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0 Chapter Directory 113 Real Demons Four
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

A Jing faces the date of her death.

     Ren Senbo's mind is all about this matter.

     The final step of this project is about to start.

     After inhaling the sleeping gas he made, unless he inhaled the gas he made separately, he would sleep for at least seven days. During this period of time, John was completely at his mercy.

     He is now sleeping in a secret villa in the mountainous area of G City by Ren Senbo. Ren Senbo is quietly waiting for the date of his death, that is... tomorrow.

     It was about three o'clock in the afternoon. He sat alone in the study, poured a glass of red wine, and began to taste it.

     He will not let anyone upset his plan. He must let A Jing live.

     Three years ago, the pain and despair of his wife's death, he did not want to taste it again. As long as Ah Jing can survive, even if he goes to hell immediately, he will have no more regrets. He knew what sins he had committed, and when the time came to repay, he would not shirk.

     Now, there is a group of people from Nosoran who didn’t wear watches or just happened to be in G city. Those people were also cursed. Some people were originally in G city, some people came here baffling. Come, as if being pulled. Zi Mei told them what they were cursed and was setting them up.

     He had let Zimei come here, and warned her in advance not to go to run dark again, and be careful not to be followed by him again. He also let Zimei drink an invisibility that can be seen dripping chameleon liquid on his body. Potion for people.Speaking of these potions, many of them were actually researched by Northoran, but he later told Ajing that the formula was improved, and Ajing then made improvements to striving to improve. For example, after the chameleon liquid was improved, R&D.

      When the time of Midnight 00:00 arrives, it is the moment when all the answers are revealed.

     "Mr. Ren..."

     Wen Zimei walked in with a cup of tea. When Ren Senbo was drinking, he quickly stepped forward to stop and said, "Mr. Ren...Is it better to keep sober as much as possible on such an important day?"


     Ren Senbo put down his wine glass, picked up the tea delivered by Zimei, and took a sip, then put it down and said, "Zimei...I want to talk to you. Now, are you still satisfied with your life? Do you hate those people?"

     "Mr. Ren..."

     Wen Zimei was taken care of by him. She is a psychicist, and she also has a strong ghost physique. Although there are currently no ghost eyes, the past pain cannot end.

     Wen Zimei's ghost eyes caused constant deaths in the village where she was born. She was half-human and half-evil since she was a child. She was born with a blood-red pupil. Anyone who has bullied her will be killed in the sea. In the end, even her biological father strangled her. On the second day, her father was also killed within her body's evil spirits.

     This pair of ghostly eyes that brought her deep pain, almost eventually took her life. The person who saved her was Ren Senbo. Wen Zimei also gained the courage and hope to continue to live.Now, she is finally free and no longer possesses a psychic constitution. But she was not happy, because what she had lost could not come back. So, she decided to use her second half of her life to repay Ren Senbo, without him, there would be no next life for her.

     "I... don't hate anyone. The only thing I hate is the evil spirit that already left my body."

     Wen Zimei said so sincerely.

     Ren Senbo said to her that even if it was painful, she would have to live, even if there was no hope. As long as you live, there will be happy things.

     So she survived and ushered in today.

      "Is that right?"

     Ren Senbo Weiwei sighed saying. Then he turned around and said, "Do you know why? Why should I save you and give you hope to survive?"

     "Why, what does it mean?"

     Wen Zimei didn't understand Ren Senbo's words for a while, but she felt that she was not quite the same as the current look of Sen Bo.

     "You are not a cursed person, and you will not be killed by ghosts from the beginning. So, saving you will not save you... the result is the same. Why should I still save you? Why should I still let you follow? Me? Although you have assisted me in many things, there are too many people who can replace you and can do better than you."

     Wen Zimei is simply unbelievable This is what Ren Senbo said. Is he... really Ren Senbo?"I knew from the beginning that you are a ghost physique. People with physiques like yours are not very common. And people with physiques like you, even if they have changed back to physical physiques like now, if they die at Midnight 00:00 , Not only will it become a ghost, but... will definitely choose a person with the same physique as the host."

     Wen Zimei's legs began to't help back toward the door.

     "It doesn't matter if you change back to physical constitution... The spooky constitution itself is not directly related to Inheritance Genes, anytime and anywhere can be created again. I want John to pass his date of death so that A Jing can survive . But with his physical physique, this undead ghost's ability is difficult to fully realize. So... I must make you a new ghost in John's body."

     Wen Zimei is quite sure that Ren Senbo is not kidding.

     She immediately fled to the door, however, at this time a strange scent began to drift in the air, and then... she was unconscious.

     When the eyes were opened again, a gleam of lights shook in front of them.

     It was a small dark room, surrounded by brick walls, and there was a lot of dust in the air, and under the dim light, she saw John lying on a stone bed in front of her.

     Ren Senbo stood in front of the light, his expression still looked so indifferent and calm, not the slightest reaction.

     "It's almost... Midnight 00:00 is up, it's time. So... you must die, die at Midnight 00:00, and then possess John."

      "No... Mr. Ren, what exactly is going on ......"Wen Zimei's hands were locked with chains, completely unable to move.

     The terrified Purple Charm noticed the gun in Ren Senbo's hand.

