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    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
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     When Hao Lin and Shen Huai arrived at the house, they only saw the empty wheelchair and the blood-stained pants in the living room. The opened CD case was placed on the speaker. The faces of the five people were clearly printed on the cover of the CD box.

      very clear...printed...

     "I'm afraid it's for this reason." A Jing, who came with him, picked up the CD box and said, "Because Hao Qun didn't know those five people at all, they only knew they were a band after seeing this CD, and ...Just in city G!"

     Hao Lin is still incapable of believing this. She opened the wardrobe frantically, and the blood in the wardrobe made her have to cover her nose.

     All the trousers worn by Artemisia are completely soaked in blood at this moment, without exception.

     "Answer me... Miss Zong." A Jing was leaning down to look at the wheelchair at the moment, and asked, "Did you never find... or have you found it, but have been Decieve Oneself?"

     Hao Lin now only remembers that two years ago, after running down the hill with anger, Hao Qun went down the mountain to find him. As a result, a group of artemisia crawling on the ground was seen on the ring road under the mountain.

     At that time, he was dragging a long blood stain behind him, his face as white as paper.

     Now when recalling... he looked really strange at the time.

     The blood loss is so bad, is it still alive?But at that time the night was dim, she by no means pay attention to the blood stain... how far it stretched. She only remembered that she immediately called 120 for an emergency call at that time.

     Haoqun said that a car hit his foot like this, causing him to be paralyzed. However, he did not read the license plate number clearly.

     But... he remembered the appearance of everyone in the car, and he would never forget it.

     However, although the police investigated the matter, the perpetrators were never found.

     The blood stains on those trousers were not dried up, and it seemed very scary.

     "Huanlin..." A Jing knew that now to stop the crazy wraiths of the wormwood group, I am afraid I need the help of Haolin. Le Zhe, who is still alive, if it’s possible to apologize in person to Hao Lin and obtain his understanding, can it weaken the grudges of Hao Qun?

      if it’s possible to let Le Zhe survive...

     Ah Jing is very clear what will happen if the things John mentioned on the phone become reality.

     She and her father have both entered the time-space zone of Nosoran Company, which she knows very well. If, eventually, that space will invade G City, then...these "a fish that escaped the net" are unable to escape.

     She, facing a curse!

     Le Zhe finally determined that there would be no problem with smoking. At this moment his feet were covered with cigarette butts.

      At this time, the phone in the pocket started to vibrate.

     "Hello... who?""Mr. Lezhe? I know the family of the child who was killed by you. You come now and ask her for forgiveness, so that maybe you can still be saved. The other four people are dead, if you don’t want to follow their footsteps , You have to make this matter public and confess everything! Life is the most important, remember this!"

     "Really...really? Found that child's family?"

      heard until here, Le Zhe immediately came to the spirit, as if to see a glimmer of light in the darkness.

     "You come to her house now. The child who was killed by you is Zong Haoqun, and his sister is Zong Haolin. I will give you the address now. When you come, think about how to make the other person forgive you. Be as honest as possible!"

     "Okay...Okay, I understand!"

     After Le Zhe actually reflected on it carefully, he also figured it out a bit. He has always defended his behavior two years ago, but if he thinks carefully, he will find that he is purely considering from his standpoint, but completely without thinking about the mood of the deceased's family. The beloved person died like this, even if he couldn't make him buried and at rest, he felt ashamed the more he thought about it.

     Whatever method is used, he wants to forgive the other party. As long as he can find peace of mind and can survive this disaster, he will ask for nothing.At the moment when the phone was put down, suddenly A Jing covered one shivers and dialed again. She ignored one thing. Now let him come here, can he... can he really come alive? It should be noted, now that Runli has no ability to anticipate the date of death, it cannot be ruled out that today is Le Zhe's date of death! She actually forgot this thoroughly!

     However, at the same time she dialed the three numbers, because she was too excited, she hit a pair of scissors on the coffee table and hit the ground. This pair of scissors was used when the Artemisia fragrans cut the outer packaging of the CD. And at the moment it fell under the coffee table. Next to the coffee table is a sofa. At the moment, behind the sofa, a small bloody hand was stretched out, picked up the scissors, and severely cut the telephone line! Then the hand stretched back.

     "Strange... why is there no sound?"

     A Jing looked down the phone again and saw the scissors and the telephone line, and immediately understood. She took out her cell phone again, but when she turned it on, the original background on the screen actually changed to... the ugly face of Hao Qun!

     A Jing didn't hold the phone in one hand, and let it fall to the ground. When he picked it up again, the screen was completely black and he couldn't turn it on again.

     Cold sweat began to flow from A Jing's forehead. She knew that Hao Qun was planning to take revenge on the last person. If he didn’t kill the band, he wouldn’t stop...

     "Huan Lin... Follow me!" A Jing was very clear that Hao Lin was the last hope.

     She didn't want to... don't want to face her curse! That crazy, mortal curse, she does not want to face it!A Jing's fear of his destiny was finally inspired. she by no means I was so strong in my imagination. Moreover, this curse means that it will be completely erased from in this world, and she and her father are inevitable...

     And, for her, if in the future...will disappear completely in the dark memory...

