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0 Chapter Directory 112 Real Devil Three
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"Death from Humanity" will be turned into a curse, and it is also part of this curse chain. Whether it is written as science fiction or horror, this will not change. Later, the curse of the movie was an escalation of this curse, and Ren Senbo had long foreseen that a curse could be born. So at that time, he decided to use the author of this book, and also the Yirundang who is also a psychic.

     As mentioned before, Ren Senbo used Run An to publish "Death from the Human Figure", and then brought the red book to the company to notice it. Then, through the eyes of Yin and Yang pupils, have a Telepathy conversation with the company's top management, stating that he is the provider of the previous data, and telling them the theory of causal inversion, let everyone think that all supernatural phenomena are written by the dark They were born in "Death from the Human Form", so they all believed that Run Dark is like a monster with the ability to curse demons like Zuo Yi.

     In the past, when so many premonitions were met, most people would believe his words. After all, those people also came into contact with a lot of supernatural phenomena related to causal inversion.

     Of course, this ridiculous conclusion can't withstand scrutiny on the surface. Anyone can think that Ren Senbo had revealed the company's intelligence to Yirun and asked him to write those contents for publication. However, Ren Senbo can make them believe firmly without any doubt.

     Shortly after the release of "Death from the Human Form", the mysterious death of readers frequently appeared. Of course, Ren Senbo used his network to suppress this. Disclosing it to the company and letting it investigate carefully, it is not difficult to find out that "Death from the Humanoid" has cursing ability.Even if someone doubts his words, he will not dare to tempt easily. Because the company cannot be afraid of those supernatural phenomena, then, as the "foreign space maker", the company can only monitor and cannot easily start, and can only announce his experiments with the company to the lower layers of the company. Irrelevant. After a long period of time, the contact with Ren Senbo was the top secret of Nosolan. Even at the highest level, no more than ten people knew.

      Thus, the company's suspicion of him will be completely transferred to Yi Run's body. And Ren Senbo, who can foresee everything, will become the object of the company's dependence. And if the company asks him why he should help them, he can also lie that he is also afraid of Yirun’s horror ability, and he is also threatened to some extent by himself. If he needs the company’s assistance, he will not be doubted. Too.

     Over time, when he determined that Tie Mujing's achievements as the best experimental body had shown time of departure, the date of his wife's death was gradually approaching.

     So, he exchanged information with the company through Telepathy and asked the company to let Tie Mujing participate in the actual combat. The actual purpose was to wipe out the ghost of the wife before killing her.

     At that time, as an important intelligence provider of the company, the company could not refuse, after all, he had many important secrets.

     But what I did not expect was that in the end, not only did the ghost not be killed, but also failed to protect the cursed Gongsun Yuanji.

     The day when Gongsun Yuanji and his wife died was on the same day. That day, he took his wife and daughter out, waiting for news of the company at any time.He was originally holding a prayer mentality, hoping that everything can have a good ending. but……

     In the end, his wife died so cruelly.

     Ren Senbo could do nothing.

     Despair and grief made him almost collapse. At that time, he just wanted to tear his soul apart and curse this World.

     However, he still has a reason to live.

     Because, Jing is still alive.

     He had to endure the despair of prefer death over life, left A Jing, and then issued instructions to the company, decided to use his trump card John.

     After the Nosoran family adopted John living in the orphanage, he transplanted the ghost eye that killed Yuki and his wife into John. Although this decision is dangerous, Ren Senbo already arrived on the brink of madness.

     And Nosoran named it "Undead Eye" and started further development.

     At the same time, he left that note to A Jing and asked her to find Yi Run An. Because he is very clear, John’s ability to foresee will never be inferior to himself, and sooner or later he will be noticed by the company’s senior management. Therefore, if A Jing and Run An are staying together, the company is out of fear of Yi Run An. How dare you treat Ah Jing absolutely. And the ghost in Run An's writing is a curse. It is also a reality. The things that you add creativity to are also happened in the past, and you can't know the past.As for the cigar-bossing boss above Lu Shenhuai, it was actually just Chief In-charge for experimental development, not an absolute high-level. Shortly after he received the information from Shenhuai and issued a live and dark order, the upper layer issued Orders prohibiting direct contact with Yi Runyin and Ren Jing. The man who encountered a cigar on a plane and turned into a snake, and then the flight attendant's head fell on him, was not the same person as the boss, but Kim Nozoran himself.

