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0 Chapter Directory 101 Fog
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"You mean... spirited constitution? Ghost eyes?"

     After hearing everything John said, Wei Jing couldn't calm down for a long time. She has never been involved in horror or horror movies, and the thesis she graduated from college is still a whip of superstition. but……

     She may have to believe that this World does exist... those secret things that humans do not know.

     Once cursed and the date of death is determined, then there is absolutely no way to escape. But this curse is a whole. Once a link is destroyed, a chain reaction will occur and the curse will be eliminated accordingly.

     Nosoran was baffling on this earth, and John was one of the few traces left by this company.

     However, eight days later, even the last trace... The last trace of Nosolan's stay in this world will also disappear. Moreover, at this time, all ghost-eye abilities have completely lost their ability to become mortals.

     John's undead eyes are the only exception. Although he is no longer Li Gui's physique, the ability of these undead ghost eyes still exists. Even so, his ending is still...

     "You are far away from him?"

     Le Zhe had already called Liu Zhiyuan not knowing how many times, but he could not get through each time. There is also a performance this afternoon. He is a drummer. There are only five people in the band. What should he do if he does not come?I asked the other three of the band and they didn't know where he went. After making comments yesterday, I didn't know where he went, and I didn't go back to the studio. They have just rented a house in this city, and their savings are not much. Does he still live in a hotel outside?

     After hearing the news, the other three members also rushed to the studio. This small studio with a rent of several thousand a month is full of various musical instruments and almost no place to sit. Everyone's face is a little dull, I don't know what to say. Le Zhe thinks that Liu Zhiyuan's attitude is too reckless and impulsive. How can he play missing at this time?

     The other three people, named Zhong Jianwen, Tang Haixiang and Li Ying, all felt in their hearts that Liu Zhiyuan was missing. More or less was because of the impulsive reaction of Le Zhe after he mentioned the matter two years ago yesterday. He was also one of those who firmly opposed that.

     "You said..." Zhong Jianwen, who is more outgoing, asked: "Will it be him or take troubles to heart for the thing two years ago?"

     "Enough... I have said that, it is not our fault!"

     Le Zhe has been trying to forget this matter for the past two years, but he has repeatedly mentioned it. He snarled at the other three people: "You recall memories, except at that time, is that you also agreed with my approach? No matter whether we did that at first, the result is the same, isn't that so? Don’t think about it again, only one accident, accident!”

     The other three also began to be silent."Otherwise... how late is this afternoon's performance?" Jian Wen made this suggestion. After all, if it is really far from being found, it would be a pity to star in an incomplete lineup of four people.

     But Le Zhe strongly disagreed: "What are you a joke? How is it without a drummer? We can sing as well! No matter who he is, we still follow the original plan... Now we will rehearse because we are far away, I'm afraid it will be rescheduled."

     Jian Wen looked at his watch and said, "There is still some time. I'll look for it again. After all, we have just arrived in this city. After a while, I think he is not familiar with the environment here. Where I have been, I think I can always find him."

     After speaking, he walked out of the studio regardless of Le Zhe's objection.

     Zhong Jianwen was fond of playing guitar since he was a child. When he was in high school, he met Le Zhe who also loves music. He formed bands with a few like-minded people. He even went to the society before finishing high school. It was naturally very hard during this time, but with their many public performances, they finally made a name for themselves. No matter the case, he doesn't want to lose the friendship of any member. The black earth should not be a single one is dispensable.

     Two years ago, he still feels very unreal, as if it were a dream. When something happened, each person was terrified. At that time, the band had just made some achievements. A newspaper company sent reporters to interview them and promote them. If there was a scandal, the consequences would be unthinkable.He didn’t know, Is it right or wrong at that time. From an objective point of view, the choice at that time was of course be gravely mistaken. However, if you stand in the future of the band, it is another matter. In this day and age, even the stars of big red and big purple may decline in popularity once they have a scandal, not to mention their small band? Thinking that the dream might be destroyed in an instant, he felt the only choice at that time.

     I don't know why, since this morning, the fog has been very heavy. Walking on the street, the visibility is very low, so he also a little confused about the surrounding scenes, plus when he first came to this city, many road names were not clear, so it was easy to get lost.

     In the thick fog, he accidentally bumped into a person with a full heart. Both sides fell to the ground with each other. He quickly stood up and stood up and asked about the other person's condition: "How are you doing it? doing fine?"

     In the thick fog opposite, a clear face gradually emerged. It was a very young man. He looked very upright. He touched the back of the head, moved his muscles, and replied: "It looks okay, so big. No wonder, you don’t have to be sorry."

     The other party was very polite, which made Zhong Jianwen a lot easier. Just preparing to continue the journey, the man suddenly asked: "Well... if I admit it wrong, please forgive me, are you the guitarist of the band "Black Earth" Zhong Jianwen?"

     Listening to him such a saying, Jian Wen immediately turned the head around and carefully looked at the man, saying, "Yes, You're right, I am Zhong Jianwen. You... also seem familiar, as if it is a newspaper or TV. I saw you...""Really? My photos have appeared in the newspaper several times, but I have never been on TV. I have always been low-key in the face of the media."

     "Oh... I, I to think of it! You are Yi Run An, that famous horror!"

     Rundang currently has lost his alien physical constitution. He doesn't have any of the same as a normal mortal. Yesterday, Liu Zhiyuan's death, he naturally did not have a hunch. But he is a person who loves music very much, so he has heard a little about the band.

     "Really didn't expect bump into you so accidentally..."

     This sentence, the two said different mouths, same voice.

