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0 Chapter Directory 107 Watch
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Hao Lin opened the curtains and let the sun shine into the room.

     Finally moved into a new home. With the help of Shenhuai, the end of the house is basically no problem. If... here can be their ultimate family place, it is really great happiness.

     Seeing her elder sister's face covered with smiles, Hao Qun couldn't help but ask curiously, "Sister, you look really happy today...what exactly is the matter?"

     Hao Lin turned her head, walked to Hao Qun, squatted down, and said, "Huan Qun... how do you feel Uncle Lu? If he is your brother-in-law, how do you feel?"

     Haoqun stayed awake, and then asked unbelievably: "Really? Sister, that's great. I didn't expect you finally found someone you like... I thought that you would be because of me, never To fall in love..."

     It can be seen that Artemisia is dissatisfied with there's nothing about it, which makes Artene feel relieved a lot.

     The ring was already on her ring finger. Touching it continually and thinking about the past days, I am very emotional. In order to help Haoqun to treat a foot injury, he did not hesitate to enter that company to assist them in studying the alien space.

     Inside the company's building, the flow of time is different from the outside, which is not the most terrible supernatural phenomenon yet. Although Scientists can't parse its principle, but through the confirmation of technology, it has found the entrance of this Foreign Space even overseas.

     She hadn't thought, it almost made her completely disappear from this world."Huanqun..." She stroked the child's cheek and said, "From now on, let Uncle Lu... no, it's the brother-in-law and sister to live with you. We will give you the courage and confidence to live because of me Love you, I will never give up hope that you can stand up again."

     "You can rest assured, sister... I'm fine." Hao Qun looks very strong, but instead patted Hao Lin's shoulder, said: "You can rest assured, sister! I won't let it You worry, after all, I have grown up and I can’t let you take care of me. Besides, I am not completely unable to walk now, are you right?"

     "Yes, Haoqun is a man."

      At this time, she suddenly remembered to make an appointment with Shenhuai in the afternoon, so she asked, "Huanqun, what time is it now?"

     Instead of looking at the watch on his wrist, Haoqun took out a quick silver-white watch from his pocket and looked at it, saying, "Now it is..."

     Her eyes almost glared out.

     After snatching that watch, she desperately shook Hao Qun's shoulders, her breathing became short, and she needed to confirm something.

     "Huanqun, why is the watch here with you? I obviously throw it away! This is the watch I must use when I was working, why? Why did you hold it? Have you, have you ever worn it? Tell me "" Her last few words almost shouted hysterically. Haoqun was completely at a loss, Zhiwuwuwu said: "Sister... that's not it, I didn't mean to take your watch...""This is not the point! This watch is the logo of Nosoran’s employees. You see, the English word ‘Nosoran’ is also engraved here! I have thrown away this watch! Why, why would you...”

     "No, it's not." Hao Qun explained hurriedly: "I saw the watch you put on the table that day, the speed of the pointer was too fast, it was not accurate at all, so I think your watch is broken Let’s buy another one for you. When Uncle Lu came to my house, he took off his watch and put it on the table. Just like you, the pointer moves very fast, so I even have his share I bought it together. As a result, I bought two watches that accurately read the time, and replaced..."

     Hao Lin immediately realisation.

     She thoroughly understood why she and Shenhuai did not disappear.

     Mu Jing didn't disappear because he was staying in G city at that time, right? And he didn't wear a watch at the time. However, they and Shenhuai escaped because they were wearing ordinary watches.

     Because this watch does not display the normal time at all, it just connects its body with the Foreign Space at all times, so no one will usually watch the time displayed on the watch, and she has never found it.

     "But... why do you take this watch to see the time? Isn't it not allowed?"

     Hao Qun's answer surprised her.

     "Recently, the watch seems to be better, and the movement of the pointer has completely changed back to its original state."

     Is it better?"On the contrary, the watch I usually wear often has problems. But because it's a gift from my sister, I'm not allowed to wear it."

     She took a look at the watch, and sure enough, the hands were moving smoothly.

     "How can... how can it be like this?"

     "I'm sorry, sister, I'm doing it without you... because I worry that if I buy a good watch for you, you won't necessarily accept it, because you have always been a very frugal person."

     "Huanqun... haven't you worn this watch?"

     "Well, no..."

     "Answer me, haven't I really worn it? I won't be angry." For Hao Lin, confirming this matter is more important than anything. In case this watch is really worn by Hao Qun, then it means He is connected to that space...

