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0 Chapter Directory 111 Real Devil Two
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"It's you?"

      The middle-aged man is slightly frowned, so at this moment, the man already arrived in front of the window.

     "Are you... Mr. Ren Senbo? A Jing's father, Hajimemashite, I'm Yirun, we should not be Hajimemashite."

     Ren Senbo heard this sentence, frowning more tightly. Wen Zimei, sitting at his side, also began to feel uncomfortable.

     "Purple go first. I will talk to Mr. Yi separately."

     "Yes, but..."

     "Don't say it, go away."

     Zimei was so determined to see Ren Sengbo that she had to open the door and hold up the umbrella.

     "Come in, Mr. Yi, it's raining too much. It's better to come to the car and talk. However... How did you find it here?"

     "Nothing. I just followed Miss Wen with chameleon liquid. Although, it took me a little bit time. She appeared in front of me an hour ago and warned me about the curse that started a few days later. Go. I guess she might come to see you. Fortunately, she lost her ghost eyes, otherwise I can’t hide it completely."

      spoke until here, Run An was already in the car.

     "Is that right ?"

     Ren Senbo's expression is still somewhat unnatural.

     "Finally, it's this time. A Jing's curse..." The darkened corners of the eyes flashed a strange look, and that look made people unable to escape. But Ren Senbo was calm.

     "You really want to think of it... When I lose my psychic constitution, I worry that this will happen.""Mu Jing and I mentioned that Zhong Zili was removed by you from his memory of the accidental killing of Nan Rentian, so your Yin Yang pupils should have the ability to forget some memories. But now you are a mortal, no This ability."

     "Yes... I still have some dependence on supernatural powers."

     "Actually, I always have a question that I don't understand."

     Run secret words turned into the core of the conversation.

     "It's really impossible for you to ask Ah Jing to come to our brothers and sisters. Your The Almighty foresight ability, you can foresee a lot of humans with stronger spiritual qualities, and then arrange your daughter to those people is not better Aren’t I and Runli’s hunch not complete? It’s very fragmented information. Even if combined with Ah Jing’s keyword hunch, we can’t get a very accurate message. If someone like Mu Jing is in Ah Jing Isn’t it better around me?"

     Ren Senbo sighed saying.

     "I underestimated your IQ."

     "No, it's just that you have too much confidence in yourself, Mr. Ren."

     Next, Run An revealed his guess.

     "Your ghost eye ability was indeed awakened after your wife died three years ago?"

     There was stillness in the car, and the rain outside the window was getting bigger and bigger, and it was gradually pouring.

     "Don't talk? Should I speak for you?"

     After watching the disc, Run An's memory has completely recovered.The Foreign Space has the ability to disturb the space-time and cause and effect inversion, which is almost consistent with his description of the birth space of the dead human form. He did not believe that this was a pure coincidence.

     But... he would not admit that this time and space were manufactured under his pen.

     He did not stupid to believe so directly that everything was caused by this.

     The movie was affected by the Foreign Space. It started on Halloween night, and it didn't matter whether it was completely alienated until Jane Weijing.

     Because he has recalled.

     All the ideas and plot of this movie are not his original!

     That was seven years ago, shortly after he and Runli moved out of the original city, the days were getting harder and harder. The days of half-work and half-study could not sustain the daily expenses, and the money left by his parents was about to run out. At the moment of pulling on the lapels exposes the elbows, he decided to try writing.

     The dark writing has been very good since childhood, and the articles that have been submitted have also been published in the newspaper. So he was very confident about this, but he did not intend to write supernatural at first, but intended to try science fiction.

     "Death from the human form" originally told an experiment that made an experiment that made the human die and reborn biochemical research institute fail and created a monster story. It doesn’t matter with supernatural.

     But one day, he turned some science fiction notes in the library and was about to start writing, when he met a man.The man seems to be about thirty years old. He started chatting with him on the topic of Run An borrowed books. As a result, the two had a very speculative chat. As a result, about two hours later, he noticed Run An's notes and said with a smile : "Are you planning to write science fiction?"

     Then darken nodded.

