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0 Chapter Directory 85 John
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Sui Yunxi did not know why Nosoran would disappear without cause, no reason. However, Tie Mujing appeared in front of her and told her that when Ji Ji had returned as a life-giving ghost, she knew that Ji Ji would never let go of her and Wei Jing.

     After meeting Tie Mujing, she immediately said to her husband, Jian Wenshuo, that it didn’t matter how much it cost. Whatever the case, she also had to find a few internationally renowned bodyguards, and it’s best to find a few exorcists. Find it in the shortest time!

     Weijing woke up early in the morning and was dumbfounded when he went downstairs. There were actually two rows of people standing in the lobby neat and tidy. There were about twenty people, each of which was back of a tiger and waist of a bear. Tall and sturdy, many of them are foreigners, one by one like a triad, if she was not standing in front of them with a live high and look down, she would really think that the house was broken into by robbers.

     "Dad... what the hell are you doing? Who are they?"

     "Well... Wei Jing, they are all your bodyguards, starting from today, and will follow you sb closely to guard you. As for the reason..." Of course, Jian Wenshuo knew she could not tell her the truth, so she fabricated an excuse and said, "You I also know that my entrepreneur has great business and has offended some people in business recently. They said that they want to get revenge on my family from the underworld. Of course, for safety reasons, I certainly have to send a few bodyguards around you. They are all internationally famous mercenaries and exorcists. With them there, you will definitely be fine."

     Wei Jing was dumbfounded. After all, she was still a student, not a full-time cartoonist. When she went to school, did she need so many bodyguards to follow her?"Open... what a joke, even if you ask for bodyguards, you don't have to have such a big lineup?" Weijing shook his head like a rattle, and said: "A maximum of three people is enough?"

     Jian Wenshuo still refused to say, "Listen to me, Wei Jing, this matter is up to you! Let me introduce you, this Mr. Frans is the leader of the mercenary, and this Miss Wen Zimei is the exorcism. Master of count as number one in the teacher."

     Yes, even Zi Mei was invited by Jian Wenshuo. Although she is a psychicist, she is also a little known in the exorcist world. In addition, the price offered this time is too tempting. For the Purple Charm who has lived somewhat embarrassed recently, it is suitable. After all, it is only to protect an 18-year-old girl. She is very confident in herself.

     And Weijing also noticed that Zimei has a pair of purple pupils exactly the same as Mu Jing, and... feels very similar. This made her feel intimate towards Zimei.

     "Okay...Wejing, if you are going out today, let these people accompany you. Anyway, our family has Lenthening Lincoln. You are sitting there with a few main bodyguards, and others are in other cars. Yes. The cars are all equipped with Bulletproof Glass, and the body is also made of Special Alloy, you can rest assured."Weijing always felt that the atmosphere was a little strange, and he didn't have the mind to go out anyway. Anyway, the editor would come to the house to pick up the manuscript automatically, but just seeing this situation, I don't know if he would be frightened. She simply decided to go back to the room first, and just after her forefoot left, the butler ran to Jian Wenshuo and whispered in his ear: "Master... There is a man outside... Saying to apply for Miss Bodyguard." "Oh? What's the beginning? Is it famous internationally?"

     "That...he didn't say a name, but he was a blond-haired mixed-race young man who looked very handsome. What I am more concerned about is that, like Miss Wen, he has purple pupils."

     The mention of the purple pupil shocked Jane Wenshuo's heart, could it be that... the other party is also a spirit with a different constitution?

     So he quickly asked someone to bring the young man into the house.

      At this time, Zi Mei felt the atmosphere was a bit strange. As if outside the house... something terrible is gradually entering inside!

     At the door, a young man in western dress clothes slowly stepped into the hall with a deadpan. He didn't even look at the strong bodyguards standing on both sides, and no one even knew who his eyes were on. Jian Wenshuo saw that he had purple pupils, and quickly asked, "This are..."

     "I'm applying for the bodyguard of Miss. Just so simple."

     The other bodyguards like mercenaries saw that he was thin and his body was definitely not what kind of, and he immediately felt that this person was overestimate one's capabilities.

     "Your name is……"


     Jian Wenshuo has no impression of the name at all."Then... what skills do you have? Will you be able to exorcise, or be good at gunfire, or will you fight?"

     "I don't have that ability, but, I can protect the good lady."

     The bodyguards next to him could not see it for a long time, and the Franc said: "Mr. Jane, what nonsense is this guy with, this guy is obviously here to swindle money. If you don’t it be fine? If he is confident in himself, why not? Comparing with me, I let him know that this World is not that simple!"

     Jian Wenshuo stopped him and asked, "Why do you say you have the ability to protect her?"

     "Because... I have these eyes."

     As soon as this remark came out, except for the Purple Charm and Jian Wenshuo, as well as John himself, all of the whole room roaring with laughter got up, and several people even covered their stomachs with laughter.

     "Jane...Mr. Jane..." Frans said with a smile: " this kid insane? Or should he go to see the doctor? Eyes? Does he want to kill with his eyes?"

     At this moment, John suddenly turned his attention to Francis.

     "So... Would you like to try it?"

     Francis was annoyed this time, this kid is simply considering everyone else beneath one! He thought, No matter good or bad is also an internationally famous mercenary, can he beat this kid? So he took off his jacket and moved a few times to say, "Okay, kid, there is a kind, come, let me compare with you!"

     Jian Wenshuo wanted to stop it, but he also wanted to see how the man could bear it.