     This is what she did not want to see.

     "No, I absolutely did not wear this watch."

     Listening to such a saying, Hao Lin finally feels relieved. She squeezed the watch and said, "Listen, Haoqun, I'm going out now to meet someone nearby, and I will come back to cook for you at night. By the way, Uncle Lu's watch is also on you Here? Give it to me."

     "Okay, I understand. "

      Whatever the case, Hao Lin must determine what happens the matter. Why did the hands of this watch suddenly start to rotate at normal speed?

     She must find out...

     When she went to Hao Lin's house, Shen Huai received a short message from her, saying that she would now go to Run An's house and let him follow him.

     Judging from the tone, it seemed very rushed.Whats the matter happened?

     He began to feel anxious in his heart, and began to step on the accelerator...

     "Pocket watch? Wish Ji, do you like to bring a pocket watch? Really rare."

     Shen Huai recalled the old days when the company helped them customize watches, wishing Ji insisted on not needing watches but pocket watches. This makes Mu Jing and Shen Huai somewhat surprised. Fashion-loving women always like to wear watches, but she is completely different.

     When Ji Ji lived with them, holding the silver bracelet and looking at the time on the pocket watch, it looked very tasteful. She does things very rigorously, so the room always looks organized, and she does things in a planned way. She will never arrange her time at will.

     After her death, the pocket watch she used in her life was always carried by Shenhuai.

     The piece of pocket watch that connects Yuan Ji's soul and the Foreign Space is a medium... and this piece of pocket performance is actually starting to move around, and... actually shows the time normally.

     This is not enough by itself.

     He judged, and estimated what happened in that space itself. outwardly, with the disappearance of Northoran, those supernatural phenomenon buildings are gone. However, I am afraid that in a different posture, a new round of curse is unfolding.

     May Ji have had a lot of thoughts and insights into that space from the past. Although she could not explain the abnormal time flow in those spaces from a scientific point of view, she knew that time was distorted and alienated in that space.The most disturbing... is Yi Runan's "Death from Human Form". In the story, the evil spirits born in the alien building that alienated time and space constantly disturbed time and space, creating many terrifying phenomena. Too many plots have similarities with the company's experiments.

     Although the company's people finally thought that this was just a coincidence, I hope Ji never thought so.

     "You guys listen well... I Runan, this person and the company It doesn't matter, I don't deny this." When Ji Ji analyzed to them, he first affirmed the company's investigation: "I know the company's information Since the investigation method has reached the conclusion that Yirun An has nothing to do with the company, there must be no fakes. However, he has written a plot that is so similar to reality. I think that this space is not as simple as we think."

     "We used to think that this space is simply that the flow of time is different from the outside, but... I'm afraid not from a physical point of view, the time here is faster. That's right...for this space, it is not like The special time zone is explained in science fiction... that's not it, this space is not a time flow faster than the outside world, but a disordered Foreign Space."

     At that time, Mu Jing and Shen Huai didn't understand much, and asked her to explain in more detail.

     "Listen..." Yuan Ji holding the book "Death to the Humanoid", pointing to a Giant Clock on the cover of the book, said: "This is a supernatural space. In this place, time is not naturally in The same area is released, but absorbed by this space.""Listen...time will not disappear without cause, no reason. The time forgotten by us may be released at some point in the future. This represents a terrible thing. If we say that the time we have indeed experienced will be Absorbed, then, what does this stand for, do you know?"

     Mu Jing still doesn't understand this time, but Shenhuai understands it slightly.

     "You mean...the time we have existed will be constantly absorbed, just like...we haven't experienced it at all?"

     "The worst state..." Wish Ji spoke until here, the expression is already very gloomy: "The disordered time and space will cause the inversion of cause and effect. Just like the description of "Departure from Human Form"."

     The inversion of cause and effect is really unimaginable. Just like the birth of "Death from Human Form" Could it be because Yi Run secretly wrote "Death from Human Form", will this Foreign Space come into being? However, the generation of this space was written before the time period!

     Today, Shen Huai can't doubt the wish of Ji Ji. Because the real horror film incident has proved this. Moreover, the phenomenon of "Cause and Death" turned upside down in one of the cursed ones.

     This is terrible... What will happen in the future will produce results in the past?

     Even, Ji Ji also came to a terrifying conclusion.

