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0 Chapter Directory 86 It Came Up
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

(Because of the start of school, I have become very busy recently, so I can only change it one day at a time. I also ask the readers to understand, but the update will continue steadily. Please give me suggestions and collections)

     The 15th floor has become the end of everything. Moreover, this is also the top floor of this apartment, and when it is here, it is unavoidable.

     "In short, don't let that thing come up! Don't let it come to the 15th floor!"

     Runli and Yilian stood at the staircase. Although there was nothing underneath at the moment, they both felt that a monster would come out at any time underneath.

     "My fierce like pupil eyes will work here..." Run Li and Yi Lian explained in detail about the ghost eyes, and at the same time they could feel it, from the layer below... extremely dangerous breath!

     "Miss Runli, wouldn't you mean..."

     "Ah... That's right. I decided to wait here, this staircase... that thing will definitely come up the stairs! It must not come up! I just sit here wait, but very possibly might feel tired for my one person. You try to persuade the other three people. Everyone takes turns to change their post. If they see something unusual coming upstairs, I will release the ghost eye ability to force it back!"

     She remembered that A Jing said that no matter how strong the ghost eyes were, they could not kill the ghosts, at most they could only create a little obstacle for them, so she was also very scared. However, if you are afraid, you will only be enter by exploiting a weak spot by those ghosts. Now, the biggest hope is that my brother can enter here. He now has the second strongest split spirit pupil in ghost eyes, which is best used to deal with ghosts of different dimensions.At this moment, in Room 1502, the dark-skinned Zongbiao constantly throws darts at a target hanging on the wall, feeling very irritable, and finally yells to the horse playing cards at the side: "This ghost Where is the place at what time? The woman said that her brother would come here to find her, and there is no one till now! How many times have I walked the damn stairs, I still can’t get out of it! Do we You will be trapped here forever! Hey, are you deaf or dumb? How many words!"

     Ma Xiangye also frowned at the moment. He was still listening to Zhanbiao very quietly at first, but after all, somewhat impatient got up and dropped a table of playing cards on the ground, saying, "You say less. No? I'm tired enough! Now, I can't even make a call! Don't I want to go out? But I Is there any way! I don't always jump from here!"

     "I think... that surname is very problematic!" Zhan Biao suddenly began to guess wildly: "You think... that guy pretends to be a gentleman, and on the surface it seems to be helping us put forward plans and ideas ( also derogatory), it’s the master behind the scenes! What kind of space-time experiment is there, right... where is the Foreign Space here, in fact, it’s not the apartment we live in! Yes, it must be like this!"

     Ma Xiangyu knew that Zhan Biao was in a hurry to say nothing, but whether Wen Bangming was suspicious could not be easily concluded. In fact, in this place, anyone can doubt.

     At this time, knocking sounded outside the door.

     "Is that the surname again?" Zhan Biao immediately obstinately ran to open the door. Ma Xiangtian was afraid that he would conflict with others, so he looked at the past.The people visiting were Wen Bangming and Jian Yilian.

     "I want to talk to you."

     Runli put the folding chair that she took out in front of the stairs and sat on it, unable to take one's eyes off, looking at the stairs below. The residents downstairs are all dead, and there can be no survivors. In other words, if anyone wants to pass from here, it can only be that thing dark!

     She opened her fierce eyes like pupils, and did not dare to relax. As long as any dangerous hunch came from below, she could feel it.

     Although there is no premonition of the date of death, it does not mean that the ghost will not come up now. At night she must be tired, if no one comes to watch her shift, it will be troublesome.

     But... if it is a ghost without form, only these evil-looking image pupils can feel its existence.

      At this time, suddenly footsteps came from the corridor, and Yi Lian was back, and she followed Wen Bangming and three others.

     "Miss Runli... After discussing with them, we must support you until your brother comes, we all believe you."

     However... Run Dark himself did not know whether he could rush away in time. After the communication with Runli was interrupted, he went crazy and practiced the Ghost Splitter Blade in the basement, but he got the split spirit pupil's eye through a quick method, which was not very stable, and he was not used to split spirit pupil himself. Teleport of the eyes, these ghost eyes... are not enough to make the ghost blade of more than two meters.In the trial field, he and Mu Jing’s ghost blade are both two meters away. At this speed, I am afraid it will take more than a week to reach the goal. This is still not to eat not to drink 24 hours. under.

     In order to rescue Runli as early as possible, Rundang completely neglect sleep and forget about food to release supernatural powers and attract more ghosts. And Mu Jing also wanted to restore this ability as soon as possible, but his supernatural ability was exhausted too much. He even suspected that if this progressed, his original split spirit pupil eyes would be downgraded to soul eater pupil eyes.