     "Should I provide you with some plot ideas?"

     "Okay, uncle."

     At that time, Rundang was only one child under 20 years old, and did not realize what this meant.

     "How about depicting... a space with disordered space and time? It will be a stage for the appearance of a dead human figure. Listen well..."

     The man told Runan's many plot suggestions, and then left.

     Ren Senbo's hand holding cigarettes at this moment is somewhat shivering.

     "That person... is that you? Although so many years have passed, I still remember clearly. Before you left, you used your awakened Yin and Yang pupils, and then erased my memory of you, But the plot concept is still in my mind. I thought that the concept of the different degrees of time and space was completely my own, and gave me some hints that I changed from science fiction to supernatural."

     Yes... everything is planned.

     "In this era, whether a book is popular or not, its quality is no longer the most critical factor, but whether it is enough topicality and whether it can satisfy people's strong curiosity. With your hunch by The Almighty, you can There are too many relationships to use. As long as it is fully publicized and combined with the real supernatural phenomenon as a selling point, it is difficult for this book to be popular."Ren Senbo closes the eyes.

     "This is the first step of your plan, Mr. Ren. "Death from the Human Figure" is not a fictional story, but the absolute truth hidden behind the scenes of Nosoran! If such a book comes out, it will be doubted by the company. I am someone who knows the inside story, or... at least it has something to do with someone who knows the inside story. Let them pay attention to me and then use me again, this is yours purpose."

     Run dark conclusion, already arrived throat mouth.

     "Nosoran company... is actually just a prop in your hands? In fact, the establishment of this company was contributed by you!"

     Yes, this is the whole truth.

      Ren Senbo of The Almighty, manipulated everything with one hand, just to cut off the curse chain.

     "You did it for your wife and Ah Jing? Because both of them were cursed. You need to find a way to lift the curse before the date of their death. And for For this purpose, you can use both fair and foul methods."

     A cold gun pressed against the darkened waist.

     "Choosing you... maybe a mistake."

     Although Ren Senbo was holding a gun, his expression was still very natural.

     "Yeah, do you realize it now?"

     Run dark was unmoved.

     "Well... anyway, your value of use is also over. Since the company no longer exists, it is not important that you are still with A Jing. It is no longer important. I know I can't kill you before the date of the curse, but you will always I can't see Ah Jing again, I can still do it.""I will... tell you everything."

     Ren Senbo began to talk about the unbearable to recall memory that was sealed in his deep in one's heart.

     His ghost eyes, from the day he was born, were able to foresee big within the range's cursed. However, the farther away from the present, the less information can be foreseen. The information that has nothing to do with the curse is to happen before the next day.

     His parents, grandparents, every partner and friend around him, he can all foresee their death, but none can save. His childhood was spent in blood and fear.

     At any time, he would foresee extremely horrible things, but he was unable to stop it. So much so that he eventually had to study psychology, seek spiritual comfort, and finally became a famous Psychologist ironically.

     The biggest pain this purple pupil caused him was after he met A Jing's mother.

     She always likes to walk by the trees in the avenue, every smile seems to be soaked in sunlight, and she likes to run happily under the grapevine.

     She is dream, beauty and poetry, she is the greatest gem of Ren Senbo's life.

     When love is born, fear follows.

     Maybe in the future, she will be lost. Just like when I was a kid. By that time, nothing will remain. In the end, he could only spend his life in front of the lonely tomb.

     Acacia's Painful Torture is holding him. He anticipates that she will die in the future. Whether or not she is with her in the future, she is a link in this curse chain. Sooner or later, it will be her turn to face the date of death.Who prescribed this curse? Since there is such a cruel curse, why should people be able to anticipate its coming?

     Suffering from struggle and pain, he eventually stepped into the wedding hall with his favorite person. And when his wife slightly raised his stomach, he knew that the child could not escape.

     Both the mother and daughter will be bound by this curse chain and die on their destined days.

     Ren Senbo cannot accept this fate.

