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0 Chapter Directory 87 Super Mutant Physique
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

The sharp sorrow rang throughout the fifteenth floor.

     When Runli opened the toilet door, the bell of Midnight 00:00 also rang. Inside, even half of the figure could not be seen.

      "No... Impossible..." Ma Xiangye carefully looked inside the toilet, and after confirming that there was no place for Tibetans, he shouted sharply: "No... not really... a big living person It's impossible to just disappear!"

     Mu Jing to bite the teeth tightly, facing the body under the steps, wanting to use the impact of gravity to break the Space Barrier, facing the front, he waved a knife again, this time, a line equal to the length of the blade was drawn crack! Then he jumped down the stairs, and the moment he hit Space Crack, the whole person also fell to the bottom of the stairs. If he is not outstanding, he will definitely be seriously injured.

     He stood with his head covered, and saw the Space Crack above the stairs disappear again.

     "Still... won't it?"

     However, at this time, he heard Ma Xiangye's sharp shouting: "No... Not really... It is impossible for a big living person to just disappear!"

     Mu Jing immediately rejoiced, he already entered another space!

     But he also knows that the current connection between this space and Normal World is getting weaker and weaker. At most one or two hours later, this staircase will no longer be the medium connecting the two spaces. He must rescue Runli before then!Ma Xiangyu currently completely lost his senses, he desperately wanted to run down, but each person stopped him, after all, if he went down there was no way to guarantee survival, Runli had a deep understanding, as long as he died Within 24 hours of the date, there is a threat of death every minute and every second. There will never be any change due to the change of place.

     Although Wen Bangming, Yilian, and Runli all held Ma Xiangye to death, Ma Xiangye was like a lion with crazy hair at the moment, struggling with all his strength, and constantly roaring, but Runli knew that he could not Let him go down, she can almost imagine that this man may encounter a ghost on the stairs, and then he will never be found again!

     Suddenly, Ma Xiangdi's movement stopped.

     Just when everyone felt strange, he suddenly covered his throat, his head kept leaning back, and his mouth made ambiguous words, saying: "No... No..."

     Immediately afterwards, he collapsed and fell to the ground. His expression was very painful, and he looked like he was mad. Wen Bangming crouched down and asked, "What the hell are you?"

     Ma Xiangye opened his mouth wide and gasped desperately, but what seemed to be blocked in his mouth could not say a word.

     "Where are you uncomfortable? I have a little medical knowledge, is it a stomachache? Or a headache? If you can't speak, you should at least point to the painful place!"

     Ma Xiangye seemed to understand the meaning of Wen Bangming, so he wanted to see his throat.

     In an instant, something extremely unbelievable happened.From Ma Xiangye's mouth, he actually stretched out a hand and pinched Wen Bangming's neck!

     Runli was scared and frightened at first, almost didn't react. This hand was stretched out too fast, she didn't even have any dangerous hunch!

      At this time, suddenly the entrance door was cut in half, and a man with a huge red light blade rushed into the room. At one glance, I saw Run Li and Ma Xiangye and Wen on the ground. Bangming.

     At this time, an extremely disgusting scene appeared!

     Ma Xiangye’s mouth suddenly dropped at least fifty centimeters down, and the entire mouth became extremely long. Then, the hand... actually pulled Wen Bangming into the mouth!

     The most frightened person is not Wen Bangming, but Ma Xiangye! His expression at the moment was terrifying, but he couldn't say a word!

     Mu Jing raised the ghost blade and aimed at the hand that was about to be cut. Who knows that the hand was completely submerged in Ma Xiangye's throat, and Wen Bangming's head was also entered into his Mouth!

     "Pull... pull him out!"

     Mu Jing also disappeared the knife on his hand, and helped them with Runli and they took Wen Bangming's hands and feet, desperately trying to pull him out!

     "A Jing! A Jing! What exactly is going on you?"Run-moon kept calling A Jing in a comatose state, but she didn't have any reaction. At this time, Hao Lin came over, squatted down to check her pulse, and listened to her heartbeat again, saying, "There is no abnormality... What a strange phenomenon. Shenhuai, you used to be the Minister of Development, you come to see her What happened?"

