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0 Chapter Directory 96 Out Of Control
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"Who killed Long Ran?"

     "I heard that the scene was bloody, his body was divided into two was really terrible..."

     In school, this matter is everywhere. Coupled with the strange encounter of Dazhishan, people were panicked for a time, and many people asked the people in Anyuan's class. Especially with regard to Zi Yan, he was even suspected of being murdered by the police. Many people think of the death of his younger brother a year ago. I don’t know if the two are related.

      This afternoon, when everyone is practicing computer software in the classroom, Tang Pei sitting next to Si Yao is agitated sitting or standing. Finally she couldn't bear again and asked Si Yao: "Si Yao...Si Yao...There is something, I must ask you..."

     "Whats the matter?" Si Yao was staring at the computer screen at this time. If she looked closely at Tang Pei's face now, she would find that her present expression was extremely painful and anxious.

     "In the cabin... whats the matter happened? Just now, I almost came to think of it, but again..."

     Si Yao immediately remembered the incident of blood-stained playing cards. She immediately turned to look at Tang Pei and found that she looked so anxious. She quickly asked, "What happened to you? Is it related to the playing card incident that day? Do you tell? me!"

     "Si Yao, I...I feel like I have forgotten something very important...really, very important thing...I'm sure I must have forgotten something, I almost thought about it just now, that thing , Also has a relationship with you..."

     "In the end...what is the matter? Tell me!""I don't know... I'm recalling, please help me recall, whats the matter happened that day, okay?"

      This time many people are discussing the operation matters, not how many people noticed the two of them. The relationship between Siyao and Tang Pei is okay. She let go of the things in her hand and began to help her recall.

     "Listen...if you think of something, just stop me. When we arrived at the cabin that day, we first put down our luggage, and then you went to the toilet first. When we came back, everyone else’s bed was decided. And You are in the last shop and took a magazine to read..."

     When Si Yao finally mentioned the stack of bloody playing cards, Tang Pei suddenly stopped her and said, "Wait, wait, when it comes to playing cards, I feel like my memory is clearer...Yes, and playing cards It does matter! Did any of the matter happen during the deal? Tell me!"

     "When was it dealt? I think...ah, I just went to the bathroom at that time, but should the person who dealt it be you?"

     "Ah, yes... It seemed that I was the dealer at the time, it was me..."

     Suddenly she stopped/stood, her eyes wide open, and she exclaimed: "Ah-"

     What Si Yao is planning to ask, but...

     A drop of blood fell on her eyebrow.

     From the top of Tang Pei's head, blood shed continuously.

     "Tang Pei...Tang Pei you..."

     In less than ten seconds, Tang Pei's face was completely red with blood. Everyone stopped and gathered things around her, and Si Yao dialed 120 with make prompt decisions."Cheer up... cheer up! Don Pei!"

     Si Yao desperately shook Tang Pei's body, but in her eyes, she didn't have any glory. She opened her hair and saw that there was a bowl-shaped wound on the top of her head, and she could already see the bone vaguely!

     How can it be?

     There is this kind of wound on the head, how can it be alive?

     However, before waiting for her to think of a reason, the two boys who came to watch suddenly fell to the ground at the same time. Then there was a lot of blood beneath them.



     A horrible haze enveloped this otherwise peaceful university. Classmates from the same university were killed in succession for two consecutive days, and there was an amazing commonality.

     An Yuan and Zi Yan also confessed what Long Ran said before he died, what he forgot. Before Tang Pei died, he also said that he forgot something.

     Although no one recalled whats the matter, one thing was certain.

     All the things they have forgotten are related to Dazhishan Yuedonghu Campground.

     The school also had to suspend classes, and everyone's heart was shrouded in horror. Forty-three people who went to Dazhi Mountain that day, most people feel that the death of these people is related to Dazhi Mountain. All kinds of strange phenomena can't help but make people feel deeply shiver all over though not cold.


     "What the hell is it!"Shanny was slammed to the corner by a few girls. This was an unmanned secluded alleyway. Several girls looked at Shanny who was scared shiver coldly, and all said with hate: "Xiao Pei's death Is it related to you?"

     One of the girls was yet another gossip girl Feng Fengmei that day. She grabbed her neckline and said, "I remember absolutely clear. At that time you said, ‘I seem to have forgotten something’, don’t tell me you didn’t say it!”

      "No... I, I didn't say that, you remembered wrong..."

     As soon as Shanny said this, Feng Fengmei was severely beaten by a slap in the face, and then asked sharply, "Dare you lie again! What the hell did you do? The blood on the deck of cards was what's going on? I have given the card to the police, I want to see what you are in the hell! You better tell me frankly now, Xiao Pei how did she die! Is it because of her day What you said makes you unhappy, so you killed her?"

      "No... It's not..." Shanny was also scared the soul flies away and scatters, but not because of these girls, because she also forgot about things related to Yuedong Lake.

     "What the hell have you forgotten? At least tell me this!"

     Feng Fengmei even took a stick and said, "If you don't say anything, I want you to look good!"

