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0 Chapter Directory 95 Chain
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
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     Due to all kinds of strange phenomena, the last forty-three people unanimously ended the camp scheduled for three days in advance, and all returned to their homes. Fortunately, Sun Bo is also fair and reasonable, agreeing to refund money to them.

     The next morning, everyone got up early, walked to the nearest bus stop at the foot of the mountain, and took a bus home.

     The original beautiful scenery of Dazhi Mountain is unreal in everyone's mind. Along the way, everyone was discussing the occurrence of those strange phenomena, especially the sudden disappearance of the bonfire. Although many people wanted to explain this phenomenon scientifically, it always made no sense. Although it is winter now, Dazhi Mountain is a favourable climate throughout the year, and there are few strong winds. They always felt that the temperature was moderate during the party that day. And even if it is blown out by the wind, it is impossible to scrap such a vigorous bonfire in a flash without trace unless it is a tornado.

     Secondly, many people said that there was a strange phenomenon in the log cabin where they lived. Si Yao mentioned the blood-stained playing cards. An Yuan also said that Lu Weiping’s bucket was suddenly filled with blood. The more people say, the more horrible it is. If it is not the day, not how many people can keep calm.

     An Yuan recalled that dream, would it be a harbinger of some kind of disaster? However, it is useless to think about these things now. Anyway, if you leave Dazhishan, nothing will happen?Sitting behind him was a boy named Long Ran, who lived under the same roof with An Yuan, Lin Jian and Wang Bao. He was originally a person with a lot of words, but now it is not say a word. In addition, he still keeps his head down. When others are discussing, calling his name will not respond.

     "Strange..." Si Yao looked exactly like the same as Shan Ni when she looked at Long Ran now. Anyuan also felt something was wrong, so he said loudly to him: "Long Ran! Long Ran!"

     This time he finally got a little response. After raising head up, he saw the distressed expression on his face and said, "I... I'm going crazy..."

     "What exactly is going on?" An Yuan and Si Yao asked together.

     "I, I don't know clearly, I also feel ridiculous... But, I'm sure that I have forgotten something very important, just on Mount Dazhi, I forgot a very important thing!"

      At this time, Zi Yan happened to be sitting in a seat opposite. Hearing this sentence, he suddenly felt refreshed and ran to ask: "Long Ran, you said, what did you forget?"

     "I can't remember... really can't remember, but... if you don't want to get up, something terrible will happen!" Long Ran's expression and tone at the moment looked in Zi Yan's eyes, and his younger brother ...Indistinguishable!

     He made prompt decisions and said, "Long Ran, did you call your parents and say you go home early today?"

     "No, because I have been thinking about what I have forgotten. I have been thinking since yesterday. I have always thought of the present, but I still can't remember..."The people next to me felt that Long Ran’s words were baffling. Since you cannot remember, you don’t have to think about it. As for yesterday, is it so exaggerated? However, Zi Yan did not think so.

     Si Yao listened to Long Ran's incoherent speech but felt very familiar. It seems that someone has said so, what they have forgotten.

     "Listen...Long Ran. After the bus arrives, you and I will go back together. Since your parents didn’t even know that we were going home early, they certainly thought you were camping. After arriving at my house, I will help you remember. Remember it!"

     Everyone else looked puzzled. Long Ran's nerves were just sufficed. How could even the reasonably calm Lei Ziyan follow him crazy?

     However, knowing An Yuan of cause and effects, he understood him well. He must think that the current Long Ran is the same as his younger brother. He can find out from his body the clues of killing his younger brother.

     Immediately Anyuan thought, Such result, Long Ran will die?

     He just thought it was funny when he had this idea, how can it be? The death of Zi Yan's younger brother always believed that it had nothing to do with the forgotten thing. Although the case was a secret room case, he has also seen many ways to forge secret rooms in reasoning, so secret room killing is not without operability.

     However, since Zi Yan did not give up, he did not intend to stop him, after all, he could understand his mentality of revenge for his brother.After arriving at the station, each person was a sorrowful underground car, and I was very unhappy in my heart. It was obviously three days and three nights. A pleasant pre-graduation trip, but it has evolved into this way. Although it is uncomfortable, it can be done without any means.

     After Anyuan returned home, he flung the bag on the sofa and lay on the bed. Because the parents have lived abroad for many years, a person has always been leisurely at home, and there is no need to be constrained. But soon he began to feel irritable, who he wanted to talk to and dispel the uncomfortable feeling in his heart.

     However, the biggest reason is because he does not want to sleep. Because once you sleep, it is possible to have that dream. In fact, yesterday evening, he had that dream again.

     He plans to go to Ziyan's house. After all, if the three people gather together, the fear in their hearts can dispel a lot.

     Yes, An Yuan was terrified.

     When I went out, suddenly the sky was suddenly suddenly big change, and then the heavy rain began to pour down. He immediately returned to the room and took an umbrella, but the rain was too heavy, and the wind was blowing. The umbrella can hardly do anything. Zi Yan's house is still very close to this, and can be reached on foot, so An Yuan gritted his teeth and ran in the heavy rain.

      At the same time, Zi Yan had also brought Long Ran back to his home. He was still very nervous, wringing his brain and thinking, and kept holding his hair, saying, "Just... I'm going to figure it out... I'm going to I remember... no, I still cannot remember..."Zi Yan's parents were also confused when they saw Long Ran's strange appearance, but they never interfered with their son's friends, and the two were preparing to go out, and left without asking much.