     "Although I didn't have a hunch, I expected it. After all, with the existence of ghost eyes like soul-eating pupils, I have long considered John's possibility of losing his spiritual constitution in my plan."

     Ren Senbo was looking at the fluorescent watch on his wrist at the moment, and now... it was 10:40. From 00:00 Midnight, there are only fifteen minutes left. Now Ren Senbo, his heart is beating fiercely.

     If John will die tomorrow, it means that all his calculations and research have failed, and Ah Jing’s death can no longer be reversed.

     "Please... don’t do that, Mr. Ren... do you know the consequences? If you kill me and turn me into a ghost, then you..."

     "I don't mind. You want to kill me or fight me into Eighteen Levels of Hell. As long as A Jing can survive, no matter what I accept. I know how serious my sins are, As early as that year, when I burned down Owen's manor, I already got my hands dirty."

     Ren Senbo watched still has some time, and simply told Wen Zimei the truth behind the scenes.

     When he finished, it was only two or three minutes away from Midnight 00:00.

     "How can it be..." Wen Zimei unimaginable Ren Senbo actually did so many unimaginable cruel things in secret, in order to let her daughter live a cursed day, he did not hesitate to create an experimental field, created so many tragedies .

     And John is Ren Senbo's biggest victim."You should understand? I chose John and let him have the eyes of the undead, just for this moment. If you hate me, just hate it, I will bear all the sins. But, A Jing is going to live... this Curse chain, I must cut off!"

     Immediately afterwards, he began to look at the second hand of the watch, Midnight 00:00 already entered the final countdown.

     For the last few minutes, to Wen Zimei, it was like centuries.

     "Don't... don't... I don't want to become a ghost, please, Mr. Ren, don't kill me, please let me off..."

     Wen Zimeiming knew she was going to die, but she still desperately begged Ren Senbo.

     However, this will not impress Ren Sembo.

     "I beg you... whatever you want me to do... it doesn’t matter if I'm going to kill someone, but please don’t kill me... I don’t want to die, I don’t want to be a ghost..."

     "Time arrived ."

     At that time when the needle and the minute hand finally coincided at zero, Ren Senbo finally raised the gun in his hand and pointed at Wen Zimei in front of him.

     The first shot was in the belly of Wen Zimei.

     He deliberately avoided the point.

     Because she cannot be killed immediately, she must be allowed to die in extreme pain to become the most terrifying ghost.

     Immediately afterwards, he fired four more shots in the ear, shoulder, right chest and thigh.

     Despite Wen Zimei's screaming screams, Ren Bo's eyes didn't have any shaking.

     "Then... Farewell, Purple Charm."In fact, the brutal method could have been used to kill Wen Zimei. However, considering the limited time, Ren Senbo chose this more efficient method.

     The muzzle was aimed at Wen Zimei's heart.


     Wen Zimei had no time to say the word, her left chest splashed a pool of blood.

     Six shots, in less than ten seconds, Ren Senbo took a person's life.

     "A Jing... It's not my wish to save you with these stained hands. But I still want you to live."

     Ren Senbo put down the gun still floating in smoke and looked at the body that smelled Zi Mei in front of him.

     He estimated that Li Gui should have been born. But, he has not seen.

     "You really... are real demons."

     Ren Senbo was shocked and looked back suddenly, it was actually John! He woke up!

     "How come, the drug effect won't pass so soon... so that's how it is, the undead ghost's ability to feel danger makes you wake up automatically."

     John stared coldly at Ren Sembo.

      He by no means showed special indignation, but was looking at each other with an almost insignificant look.

     "Don't you understand? You are just part of this curse chain."

      Midnight 00:00 has passed. Ren Senbo began to feel wrong.

     John's eyes are still black.

     "No... why, why?"

     "Your role in this chain is already vanished. You... will see living hell."John stood up and started walking up the nearby steps.

     "No... my calculations cannot be wrong, impossible..."

     "Do you really think so?"

     John let's talk while we walk: "Calculate? No, humans cannot calculate the limit of this curse. In fact, the person who has been calculated and used is yourself, Mr. Ren Senbo. You killed my parents, Creating the experimentation ground of Nosoran Company, including using me as your final weapon... It’s all part of the curse itself. I already saw it, and for us, this World is the real hell ."


     Ren Senbo still can not accept. He quickly followed John's footsteps and quickly reached the first floor. John stood silently waiting for him outside.

     "If the curse is absolute, then why can I anticipate everything? Why can you use these undead eyes again?"

     Ren Senbo is still trying to make a final struggle.

     "Because it is necessary to complete this curse, it brings us the ultimate terror of unable to escape."

     John's tone sounded really strange.

     "I don't understand... how do you seem to care about your life and death at all? Don't you care about Hao Lin? Don't you plan to make any effort to break this curse?"

     "I won't die...but, I won't accept your arrangement."

     "What does it mean?""You have plans for your daughter to live, and I... also have plans for sister Hao Lin to survive. Like you, I am also a challenger to this curse chain."

     Ren Senbo moved his lips, intending to continue to say, suddenly with a gunshot, his chest was instantly penetrated by a bullet...

     In the basement, Wen Zimei was still bound by chains. The blood on her body, like a fountain, began to gush outwards at a steady flow. At the same time, her hand also began to twist unnaturally...

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