     As he expected, John really felt his existence. And at this time, A Jing finally stayed together with Yi’s siblings. The reason why he didn’t let A Jing directly find Mo An was because his wife had just died because of the supernatural phenomenon, and she was in contact with Run An, almost It means not admitting to self-recruitment, directly admitting that he is the person behind the scenes providing information to the company. And after the time buffered for so long, even if the company noticed, it was estimated that John was almost time to sense his existence.

     The purpose of snatching Tie Mujing is to set Li Wei to Nosuoran Company. He can easily enter the company's guarded laboratory building and set fire to take away such an important experimental body. In this way, even if the company wants to deal with A Jing Unfavorable, he and Yirun's threats must be considered at the same time.

     Under his prestige, the company's top management can only monitor A Jing at most, and dare not dare to do anything above this to her. In this way, for A Jing, she had double insurance. Otherwise, before the date of her death, she might be caught by the company as a bargaining chip.However, Thus, it represents a complete break with the company. Although the company still has an interest relationship with him, in the case of John's increasingly powerful capabilities, his use value will continue to decrease.

     In the end, the cultivation of John's undead ghost eyes also reached the Final Stage. But at the same time, he also foresees that the day when Nosoran was completely swallowed also entered a countdown. However, fortunately, in the end, the ability to let the undead pupils be fully cultivated. Although the original intention of Enosol was to pursue undying and unextinguished, there was still a long way to go, but for Ren Senbo, it was enough. Finally, before the Northoran company was devoured, he made arrangements in advance to allow John to escape, and used Yin and Yang pupils to eliminate and seal the memory of his premonition that he was the leader behind the scenes.

     The reason why Run An was unable to anticipate the disappearance of Nosoran in advance was because he stayed in the city of G. This city is the only safe haven that can escape that space.

     But Lu Shenhuai and Zong Haolin were spared because the watch was replaced.

     But what I did not expect is that now all those with different physical constitutions are restored to physical constitutions. Ren Senbo speculated that this was because the eyes of the undead had reached a point where they could threaten the curse chain, causing it to finally enter a new stage of madness.

     But...the eyes of the undead still remained. Ren Senbo already had plans to allow A Jing to survive if John also intervened. It may be a bit reluctant for his creatures to use undead ghost eyes, but...should be able to fight this curse.

     But ironically...A Jing was cursed because he entered the Foreign Space of Nosolan Company! What does this stand for?Is it because of of oneself that A Jing was cursed?

     Do not! He does not accept this absurd logic. He did not believe that if he did nothing, the curse might be lifted. But now it is impossible to confirm this conclusion.

     In fact, now he cannot predict the exact date of A Jing's death.

     "This is the whole truth. Yi Run An, your value as my puppet is gone."

     Ren Senbo's indifferent eyes spoke such cruel words. Everything is to eliminate A Jing's curse.

     Run dark thought deeply, if he changed himself, what would he do? if it’s possible, if he saves Ah Jing, will he also do such crazy things?

     Is Ren Senbo good or evil? He treats his wife and daughter as kind, but treats others as evil. If it is wrong, then it is the curse chain itself.

     "The death of Zonghao Group...was it also used by you?"

     "That. It doesn't matter to me, but it doesn't matter. Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, it's good. It is estimated that all the members of the black earth have been killed by him. You have no spiritual constitution. For A Jing, it doesn’t have any meaning. You who know everything don’t need to stay with A Jing. However... Thank you for a long time, for taking care of A Jing. "

     "Does Miss Wen know everything?"

     "Of course I don't know. She only knows that I tried hard to let A Jing's curse be eliminated. It's that simple. And such an important secret, no one who trusts can share with each other.""The last question. You rescued Mu Jing, but because you entered the experiment building of Nosoran Company, you will also be cursed. Why should you do that?"

     "I'm a special case." His answer surprised Run Dark.

     "I, with yin and yang pupils, have a certain ability to dominate that space. I can easily enter and leave the experiment building without interfering with that space. However, unlike Jing, she does not have that ability. Not even alien physical constitution. She is... destined to escape. By the way, the reason why City G is so special is that I specially arranged it. After I knew you and A Jing fled to this city, I used Yin and Yang The pupil seals any passage through which the space can invade the city. But now my ghost eyes have disappeared, so the space can invade smoothly."

