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0 Chapter Directory 115 The Person Behind
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

John finally made a large jump in spirit.

     When he woke up again, his body was staying in a glass box about twenty five cubic meters in size.

     "It took me a lot of energy to draw your spirit, John."

     Lu Shenhuai was smiling, standing outside the glass box and grinningly looked at him and said, "It has succeeded. The Spirit Traction Box I made. And your zombies that have been saved in advance are also useful."

     "You... what did you say?"

     "I had expected this to happen long ago, so I put a zombie you made with undead eyes in this glass box in advance. However, this box is still not very stable, it took so long to put your The spirit is drawn."

     This room is not particularly large, the light inside the box is very bright, but it seems completely without any light outside. In addition to Lu Shenhuai, Zong Haolin also accompanied him at his side.

     "Huo Lin...sister?"

     "You're really worrying!" she said to John across the glass box: "but finally brought you back in time. That's great..."

     John still has lingering fears at this time. He originally had the eyes of an undead ghost, thinking that even if he faced Li Gui directly, nothing else was terrible, but his previous experience completely subverted his ideas. The zombies were almost as weak as babies in front of Li Gui. His life was almost accounted for in the mountain several times.

      "All right, you come out first... don't worry too much, your undead eyes are not so vulnerable."Although Shenhuai said so on his mouth, he was really bottomless. John is the greatest hope to stop this curse from spreading. As long as he can become a breakwater, then he and Hao Lin's curse can be lifted at the same time. But relative...if he can't escape the curse...

     After walking out of the glass box, Shen Huai explained to him: "This place is our home... Well, this room was originally used as a living room. This glass box is also temporarily set up, how? My invention?"

     "Not worthy of flattery..."

     Then, Shen Huai began to ask him about the details of the incident, so John said everything about Ren Senbo.

     The two are naturally terrified. No matter what the case was, the only one crazy father of Nosolan Company created for the experiment of killing ghosts... this is so unexpected!

     After a long time, they failed to respond from the shock.

     "Then... what should I do?" Hao Lin began to worry about John: "That ghost will come to you..."

     "Today is my date of death." John knew that these undead ghost eyes were the only savior.

     "Understood, the ability of these ghost eyes must be improved."

     In fact, in the past, Shenhuai proposed an enhancement plan in the process of studying the eyes of the undead, but it was rejected by the leader in charge of research and development.

     Only this one way...

     "John. Listen, this is the only way, but it is also dangerous."Shen Huai's solemn face made John understand that this method would definitely cost him a lot. But at this time, life-saving is the most important thing, and other Johns don’t even think about it.

     "Let's talk about it... anyway, I'm also without other life. The current undead ghost eyes can't save me at all."

     "Split spirit... should you be able to do it now?"

     John heard until here, his heart suddenly tightened. This is... the one type of ability possessed by the split spirit pupil's eye, and the undead ghost eye has proved in the previous experiments that the spirit body can be divided. The maximum limit of division is nine divisions.

     John understood the meaning of Shenhuai.

     What he meant was to divide his own spirit into nine and attach them to nine zombies. In this way, the probability of survival can be much improved. Even if one of them was killed, there are eight others.

     Of course, once the spirit is divided into nine parts, it will not be so easy if it merges after a long time. This is a very dangerous bet.

     "Indeed, it is the only and best way..."

     Words spoke until here, John suddenly felt his heart tighten, that fierce ghost... is entering this apartment, and is now going upstairs!

     "I... I have to go first, I can't hurt you!"

     But as soon as he finished saying this, outside... there was a knock on the door! And the sound of knocking on the door was extremely rapid.

     "God... isn't it that fast?" John just felt that the ghost was upstairs, already arrived? How could it be so terrifying speed?But in the time of hesitation, the knock on the door became... the sound of knocking on the door!

     "Me, I'm leaving..."

     John spoke until here, rushed to the window, opened the window, and jumped down!

     Here...but on the seventh floor!

     During the fall, John quickly created a zombie underneath, and then moved the spirit. Fortunately, this process is very skillful, and the spirit moves at a time of departure with a distance of about five meters from the ground.

     As the body that had turned into a corpse hit the concrete floor heavily, John attached to the body of the new zombie was ready to act again!