     After entering the bedroom, Zi Yan first closed the door, and then asked Long Ran to sit down and asked, "What do you think... this thing you forgot? Why is it so important to you?"

     "Then... of course! Of course it is very important! I can feel what I have forgotten, but I don't know how to recall it! Zi Yan, can you help me recall?"

     Zi Yan saw that he had completely trusted himself and felt that the time was ripe, so to open the door and see the mountain and said: "Do you not know my brother? His name is Lei Ziliang."

      "No... I don't know. Isn't your brother dead?"

     "He's just like you... well, I mean, he used to be like you, can't remember an important thing, but know what he really forgot."

     Listening to him such a saying, Long Ran immediately asked: "Well, did he think of it later?"

     "This..." Zi Yan didn't know how to respond for a while. He couldn't say that his brother was killed like this later? Isn't this telling Long Ran that he will die?

     However, Long Ran seemed to be in a hurry and asked desperately, Zi Yan finally had to answer: "He... didn't remember it..."

     "God, what did I forget?"Listening to Long Ran's repetitive words, Zi Yan became more and more certain... he looks exactly like his younger brother! If he could recall it, he might find a clue to his brother's death!

     That's right... definitely not wrong!

      At this time, he heard the knock on the door and frowned immediately. It was really inconvenient to have a visitor at this time. When I ran to the door and saw it, it was Anyuan who was soaked in rain, smirked embarrassingly and greeted himself.

     "Hi, Ziyan... hello..."

     "Come on first... look at you, your clothes are soaked..."

     Suddenly, a palpitating voice came from the direction of the bedroom. It sounded like what was cracked... It seemed to be a split sound of something very hard, yes, such as bones...

     The two immediately flew into the bedroom, and don't dare to believe watching the horror scene in front of them.

     Long Ran's body... was actually divided into two halves!

     The crack starts at the top of the head and extends to the part of the testis. Some blood and flesh are still partly adhered between them, but the bone is completely broken, and the bloody internal organs and intestines are in sight.

     There is no sound at all. Anyuan and Lei Ziyan, who looked at this horrific scene with incredible eyes, fell against the wall and vomited desperately.

     For Ziyan, this is extremely painful. After his younger brother, he once again saw someone die in front of him...

     I don't know how long it has passed, the two talents finally calmed down, and the rain outside was getting bigger and bigger."He came back with us."

     Zi Yan suddenly said such a word without thinking. However, An Yuan immediately understood. The so-called "he" is the one hidden on Dazhi Mountain... that...

     "Me, what should we do?"

     The two could no longer bear to see the corpse, and they all returned to the living room.

     "Call the police? Us?" An Yuan asked in one question. However, Zi Yan was shook the head, saying: "We buried the body and hide all traces!"

     "What... what did you say?" An Yuan suspected that he was crazy, how could this be done!

     "The incompetent police, I don’t believe them at all. My brother died so long, and no clues can be found! Now, Long Ran died so miserably... No need to ask, the murderer who killed them was the same person. And, before they died, they all said that they forgot a very important thing... that's how it happened! Without finding out the forgotten can't do anything! Anyuan, help me? Certainly, this murderer must be caught!"

     An Yuan still disagreed. He said, "What a joke are you? You are a crime! Even if you don't trust the police and someone dies, you deliberately conceal, this... this is what the murderer will do!"

     "I ask you... In this situation, who would the police suspect first?"

     "Huh? You mean... will they suspect you are the murderer?""This home has no signs of external invasion, and there are no signs of wrestling on the body. He died in my bedroom! If that is the case, I will definitely be taken back to assist the police, and I cannot continue to investigate further. ..."

     "But, but, if Long Ran is missing, the police will definitely come to investigate you. Many people have heard that you are asking him to come to your house..."

     "So... I want you to help me testify that he didn't come here that day. I can't be arrested by the police now, think about it... my brother's case hasn't been solved in a year, and now my family has died, The police who only wanted to get promoted will never let this good opportunity pass, and they will definitely catch me! The police, it doesn’t have any meaning at all! So... Anyuan, what are you doing?"

     He saw Anyuan took out his mobile phone and started dialing.

     "No... you can't do that! No matter what the reason is!"

     He wanted to go up to stop, but An Yuan's serious expression and deterrent tone made him unable to answer.

     When the police arrived at the scene, because the situation was too serious, the area was immediately blocked and roadblocks were set up. Even forensic doctors with ample experience feel inconceivable when they see such a brutal killing technique.

     The police believe that the murderer should be a strong male with a height of at least 1.8 meters and the murder weapon should be an axe. Judging from the amount of bleeding at the scene, there should be blood on the murderer. However, the inside does not seem to have any signs of external invasion.

     Sure enough, as Zi Yan said, he was the first to be suspected.It's no wonder that both said that they had not seen any suspicious characters or strange sounds at the time, and they only saw the body when they entered the bedroom.

     However, because the rain was really heavy at the time, it was not ruled out that after the murderer ran outside, the blood stains on his body were completely washed away. However, there is no drainage ditch near Ziyan's house. If this is the case, the stagnant water should be mixed with blood stains.

     As a result, both Zi Yan and An Yuan were taken to the police station for questioning because they were suspected of being serious.

      At the same time, in a corner of the city, in an ordinary residential house.

     Similarly, in a common study room, a girl of about 20 years sat on the floor with a pale expression, her pupils were wide open, she looked terrifying, and she was panting heavily. Kinds of books.

     "What the hell... do I forget? When I think about it, if I don't think about it, if I don't want to think about it..."