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0 Chapter Directory 103 Bondage
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

The next day, Hao Lin woke up very early.

     What happened last night was as unreal as a dream.

     Shenhuai actually... proposed to her? And, is it so desperate to be with her?

     If, without that dark future, she should feel that her life is full of hope at this moment? However, in fact, she is facing a life without a future.

     However, what made her feel unreal is...

     "I do."

     She answered Shenhuai yesterday.

     Now in the mind, it is a chaos. But she knew that if she was asked to choose again, she would still give the same answer. will not change.

     "anyone there?"

     Relying on the horrifying intelligence collection capabilities of A Jing and Run Li, Run An could easily find the studio of the Black Earth without much effort. At the same time, there is also the address of the house where all members rent.

     He first came to the residence of Li Ying, one of the band members, with A Jing.

     Yesterday in the fog, the live Zhong Jianwen baffling disappeared, which made Run An almost able to conclude that the band suffered a cursed curse, but even assuming that each person of the band suffered a curse, currently already unconfirmed the date of death.So... can only assume that every day is a date of death! In general, if it is a chain curse, the date of death of each cursed person will not be too far apart. Since it is the cursed person of the same band, it is estimated that the origin of the curse is the same. The question is, will the other party believe his own words? Without the supernatural power, it is impossible to prove the existence of the curse. Even if the other party is a little uneasy, it will not believe that they will treat each day as their own death.

     "It must be hard."

     This is A Jing's conclusion.

     Fortunately, most of the potions she made can still be used, so at present, the remaining three of the band should be gathered together to ensure their survival. In other words, to "abduct" each of them.

     Li Ying’s apartment is not very big, only three floors, he lives on the ground floor in one region/place near the corner of the corridor.

     Run Dark first pressed the doorbell, A Jing immediately stepped back, understand tacitly exchanged a look with Run Dark, she had taken out a small bottle.

     However, no one came to open the door.

     "Is it out...or..."

     Both Run An and A Jing felt very uneasy...

     "I found it," Wei Jing handed a piece of paper to John in front of him and said, "According to the information you provided, I found the person's address, landline telephone number and cellphone number."

     "Sure enough...Huan Lin's sister hasn't disappeared." John saw the piece of paper with joy.

     Hao Lin now lives in City E, so... she must be prevented from coming to City G!"She's your sister?" Wei Jing looked at John who picked up the microphone, but the latter said: "Well, although it is not a sister, it is indeed a better person to treat me in the past. Ah, The phone went through..."


     The phone sounded like a boy's voice.

     "Sorry, I want to talk to Miss Zong Hao Lin."

     "Ah, I am her younger brother, please wait a moment... sister, find your phone!"

      This time Hao Lin happened to be having breakfast in the kitchen, so he said: "Hao Qun, you ask who the other person is, I'm frying eggs now, let him wait a little bit..."

      At this time, John heard Hao Lin's voice, and she seemed to be in good condition.

     Haoqun... he thought, this name is really good. Hao Lin had mentioned to him before that he had a younger brother.

     "Hello, who is it? Sister, she is cooking breakfast now..."

     "Forget it, I'll call you later."

     After putting down the phone, John was finally relaxed. Hao Lin is doing very well now, and... she is not in city G.

     But... he also knew that she would definitely come to G city. Moreover, it may be within two to three days. No matter what method is used, she should not be allowed to go to city G!

     "However, what should you do?"

     Weijing has already seen the disc's preview of the future, and she is very clear that at present...John cannot leave G. Even if she was contacted by phone to prevent her from coming to this city, she would not listen.Because... that Foreign Space will summon all the cursed people to gather in this city.

     "Yes, I am also very upset about this, but I must not let her come to this city!"

     John's affection for Hao Lin is still very deep. He has been an orphan since childhood. His life has been no one to rely on. Later, he was selected by the company as an experimental body. Hao Lin is only one who truly treats himself well.

     Even if she will face a curse, she must not be allowed to be dragged into the water!

     John's heart swears so strongly.

     When Haoqun put down the phone, he left without paying much attention. The microphone is not completely hung up, so... in fact, the call state has not been released. Even if John calls again, the ringtone will not ring.

     It's like being arranged...

     About five minutes later, John called again, but this time it was busy.

     "Did someone call again?" he by no means was able to find Hao Lin's cellphone number. If she couldn't be reached within a short time, she would come to G city... Once she stepped into this city, Can't leave anymore, must face a few days later... Horror curse!

     Then he called Hao Lin's cell phone again, and then her cell phone was charging and was off.

     "Send a short message first, let her call you immediately after turning on the phone." When Wei Jing spoke until here, John was short of breath. He has an unknown hunch, that Foreign Space… is constantly interfering in his actions, and will definitely bring Hao Lin to this city too!