     Shen Huai was also completely lost in confusion just now, how can it be to transmit supernatural ability? This is simply impossible unless... this is a mutant physique!

     In the past, he has also checked the data of a few mutant supernatural constitutions, but he still only stays in theory. However, people with mutant physiques have many more new abilities than ordinary psychic physiques, but relatively speaking, the burden on the body is also greater. The most important thing is that the more extreme examples are those whose physique even exceeds the supernatural phenomenon that humans can understand.

     Run An immediately recalled that Ah Jing had also experienced this situation at the dawn incident.

     "Lu Shenhuai...what is she's going on? Is it better to go to the hospital?" Run An suggested. However, Shen Huai shook the head and said, "I am afraid it is an imbalance..."

     "Unbalance? What does it mean?"

     "Well...According to my past research results in Northorland, there are indeed a small number of variants in the supernatural constitution, and there are a few more people in the variants, and their constitutions are different from the general mutant constitutions. . This physique can no longer be called a psychic physique. On the surface, it is actually no difference from a physical physique. However, it is possible to use the psychic abilities."Run Dark had doubts about Ah Jing's physique aspect in the past. After Shenhuai mentioned this, he also felt that Ah Jing's situation was not right. She has lived with her father with super-spiritual physique for so long. Although her mother is dead, she is still alive, but she has also acquired a supernatural ability. It is hard to imagine her being a general physical constitution.

     "In fact, she didn't lie," Shen Huai's expression gradually became solemn: "She is indeed not a natural alien constitution, not only does it not inherit the purple pupil, but also has an incomplete ability to foresee... But her physique can withstand Living with ordinary psychic physiques without dying. Then, the answer is only has one... She is a mutant physique, and not a general mutant physique! Otherwise, she can’t do it to transfer your ghost eyes ability to Mu Go on the mirror!"

     Run dark was impatient, he frowned and asked: "Hurry up! Straight to the conclusion! What harm will this physique do to her, also... how will she become in the future?"

     "The peculiarity of this physique is not in the outer physique, but in the deep layer of the soul. This ultra-mutated physique represents...the soul of this woman, which connects our world with Foreign Space... door !"


     A Jing is a door?

     "Um... so I'm afraid that her outer physical physique can't bear the terrifying aura passed by the deep door of the soul... she is not a ghost but a door! I am afraid that she has been using drugs and the like , Suppress the opening of this door in the soul, prevent the unknown presence of Foreign Space from invading this World!"This is really a thunder from a clear sky to run dark! A Jing is actually the "door" of Real World and Foreign Space?

     "She has the supernatural ability not because of her father, but because the back of the door is gradually eroding her body. Now, she may be in a state of imbalance, and it will continue to develop like this... I am afraid from within her body, I will What terrible thing came out..."

     The Northorland company used artificial technology to create a mutant physique similar to this one. That person was John. At first, the company just wanted to create an undead human to fight against ghosts, but the end of the experiment was not smooth, but turned his physique into a door connected to Foreign Space!

     There is something in John's body that does not belong to this World. It is an unknown existence from Foreign Space!

     At this time, Shenhuai's face suddenly passed a sinister expression, and then he quickly took out a gun and pointed it at the dark head, saying: "Hehe... Now your ghost eye ability is extremely exhausted, And Mu Jing is just not here. I have to kill this woman! Like John, you can’t stay in this world! Don’t move, I’m not going to kill you, but if you stop me, it’s another matter.”

     "You... what did you say?"

     "Do you still think our life span is not short enough? If there is something unknown in her body that is more terrible than ghosts, then what should we do? There is only one way to kill her! How long will this imbalance last? , No one knows!"Run dark anger attacked the heart, without fear of Shen Huai's gun, growled: "You... you bastard! You dare to move A Jing a sweat to try! I will tear you to shreds!"

     Hao Lin next to him was also shocked by this mutation, and he recovered for a long time, scolding: "You... how can you do this? Lu Shenhuai, I misunderstood you!"

