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0 Chapter Directory 94 Forty-fourth
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Weijing began to be somewhat concerned.

     She repeatedly called Yilian's mobile phone, but she was always "out of service". Yilian told herself last time that when she moved there, she didn't tell the landlord's home phone, so even if whats the matter happened, she couldn't get in touch here. The phone of the apartment, Yilian did not tell her.

     At this moment, the car already arrived in front of the deputy mayor’s mansion, where dozens of cars had been parked, and many brightly dressed people pass in and out. However, the noisy atmosphere could not wash away the inner haze of Wei Jing. She began to blame herself. Could she have neglected something? Sister's last call to say, is it true?

     When I walked up the stairs, I walked into yet another space, I thought it was impossible, and my sister’s words didn’t make sense. But it is also true that her sister lost contact. Although her sister and father disagreed and moved out, she would never stay out of contact for so long.

     The reason why my parents didn’t worry about her so much was because Yilian has always been independent and autonomous, and the rebelliousness is too strong. In the past, it has been running away from home one or two months many times. Not to her, only to send emails on the computer to let people know that she is safe and sound. After a long time, the parents have been accustomed to.

     Should I say? She didn't know if her sister should call her parents on that call.When entering the hall, the melodious music sounded, the large room was full of people, the center was completely emptied, and became a huge dance floor. At this moment, many men and women are dancing modern social dance with the sound of music. Surrounded by several round tables, one of them has a large cake, and next to it are some fruits and delicious dishes. Everyone is sitting and enjoying music and dancing. Uncles, whose parents and other Veggies have seen several times in the past, greeted each other and said some polite words, but she was worried about the safety of her sister.

     She decided to temporarily quit her job tomorrow and go to the apartment where her sister lives. If she is fine, then she can rest assured.

     After sitting down, John has been standing behind her, which makes Wei Jing feel a little uncomfortable, but can't drive him away. She is also still unclear now. Who did her father offend? She also specifically found a bodyguard for her. The original lineup is so big, but now it has only one person. This man named John is too few to be ignored. If he stands motionless like a statue, he will definitely be mistaken for a wax figure.

     Yes, like he is now...

      thought until here, Weijing turned his head to look around, but...John was gone! Immediately, the sound of the music was also with a grunting sound it stops, and the whole hall dimmed at once, while the air was filled with strong blood! Wei Jing's eyes opened wide in horror, and found that all the bodies on the ground were be badly mangled or mutilated!

     "Dad! Mom!" She pounced on the two corpses closest to her, crying desperately. She wondered if she had hallucinations. This scene is too unreal!At this time, she suddenly heard the creeping sound of a piece of meat crawling on the ground...

     Wei Jing's eyes projected into the heap of corpses on the dance floor, and from there, a corpse crawled out!

      "No... Don't come! Don't come!"

     Wei Jing actually did not even have the strength to stand up. At this time, the first thing she thought of in her mind was Mu Jing.

     "Save me...Mu Jing, please come to save me...please..."

     The corpse is still crawling... no, since it is still crawling, is it still a corpse?

     It was obviously a woman, her long hair almost covered her face, she crawled fast, and soon approached Weijing. Also at this moment, she looked up...

     "I want your body..."

     That was actually... Wei Jing's own face!

     "Ah, ah... ah... Aaaaah ah--"

     Just when Wei Jing was caught in Desperate Abyss, the face in front of him and his exactly the same face suddenly blurred, and then that face... became John's face!

     The sound of music still echoed around, and the room was still as bright as the day, and no one died, everyone was fine. John looked at Wei Jing's sweaty face and asked, "Are you all right? Miss?"

     Just now... is it an illusion?

     Weijing recalled that she had seen yet another herself before. She said she wanted her body...

     She gradually began to believe what her sister said. If she could experience such a bizarre encounter, what about her sister? She can no longer say frankly that there is no ghost in this World.She grabbed her coat and said to John: "Trouble you...I'm going to one region/place! I'm going to go now!" Then she said sorry to her parents and rushed out. She can't care about anything anymore, she is going to confirm the situation of her sister!

