wu Longfei!

      "No... impossible..."Pang Tie can't help back. But at this time, Wu Longfei's body fell completely, and then his head and neck were completely separated, rolling down to Pang Tie's feet, blood spilled on the floor!

     Pang Tiegang had an uneasy hunch, and suddenly a bright red footprint appeared on the ground!

     This is... who stepped on the footprints left on the blood stains!

     He just reacted, and the second footprint was born again! Then the footsteps approached him step by step!

     Where did Pang Tie have the guts to look at the footprints, rushed into the bedroom, and locked the door tightly.

     However, when Pang Tie was about to use his body to resist the door, he saw the scattered quilt on his bed... actually swelled up! It looks like it's like there is a person in it!

      At the same time, he felt what thing was hitting the gate fiercely!

     From the raised quilt, two pale hands were quickly stretched out!

     Pang Tie could no longer endure. He noticed that the bedroom was connected to the outside balcony and decided to stake all on one throw. He gritted his teeth and stepped on the balcony guardrail and climbed up.


     A pair of cold hands grabbed his ankle! He looked down, and a figure was grabbing his feet in midair!

     "Let... let go, let go! Please let go!"

     Carrying a person on his back, and hanging another under his feet...He can only support the upper balcony with his hands now, and sooner or later he will fall!

     At this time, the thing that grabbed his foot actually started to climb up!

     "Next...go down...give me down!"In the end, he couldn't support it and fell off the balcony. The moment he passed the Mingyi Shui family's balcony downstairs, he only vaguely saw a hanging figure in the room...