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0 Chapter Directory 82 Order Of Death
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"Miss Runli, are you awake?"

     As if it were a ray of light shot from the dark mud, let Runli's sleeping consciousness wake up.

     "I...I this is what?"

     She lifted the quilt that covered her body and saw Yi Lianzheng smiling wholeheartedly sitting on the bed looking at herself while she was holding a bowl of porridge and said, "Do you want something to eat? Can you treat me Terrified and comatose for so long."

     Runli's memory is very vague. When she took the porridge, she suddenly remembered that hand! Suddenly the porridge turned to the ground, she screamed again and again: "I... I want to go! I want to leave this!"

     "Do you know Mr. Tie Mujing?"

     When Runli heard this sentence, he calmed down suddenly, recalled the man with the split-spirit eyes, and immediately asked: "Do you know him?"

     "He just called me and said that he was my sister's friend. He also told me that he knew I was enclosed in this baffling space and would help me leave, but asked me to find you. Well, since you Wake up, do you want to call him? He gave me the cellphone number."

     When Mu Jing’s cell phone rang, it was about to be connected and was snatched by Run An. After pressing the answer button, impatient said to the other side, "Run Li? Is it Run Li?"

     "Brother? Brother, come quickly to save me. This place is terrible!"

     Runli cried and said to him, " don't want to die..."Run An is planning to continue to comfort her. Mu Jing has snatched the phone back and said to Run Li: "Relax, you won't die. However, don't go to the stairs again. You can also communicate this to prove that the two The spaces are connected. We are trying our best to enter this space, so don’t worry."

     "Mum...Mum mirror?"

     Before she could say anything, she hung up.

     "Hey...I want to say a few words to my brother, Mu..."

     Reluctantly, she put the handset down, and Runli looked at the door that she had just reached out. Although Mu Jing guarantees that she will not die, and she knows that the other party may also be a person with a premonition ability, but... this kind of Conditioned Reflex-like fear is still difficult to suppress. In the past, when she looked at the cursed with a redemptive heart, she thought she was very kind, but... she now understands that in fact she does not understand the inner pain and despair of the cursed. Life received restrictions, and even the date of death is destined to be unable to escape. It is undoubtedly dying. Such despair is not something ordinary people can experience at all.

     "Miss Runli..." Yi Lian looked at her now and knew her feelings well.

     "Will I die? I'm really scared..." Runli's mind reappeared in her parents' death again. She could hardly imagine how they felt when they left their diaries. Facing the advent of death, this is what Runli unimaginable.

     Parents must be very sad. Because you can't even meet the last side of your child.She fell to the ground and began to cry. Her heart was almost torn to everything. At this time, a warm hand touched her face and wiped her tears.

     Yilian understood her pain now.

     At the age of six, Yilian lost her mother forever.

     On the day of the funeral, the sky was always gray. Holding an umbrella, she watched as the coffin was buried underground. The words on the tombstone are engraved with one's life using just a few numbers.

     Life is very fragile, very fragile.

     When Weijing's mother married her father, she was not the slightest. Because she understands her father's mood, and Weijing's mother has a good relationship with her. The most important thing is that her relationship with Weijing has always been very similar to her sister.

     And at this time, a sudden and sudden knock came from the door. She hurried to open the door and found that there was a bunch of people standing outside.

     "you guys……"

     "Miss Jane," Wen Bangming said with a sweat on his forehead, his expression looking nervous: "Come to my room, something happened... We found a body on the stairs."

      At this time, he suddenly noticed Runli in the room and asked, "Who...who is she? Is it someone who accidentally entered this place?"

     "Oh, yes……"

     "Then let her come together. The body... We have identified it, and it is a tenant on the 13th floor named Tang Hui."

     Hearing Tang Hui’s name, Run Li suddenly felt shocked and hurried to the door, saying, “Take me to see...I want to see her body!”Tang Hui's death was indeed terrifying. At the same time, everyone also found that Wu Longfei, Leng Jia, Ming Yishui and Pang Tie did not follow. Although I had knocked on the door of their house, no one answered at all.

