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0 Chapter Directory 105 Tape Two
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

The next day, Li Ying received a tape.

     Along with the tape, it was a letter written by Tang Haixiang.

     He did not return yesterday. And Run Dark, did not receive any news about Mu Jing. He didn't know what happened the matter yesterday, but he received a short message from his mobile phone saying that he was asked to help the suburbs immediately to intercept the coming Shenhuai and Hao Lin. There is no specific reason. Say, just ask them not to let those two enter G city.

     Li Ying put the tape in the recorder and pressed the play button.

     At first it was a blank, and then suddenly it was a somber and dull sound: "Li Ying... If you get this tape, it means I am already dead. Friends, at least give this tape to You, you can also come to let Le Zhe also listen... In short, please listen to me to say."

     Li Ying almost held her breath, waiting for the content behind.

     "We were cursed... the undead two years ago came back to get revenge. Originally this tape was used to record our songs, and I always have a portable recorder on me. Just now...I saw him...I saw he!""You want to say that I am crazy, right? That's not it, Le Zhe is right, he turned back into a ghost. I am now, just behind him. Although I am daring to follow him, but , I still try to keep a distance of more than 20 meters with him. Fortunately, there are many people around, so I am not very scared. Here, it is in Lewan Square... I saw him by accident. He outwardly It looks like a normal person, beside, there are still two people accompanied him. Although I didn't see the appearance of the two people, they seemed to be living people."

     Li Ying swallowed saliva, Lewan Plaza... isn't that where they performed a few days ago? He still remembers all the features of that place clearly.

     "He now looks no different from living people..."

     Tang Haixiang's voice became lower and lower, and Li Ying had to turn up the volume to be able to hear clearly.

     "Now, I have crossed the Sijia Road, currently at the entrance of Shengyue Cinema..."

      heard until here, Li Ying immediately took out the map and began to compare the contents of the tape, imagining Tang Haixiang's action. He found the Sijia Road with great difficulty, and Tang Haixiang's tone gradually became deeper.

     "Li Ying... listen to me, I am not brave, mainly... I am worried that if I escape like this, I will end up with them. If... If we can find out the truth of this curse, maybe we can Survive..."

     The mixed car sounds and noisy human voices in the tape gradually disappeared.

     "Here... near Fuyuan Bridge, there are fewer people around..."Although Li Ying did not personally experience Tang Haixiang's feelings at the time, but just thinking about it felt tingling sensation. It is estimated that he still has the guts to continue to follow, in addition to trying to solve the curse, the more reason is because of the two living people.

     After all, if there are two big living people, even if it is a ghost, but watching them together, the fear in the heart can be eliminated a lot. After all, compared with ghosts, the horror of humans can hardly be reflected.

     However, he had a problem that he couldn't understand. Why did Tang Haixiang determine that they were living? Because under the sun, because they have feet?

     "Now, I am following the three along a river beach..."

     Li Ying looked at the map again. If Fuyuan Bridge passed by, he walked along the beach, which is a slum area. The road name is very complicated, and the map is marked not very clear.

     Sure enough, then the voice on the tape said: "Here... they entered an alley, but there are a lot of forks, and they might be lost if they are too far away... This place is not very familiar."

     Li Ying gradually began to wipe the cold sweat falling on his forehead. That scene made people both legs go soft just thinking about it, but Tang Haixiang and this courage always followed. If it were him, it would only take a few seconds to stop walking.

     "So quiet... so quiet here..."

     The sound on the tape was almost too small to hear clearly, but Tang Haixiang's gasping voice was slightly louder.

     Li Ying turned the volume to the maximum, but he was worried about hearing something terrible, and then turned it down again."Fortunately... Not lost... The two people who seem to be living people have been talking, but I can't hear clearly. They and him, and him, seem to be familiar..."

     Li Ying's brain kept guessing the identity of the two "living people". If Tang Haixiang is standing in front of him now, he absolutely will ask, do those two people look like Black and White Impermanence? He really hoped that those two people would be able to send him... back to the original place.

     "Ah... just one of them looked back for a moment, he seemed to notice that someone was following him..."

      heard until here, Li Ying's heart was also tightened. Then, another yet unfamiliar voice came out from the tape: "Just like someone followed us?"

     Then, a woman's voice appeared again: "No? I don't think so. Are you probably oversensitive?"

     This two people's voice sounds normal, and there is nothing strange about it. Li Ying also began to think that maybe they were really living people.

     But is it really that simple?

     "Fortunately...they went on...I don't know if I should follow me..."

     Li Ying knew that he must have followed him again, otherwise, the cassette would not be in his hands.

     Because he said at the beginning, if he heard this tape, it means... Tang Haixiang already dead.

     "I don't know where I am going... I have crossed several alleys, has not seen..."

     Suddenly, Tang Haixiang's voice stopped. This stagnation lasted for about a dozen seconds, and he didn't even hear his gasp.However, there is a sound of what thing is moving towards this side. This sound does not sound like walking, but a bit like... a bit like...

