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0 Chapter Directory 83 Newspaper
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

In the end, no one accepted the idea that everyone under Runli live under the same roof. After all, the rooms are very small. It is simply unrealistic for seven people to live. Although everyone can live under the same roof and protect each other, Wen Bangming insists that the murderer is human. Considering this, the murderer very probably may be lurking among everyone, each person does not want to be in the same room as the person who may be the murderer. They simply locked their own family's door and managed their own affairs.

     According to Runli's speculation, the next person to die should be Zhang Tong who lives in room 1305.

     When Runli came to his house and told him the truth, the middle-aged man of the grey-white long-sighed saying said, "Miss... what you said is that true? Your brother can really come Save us?"

     "Um... yes, please believe him..."

     Runli's mobile phone was forgotten at home, so she asked Zhang Tong to borrow the phone. She wanted to ask her brother if he had a hunch about the next person to die. At the same time, I also want to ask whether the order of death matches her guess.

     When he called Run Yun's cell phone, he said, "Run Li, don't be afraid, come on, I can come to you when my ghost blade reaches more than two meters! You must be patient! I definitely don't Will make you die!"

     "Brother... tell me... the exact sequence of death..."

     "Death...death order?"

     "Well, Wu Longfei, Leng Jia, Pang Tie, and Ming Yishui. The order of priority they appear inside your mind, please tell me! I want to determine an important thing!"

     "What is it you mean?"

     "Huh? what did you say, brother?""These four...I don't know any of them!"

     Runli was so surprised that Runyin could not foresee their death?

     Suddenly, Runli recalled something. It was at the beginning of the real horror film incident that Han Ning died in Foreign Space and was out of the darkened hunch, so he could not feel it. So... is this also...

     "So brother, you... can't foresee the life and death of anyone in this space? Then, how do you know that Tang Hui will die?"

     "It's also strange..."

     "Can it be... the relationship on the stairs?"

     "What does it mean? Runli?"

     Tang Hui died on the stairs. That is the intersection of two spaces. In other words, is it possible for my brother to anticipate Tang Hui’s death for this reason? However, if this is not the case dies there, can't you foresee?


     Suddenly the voice over the phone was silent. No matter how Runli calls, it doesn't have any voice.

     She dropped the microphone, and her uneasy premonition rose in her heart...

     Could it be that all connections with yet another space are completely cut off?

     "Miss Runli, Miss Runli..."

     Zhang Tong called out a lot, and Runli finally reacted and asked, "Well? Whats the matter?"

     "In fact, there is one thing that I always find very strange. Look at this."

     Then Zhang Tong opened the drawer beside the low cabinet and took out a newspaper.

     "This newspaper was... delivered this morning.""Huh? Aren't all the mailboxes in your apartment on the first floor? The road to the first floor is blocked!"

     "When I woke up in the morning, I found that the newspaper was at the door. This was indeed the newspaper I subscribed to. It was somewhat scared at first. How could the newspaper be delivered in this isolated place?"


     Runli opened the newspaper and looked at it, and didn't have any anomalies.

     She turned on the TV again and wanted to see if the news broadcast in it was consistent with the newspaper. However, when the TV was turned on, it became a flower screen.

     "Sure enough... the connection was completely cut off."

     Runli put the newspaper down and asked, "Mr. Zhang... Have you ever subscribed to the evening paper?"

     "Well, I ordered a copy. Because I'm a civil servant, I need to pay attention to some current affairs information at any time. Evening newspaper... Yesterday evening was indeed delivered. Well, here it is."

     Runli immediately came up with an idea.

     "General...When will the evening paper arrive?"

     "This... about six o'clock."

     Runli decided to gamble. If the evening paper is sent, who is it?

     If you wait at the door at six o'clock... who will you wait for?

     But then she became scared again. She didn’t have ghost eyes like her brother or A Jing can make so many powerful potions. She was completely a weak woman lacking the strength even to truss a chicken. Too. No one is dead in this space, and her brother can't foresee... Besides, she can't contact external contact, in other words, she may have been limited to the date of death.

     Runli may be dies here.thought until here, she completely dismissed the idea.

     Her only hope now is that she is not a resident of this apartment, so according to this rule, the ghost cannot kill her... of course, this is only her wishful thinking.

     Zhang Tong said suddenly: "Miss Runli...if I die...if you can leave this...please go to my daughter and tell her that I have agreed to her marriage with her boyfriend, let her later Don’t forget to hate me..."

     "No, no, Mr. Zhang..."

     Zhang Tong's life is actually miserable. Although being a civil servant can eat national meals, because his wife’s education is low and he can find a job without any means, he can only bear the heavy responsibility of the family. After her daughter went to high school, her demand for material suddenly increased, and she clamored every day for her parents to increase their pocket money, either to spend on cosmetics, or to go out and lavish on classmates.

     Later, the university did not pass the exam and only attended a secondary school. At the end of the first semester, Big Bellied came back and begged her parents to help her have an abortion. At that time, Zhang Tong really didn’t worry about this daughter, and tried to learn bad or not, all day stir up trouble, dressed as a little girl, and claimed to be "non-mainstream", which really made the traditional thinking chapter. The system is very chilling.

