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0 Chapter Directory 114 Ghost Eye
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

The bullet came from behind.

     Ren Senbo looked back and shot him, actually Weijing's biological mother, Sui Yunxi!

     At the moment, Sui Yunxi was holding a gun, looking at him like a flame, and turned to John and said: "Because I have always been worried about John, so when I hired you as the private bodyguard of Wagen , Just installed a bug in your clothes. At first it was just a measure taken to protect you, but I didn't expect... I actually knew the truth!"

     Ren Senbo was too late to say another word. Sui Yunxi fired another bullet, this time in the chest.

     "I absolutely do not forgive you... Ren Senbo!"

     John always stood silently, a detached point of view everything.

     "May Ji... you were killed! She is also my daughter! Although it is a clone of Weijing, she is also a child I gave birth in October!"

     Sui Yunxi spoke until here, difficult to suppress the mood of grief and indignation, and fired two or three shots at Ren Senbo, all deliberately avoiding the point.

     Ren Senbo finally fell down. He first kneels down on the ground, then his head hit the ground heavily, and a lot of blood was lost, making him currently already in a state of lingering.

     "There is also Weijing... She is also to be cursed for this reason! Ren Senbo, I will never forgive you!"

     Ren Senbo can no longer struggle.

     He couldn't see the moment when Ah Jing could be saved.

     At the moment when he finally closed his eyes, A Jing, who was far away from the dark house, suddenly woke up from a nightmare.

     "What's going on ......"Runli around her was still asleep, and there was still darkness and silence around her.

     A Jing is covered with a strong sense of unrest, this kind of feeling has never been there before.

     Sui Yunxi slowly put down the gun, came to Ren Senbo's body, and kicked his head gently, and after confirming that he was not breathing, the whole person collapsed to the ground, tears flowed unceasingly.

     "it's all my fault……"

     Sui Yunxi regretted it less than three days after handing the wish Ji to Nosuolan.

     Out of this pain and hurt, she could not accept such an ending, and the pain kept her immersed in sorrow.

     That's why she regrets repeatedly, why her daughter doesn't have ghost eyes. If the experiment can be successful, she will be able to leave the experiment building that Time Elapses is different from the outside world and live a normal life.

     Yes, she would treat Ji Ji as her daughter. This mood is similar to that of Wei Jing's twin sisters. However, she now understands that from start to finish, all this is just for one person, only for the daughter of Senbo alone, and caused such sacrifices.

      At this time, she raised her head looked at John but found something strange.

     Why didn't he respond at all and just stood so?

     ", what the hell are you? Why motionless like a statue?"

     But soon, she got the answer.

     John's cheeks began to decay at an alarming rate, his original intact skin became like a dry mummy, and then the entire body lost moisture, turned into a dry body, and fell to the ground.This is a zombie created by the eyes of the undead. And John's soul can be constantly transferred to a new body, and can also create soulless zombies. And he himself has left here early.

     Sui Yunxi naturally didn't know what's going on. When he saw John suddenly turned into a corpse, he thought that he had been attacked by a ghost. This happened, and he lost one's head out of fear.

     And at this time, the basement entrance suddenly heard a strange gasp.

     Sui Yunxi was startled, and had no time to respond. The entrance door of the basement was slammed open. She hadn't seen clearly what's going on. A bloody hand pierced her head, and then held it high. Then, she 'S body was torn in half in an instant!

     John knew that he must not directly face the fierce ghost that Wen Zimei had changed.

     He is really unfamiliar with the mountains in this area, doesn't have any communication tools, and has no sense of direction.

     He has created a lot of zombies in the mountainous area. According to the ability of the undead ghost eyes, even if his own body is killed, his soul can be transferred to one of the zombies he made, and then create more zombies. Come. This is why such ghost eyes are called undead ghost eyes.

     It is indeed not unreasonable for Ren Senbo to be so confident in such ghost eyes. However, in the case of only creatures, the number of zombies that can be created will also be limited.

      At this time, he clearly felt that a zombie about three kilometers away from him was killed!

     The one who can kill zombies... absolutely impossible will be human!Immediately after, one after another, there were zombies killed, what thing was approaching him, this is undoubtedly true!

     John was considering whether to gather all the zombies in his surroundings, but he soon dismissed the idea. Because of Such result, Wen Zimei, who turned into Li Gui, must be able to know which one is the real one.

     Her death has an indirect relationship with herself, and now she has become a ghost, of course not letting herself go.

     Stepping into the pitch black wood, John ran at the fastest speed, just to leave here as soon as possible.

     Even with this pair of undead ghost eyes, when entering the date of death, he doesn't have any confidence that he can survive.

     There are about thirty zombies he manufactured in various parts of the mountain.

     But now, he feels already dead more than ten zombies.

     Still approaching... Still approaching...

