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    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"Are you going to move to City G? Miss Zong Hao Lin?"

     "Um... I have mentioned it with Mu Jing. I will also bring my younger brother to you, which is very close to your home. I believe I can have a care in the future. Shenhuai will also move to G City. You... rest assured. Well, he won’t hurt you anymore."

     The two ends of the phone are A Jing and Hao Lin.


     A Jing actually knew that Lu Shenhuai would not do anything to her anymore, because she is now a real physical physique and no longer has the original mutant physique.

     With the disappearance of ghost eyes, the alien constitution suddenly became a physical constitution. This sudden change without omen, despair finally visited all of those people.

     But A Jing was not much moved. She had already considered all the worst cases, she had not expected that this kind of power that could not be used by humans could be maintained for a long time. Moreover, this can also be said to be a signal.

     Her date of death... has been getting closer...

     I am afraid that Rundang and Runli are the same? No one can escape this strict curse system. Even if a few loopholes can be forcibly found, this system will complement itself...

     It's like the disappearance of Nosoran's company, it's like the eradication of alien constitution... Any power that can challenge this curse will be deprived. Ah Jing had long considered this point, and he had been experimenting with physical drugs on his body for a long time. She has long known that this special physique won't be long will continue. In the future, she will no longer be able to have the physique of transcending the mortal world.In other words, due to the drug that forcibly closed the "door" within the body, after a long-term experiment, it should be possible to create an antibody in the body. If similar evils invade her body in the future, it will not be so easy to control her body. At least, she must ensure that she will not lose her dominance.

     It seems that initially the practice of not relying on this physique... is correct.

     "At what time move in?"

     "Tomorrow. It was originally scheduled six days later, but because the renovation process is much smoother than before, I will move to G City tomorrow. Well, my home address is..."

     After recording the address of Hao Lin’s new home, A Jing asked: “I will declare firstly that although you and I are part of this cursed system, it does not mean that we are all companions... Run An and Run Li are with me We have a long-term relationship of trust and cooperation, so we are companions. But you are not the same. If the Nosoran company is still there, then we are in a relationship with the enemy, can you not deny it?"

     There was silence on the other side of the phone.

     "I know that you helped that company for your brother, but at the same time it also shows that you can do things that are against your heart for your brother. So the relationship between us can only be based on information of interest for the time being. Change to the basis, there's nothing about it. The companion's statement is at most an alliance. Understand? So if we are powerless to defend oneself, I won't take care of your life and death. I know this is hard to hear, but This is a fact. We are all cursed and cannot live like normal people."Hao Lin fully understands A Jing's words. In fact, if she stands in the position of A Jing, she will make the same choice. However, when she and her younger brother were both known to be cursed, it seemed that this World would no longer have to rely on it, only to seek people who bear the same fate and support each other.

     She didn't want to die, let alone the death of Artemisia.

     After putting down the microphone, she discovered that her cheeks were wet.

     Haoqun has fallen asleep at the moment. She wiped tears, walked into his room, kissed his forehead, and secretly vowed to protect him in her heart.

     She now really feels that she will collapse at any time.

      At this time, a call came suddenly.

     In order not to wake up Haoqun, she quickly returned to the living room to pick up the phone after the first sound, and a familiar voice came: "Sure enough... you haven't slept yet... me too, can't sleep?" ."

     This voice is...


     Perhaps, the only thing you can treat yourself as a companion is...Shenhuai?

     "I want to see you, I'm downstairs in your house. Don't refuse me, will you?"

     Shen Huai's voice at the moment revealed a desire. for a long time.

     "Um... well, I will come down!"

     Now Hao Lin didn't want to think about anything anymore. She put on a dress and hurried out. When she rushed downstairs and saw Shen Huai standing at the door against the cold wind, the tears she had just stopped began to pierce her eyes again.

     She almost flew into Shenhuai's arms, and the latter hugged her tightly."Even if you are going to die... I want to die with you..."

     This is the truth of Shenhuai.

     Although he had always thought that he loved Yuan Ji before, he let go of this feeling when he knew that Mu Jing had the same intention. For Yuan Ji's feelings, it also began to transform into a strong bond between companions.

     At first, he only used Hao Lin. He thought that this world would no longer have people other than Mu Jing and Yu Ji, and would let himself care. But that was just his wishful thinking.


     He actually knows... he cares about Hao Lin, so he will pour out his thoughts in front of her, and tell the truth about the death of Yuan Ji to her without telling anyone. I have been with her all the time, hoping to protect her.

     Now he finally cleared his feelings.

     He just wanted to hug Hao Lin tightly, just like that, he had been...always with her...

     "Tomorrow, I'll pick you up... we, live together how is it? We can pay for the house together. Are you dealing with mortgages?"

     "You... what did you say?" Hao Lin looked at him flushed with excitement and said, "You... wouldn't you say cohabitation?"

     "Yeah, I don't want to be separated from you...I don't want to be in a moment."

     "No, it won't work. My brother is here, how can I be the same..."

     "Why just live together?"