     "In short... do you have any opinions?"

     After gathering at Wen Bangming's house again, the seven people were relatively silent, but they generally understood what they were thinking.

     "Everyone..." Runli looked at the stiff atmosphere in the house, and suddenly summons courage said: "You... believe in this world, is there a ghost?"

     If it is usual, someone asks this sentence no cause, no reason, most of them are joking, and will not seriously think about the response. Even if they really think about it in depth, most of the answers are based on their own experience. However, most people should not believe it.

     However, in such a weird place, who can bite the ghost that does not exist? No one answered for a while.

     "I can give you a definite answer. This World Absolute Existence is a ghost, and I assure you all person... I have seen ghosts with my own eyes."

     "Don't say it!" middle-aged man Zhang Tong yelled, holding his head: "What exactly is it here, ghost place! Who brought us here!""Everyone..." Wen Bangming calmed everyone's emotions and said, "Don't be too nervous first... Listen to my analysis. That dead Miss Tang, I had inspected, her death seemed to be suffocated, I think everyone does not It’s time to doubt the idea of ghosts and gods. Although this space is mysterious, it can also be interpreted as a Parallel World. This hypothesis exists in physics. In this world, are there ghosts and don’t think about it, at least Now, we can’t bite it all, this space is haunted.”

     Everyone turned their eyes to him.

     "Since there is a deceased... there must be a murderer. It may also be the criminal ringleader, main offender that brought us into this space. I don’t know if you have seen a Wesleyan series of science fiction "Building"? This is about Yes, an elevator in an apartment, the person who rides him can access yet another space, the time flow of that space is different from the outside world, even in the same room, they can't see each other's existence. This is not the same as us Is the situation similar? It’s just that they entered through the elevator and we entered through the stairs."

     "Then..." Yi Lian asked quickly: "Are you saying that this is a space where time flows differently from the outside world?"

     "Well... it's possible. I guess, maybe the staircase in this apartment is the same as that one, and it's used in the development of this space-time technology, and we...maybe the white mouse in this experiment."

     " you see more sci-fi?" Yilian doesn't believe this statement at all. Although this space is very inconceivable, but developing space-time technology, I still find a group of civilians to make experiments...I think it is all science fiction movies. Common plot."Otherwise how to explain this phenomenon?" Wen Bangming pointed out the window and said, "How do you explain this strange space?"

     "Unable to explain."

     Run Li said this, and everyone looked at her again.

     "This World ... there is a phenomenon that is impossible to explain. Whatever science, philosophy, or psychology can't understand, it's possible to rely on idealism alone. In this place, if you don't put aside your common sense, it is impossible You can deal with them. You are in this place...and you will die at any time."

     Runli, unable to foresee the date of death, fell into a state of extreme confusion.

     Mu Jing’s words lingered in her mind repeatedly. She really wanted to know, what should I do to regain this ability?

     "Um... Miss Yi," Wen Bangming seems to be a person who excuse me for not complying with the ghost. He still tried to refute: "You said you have seen the existence of ghosts, but... Do you have evidence? Do you have any evidence? Prove that this space is the masterpiece of the ghosts?"

     "No... I don't have any evidence to prove it now. However... I want to hear, can you tell me the beginning and end of every person's entry into this space and what happened? I think maybe What spider's thread and horse track can be found to judge."

     At first, everyone didn't quite convince her, but people were subconsciously more obviously afraid of the completely unknown ghost. Out of this mentality, everyone decided to cooperate with Runli.

     Therefore, each person described in detail how they had strayed into this space while walking home the stairs."You... are you sure this apartment is yours?"

     Runli raised this problem again.

     "It should be just a few of us," Wen Bangming thought and replied: "Even if there are, there will not be many."

     "Sure enough...Will you enter this space when you walk up the stairs? Its Random... Well, you just said that you heard the sound of shattered glass? And it came downstairs?"

     Everyone is nodded.