     The three of A Jing, Shen Huai and Hao Lin were watching them, and they all felt very tired.

     "What do you think, Miss Zong?" A Jing and Hao Lin seem to be able to talk, probably because these two are intelligent women.

     "You mean... these two people's Ability Promotion?" Hao Lin was not particularly clear. She observed the two people for a long time, but it was always difficult to draw a definite conclusion.

     Hao Lin simply said: "Frankly speaking...I think Yi Run is dark or Tie Mu Jing. Their ghost knife seems to be more than two meters away from the bottleneck. What exactly is it? ?"

     Hao Lin's words were what Ah Jing thought. It would be too difficult to create a ghost knife that could cut off the Space Barrier. However, the connection between the apartment and yet another space is weakening, and so on... Runli may be really lost in That World, and will never come out again.

     I'm afraid...there is only one way.

     "Run dark, Mu Jing. Listen well... you stop first."A Jing said this suddenly, and they both looked at her immediately, not knowing what she was going to say.

     "Run dark... I'm afraid you have no way to save Runli, your ability is not enough."

     After hearing A Jing such a saying, the darkened heart suddenly seemed to fall into the ice cellar, don't dare to believe and said, "You... what did you say? Can't I save Runli?"

     "It's "you" there is no way to save. However, Mu Jing can go."

     Mu Jing was also blurry when he heard this, and asked: "What does it mean...... Do you have a way to make my ghost blade longer?"

     "Well, there is a way... It’s very simple. I will let Runyin transmit all of his supernatural powers to create a ghost ghost blade to you, so that when the two forces are combined, you can create a ghost ghost more than two meters away. Blade, this can only be used by you who have already had a split spirit pupil for a long time."

     Run dark and immediately be pleased beyond one's expectations and say, "Then... why are you saying this now?"

     "Because only I can do this transmission work, but if I use this ability, the spiritual powers in my body will be drained in an instant. For a long time in the future... I can’t predict the keywords anymore. You also know , I’m not born with a psychic constitution, my psychic ability is unstable."

     This is a method that cannot be used easily only when absolutely essential.

     In order to save Runli, Rundang could not control so much, nodded and agreed to do so. It doesn't matter if Mu Jing is down, he has also been involved in danger many times anyway, and he doesn't care much about this time.

     Since neither of them had any objections, A Jing naturally decided to start using this method." two, standing back to each other with a width that someone can pass through, I put my hands on your back, and then transfer the dark ghost power to Mu Jing The body is dark, you listen well, after doing so, you will no longer be able to use the ghost blade, and even the simple ability of the spirit pupil will be severely limited. This, you must do mental preparation ."

     Run dark not saying anything further, just nodded.

     The other four decided to take turns guarding the stairs with Runli, changing the guard once every three hours.

     At this time, Runli was at the stairs, and she could be replaced by Zhanbiao soon.

     "Um... time is coming..." She lifted her wrist and looked at her watch, she heard Zhan Biao's loud voice: "All right, changing of the guard! Call the man with the surname to replace me three hours later! Miss, we I just can’t think of another good way for the time being. If I believe you for the time being, if you cheat us, I won’t spare you because you are a woman!”

     "Okay, okay... I understand." Runli left without saying much to him. Zhan Biao sat down, took out a cigarette case, and quickly took a cigarette, and said vaguely in his mouth: "Cut, what supernatural monsters, I was famously bold in college. , Um... what about a lighter? Is it put in the house?"

     Zhan Biao is an old cigarette gun. He is addicted to cigarettes. He can’t lift it without cigarettes. After groping for a long time in the pocket of his jacket, he finally found the lighter and took it out. , Rolled several times on the steps of the stairs, and fell to the bottom of the steps."Really..." He took off the cigarette and stood up and went downstairs to take the lighter.

     At the bottom of the steps, he bent down and picked up the lighter. At this moment, his hand that picked up the lighter stopped in midair.

     Because... the moment he crouched down just now, he felt a person walked over from his side!

     He turned around immediately, as empty as anything on the stairs.


     Zhan Biao just said that he was a bold person, but at this time, his back was also sweating. He ran back three steps and two steps upstairs, looking at the long corridor, still not a soul in sight.

     However, he became more and more nervous.

     There can be no one alive downstairs... If someone comes upstairs, then it can only be...

     As soon as Runli came to Yi Lian's room, the dangerous hunch like a fierce pupil suddenly struck.

     " came up, it came up!"

     Then she ran out regardless of costs, only to see Zhan Biao standing in the corridor.