     The zombie closest to him also died.

     The fierce ghost is approaching!

     When John felt a palpitation coming from behind, he immediately made up his mind and transferred his soul.

     It was only two or three seconds later, his body was grabbed by a sudden flash of figure, and then, John's body tore all split up and in pieces, leaving only a pile of minced meat on the ground.

     And John moved his soul into a zombie about four kilometers away.

     "Why, how could it be so terrifying..."

     He took a breath after holding a tree, and he felt that three more zombies were killed.Although I have long known that Li Gui is terrible, and I had a Li Gui in my body in the past, I never expected to be so terrified that you can't guard against it at all.

     "Just now, I just have to Shifting the Soul for a second, and I'm already dead..."

     John thought that the ability to rely on the eyes of the undead was not so embarrassed, but now, he really can't even feel relieved for a second.

     Only make as many zombies as possible.

     The maximum number of zombies that can be manufactured by relying on creatures to drive the eyes of undead ghosts is about fifty. With his eyes wide open, his half of the face gradually became extremely terrifying, and then a group of people who appeared exactly the same as John but who acted like walking corpse came out no cause, no reason around him.

     John let these twenty zombies run away in different directions, and injected certain living things aura into them. In this way, the ghost who smelled Zimei could not easily distinguish who he was.

     Then, he combined the optic nerve of the undead ghost's eye with other zombie spirits to monitor the movement of the ghost.

     Although I still can't know the way down the mountain, but at least I can guard against the ghosts.

     But soon, he started to feel wrong.

     He found that no matter where he went, the surrounding scene did not change much. Although the trees all look similar, this strange feeling is as if he has been walking in the same place.

     John couldn't help getting nervous.

     He decided to enter a state where the eyes of the undead were released. Although this would greatly consume his living things, he thought that if he did not do so, he would die anytime and anywhere.However, just before he could release, a strange and unnatural feeling rose from the bottom of his feet.

     One of the zombies... encountered a ghost!

     He closes the eyes, connects the optic nerve and starts to see what the zombie sees.

     At first, it was just ordinary scenes of woods. However, the picture changed, and I saw a white hand lift up another zombie's body. Obscured by the visual range, the owner of the hand is unclear, but... the zombie was mentioned at a height of at least three meters, and then a hand entered the visual range, lifting the zombie lifted in the air like a piece of torn paper , Torn his body completely!

     He hadn't been surprised yet, and it was dark again. The zombie connected to his optic nerve seemed to be lifted up, and then...the connection was broken!

     A clearing.

     The ground is a pile of rotten pieces of meat, which are not bloody, but pure dried meat. After a zombie dies, it becomes a corpse.

     At this time, many figures appeared in the surrounding jungle.

     A group of zombies that looked exactly the same gathered together, probably about fifteen.

     John decided to stake all on one throw and use the number of fifteen zombies to face the ghost of Wen Zimei.

     Wen Zimei, who had a half-human and half-evil spirit constitution, became a terrible ghost. The level of terror is definitely not what ordinary ghosts can discuss two disparate things together. He dared not care any more.

     But, except for the dried meat on the ground, nothing can be seen.

     Fifteen zombies wandered like this, searching around.John himself is remotely controlled from a distance of about five kilometers, and his forehead is also sweat beads.

     When Hao Lin was conducting Technical Analysis, it was clearly determined that the zombies could dismember a cow with bare hands, and the reinforced concrete walls could be broken like foam plastic. The rigidity of the muscles has also been determined. Needless to say, the bullets cannot be shot in. The company used to tie them with their latest super-power bombs and detonate them. This kind of bomb is enough to flatten a mountain, but they are fried. When a zombie, it can not cause any scars!

     But now... but it is so simple...

     But he had no time to think about it, and terror had already arrived.

      The optic nerve was suddenly cut off!

     He could no longer see what the zombies saw, but he clearly felt that the zombies were killed one by one... And, almost one second died!

     John was completely overwhelmed by fear.

     There was only one word left in his mind: "Run!"

     However, as soon as he took a step and ran a few steps forward, the scene in front of him shocked him.

     There are a lot of dead corpses on the ground, those cadavers... are the dead zombies!

     "How... how can it be?"

     Those zombies are clearly five kilometers away!

     Then... Wen Zimei should now also...

     Suddenly, he felt that his eyes were blocked, and he touched his forehead... actually it was... long bangs!

     He touched him again, and actually touched a long hair on his back!

     This is... smelling Zimei's hair!He didn't have time to react, and the hair that grew baffling on top of his head strangled his neck.

     Unable to struggle anymore, although he grabbed his hair with his hand and wanted to pull it off, but he must have faith it tightened tighter!

     He had to move the spirit body again.

     And after his spirit body left this body, he did not wait for the body to become a zombie, and his neck was completely strangled into the shape of a sausage...