     This fear engulfed her heart, and the cursed chain was only a link away, and it was about to reach the link connecting her own destiny. Although I don’t know what this curse chain is based on, but every cursed person can’t escape. In the days decided, he was killed by various strange phenomena that were already destined, and faced with prefer death over life. terror. Finally, become a new part of the chain and continue to continue this curse...

     She was biting the lips tightly at this moment, her hands trembling so much that when driving the door, she failed to aim at the keyhole several times.

     She doesn’t want to die... To be precise, she doesn’t want to disappear, or to be completely erased in this world!

     When Le Zhe got in the car, he had mixed feelings.

     After that, holding the steering wheel again, his hands would tremble slightly. To say not the slightest feeling of guilt is also deceiving. Sinking that body under the water, his heart could not forget this matter. whatever the case...Now we finally have the opportunity to ask for forgiveness and obtain inner redemption.

     Inwardly, he silently apologized to them.

     He was wrong, and now he must face this error.

     "Forget it, we're useless to find him now."

     After Ah Jing's hand touched the steering wheel, he slowly sagged down again.Going to him now will probably miss the meeting. It might be better to stay here, but it might be bigger to see him.

     But...if halfway...

     "I'll go."

     Shen Huai already understood A Jing’s concerns, and he said to Hao Lin: “Go home, after all, Le Zhe is coming to you. I’ll go find him, after all, Hao Qun is malicious to me there’s nothing about it, he probably not how to treat me."

     Although... everyone knows that the vengeful spirit is very cruel.

     Shen Huai has treated Hao Qun as his own younger brother, and he never thought of this usually well-behaved child, actually...

     When I thought of talking to him as usual, my back spine chilled.

     Although the gun was still installed on his body, the bullet had no spiritual power anymore, because that ability originated from Mu Jing, and now he lost his supernatural ability. This is just a normal bullet, which has no effect on ghosts.

     And... he knows how dangerous it is. However, in a few days, that space will completely invade the city. He must cut the chain of curses before then!

     Le Zhe had read the map beforehand and checked the route.

     Along the endless stream of horse and carriages, his heart gradually eased a lot.

     His car window glass is brown, and it looks gray outside, as if it were cloudy. There was basically no traffic jam along the way.

     But... he gradually felt strange later.

     Instead of saying that the traffic is very smooth, might as well say yes... the traffic flow seems to be a little abnormal.On the wide road, at most there are only two cars in twos and threes. It is still daytime and today is not a day of rest, let alone a main road. Why are there so few cars?

     Moreover, pedestrians are hardly visible on the streets. The stores are no exception, and all are closed.

     He inadvertently raised head up to see, but even his eyes almost glared out.

     In the sky... there is a bright and bright moon!

     Now... it's less than three o'clock in the afternoon! How could there be such a bright moon!

     Looking towards the car windows on both sides, it was actually a dark sky! The glass next to it is completely transparent!

     The night gradually sagged, and the surroundings were so dark that they could not clearly distinguish the scene. Moreover, the surrounding tall buildings gradually reduced, replaced by... the grass in the wilderness!

     Now, carefully glancing to left and right, it feels like a suburban highway, not at all in a big city!

     The eerie wind was blowing constantly, like knocking on the window.

     The strange scene made Le Zhe gradually understand. that Run Yun and what he said, the date of death of the cursed?

     According to Run An, it seems that as long as it is on the date of death, it is absolutely impossible to escape. However, if it’s possible to escape, the curse chain will be cut off, and the curse will be eliminated accordingly.

     "This... where is this place?"

     He turned the head of the car and wanted to drive back, however, there was a long endless road behind. It was getting darker and darker, and the moon was gradually engulfed by dark clouds.He stopped the car and took out the cell phone to call A Jing, but... he said "not in the service area". The same applies to moisturizing.

     He gritted his teeth and slammed on the throttle to drive forward, hoping to find a pedestrian or two, or a place with bright light.

     Suddenly, a branch road appeared ahead. There are three fork roads, each leading irregularly to a certain direction, and any one direction seems to be leading to darkness.

     He was hesitating, a loud voice broke the dark silence.

     That is……

     Whistle sound!

     In front of the headlights, a blurry shadow is gradually floating. Yes, it is floating.

     On the ground, a large pool of blood first scared him, a thin body... no, a thin half body, suspended in midair.

     This is... that child's upper body!

     From below the broken body, blood poured out like spring water. He lowered his head and never lifted it, but the loud whistle made Le Zhe extremely certain that he was Zonghao Group!

     "Please forgive me...forgive me..."

     Although the car and the suspended half of the body have a distance of more than 20 meters, Le Zhe feels that he is in front of yourself!

     The body was always suspended in this way, repeating the whistle, without moving. However, this is more tormenting.

     Le Zhe turned his head to a certain road and immediately accelerated Drove over!The road is meandering, but the surrounding scenery is exactly the same, and it doesn't have any reference at all. Le Zhe has completely lost his sense of direction, he can only rely on intuition to act.

     The road seems to have no end, and there is always darkness ahead. Le Zhe has increased the speed to the limit, and still looks back from time to time to see if there is a shadow behind him.

      At this time, several forks appeared in front of me.

     Le Zhe stopped the car, just wanted to judge the direction, but felt here... seemed familiar. He had no time to think about it, and the whistle like the sound of hell sounded again!

     He looked intently... in front, still the floating half of the body, and the road... there were still three...

     That's right... Le Zhe finally cleared it over...

     He returned to the original branch!