     Shen Huai gazed affectionately at Hao Lin's expression, letting her understand what she had learned.

     "Don't..."A delicate ring box was opened by Shenhuai, a diamond ring shining brightly, so that Hao Lin couldn't open her eyes.

     "We Get Married! Then you don't have to worry about your brother living together, isn't that so? The owner of the house, you can write anyone's name..."

     Frankly, this is too sudden. A minute ago, she was still thinking about her desperate future, and now, Shen Huai actually proposed to her. This really made it difficult for her to turn her thinking around.

     "You know... we..."

     "I know. So I want to be together. Even if I'm a ghost, I want to be together. Isn't that so?

     "But, but...too sudden, I don't have any mental preparation..."

     For Hao Lin, Shen Huai was originally abhorred by her, but she was also grateful.

     Because he let himself enter that company, and also gave Hao Qun hope. At first she thought Shenhuai was a ruthless man, but in the end she felt better with him, and finally...she relied on him so unconsciously.

     Perhaps this is not love, but she just wants to find someone who can rely on and can bring her warmth. This person does not matter if it is not Shenhuai...

     She thought so.

     But now she clearly understood that it was not.

     When Ah Jing said those ruthless words to her, she suddenly felt that in this world, she could recognize her mood and make her feel truly happy...only Shenhuai.

     "What else do you need to consider? Don't tell me, you are not planning to be with me."Shenhuai is really nervous at the moment.

     He was really afraid Hao Lin refused him. When I went to buy this ring today, I made a good mental preparation. He knew that in the future, he and Hao Lin might face death.

     But now, he feels that he can be with Hao Lin, and death is not necessarily terrible. Hao Lin was willing to take her own life as a bet, and asked herself not to kill Ren Jing. At that time, I was deeply infected with her, and I followed her instructions.

     Shen Huai and Hao Lin, for each other, there are many things that are so self-evident.


     Hao Lin knew that there was nothing he could hesitate.

     However, in the is still so dark, and she has no confidence to protect Haoqun. I don't know, she or Shenhuai, which one will be cursed first. For both of them, losing each other is to be so grieved as to wish one were dead.

     Moreover, she also has a question. Was she and Shenhuai really cursed before she escaped the disaster of the disappearance of Nosolan?

     "Nosoran's disappearance is because a space created by it unintentionally began to invade the normal world. The existence related to this company itself was erased one by one."

     John's words still haunted in the crystal brain.

     It was too late, she was still watching the DVD. At the same time, she has also called Xuewen to confirm.

     Sure enough... This recording disc is different from his original disc.

     There has been a change...She also knows that Nosoran has inadvertently opened yet another time and space, and exactly one year after the technology was developed, a similar setting appeared in the "Dead Humanoid" secretly written by Yi Run.

      Foreign Space settings.

     Is this accidental? Or is some kind of Invisible Strength manipulating everything?

     And the children who grew up in that space, there are currently three people living in this world. One of them is of course John, and the other there are still two, Lu Shenhuai and Tie Mujing.

     I grew up in that space, and died in Midnight 00:00 of that space, and turned into a ghost's grandson Yuan his own clone. So why didn't you disappear?

     The invasion of that space brought the entire Nosoran company into yet another world. And seven days later, a new round of invasion of that space will begin again...

     After turning off the TV and exiting the disc, she continued to contemplate.

     At this moment, there is a dressing table two meters away from her. A mirror is facing her.

      she by no means noticed that the "she" in that mirror was looking at her with a very bitter look!

     Zhong Jianwen's "missing" left only three people in the band, and the performance in the afternoon was only cancelled. Le Zhe also started to worry now. After all, he is well aware of Jian Wen's style. He is definitely not a reckless and impulsive person.

     Is it really whats the matter?

      His one person stayed in an empty studio, lit a cigarette, and wondered whether to call the police. After all, he is the lead singer of the band and also the captain, and he has to be responsible for the members.Both of them could not be reached on their mobile phones, and Jian Wen disappeared when he went far away, so... he had something wrong with him? But who will resent their band?

      At this time, the matter two years ago again came to mind.

      "No... impossible!"

     That night, didn't have any people witnessed the whole process. Moreover, he believes that the other four will never tell the story. Everyone has vowed that the secret will never be revealed.

     After taking a deep breath, he slowly spit it out, and at this time, the smoke seemed to be something's wrong.

     But at this time, Le Zhe also not the slightest noticed any abnormalities.

     The smoke began to float into the air and spread widely.

     Gradually... gradually...

     Le Zhe also began to notice.

     The smoky smoke at the moment seems to be a shape... a person, no... to be precise, the shape of a person's upper body!

     The smoke in front of him was very clear. The smoke that coiled around his neck a hand stretched out in both directions!

     The clear outline is... a face!

     He will never forget this face!

      "No... no!"

     He waved his arms desperately to completely disperse the smoke in front of him, then pressed the cigarette butt into the ashtray, and then fled away from the studio without even looking at the door to lock it.

     In the work room, the cigarette still in the ashtray is still scattered with curling light smoke...