     And he cannot leave this city...The other two people gathered at Le Zhe’s house. When listening to Le Zhe’s terrifying experience of yesterday evening, Tang Haixiang and Li Ying both felt inconceivable, but they always looked at the important matter that must be kept secret. Speaking so nervously, coupled with the disappearance of Liu Zhiyuan and Zhong Jianwen, I can't help but goosebumps.

     "Are you... wrong?" Li Ying is a straightforward person. His theory of ghosts and spirits is naturally snorting disdainfully, but the thing two years ago left a big shadow in his heart.

     "I'm absolutely, absolutely no wrong! That smoke really turned into that face! You can't be wrong!"

     Le Zhe is very excited. He still vivid in one's mind yesterday night experience, and he can't forget it for a moment. Because of this, he dared not go back to the studio.

     If the performance is delayed, it will be considered a breach of contract. If the police report that the two of the band are missing, then I am afraid that the companies that have the intention to sign will also give up.

     Let's not talk about ghost theory first. Judging from the actual situation, a decision must be made at present.

     Although Li Ying is decisive, he has not been very prestigious in the band, and Tang Haixiang is quite sensible and will come up with ideas. In the past, he was responsible for contacting the entertainment company.

     "How do we... surpass the undead for him?" Tang Haixiang also began to believe in ghostism at this time. No, it should be said that he did not dare to believe it. Moreover, what happened two years ago was indeed their fault. Even if there are no ghosts, doing a ritual can reduce some of the feelings of self-blame.

     "Are you to do it?""Well, yeah, there is a temple near here, you can choose to do Buddhist things there."

     Facing unknown things, people's beliefs will become blind. Le Zhe also felt that this made sense, and he had some savings in recent years. Now it is important to save his life. If spending a little money can eliminate disasters, then it is worth it.

     In addition, the disappearance of those two people cannot be paid no heed to. If it still doesn't have any news tomorrow, there will only be an alarm.

     After saying that, everyone gathered some money and asked Tang Haixiang to go to that temple to ask.

     When Le Zhe and Li Ying just sat down, the doorbell rang just after he left.

     "Did you forget what thing?" When Le Zhe opened the door, there was a security door outside. Standing outside the door is a man and a woman, who are unknown people, but they are all very outstanding.

     "You... who are you looking for?"

     "Is this Mr. Lezhe?" The woman asked directly after looking at herself.

     "Well, I am, find me what's the matter?"

     The woman's nodded said, "It seems... that's right. Mr. Le, you recently...have you encountered any inconceivable phenomena?"

     Hearing her such a saying, Le Zhe was suddenly appalled and asked cautiously: "You... you guys are who?" While thinking to myself, could there really be a Sage Master?

     "A person who can help you."

     Hao Lin and Shen Huai put the last piece of furniture on the truck, wiped the sweat from their foreheads, and pushed the wheelchair that Hao Qun sat on, to Shen Huai's car."I'm really nervous... I'm going to move to a new city to live..." Hao Lin somehow jumped up and down, seeming to be going now... It's a general place without return.

     She clenched the hand of Haoqun sitting next to her and said to Shenhuai: "Drive... Haoqun, we are going to move to a new place."

     "Hmm!" Hao Qun looked very excited.

     After the car started, Hao Lin suddenly felt the vibration of the phone in her pocket. Someone should have sent her a short message. She took out the phone just opened, and suddenly the road on which the car was traveling happened to have a big bump. The phone in her hand was suddenly thrown out of the window, and was then crushed by the truck tires of the moving company that followed. Shattered...

     "Still can't connect?"

     John put down the phone bitterly, he didn't know what to do. If you continue to develop like this, Hao Lin will definitely come to City G. Is there any way can you force her to stop entering G city? I can't even contact her now!

     If he still has the original Li Gui physique, maybe he can think of a way. At present, with Living Spirit's power, you may be swallowed by these undead ghost eyes at any time. And Weijing is also very anxious.

     What is written in that disc, the future in a few days...if it is true...

     "It's useless for you to be so anxious... I'll go out later, you go with me, John, go out and relax."

     Although Wei Jing persuaded in this way, John's restless mentality could not calm down.

     "Sorry...I don't know what to do now."He was a very calm person, but now, he is so panicked. Weijing estimates that Hao Lin is a very important person for John.

     She can understand, just like her feelings for Mu Jing. The kind of feeling that the other party's safety touched everything about him, Wei Jing and John felt the same.

     " go out first...John, I'm going to change clothes. Anyway, I will definitely go out soon."

     John nodded, walked out of the room and gently carried the door.

     Wei Jing long sighed saying, walked to the closet, just opened the door to get clothes, but... facing the mirror inlaid on her closet door, it was... drenched with blood himself!

     Shortly after John walked out of the door, he heard a sharp scream, and he quickly opened the door again, only to see Wei Jing fell on the floor in horror, pointing his hand directly at the mirror on the wardrobe door in front of him. However, inside, it is a normal image, which doesn't have any strangeness.

     "It's's her...John, You’re clone, I wish Ji... Her fierceness still refused to let me go..."