     A girl next to me couldn't stand it a bit and said, "Forget it... Fengmei, it's not good to do too much..."

     But now Feng Fengmei is in a fit of anger, where can I hear this? She waved the stick and said, "Tell me, what have you forgotten? Haven't you remembered yet? Maybe this stick will make you remember more?"Just as she was about to swing the stick, she suddenly grabbed her with one hand.

     "Miss, shouldn't you be a lady like this?"

     A man with purple eyes appeared behind Feng Fengmei without warning, preventing her violence. Feng Fengmei said bitterly: "It has nothing to do with you! who are you? "

     "Forget it...not much to do with you..."

     The man was too lazy to say anything to her, and Shanny said as if she saw a savior: "Iron, Mr. Tie Mujing... so good..."

      At the same time, Shen Huai and Hao Lin were standing at the place where the former Northorland company's headquarter in mainland China was located. It is now a football stadium. This evening happened to be a football match. Shen Huai did not hesitate to pay for the tickets and entered the stadium with Hao Lin. He was always full of doubts about the disappearance of Northolland.

     The sound of cheering on the court was ear-splitting, and Shen Huai was sitting very close to the goal, and even the face of each player could be clearly seen.

     Because the voice was too loud, the dialogue between him and Hao Lin could only be written.

     He pinched the note paper written by Hao Lin, nodded. It says: "Is it okay for Tie Mujing to be in this kind of person in G City?"

     He also wrote: "It doesn't matter... he and I can never continue to be together. After all, he has ghost eyes, and I and you are not alien physiques, continue to act together, sooner or later I have mortal danger. Even if it must be To die, I don’t want to be killed by Mu Jing."Hao Lin went on to write: "So what do you want to verify? Nosoran disappeared completely, and no traces remain, isn't that so?"

     Of course Shenhuai also knows this very well. He surveyed all the former sites of the company, and all of them were changed to various sorts and varieties. However, he was quite sure that the disappearance of the company was not complete. Those places seem to have always existed on the surface, but Shenhuai knows that it is impossible. Unless, he is still living in yet another time and space.

     He once considered whether this would be a parallel universe.

     The company has conducted many studies on space-time technology over the years, and can even develop different internal and external domains. The early example of the fat man Long Ting showed that in the company's fast space-time space, the date of death will be correspondingly advanced. At the time, the invention of Field Technology excited the top management, which proves that space-time technology is indeed effective for ghosts.

     But... what are the consequences of different time and space flows? John is now a young man, which proves that foreign space-time technology has achieved further breakthroughs. Does this matter have anything to do with the disappearance of the company? Moreover, why did he live alone with Hao Lin?

     He used to think it might be due to the date of death, but the disappearance of Nosoran was so complete that it made him wonder. Moreover, as the wish Ji clone source of Wei Jing has not disappeared, her mother is the same...

      No matter the case, out of feeling for Yuan Ji, Shenhuai will never hope that Weijing will have an accident.He suddenly thought of something and touched the pocket watch on his chest. Then he took out his pocket watch and opened it, suddenly stunned.

     The pointer that has stopped... actually started walking again!

     "Time will move to the end..."

     A palpitating voice appeared in his ears, but there was no one around him.

     "I am in a fierce space, waiting for you!"

     That voice is so vicious and fierce, if this is not the case carrying great hatred, it will definitely not be such a terrifying tone.

     Vicious space? Where is that?

     Shen Huai put his pocket watch back on his body. Although there were tens of thousands of people in this football field, he didn’t feel safe at all. At this time, exactly one player brought the ball to the goal, volleyed, but kicked It was too high, and the football happened to fall on Shen Huai's knee, which shocked him.

     Shen Huai picked up the ball, and just after throwing it out, the ball... turned into a woman's head!

     That is the expression that has been completely distorted, looking at yourself with hateful eyes...May Ji's head!

      "No... don't..."

     In the end...Where did Nosolan go? In the end...what does fierce space mean?

     The football bounced back onto the green field and the game continued to proceed. Hao Lin has not seen football turned into a horror scene of the head, but from Shen Huai's expression, she also sees a little clue."Let's go...We'll leave here immediately!" Then Shenhuai took hold of Hao Lin's hand tightly and left the seat. Hao Lin followed him obediently. At this time, the shouting behind him was further upgraded, maybe who scored the ball or something, but... where did Shenhuai dare to look back.

     If it weren't for the special meaning of that pocket watch, now in this situation, he absolutely will throw it away.

     After leaving the football field, he and Hao Lin got into the car like an escape, and immediately started the engine. He knew that if his physical physique directly faced the wish Ji who turned into a ghost, hundreds of lives would not be enough to die. In fact, coming to this football field is already a crazy thing in itself.

     In fact, Shenhuai is well aware of one thing, and may Ji become Li Gui, also absolutely not general Li Gui.

     The pocket watch was always carried on the company's special space-time floor. To the space-time area of the outside world, he by no means adjusts the time. So...when Ji died, it was not Midnight 00:00 outside. And she has indeed turned into a ghost, which means...

     She is yet another ghost of time and space!