     Run An raised one of his most confused questions.

     "I don't understand... If so, Ah Jing entered the experiment building of Nosoran in order to bring out John. Why didn't you stop her? Why?"

     "Yeah...I should have stopped it. But, I foretell that thing, and let Mu Jing go to the experiment building, and bring A Jing to the time of departure. At that time she had already entered. Only this thing , I was so foreboding..."

      spoke until here, his expression finally changed. That is true sorrow and... loneliness.

     For A Jing, maybe Ren Senbo is really an angel of salvation. However, for the innocent employees of Nosoran overwhelming majority who don't know the truth, he is a real devil of a hundred percent.

     "Mr. Ren..."The dark eyes are still so sharp, not the slightest shaking.

     "What happened?" Ren Senbo gradually had an unpredictable hunch, because Run An was so calm, and it was a bit unusual to be calm.

     "Do you think... after I predict your plan, may I follow Zimei here without any preparation in advance? It's just a lost the ghost eyes that play and manipulate the heart. "

      When spoke until here, Ren Senbo raised head up violently, but saw a horrifying face appear on the roof of the car!

     When he woke up, the whole person was lying in the rain, and in front of him was a golden-haired youth.

     "Mr. Ren Senbo..."

     This young man is John.

     The rain drenched his body, and he looked calm, but behind this calm was great terror.

     "In the beginning, you used the eyes of Yin and Yang to help me leave the company and save me from being robbed. I promised to repay you and save your daughter. But now it seems that I chose the wrong way to repay."

     Lying on the muddy and damp ground, Ren Senbo was still extremely calm.

     "Just how are you... It doesn't matter if you kill me, anyway... all the pieces have been laid."

     John put his right palm in front of Ren Senbo's eyes, and his face got closer and closer to Ren Senbo.

     "Are you afraid? Are you afraid of my eyes?"

     In Ren Senbo's eyes, it doesn't have any shaking."I planned for so long, only for the survival of A Jing. As long as she can survive, it doesn't matter even if I want to enter hell next time. Anyway, without her world, as far as I'm concerned, it's already been It’s different from hell there’s nothing about it.”

     "I will let you... see living hell. Until then, I will let you live alive."

     John turned back slightly, his expression didn't have any change, but his pale pupils looked like a passage to the gate of hell.

     The rain is still unwilling to stop, it seems that it also wants to wash this World well...

     However, at this time, Ren Senbo's mouth showed a smile.

      "No... Hell, I will go down, but not you let me see."

     John hadn't responded yet, suddenly a strange fragrance drilled straight into his nostrils, then, he felt to have a dizzy spell, his body could no longer support, fainted on the ground.

     Ren Senbo's palm, pinching a small bottle.

     "Run Dark didn't tell you? The one who taught Ah Jing to make me!"

     After a few days.

     In Hao Lin's house, the table was placed, and the portrait of Hao Qun was placed in the center.

     After the incense was inserted religiously, Shen Huai silently wished the Artemisia group a rest. And Hao Lin has been kneeling on the ground, her tears drooping in the corner of her eyes, her world has almost collapsed.

     Run An, A Jing and Mu Jing also bowed to the portrait in the back.

     The dark inside is the most contradictory.

     John and Ren Senbo disappeared at the same time, and he could not contact Wen Zimei.But nothing else can worry, John will definitely be fine before the death date.

     He roughly guessed whats the matter happened. That day, he gave everything to John and left. What happened next, he didn’t want to interfere.

     Because he found... that his heart is very similar to Ren Senbo.

     He for oneself loved one, using both fair and foul methods to achieve one's aim, from the traditional moral point of view, it seems unforgivable. But Run An could not hate him.

     Because what he is doing is something he has longed for but has never been able to do.

     Especially... he wanted to save, but also the person he wanted to save.

     Longing for A Jing to survive, he also believes that his urgency will not be lost to Ren Senbo.

     Time is already to brook no delay.

     No one can stop the expansion and invasion of this space. Now, it has opened a huge cage in G city. All people who have entered that space cannot leave this city, and those who are not in this city will automatically enter this city.

     The biggest question for Run An is that the final weapon that Ren Senbo spent more than ten years researching, that is, John’s undead ghost eye, can really cut this curse chain?