     "Sorry, I'm in a hurry to find someone..." If Zhong Jianwen had to find Liu Zhiyuan earlier, he would like to chat with Run An more, but the status quo is not allowed and there is no way. But Yun An asked: "You said to find someone?"

     "Well...I'm also a member of the band, I can't reach baffling..."

     The current darkening is very sensitive to the four words "baffling". Because it loses its ability to foresee, it can only rely on intuition to judge Supernatural Event(s).

     He decided to ask in detail.

     "Excuse me... what the hell is going on? Well, I also lived a number of days in this city. It's also a little trouble for you to aimlessly find it like this..."

     After listening to such a saying, Jian Wen thought about it, and then talked with him while walking.Run An was carefully interrogated. Although not sure about Liu Zhiyuan’s disappearance in the end is it not Supernatural Event(s), he would rather misunderstand or miss any possibility. After all, he is very clear that all death curse in the world are a chain. Every cursed person is part of a chain of curses. If any part is destroyed, he, Runli and Ajing can be saved.

     "Where would he go in the past?" Run An asked tentatively.

     "Everyone is busy with practice. There is basically no time for entertainment, because it is intended to be converted into a formal Professional Band. I really can't think of where he will go..."

     Run An considers looking for him first. If it's a general disappearance, it's enough to care about it, but if it's supernatural...

      At this time, he was one shivers.

     If it is Supernatural Event(s), what should he do? Neither he nor Runli have alien physique, not only can’t foresee, they will die at any time in the face of those Supernatural Forces, and now there’s nothing about it there’s no guarantee that the date of death will not die, because he doesn’t foresee When will he die.

      The most terrible thing in this world is not death, but waiting for death. In the past, you could have a hunch before you died, you can't even do it. Completely, with an ordinary person's flesh and blood's body to face these terrible cursed ghosts, thought until here, he can't help but both legs go soft.He is also a person. When he had Ghost Eye Strength in the past, he had great confidence in the future to survive, especially after Mu Jing rescued Runli, he even thought that maybe man can conquer nature, his own ideas may be Overcome the curse. But, in fact... he was too naive.

     What if we continue to break this curse chain? In the past, it had a spiritually different constitution, and had a split spirit ghost eye second only to the Yin and Yang pupils. It has never been able to save a cursed person. Today, if it is cursed, it is almost dead. This, without doubt. The reason why he can support himself not to collapse is because A Jing and Run Li.

     Fog didn't know why, getting bigger and bigger, and the visibility was so low that he couldn't move forward at all. The surroundings seemed to be an unknown world, and everything looked hazy.

     "Oops... how did the fog become so big..." Run An now doesn't know at all where he is.

     After losing his ghost eyes, he can also go out to find a job. In order to ensure his future life, he definitely continues to write and has contacted a publishing house. Relying on his super popularity, any publishing house is rush like ducks for his new book, so it is impossible that no one will not agree. As soon as he returned from the publishing house, the fog began to thicken. Then, he met Zhong Jianwen.

     "Really... Where are we now?" Zhong Jianwen also felt puzzled. When he heard the weather forecast in the morning, there was no report that there would be such a big fog.If it had ghost eyes in the past, then this mist is a joke to run dark, but now it is not. And his physique has completely changed back to normal people, so even ordinary friction can hurt him. Fortunately, A Jing's Healing Potion, as long as it is trauma, he can be quickly healed. Of course...the premise is that it is physical damage...

     There seemed to be no one around, the silence was silent. Only some distant buildings can be seen vaguely.

     Suddenly, his eyes became clear, and the surrounding scene covered all at one glance. The fog disappeared without a trace! But at the same time, it should be Zhong Jianwen at his side... but it was gone!

     Zhong Jianwen felt stranger as he walked away, as if there was nothing in front of him, and some of them were just a thick fog.

     However, at this time he was also like darkening, his eyes became clearer. But...where is this still in the city? Obviously in a deep mountain! And he was standing on a highway!

     " is..."

     He will never forget the surrounding scenery.

     This is the mountain that happened two years ago. This mountain is tens of thousands of kilometers away from G city!

     Why are you here again?

     He squeezed the temple in horror and rubbed his eyes desperately, but the reality in front of him made him believe it. The scene two years ago became vivid in one's mind. He felt that the road under his feet was like a viper, and he would devour him at any time.

     Is it...revenge?

     Could it be that the ghost is dying?Frightened, he started to run fast on the highway, he knew that the way to calm that person... no, the ghost's anger only had one.

     His body must be buried and at rest!

     It didn't take long for him to come to the side of the cliff, about ten meters below the cliff, a turbulent river.

      At this time, the fog don’t know why it began to thicken again, and the visibility began to decrease again. And he can only fumble and walk, otherwise an accident will fall into the river.

     Two years...

     His body has been underwater for two years.

     It is estimated that now, they have already changed into bones, right?

     He also began to suspect that Liu Zhiyuan's disappearance had something to do with "him".

     "sorry Sorry……"

     With his memory, he walked up to the suspension bridge that dropped the body. This suspension bridge connected the opposite cliff. The suspension bridge was still very unstable, and when I walked a little, it shook desperately.

     He kept thinking about it... even if he was salvaging downstream, would he really be able to salvage the body again? The current is so fast, I am afraid...

     And, then must he let them go?

     The suspension bridge seems to be more and more unstable.

     Suddenly the fog began to spread again.

     When his eyes could see things, he immediately greet the eye, but it was a scene that made his eyes almost bloodshot.

     The suspension bridge was about ten meters away from him in a parallel position.

     He looked at his feet...

     The one connected to the two cliffs, let him floating in the air...It's the hands holding each other, connect together... countless upper bodies of the same person!

      At this time, the half body under his feet let go of his hands...