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0 Chapter Directory 106 Tape Three
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Mu Jing made a big mistake.

     No, to be precise, he and John both made a big mistake.

     They actually forgot all about it. G city recently built an underground tunnel, and that tunnel... is the only one that they ignored the entrance to G city!

     "what are you saying?"

     Jian Wenshuo and Sui Yunxi dumbstruck looked at Mu Jing and John in front of them. When they heard all the truth, they were almost unbelievable.

     Jian Wenshuo knows the real research content of Nosuolan Company, and Sui Yunxi once gave birth to the wish Ji as a clone. At that time, it was a last resort to assist in this research, because Jian Wenshuo's business was on the verge of bankruptcy. Without the company's capital injection, it would be impossible to sustain it.

     However, this company baffling disappeared, leaving no trace, but they still retained this memory. After investigating, he began to understand why he was able to retain his memory about Nosoran.

      because of oneself lives in G city.

     This city doesn't have any research and development site of Northall.

     Although the residents of this city do not have any memories related to Northoran, but the people who once wore that watch will have memories in this city.

     Now when recalling, all the disasters started from Nosolan more than a decade ago, inadvertently opening a door to the restricted area... and it is puzzling that the horror Yirun An "Death from Human Form" actually mentioned the existence of that different space.In fact, at Nosolan, only the absolute top management like Shenhuai knew this secret. The part of Nosolan's internal Super Domain is not a scientific achievement achieved through physical technology. That's... Foreign Space that already exists!

     More than a decade ago, a group of scientists in the United States conducted experiments on superpower phenomena in China and found that some cities in China have many buildings that are said to have special supernatural phenomena. The sponsor of this group of scientists is a rich man named Kim Nosoran. He pursues immortality and explores the mysteries of the soul. He believes that science and spirituality are actually different interpretations of the same phenomenon, and the pursuit of immortality is his final goal.

     After collecting a lot of information, these scientists were allowed to enter China, and they secretly funded domestic entrepreneurs. They bought all the buildings with problems at a high price, and then transformed them into the experimental building of Nosoran Company. After repeated experiments, finally Able to stably understand the characteristics of those supernatural phenomena.

     Inside those buildings, time and space show a distorted jumping state, and many people have witnessed strange phenomena.

     What is interesting is that most of the buildings are residential houses, and many of them are old houses that have been built for a long time, but there is no record of the completion time of any houses, and... there has never been any information about people living in them. .There are no so-called owners in those buildings, and the people in the property company do not to hear, not to question. And the owner of the land where they are located has no trace at all. In short, although these abnormal buildings do exist objectively, they are completely isolated from human society and exist independently, doesn't have any records related to living people.

     These phenomena are all unable to explain by the science. In order to facilitate the collection of intelligence and experiment with the characteristics of this space, a large number of clones of physiques have begun to be cloned and put into this space to survive.

     Then, in those special time and space, when making watches, the hands will move at a special double speed even when they go to the normal space outside, and the person who wears the watch will travel at a high speed with metabolism (biology) of the body mechanism. So later, all employees of Nosolan Company must carry this watch. If they forget to carry it once at work, they will be expelled immediately, and there will be absolutely no discretion, even for reasonable reasons.

     Participants in this experiment have continuously expanded as a result, however, G City has never experienced any such special supernatural phenomenon.

     Just after this experimental plan was launched, it was not long before a horror called "Death and Death" appeared. This one is about an undead that will parasitize on a rotting corpse, and that undead... is living in a special abnormal space-time space, capable of disturbing time and acting. It’s just that, nothing else, but... the cities mentioned in the book that will cause death and humanity are all cities where horrific phenomena have actually happened!In addition, many of the specific plots of "Death from the Humanoid" are the results of Nosoran's internal confidential experiments. At that time, high-level executives had been vigilant and investigated for a while, but apart from finding out the cause of the death of the author of the book, Yirun An, his parents could not have any relationship with the company. Therefore, in the end, it can only be considered as a coincidence. Until this year, Shen Huai discovered the dark and dark physique, so that the company regained his attention.

     Run-dark, because he is a psychic physique, has a premonition ability, and it is not surprising to remember the existence of Nosoran, but the question is... why can he write that?

     "In a few days, will we step into the footsteps of Nosoran?"

     After seeing John's ability, Jian Wenshuo can hardly be sure that this World is free of ghosts.

     "Yes... I bear the brunt." John's expression at the moment was quite calm, not like talking about his own death.

     "My undead ghost eye is the final result that Kim Nosoran most expected, that is, to get rid of the shackles of time and reach the immortal state of the immortal soul. But now I am probably not able to control these eyes."

     John's meaning is clear. Before his Special Ability cannot unleash came, ghost eyes or something, only one display.