     Because she can't drive, the driver has to let John act as the driver. He really is very professional ethics, and does not ask anything. The employer will do whatever he wants him to do. After getting in the car, just drive directly to the direction specified by Weijing.

     However, when the car entered the underground tunnel, the inner heart became more and more uneasy, recalling the crazy illusion just now, and immediately asked John: "About...John, what happened just now? What exactly is going on ?"

     "You suddenly yelled, but fortunately the music was loud, and only the few people at the next table heard."

     The answer is very short, not much to say at all.

     "John, do you believe, do you believe that there is a ghost in this world? Do you think that after a person dies, the spirit may not be extinguished, and will it be turned into a ghost and an innocent soul to claim his life?"

     John's answer is very food for thought: "I believe it or not, it's just a personal choice, it has nothing to do with the facts. Some things, clearly knows are fake, some people still believe it, don't they?"

     "Please answer me, John..."

     "I don't have to believe...because I don't believe anything."

     Weijing felt that his tone was strange, but he didn't think much. But gradually, she began to feel strange, why has it been so long, still in the tunnel, can't drive out?It was too late for her to think of a cause and effects, and she felt the car shake violently, followed by a rolling sound on the roof of the car, as if hitting someone!

     "Stop...stop!" Although she said that, John instead stepped on the accelerator.

     "My task is to protect your life, and I will not execute commands that conflict with this."

     " seemed to hit someone just now..."

     However, John completely ignored her words, continuously accelerated, and finally rushed out of the underground tunnel.

     In the camp of Yuedong Lake, the campfire officially started. Forty-three people were all sitting together. According to the regulations, each person had to talk about their volunteer wishes after graduation. If they were unspeakably, they would perform a show. Although the shadow of all kinds of strange things made it feel a little ill at ease, but in such a warm atmosphere, An Yuan's heart gradually relaxed.

     Everyone looks very excited. After all, they will graduate next year. After four years of college, they are about to come to an end. Now that many people have signed contracts with some organizations, it will be difficult for everyone to gather together next year. After spending four years with each other, everyone in the class was unhappy.

     Anyuan’s wish is to become a doctor, and his parents are very in favor of this decision, and Si Yao’s biggest wish is actually to become a family, but her father is an entrepreneur who is determined to cultivate her as his successor. She intended to let her go to work in his company as soon as she graduated. Therefore, when it was Si Yao's turn to speak, she also said sth without meaning it. After all, she also knew that her chances of becoming a home were not too high.After Si Yao finished speaking, she returned to Anyuan and looked very lonely.

     "I lied."

     She really cares about this.

     "Don't be like this, Si Yao, there are not many people who are professional now."

     "I wanted to be a home because of the worship of the horror Yirun An...but I didn't have a chance..."

     When she spoke until here, she suddenly saw Lin Jian sitting on her left, her expression was very trance, and her hands were still shaking, which really made her wonder if she was wrong. In the past, only Lin Jian scared others. Where could he be scared?

     "Lin Jian, what's the matter with you?" An Yuan at this time also noticed his abnormality, so he asked with concern. And he didn't respond! Later, he was called several times before recovering his wits. Although it was night, with the help of a bright bonfire, his face was absolutely clear. At this moment... pupils are contracting abnormally, and he is still breathing!

     "In the end... what's wrong?"

     "No, no, nothing..."

     Although Lin Jian didn’t say it, Wang Bao, who was sitting behind him, said: "In fact, in the bedroom before, the curtain did not know why it was opened. Later, we went to look for a moment and found... found ...The side of the curtain that was pulled open by the window has a bloody handprint!"

     Although he lowered his voice, he was still heard by many people around him, and immediately echoed.

     "You, did you see it too?"

     "The goldfish tank in my cabin is baffling to pieces!""I don't know either why, the T-shirt I just bought was split all in and up..."