     In this hall, only Zimei knows that Francis will definitely lose.

     Because...that John is not human at all!After Franz stood still, he shoved at John with a loud roar. However, before he had cleaved to John, Purple Charm appeared between him and John, blocking Franz's offensive with only one hand. Say: "Stop, Mr. Frans... you will be killed! This man... he can't be hit with a physical attack!"

     Afterwards, when Frans could prevent a woman from stopping herself, and continued to attack, she saw Zimei's pupils showing a fierce light, and then somehow, she was physically weak.

     Zi Mei looked at John's calm expression, sighed saying, and said, "Mr. Jane... please don't hire this person, this is my advice to you, otherwise you will regret it."

     However, she was surprised to find that everything around... became black and white!

     No one could hear her voice, and then a malicious voice came from behind her.

     "Don't... hinder me..."

     This powerful pressure made her suddenly unable to say a word, the whole body fell to the ground.

     "Monster... that man... is a monster..."

     John squinted at the obstinate bodyguards and said, "Forget it... all of you come up. I, a finger will not move, do mental preparation."

     "You... your kid is too consider everyone else beneath one!"

     "Give me! Everyone to teach a lesson him!"

     The bodyguards couldn't stand it anymore, all rushed over to John.At the feet of John, a red stain appeared, and the scope of the stain continued to expand. When the bodyguards were less than one meter away from him, everyone’s body began to spits out blood a lot. The hall was dyed red!

     Jian Wenshuo was completely shocked. He even picked up the microphone and considered whether to call the police.

     "Dirty your hall, I'm sorry..." For some reason, John's body was not stained with blood, and then the blood stains in the room began to flow into the red stain under his feet.

     "However... it's very bloodthirsty, so don't worry too much, it will be clean soon."

     Several other exorcists saw this situation, and they were all vigilant, suspecting that this man was not human. The Purple Charm has no strength to stand up.

     The red stain under John's feet also absorbed enough blood and disappeared.


     Runli, awakened from a nightmare, opened her eyes wide and gasped continuously, but at this time, she felt her hands wet. She opened her palms in front of her eyes and it was... bright red liquid!

     By her bed, upside down... a headless body!

     Once the date of death arrived, there was absolutely no way to escape... Runli dared not to look at the corpse again, and left Luohu's house immediately after getting out of bed and putting on shoes.

     Going up again is... the fifteenth floor! On the 15th floor, there are four people: Wen Bangming, Jian Yilian, Ma Xiangye and Zhan Biao...Although there is no premonition of the date of death, Runli feels that the four of them... are likely to die all tomorrow! If my brother can't enter this space before tomorrow, how many people can be saved by her fierce like pupil eyes?

     She walked down the stairs to the fifteenth floor, but saw Jian Yilian waiting for her at the stairs.

     "Jane...Miss Jane?"

     "Miss Runli, Your Eyes...I just thought about what you said just now, and I think maybe what you said makes sense. This place may not be explained by science. I believe your words."

     She said this so that Jane Yilian felt a lot of relief, and finally someone wanted to believe her. However, Yi Lian's next words surprised her.

     "Do you... know a woman named Yuan Ji?"

     Yi Lian's this problem made Run Li feel awkward. She replied: "No, I don't know. Why do you ask? Who is this person?"

     "You don't know... But, Your Eyes suddenly turned purple, is it because of your ability to wake up? Ah, you come to my house to sit down."

     At the moment in the corridor, completely without any sense of danger, so Run Li is also at ease. However, I am afraid tomorrow... that thing will come from the 14th floor to this floor!

     After walking into Yilian's room again, Runli noticed a photo in her room this time. In the photo, it is a group photo of her and yet another girl.

     "This girl... is your friend?"

     "She is my sister.""Well, your sister looks really beautiful..." Runli was a reporter in the past and has seen many beautiful stars. However, such a beautiful face like this girl is really unprecedented, Runli estimates, etc. When she was in her twenties, she was definitely a beauty capable of causing the downfall of a city or state.

     However, she always felt that the girl did not look very similar to Yilian.

     "It feels like we don't look right?"

     Yi Lian saw Run Li's doubts, picked up the photo, and murmured: "She is the daughter that my stepmother brought after my father married my father. It has no blood relationship with me. However, her relationship with me has always been good. , Get along for a long time, our feelings and sisters are almost there. The stepmother is also very good to me, and loves my dad... But, for her and Weijing, Weijing is my sister’s name, and I always have to them... doubt."

     "Doubt? What does it mean?" Out of professional instinct, Runli immediately started to inquire.

     "Mother, she always seems to be afraid of something. And, I heard several times that she was calling the name'Yuan Ji' in fear. She also called this name several times before waking up in a nightmare. Fathers even Asked her several times,'Wish Ji' who is it? Every time, she is ambiguous and does not answer directly. I don't understand, I wish Ji who is it......"

     "But why did you ask me who was Yuki just now? Why do you think I know Yuki?"

     "Because... when she called the name in fear, she often repeated the sentence: "Why not is a ghost eye? Why not is a purple pupil?" This statement impressed me deeply."The door of Weijing's room was opened.

     Sui Yunxi and John one after the other walked in.

     "Mom..." Weijing looked at the two curiously and asked, "Who is he?"

     "Wei Jing," Sui Yunxi said with a slightly helpless expression: "This Mr. John, starting from today, is your private bodyguard and is...the only bodyguard."