     "Mr. Zhan... What happened? Hurry up and ask everyone to concentrate on Mr. Wen's house! How did you look at it?"

     A Jing put his hands on Rundang and Mujing's shoulders. She began to conduct supernatural powers through her mutant physique. I am afraid that the release of this ability will aggravate the rejection of the drug, and the spiritual ability will be completely lost. A period of time is certain, but she will bring Runli out whatever the case...

     Because, she is the dark sister, the person he wants to protect...Then Shen Huai and Hao Lin clearly saw that the dark body gradually became deep red, and that deep red gradually spread to A Jing's arm, and then gradually spread to another arm, flowing into Mu Jing's body. And at the same time, the gloomy ghost blade on Mu Jing's hand is getting more and more bright!

     "Ke... began to grow longer!" Hao Lin had noticed that the tip of the sword began to extend upward, and she couldn't help but marvel at the hard to believe change. In the past, in the Northorland company, the top management has continuously invested money, and without any means developed a mechanism that can transmit magical powers. How did this woman do it? Such a physique has never been mentioned in the past data!

     The ghost knife on Mu Jing's hand became longer and longer, and by visual inspection, it was getting closer and closer to two meters. At the same time, A Jing's expression was also very painful, because the rejection reaction had already begun.

     In the end, Ah Jing's hand hung down, and she fell down as a whole, just moments before she fell to the ground, she was embraced by Run An. At the same time, the ghost blade in Mu Jing's hands has instantly become a ghost knife that is at least 2.50 m long! If this length is in a narrow corridor, I'm afraid I can't walk.

     Fortunately, this thing has no quality, and it won't feel too hard to grow longer.

     "A Jing..." Run An held her consciously fuzzy, and said, "Are you all right?"

     At this time, Mu Jing waved the knife a few times, and said with satisfaction: "Very good... so that the barrier of the space can be cut! I am gone, Yi Run is dark, rest assured, I will rescue your sister." !"

     Subsequently, his body glowed with red light, and his entire figure disappeared.Mu Jing came to the stairs of the apartment in an instant. Fortunately, it was quite wide here. He cut it forward with a knife, and then the space in front of him broke a crack like glass. He raised his foot, aimed at the crack and kicked hard...

     The five people were concentrated in Wen Bangming's house. Runli was able to sense the source of danger, so everyone sat with her as the center.

     "Listen... Now, don’t leave anyone, um, it’s better not to leave this floor, because staying on any floor will not be safe, but will make enemy is in the dark but I am in the light, now we Knowing... that thing is at this level, we have a great advantage. Everyone’s actions are as consistent as possible... And, I haven’t foreseen the date of death of any of you, it’s now from Midnight 00 in this evening: 00 Three minutes left..."

     As soon as she said this, she suddenly had a hunch of the date of death.

     It's... tomorrow! Moreover, she clearly feels that everyone will die tomorrow!

     Does it also include yourself? Because her brother is not here, she can't predict who will die next. After all, here are all residents on the 15th floor.

     She then told the four immediately, and everyone's face suddenly became very pale.

     At this time, Zhan Biao suddenly felt a strong sense of peeing, and quickly said: "I... I'm going to the toilet. It's too urgent!"

     "Wait... wait a minute! Mr. Ma, since you are roommates, you might as well go with him. It is better for the two to act together."Mu Jing kicked the Space Crack fiercely, however, there was no response at all, and he soon recovered. He had to raise the ghost knife again and cut it again!

     Zhan Biao stepped into the toilet, and Ma Xiangye followed.

     "You pee fast, another three minutes...the date of someone's death in us!"

     "Got... well, why is this belt so intractable!"

     Mu Jing kept chopping the Space Barrier with a ghost knife, but every time there was only a crack, and then he recovered immediately, the time was too short. And this is also the evidence that the distance between the two spaces is gradually expanding! If it is the time when the two spaces can still communicate, a big hole will definitely be cut through the two!

     Ma Xiangye finally unbuttoned his pants and started a small solution. After solving it, he called put out a long breath and said, "I'm comfortable, I'm comfortable..."

     "Well, I'm waiting for you outside, come out quickly!" Ma Xiangye went out after he said, he wanted to go back to Runli as soon as possible, otherwise where the ghost came from doesn't know at all.

     When Zhan Biao buckled the belt, he suddenly felt itchy on the left side, so he scratched with his left hand, but with only one hand, the belt could not be buckled.

      At this time, his eyes inadvertently looked for a moment next to the mirror.

     In the mirror... both of his hands were holding the belt, and the one scratching his face was a hand sticking out from behind the back of his head... pale hands!