     "According to my estimation... this huge curse chain has entered a period of madness, so humans have no resistance ability to one thread, one hair.""Then I... what should we do?" Sui Yunxi, who has been silent, was finally unable to hold back: "Why did she get cursed? I didn't let her enter that company at all, nor did she wear it That watch. Through childhood, I even concealed her"

     "This curse is not just for those who are directly cursed. Simply put, in the Foreign Space, time is presented in a disordered state, so the disordered space-time state will also disturb the cause and effect in the normal space. For the wish For Ji, Weijing is the'cause' she was born. If the existence of Ji is cursed by that space and disappears, then Weijing is no exception. Also, you, who gave her, including Your parents...go back to the history of a long time ago, and even your ancestors, the traces that existed in this World will be completely erased, and the huge natural causality involved is therefore unimaginable."

     This is why the families of those employees also dissappeared after the disappearance of Nosoran.

     A few days later...all people can't escape... They will disappear from this world, completely forgotten by people, leaving no trace of it. This curse is several times more terrifying than death!

     Li Ying didn't know what happened, but actually stepped into the building.

     At the same time, the voice of Tang Haixiang in the recorder came again. It seems that the "stuff" chasing him lost him temporarily.

     This is an abandoned building. The ground is full of rubble and bricks. The walls are also bare bricks. Some places even cracked directly.The only escape route is stairs. This staircase has no handrails at all, but the stairs are wide enough.

     "I am on the fourth floor now, on the fourth floor..."

     When Li Ying heard until here, she pressed Pause and went to the fourth floor.

     He felt a little familiar with this place.

     Although it was only four floors, he had to glancing to left and right every time he crossed a step, so it took half an hour to get there. On the fourth floor, it looks like there is only a hallway and no doors can be seen everywhere.

     When he pressed the play button again, Tang Haixiang said, "Here... I can't see the door...I'm walking to the left now..."

     Li Ying, like a robot following the sound instructions on the tape, walked over to the left.

     "After crossing the corridor in front, a branch can be seen."

     Sure enough, there was a fork in front, and each left and right led to a road.

     "I decided to try it on the right..."

     Li Ying also walked over according to Tang Haixiang's course at the time. He came to the right side of the road, in front of a longer corridor, and even looked at the end not very clear.

     "I see a long corridor now... I still can't see the door."

     Yes, there are indeed no doors around, not even a window.

     However, that strange familiarity is getting stronger...

     "There are weird graffiti on the looks really uncomfortable in people's hearts."Just heard until here, Li Ying also noticed the graffiti Tang Haixiang said. The content of the graffiti is very uncomfortable. Because...that's all half a body!

     Although it was a very ugly graffiti, the lines were juicy at a glance, made Li Ying tingling sensation.

     "What the hell are these graffiti? What the hell are they?"

     Li Ying continued to walk forward. And the further forward, the more bloody the graffiti content, the more...true.

     Because, the lines become more and more skilled, and the drawing is more and more realistic. It feels as if the person painting has been practicing hard. Later, that graffiti... no, it can't say that is graffiti at all, it's bloody like a real person!

     The entire wall is painted bright red, but a broken body is in the center. If you look carefully... there will be a little difference between falsehood and reality.

     "How could... how could... this graffiti, too realistic..."

     Tang Haixiang's exclamation in the tape, Li Ying can completely understand.

     This is the crime they committed.

     If he was allowed to choose again, he would rather give up the band and go back to study, even if it is harder, it is better than to be very scared and on edge, at dawn, not sure of lasting to evening.

     The bright red paint is really too realistic, yes... too realistic...

     "This paint is really well, does it feel..."

     Hearing the words on the tape, Li Ying's hand can't help to touch it.

      how can it be?

     He felt that the paint hadn't dried yet!This in other words...

     This... this painting was just painted soon! "People" who are painting are still nearby!

     "Me, I don't want to stay any longer..."

     Just at this time, suddenly a weird voice came from the tape. That was... a sound like tearing a limb! Moreover, the weird voice before it came out again!

     Li Ying felt that she was going to remember it. What exactly is it?

     Also, this building so familiar...

     There was a sound of someone falling to the ground from the tape. Is it Tang Haixiang?

      "No... Please don't kill me... I was wrong, I was wrong..."

     That sound... that weird sound, what seems to be rolling...

     The voice approached Tang Haixiang, and it became clearer and clearer in the tape.

     The whistle sounded again.


     Li Ying took the tape out of the recorder and pulled the tape to tear it.


     "Please, please... please Please let me off..."

     Tang Haixiang's voice actually continued!

     Li Ying can't tell the difference between reality and tape.

     Because... he seemed to hear it too, that weird voice, like a rolling voice!

     This building...

     "No, don't... don't..."

     Tang Haixiang's voice became more and more frightened.

     In fact, he by no means has been to this building, and it is impossible to feel familiar with it.But... City G has already been invaded by Foreign Space.

     The sound of the tape finally ended.

     Li Ying squatted halfway, suddenly demons and gods at work, put its B side into the recorder. After pressing the play button, a sound that made him have one's hair stand on end came out.

     That's not the voice of a ghost, it's...

     "Lezhe, if you get this tape, it means I'm already dead. Please listen to what I will tell you next, my experience..."

     That's his own voice!