     "Me too, I just left the room a little bit. When I came back, I found that the entire pillow was cut open, and the feathers in it were scattered in the entire room!"

     This shocked An Yuan. What a strange thing happened to that many people? hard to believe! He made prompt decisions and said to Si Yao: "The situation seems to be very wrong. Could it be that a dangerous person has infiltrated the Yuedong Lake campsite? One or two may be mentally ill, but now there are obviously those many people. There are problems in the cabin, so you have to guard against it..."

     The car finally reached the apartment downstairs where Yilian lived. As soon as Weijing arrived, he opened the door impatiently and hurried into the apartment. This time, the elevator has of course been repaired. After taking the elevator to the 15th floor, she quickly searched for her sister's room number, and immediately began to knock the door when she found it.

     "Yi Lian! It's me, Wei Jing! Open the door!"

     However, the door knocked for a long time, but no one came to open the door. The unknown hunch is getting stronger...

     "How can it... how can it be like this..."

     Just then, the door of the opposite room opened. A middle-aged man wearing glasses, holding a newspaper, asked, "Who are you looking for? Knocking on the door so loudly?"

     "You, you are..."

     "Anyone in this room? I don’t know. I haven’t seen her go out recently, but this apartment has been missing a lot of people recently, and it has caused panic. If you are acquaintances, you can go to the ground floor to get an administrator to get it key.""You... what did you say?"

     At that moment, the heart is filled with fear.

      At the same time, at the camp fire party in Dazhi Mountain, although the atmosphere was still very warm, many people such as Anyuan had a shadow in their hearts. If someone really sneaked in, I am afraid the police should be called. However, after all, it doesn't have any evidence to prove this, and it is not certain that all the strange things were done by the same person. Because... according to the testimony of many people, there are many strange things happening at almost the same time. After all, there is still a certain distance between the cabins. To do these things at the same time is a bit reluctant, and it will not make sense in front of the police. If there are a large number of suspicious characters, the possibility of being witnessed by many people who were active near the cabin at that time will increase a lot, but it doesn’t have anybody said that they have seen suspicious characters.

     Even if this situation calls the police, it is impossible to solve any problems. The police cannot send police force to protect them from this kind of thing. These strange things can only be understood as mischief by some people in the class. However, this argument cannot convince anyone.

     And at this time, the weirdest thing happened.

     When the atmosphere of the bonfire party reached its climax, suddenly, the central bonfire disappeared without trace!

     The reason why it disappears rather than extinguishes is because it is too abrupt. After all, such a vigorous flame, it is impossible to have no signs before extinguishing, so, as if it never existed, suddenly disappeared without trace in front of everyone, leaving only a pile of charred firewood and The smoky smoke immediately became pitch black around.An Yuan began to recall that dream... This lonely dark wood at this moment, and his dream... It was so similar!

     When Weijing decided to go downstairs to find the administrator, it was discovered that John had been following her. When the two returned to the elevator, Weijing suddenly heard the weird sound of liquid dripping to the ground. She looked back and started looking for the source of the voice.

     John ran up to grab her and said, "Miss, don't go there."

     "What? You, do you know what's there?" Wei Jing's words just came out, and there was a scene that made people have one's hair stand on end.

     The staircase is about ten meters away from where she is now, and at this time, she actually saw a woman with blood on her face, appeared in the position of the staircase, and was about to come over. Because the light of the corridor is very bright, she can see clearly, that is her sister, Yilian!

     "Wei...Weijing..." Her voice was not like a woman at all, but as if her throat was burning.

     "Sister...Sister..." She was about to go forward, but John took her by the way and said, "Don't go... If you go, she will take you to that'place'."

     At the moment Yi Lian was about to formally enter the corridor, suddenly a hand stretched out of her left out of thin air, grabbed her hair, and pulled her back!

     "Do not!"

     She turned back and beat John a slap in the face fiercely this time, he let go at that moment, and then Wei Jing rushed into the stairs almost in an arrow, but...

     There is nothing on the empty stairs...