     "Yi Run's parents are also the victims of this causal inversion."

     When it comes to this step, everyone should understand.

     Mu Jing took the lead in taking deep steps and said this answer."Isn't it... you want to say that it is because Yirun wrote this book in the future, and because of some unsolvable phenomenon, it has shown results in the past, so... his parents will die? Killed by the three claw marks you got? Well, does it mean that...if Yirun hadn’t written that one, his parents wouldn’t die?"

     "Outwardly, Yi Runyin seems to have conceived the "death from the human form" based on the death of his parents, but... if so, then the existence of this space is logically unreasonable as his conception is so similar. The same ideas Can understand, but he has no reason to know so many things that have happened in reality. The plot fact, almost no one is fictional."

     Shenhuai of course not tells Rundang this conclusion. Because this is too cruel, it means to tell him... that he killed his parents!

     The horror "Death from Human Form" written by him six years later, the horror film collected by the butcher's family became reality on the day of Halloween, and this reality has disturbed time and space. It was actually more than ten years ago. Started to show specific phenomena.

     And the disappearance of the Nosoran company is also because of the people who have a relationship with that space...the time they have existed has been absorbed. And it will affect more people in the longer term.

     No one can escape...

     Touching the pocket watch in his arms, Shenhuai prayed inwardly that they could survive this disaster... If it is impossible to overcome this curse, it would be too sad...

     They must not be erased from the invented Foreign Space in this world!

     However, until then..."I'm going to give her another call to give it a try, I guess I can contact her now?"

     John picked up the microphone in the Weijing room again, however, he accidentally pressed yet another key.

     "this is……"

     He inadvertently started the phone recording when he called Hao Lin's house yesterday.

     But... within just a minute, his forehead began to sweat. Mu Jing and Wei Jing on the side looked very unsightly.

     "No, won't it?"

     "Yes, there is nothing wrong..."

     John ashen-faced, he took out the phone tape and said, "Hurry, I have to see them...Yi Rundang, Ren Jing them...Sister Hao Lin..."

     Mu Jing now very much hates that he has no ghost spirit eyes, otherwise everything can be solved.

     "I can't do it... use the undead ghost's eyes again," John found that he still couldn't make a call to Hao Lin's house (presumably the line wasn't connected), and finally gritted his teeth and made a difficult decision: "even if dying It’s also worth long as it’s for my sister..."

     Mu Jing wants to stop, but comes without enough time.

     John was just about to use undead ghost eyes, and suddenly Sui Yunxi hurriedly walked in and said, "Everyone... Just now, a man named Yi Runan called to tell you to go to his house and say Lu Shenhuai and Zong Hao Lin's two people are also there."Run An holding the microphone and looking at A Jing's wise expression, she couldn't help admiring her. According to Hao Lin's words, she has judged that John will not hurt her at least, and combined with the words of Shenhuai and Hao Lin, they have come to the changes of those watches and the short message sent by Mu Jing, she has concluded that this city is about to happen The conclusion of the change, and at least John must come to make things clear, he must know some inside information, otherwise there is no reason to live to the present.

      At this time, another microphone came from John's voice: "Hey, is it Mr. Yirun?"

     "Yes... are you Mr. John?"

     "Yes... Miss Zong Haolin is here?"


     "Please let her listen to the phone immediately, hurry up!"

     Run An is still somewhat puzzled, but he still gave the phone to Hao Lin.

      At this time, Hao Qun is at home alone, listening to melodious music. It was a black earth CD. On that day, when Hao Lin came back from City G, she just got a limited collection of CDs for the audience. After she came back, she gave it to Hao Qun.

     Hunqun sitting in a wheelchair is closing eye meditation, and at this time, under his pants, he began to bleed constantly. Soon after, the entire wheelchair... No, the entire room was all red with blood. Looking closely at the pants again, it has become empty.

     Haoqun's hand, holding the CD, his eyes became grim and abnormal, his face became pale, his head kept shaking, and the sound of Bone break came from his neck.

     Now sitting in this wheelchair...just half a body!"Sister Hao Lin? I'm John, your younger brother... your brother Zong Haoqun not the same person! The person who called yesterday was me, and I heard the tape of my conversation with him, but...but from start to finish Only my voice, no voice at all!"

     In Hao Lin's house, at the moment, there was only an empty wheelchair in Hao Qun's room. On the wheelchair, there was only one pair of trousers completely drenched in blood.