     "I told you earlier that I am different from you... I do this not only for me, but also for Mu Jing. Moreover, killing her before the date of death can reverse the fate of me and Mu Jing."

     "You promised me! You promised to try to save first!" Hao Lin still tried to persuade him.

     "That so what?"

     "I beg you...don't kill Miss Ren! I promise you...if I try to save in the future, I will promise you..."

     This surprised Shenhuai. He tentatively asked, "Promise? Are you not against me killing?"

     "No... I don't need you to kill. My younger brother is also a cursed person. Don't forget this. And I... too. For him, I can do whats the matter."

     Both Rundang and Shenhuai are smart people and immediately reacted. The two different mouths, same voice said: "Don' want..."

     "I'm willing to continue my brother's life and use my body as a step in his future life. So, you should understand? As long as I have this guarantee, no matter what changes will happen to Miss Ren's body, if I am in If you commit suicide before the death date, the curse of you all person can be lifted. If there is my promise... can you believe it? Working together for many years, don’t tell me you don’t understand my character."Shen Huai is thinking.

     The date of his death should be a period of time, otherwise Yirun An could anticipate. From now on, even in the worst case, as long as Hao Lin abides by her promise, then the curse can be lifted, and Mu Jing and herself can survive.

     In the world where Yuan Ji is dead, Shen Jing and the life and death of anyone other than himself, Shen Huai will not care. Because of his world, Mu Jing and Yuan Ji have always been the only ones.

     Mu Jing is his biggest motivation to survive now.

     However, it is necessary for a woman to make this agreement with him... This makes Shen Huai unspeakably uncomfortable. He No matter good or bad is also a man, would he want a woman to commit suicide to relieve his curse? He also has self-esteem as a man. What's more, she was originally involved in the Northoran company.

     "no need……"

     He put away his gun and said at the moment that the sad face of Hao Lin said: "It's alright... I understand, I can't stand you bad man. You will be responsible for what will happen in the future."

     "Deep...Shenhuai..." Hao Lin was somewhat surprised by his phrase "not used".

     " and I don't have any promise, you won't die... I will change the curse as a savior. Although I don't deny that I'm a villain, I don't want a woman and me The point of making such a commitment."

     At the same time, in the apartment of Foreign Space.

      "No... impossible..."

     Wen Bangming's body was swallowed into Ma Xiangye's mouth!Originally, the three men worked together to pull the tug of war, and was about to pull Wen Bangming's body at the time of departure, but Ma Xiang's hand in the body suddenly pulled hard and pulled Wen Bangming's body completely. Immediately, Ma Xiangtian's elongated mouth returned to its original state.

     At this time, the most painful person is probably Ma Xiangye himself.

     A living person was actually pulled into his body by the hand sticking out of his throat! Now there is someone in his body!

     " me..."

     He twisted his body constantly struggling on the ground, his eyes full of terror and despair, which made people unbearable.

     Mu Jing didn't know how to help him. He was not a doctor. Without any means, he took Wen Bangming out of his body!

     Now he can take Runli and Yilian out by waving the ghost blade in his hand, but if he takes the horse to the day, will he also take the ghost in his body? Bring it out too?

     "Mu Jing..." Run Li was very anxious at this time, and asked Mu Jing who was unable to find a way out: "Can you save him? Isn't Split Ling Tongyan's eyes harming the ghosts? Save him!" "

     At this time, Ma Xiangye howled again while covering his stomach: "Don't...Mr. Wen, don't struggle anymore...I'm so painful..."

     A bloody hand stretched out from his abdomen, and there was no way to know whether the owner of this hand was Wen Bangming... or that thing."To help him stop bleeding..." Runli leaned down, restrained her disgust, looked at the wound, and said to Yi Lian: "Go... go find the medicine... Listen, if A Jing is there, her medicine Can heal wounds quickly..."

     However, the next scene completely smashed Runli's final hope.

     A foot broke from the horse to the head of the day, and the brain was splattered. He was already too dead to die...