     At that time, he went to the man who made his daughter pregnant in a rage, and wanted the other party to be responsible to his daughter. However, what the man said actually exploded his lungs, saying that this is mutual consent, and that the one-night stand is now the trend. Not only was he unwilling to take responsibility, he also said that her daughter had already followed others before she was on g.At that time, he punched each other in hate, but was beaten by the man's gang of dressed guys, and finally stayed in the hospital for two months.

     Zhang Tong is lost, why is this society like this? Good virtues are regarded as pedantic, and ugly and indecent things are discussed something enthusiastically. Men and women can be so casual, and they do not consider the major responsibilities of the family at all.

      what is this values?

     In the end, my daughter still didn't ask for progress, she couldn't find any job after graduation, and she fell to become a mistress. He also said that the other party is willing to pay for themselves at a higher price, which is much stronger than the previous men.

     Zhang Tong would rather have her daughter tortured in hardship, and would not want her to take that kind of unclear money and betray her own flesh to become a little wife! He knows that the second mistress is very common among high-ranking and rich businessmen, but he absolutely does not allow his daughter to do that!

     "Later?" Run Li heard until here, also sad, asked: "Have your daughter become sober later?""She... she actually regarded money as more important than me. Finally, the rich businessman finally got bored with her. After she abandoned her, she still didn't repent, and she ran to someone's house to make trouble. If I didn't call the police in time, Maybe someone will be killed. My wife has worked so hard for her and has fallen ill...A year ago, she brought back a young boy to show me that she was her new boyfriend. Although this time The boy is still single for her, but ignoring one's duties, not self-motivated, all day long only thinking about how to make big money easily, I persuaded my daughter many times, but she did not listen...Now my life may be on the eve Between...Miss Runli, I didn’t ask for anything...Daughter’s path was chosen by herself, just let her do whatever she wanted...You just tell her that, okay?"

     Runli was nodded heavily, and she felt very sympathetic to Mr. Zhang.

     She lost her parents as early as seven years ago, and never had the opportunity to get their love. But now there are people who are so dissatisfied, who care so much about their father, but don’t cherish it at all, so abandon oneself, this World ...... really what kind of people are there.

     Suddenly, she turned to a certain page of the newspaper, but she was completely stunned.

     "Um...Mr. Zhang...Have you read this newspaper?"

     "It just turned around roughly, without looking carefully."

     Among the several pages composed of large advertisements, there is one... Actually Tang Hui lying on the stairs! Her bloodshot eyes in the photo are terrifying, and you can't help but have one's hair stand on end.

     She quickly closed the newspaper and put it back in the drawer.At this time, she suddenly heard the sound of toilet flushing in the toilet!

     "Chapter...Mr. Zhang..." Run Li asked deathly pale complexion: "Your family... is there anyone else?"

      "No... No, it's gone."

     Runli has been very timid since the incident seven years ago. Now she has determined that the ghost has found Mr. Zhang! She does not know that lifting the curse of others can produce a chain effect and at the same time lift the curse on herself. Now she is filled with fear all over her body, just thinking of leaving here. However, recalling Mr. Zhang's inner confession just now, and being able to tell her such a stranger as such, it can be seen that Mr. Zhang is completely desperate.

     She remembered what Mu Jing said. If she escaped like this, she would become a real ghost in a month. Eventually, she was brave enough to pick up a mop in the house and walked towards the toilet.

     "Mr. Zhang... don't worry... I, I, I will go and see..."

     Run Li was scared to death, but she gritted her teeth and braced herself to move forward, and finally came to the door of the toilet. She closed the eyes and slammed the door open. When she opened her eyes again, she saw nothing. An ordinary toilet.

     This relieved her a lot of relief. She just looked into the mirror just in case, and carefully confirmed that there was no difference in the mirror from the real thing.

     Then she opened the water tank of the toilet, and it was indeed still storing water. Just now... there was indeed what thing stayed here!At this time, Zhang Tong, who was outside, noticed that Runli had a strange reaction when reading the newspaper, so he pulled open the drawer and took out the newspaper again. Soon, he also turned to that page, and it was awkward. Screamed a little.

     He grabbed this awful version and just wanted to burn it quickly. So he took the newspaper and walked to the gas stove, unscrewed the blue and blue flames, and the maximum firepower. Then he pulled out that version, just about to put it on fire, but the whole person almost collapsed to the ground!

     On that edition... originally was the scene of Tang Hui's body falling on the stairs, but now... this page is filled with Tang Hui's horrible face!

     "Ghosts, there are ghosts!"

     He made prompt decisions, picked up the newspaper and threw it on the gas stove, however... there was no fire on the gas stove!

     And Runli was ready to go out when she heard Zhang Tong's cry, but she went to screw the doorknob of the toilet.

     Zhang Tong didn't even burn. He picked up the page of the newspaper and was about to tear it. However, at this moment, a gust of wind blew out of the window, and the newspaper immediately left his hand, covering his entire face!

     When Runli finally came out of the toilet, she saw Zhang Tong falls to the ground in the kitchen, and a newspaper was on his face.

     She foresaw something, slowly crouched down, and then uncovered the newspaper.

     Despite already having a hunch, she screamed.

     Zhang Tong's head has been completely transformed into a skeleton!