     She was so young, so healthy, so beautiful and kind. I also want to watch the sunset with her at sunset, so I hug each other and count the stars in the night sky. Even those three words that won't get tired for thousands of times, I want to be able to mention them in her ears forever. I also hope that this child can be nurtured until she grows up, holding her hand and leading her into the palace of marriage, watching her happiness, and finally entering the tomb with her lover and entering the final long sleep.

     Why can't you be like this in your life?

     How can it be willing?

     If the god cannot hear his prayer, if his clean soul can only be exchanged for the eternity of hell in the future, then... he would rather be a demon, and it doesn’t matter how many people are sacrificed, just to save the two beloved!

     The first step of the plan was launched at that time.

     While in the United States, he met the Nosoran family and had a relationship with Kim Nosoran. More coincidentally, he also met a man named Julius Owen.

     Owen's son was born blind since he was a child, but Ren Senbo knew that there was a ghost in the child's body.The child named John was incorporated into his plan from the beginning.

     The ancestors of the Jules family once had a knighthood, but now it has fallen. They do not have much power, and the remaining industry can only barely maintain their livelihood.

     On that day, while John was asleep, Ren Senbo gave Satan his complete Fallen Soul.

     He set the Jules family manor on fire.

     Through his premonition of The Almighty, after killing John's parents, he also helped him through the procedures for entering the orphanage. The property of the Jules family was also put to the torch in the fire. In the absence of property, no relatives proposed to adopt John.

     From the beginning, he decided to make John the ultimate prop, a prop that could solve the curse on A Jing.

     In China, there are a number of strange buildings that no one notices in many cities. Those buildings are completely without owners, the source and construction time cannot be found, and the government never pays attention. And Ren Senbo knew that with those people who had been involved in the building, all the time they spent in this space was devoured, and no one else't have anybody remember them.

     It is the best choice to make use of these buildings to create the experimental field in his mind. Because, people who stay in that space will soon be swallowed by that space. Thus, after the research has achieved results, the experimental field that has no use value can be automatically eliminated.Initially, he intended to directly establish such a company, and then operate behind the scenes. With his foreseeing ability, the trend of the global stock market can be easily foreseen, so money is only a pure consumable for him.

     But soon he realized that he couldn't do that. Because the curse itself will directly destroy the company he established through various methods, such as difficulties in registration, assets frozen, wait wait/etc etc... so finally Ren Senbo realized that he can only guide indirectly The creation of this experimental field achieved his purpose.

     After changing his strategy, first of all, he first used his premonition ability to deliberately disseminate some information to a group of scientists in the United States dedicated to the study of supernatural and supernatural mysterious phenomena, and then to thread a needle to let the Nosolan family sponsor these scientific groups. Of course, no one noticed his role in it. In this society, as long as there is money, many things can be easily solved without having to go out in person.

     Then, I noticed those buildings in China.

     He learned that Nosoran's family interior has been devoted to the pursuit of undying and unextinguished, and is full of various imaginations about the ancient East. Even if something goes wrong, he only needs to eliminate the disadvantages in advance.In the end, Nosoran was born. He first used Yin and Yang pupil eyes to ensure that the company will not completely overturn due to supernatural phenomenon in a short period of time. Then... while he was leading everything, he revealed various information related to ghost eyes and premonitions through many ways. To this company, and as the behind-the-scenes leader, the only thing he wants to see is that this company can work out the ultimate weapon to cut the curse chain.

     Under his secret manipulation, the research of Nosoran Company was on the right track. Subsequently, an early clone experiment was carried out to cultivate the alien constitution who can work for the company. Tie Mujing was one of the most optimistic experimental subjects at the time, because his ghost-spirited ghost blade was so powerful.

     At the same time, he also foretells the time and region where the supernatural phenomenon occurs, and these necessary data, and transmits the information to Nosolan through the Internet. Because Foreseeing The Future is available, this company cannot find his existence in whatever the case.

     But... he knows that it is not impossible for his existence to be perceived as a new generation of alien physiques with premonition abilities are developed in the future. Before that, Ren Senbo had to prepare a puppet to contain the company.

     The puppet chosen by him was Yi Rundang.