     Then he heard the sound of running fast and a heavy gasp. Tang Haixiang...He is running away!

     It's all at this point, and suddenly I want to run... So, was it found?

     Li Ying desperately imagined the situation at that time, how Tang Haixiang fled quickly. However, after listening for a long time, Tang Haixiang seemed to continue to run wildly, and could not even speak.

     And later, a voice also followed him closely. That voice, Li Ying felt more and more familiar, but couldn't remember.

      "No... No, don't follow me, don't follow me!"

     Tang Haixiang's voice became more and more frightening. It is estimated that he always put the portable recorder in his clothes, otherwise he would not be able to run it fast.

     The voice gradually overshadowed Tang Haixiang's panic for help, and immediately afterwards, a more unusual voice began to produce, and... louder and louder. Li Ying turned the voice of the recorder to the lightest level, and the sound was as clear as it was in his ears.

     That's... a whistle-like sound, no... this is a whistle!

     That night, on the mountain road...

     The same as that voice!

     Although two years have passed, it is still so clear.

     Finally, the voice suddenly became distant, getting lighter and lighter, I don't know if Tang Haixiang got rid of this chase, or...

     "Call, call..."

     Tang Haixiang seemed to finally stop, and the continuous running made him out of breath.However, his breath stopped immediately.

     Li Ying guessed that he saw something amazing again. It's a pity that this is not a video, otherwise he can see what it is.

     The sound of this blank lasted about half a minute.

     "Li Ying, listen... this building, just now..."


     Li Ying carefully looked at the map. The area is a slum area. Most of the nearby places are short bungalows. Where is the building? Did Tang Haixiang run so far?

     "Obviously, I didn't see..."

     Hearing this, Li Ying almost rolled off the chair.

     This... isn't this the story in the ghost story?

      At this time, the whistle sound... actually rang again!

     Tang Haixiang took another step! At this time, Li Ying estimated... he ran in! Ran into that building!

     Li Ying pressed the stop button.

     In fact, so far, no non-human phenomenon has occurred. Although Tang Haixiang said that he saw "him", but people are similar. After all, it has been two years, and the memory is difficult to trust.

     He intends to confirm. According to the map, there should be nothing's about it high-rise buildings nearby. Judging from the time tracked by Tang Haixiang on the tape, the alleyway inside was extremely tangled and complicated. He must have escaped in a panic. At that time, he would have lost his way. Most of them would be lost, not to mention what building he saw when he left the area.Run An and A Jing have already talked to him, so if they happen whats the matter, they must call them. But he didn't believe the two in the end still. It's hard to imagine calming down and thinking that people die from ghosts.

     After leaving home, he came to the slums in that area according to the map.

      This time is daytime, there are many people who pass in and out, which makes him feel relieved a lot. Li Ying glancing to left and right for a long time, only to be very scared and on edge into an alley.

     Judging from the sound in the tape, he is now following the same route that Tang Haixiang took yesterday. According to the tape instructions, he gradually judged that Tang Haixiang was found to be where is it. And beside him, people gradually began to decrease.

     Finally, he came to a branch similar to a crossroads, and this place... he is estimated to be where Tang Haixiang began to run away. Then he began to judge again. If he was found here, where would he run away?

      In general, the nearest road should be selected in a critical state. However, Li Ying did not know the specific location of Tang Haixiang at the time. After all, there are four bifurcations, and it is possible for him to escape.

     Originally, he had described the characteristics of the road he walked on before, so Li Ying could find it smoothly. However, Tang Haixiang barely spoke during the escape, so the judgment of the road was unconfirmed.

     At this time, he suddenly thought that Tang Haixiang said, "just now" did not see the building. Well, it represents the road that the building traversed when he came.

     So... do you go back?

     Li Ying gradually felt strange.He had never been to this place, even if he relied on the story in the tape. Such a complicated alleyway, but he has been able to walk through the road without entering the dead end... this is too inconceivable!

     He had an unusual feeling, even the feeling that he could not speak.

     It seems that Tang Haixiang took the route that's it yesterday!

     "Strange, this is so strange..."

     He was also carrying a portable recorder at the moment, and the tape was placed in the recorder.

     In fact there is one more thing, he never thought about it.

     There is a big contradiction in the opening tape.

     "If you get this tape, it means I'm already dead..."

     Tang Haixiang has been carrying tapes to record sounds, and tracked the "he" who is suspected of being an injustice. Since he feels that he may be dead, then... how can this tape get his own hand? How did Tang Haixiang feel confident that even if he died, he could still send letters and tapes?

     However, the sound of the tape and the handwriting on the letter are indeed Tang Haixiang's, this, without a doubt...

     At this time, he suddenly stopped.

      "No... impossible..."

     Where he entered the alley, there... stood a building that did not exist!

     Almost at the same time, he pressed the play button of the recorder again...

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