     "The missing people are Mr. Wu Longfei, Ms. Leng Jia, and Mr. Ming Yishui and Mr. Pang Tie. So..." Run Li drew each floor of the apartment on a piece of paper and marked the location of the room Picture, and then write the name of the resident in each room.

     "Glass... Which layer of glass is broken?"

     "It's a glass on the fifth floor." Wen Bangming replied: "I was a little worried when I heard the sound. Later I went down to look for a moment and found that there was a door open on the fifth floor. After I entered, I found a glass inside. Broken. Moreover, there are still some blood stains on the ground, and there are traces of people in the room."

     "Blood stains... Blood stains were found on the glass?"

     "Well, most of them are."

     Runli immediately fell into contemplation, and then asked: "What time is it when you hear the glass break?"

     "Well, it should have been just after seven o'clock yesterday evening...I was somewhat scared at first, so I didn't go down immediately, but after all I was a little worried, so I went down and looked at it."

     "So... what about Miss Leng Jia? When was her disappearance confirmed?""That's just... we knocked on her door, but no one came out to answer the door."

     "So... what about Mr. Ming Yishui and Mr. Pang Tie?"

     "I heard screams downstairs before. The two lived on the 11th and 12th floors. Because the doors are locked, I can't go in to confirm."

     "Go to the door..." Run Li make prompt decisions: "The door where the missing person lives is open, any method is okay, human life is beyond value! Why haven't you done anything before? Because of this weirdness Space, so you only care about yourself, regardless of the life and death of others?"

     Everyone heard her saying that, she was a little bit angry, but Runli went to the door and said, "Come along, do you want my one person to smash the door? Maybe they still save!"

     As a result, everyone dispersed to the door of four residents and began to smash the door. After all, Runli's words also made each person start to fear. If whats the matter really happened to those people, then I am afraid that they will be in danger.

     First of all, after the door of the Pang Tie family was smashed open, everyone was horrified to see Wu Longfei's body. His head was lying quietly on the floor, and the floor was covered with blood...

     Suddenly everyone's fears rose to the top...

     After Ming Yishui's room was forcibly broken into, everyone found that Ming Yishui's body was hanging from the ceiling...

     As for Leng Jia's home, nothing was found.

     Runli was slightly involved in forensic knowledge. She inspected the bodies of Wu Longfei and Ming Yishui, and basically determined that the former died yesterday evening, and Ming Yishui was not dead long, and the body was not stiff.In other words... Wu Longfei died before Ming Yishui.

     She gradually began to come to some conclusions.

     "Footprints..." Runli pointed to the blood-red footprints in Pang Tie's room and said, "Look... This footprint is obviously much larger if compared with Pang Tie's shoes. This is not Pang Tie's footprint. And, this The footprints were obviously stepped under bare feet, and the five toes were clearly visible. Moreover, it disappeared after reaching the bedroom door, and the bedroom door was locked from the inside."

     "This... what do you want to say?" Wen Bangming gradually understood.

     "The owner of this not human."

     " say that without any basis!"

     "Did you also don't understand?" Run Li said to others: "There is a ghost in this apartment...Miss Tang Hui was also killed by that ghost...Mr. Ming too! We will be in danger! I suggest Everyone finds a way to live in the same house, take care of each other, and prevent that guy from starting... My brother, he is a man with ghost eyes, and he will definitely come to our rescue! Before that we will find a way to live !"

     Moreover, what Runli cared about was the order of death.

     If Tang Hui’s dead sister doesn’t think about it, Wu Longfei lives in room 607, Leng Jia lives in room 803, Ming Yishui lives in room 1104, and Pang Tie lives in room 1203. She just checked Tang Hui's body just now. In fact, her body was not very stiff, and there were no plaques on her body.

     She lost her ability to anticipate the date of death, so... the day Tang Hui entered the Foreign Space may not be her date of death! She very probably may be just died soon! was murdered in the order of the floors from bottom to top...

     In other words, the ghost... is constantly approaching the upper floors!