     Because almost all the zombies made on that mountain were killed, now he can change into new zombies. As his thoughts moved, a dozen more zombies were created in this neighborhood, and then, his Soul Division was divided into nine parts, each attached to a different zombie body.

     There are nine of my own words, so even if you will be chased by Li Gui, there will always be half the number that can deal with her until Midnight 00:00 of this evening, right?

     This is a battle against time!

     Shen Huai and Hao Lin ran to the window, and the bodies that looked below shook the head.

     Now, besides praying for John, nothing can be done. They are all mortals of flesh and blood's body. In the face of fierce ghosts, hundreds of lives are not enough.

     Although the soul is divided into nine equal parts, the main personality and will are still concentrated on a certain zombie. Then John spread his legs and ran away.

     That ghost is chasing him... chasing him...

     The sky is getting brighter.In the eastern part of the city, a small grocery store has just opened.

     The boss just opened the rolling door to prepare for business, but he saw a golden-haired youth gasping for air falling in front of his shop. His pupils kept shrinking, looking very frightened.

     "Boy, what happened to you?"

     The boss had just asked this sentence, but he saw that the young man stood up violently and jumped up fiercely. In a leap of several tens of meters, the boss's eyes almost glared out.

     "The sun came out... shouldn't the ghost appear in the daylight?"

     John jumped up to a tall building above him and stood and rested in the sun.

     During these several hours, besides running, he runs. If it is not better than physical fitness, he will definitely get tired.

     He has maintained a high degree of concentration, and his spirit is extremely exhausted at the moment. And what thing did not eat, almost there's nothing about it.

     The sun is not the strongest at this moment, so I don't care.

      Several hours passed, and the trace of Li Gui disappeared temporarily. After all, the sun was getting stronger and she could not come out again.

     At the moment John is having breakfast in an Italian Restaurant. In a sunny place with many people, he can always be at ease. And there are a few zombies around. They are also the first to die. He will leave immediately when he feels it.

     Now, everything around is still calm. John's nervous heart also relaxed slightly.

     Can you survive?He has lived in Dark World since he was little, and he has always been scared and scared when he can't see the light. But after getting these ghost eyes, what I saw was a darker world than before.

     It was too late to sigh his life, and he fell into such despair that there was nowhere to go.

     If it is possible, he really hopes that he will be the same as before and see nothing. If you can't predict anything, then at least you don't have to face the fear of knowing you will die.

     These ghost eyes did not bring him any happiness.

     Suddenly, he heard a burst of tears coming from behind.

     Looking back, there was a woman with long hair sitting at the table about three meters away from him. From his perspective, he can only see the back.

     But he clearly saw that the woman was tearing a drenched with blood steak with her hands. It seemed that the steak was two or three mature at most. Then, the woman seemed to start biting the steak, as if it were deep-seated hatred.

     John immediately turned the head around.

     That woman probably not smelled Zimei. Otherwise, he can't have any feeling. And if it is her, there is no reason to eat steak here.

     The sound of a steak ripping behind is getting bigger and bigger. The woman chewing on the steak is like a lion eating. It sounds... not at all like the sound of eating that a human class makes.

     I just scanned the woman's table a little bit, and the food on it was almost all meat. In addition to steak, there are pork chops, lamb chops and so on.What makes him even more strange is that this woman is so terrible that she doesn't have any people around her and shows dissatisfaction and disdain.

     Yes... as if... no one can see her and hear her voice as she eats.

     He began to imagine the woman's appearance, she must be full of blood at the moment, right? Who is she? Is it really one human?

     John didn't dare to walk over to see the woman's appearance. He was afraid to really see...

     "Serve... server! Checkout!"

     Where John can still eat, he simply intends to check out and leave.

     But what made him feel goosebumps was that he had to pass the woman's table before leaving the restaurant door.

     When the waiter came, he didn't wait for him to quote the specific price, so John took a stack of banknotes and put them in his palm, saying: "No need to look for it, the other is a tip."

     Then, without waiting for the waiter to thank him, he grabbed the clothes on the back of the chair and put on the clothes to leave. He tried not to overdo it, not to see the woman at the table. but……

     There was no one on that table...

     There were only a few plates on the table, and the plates were thoroughly boned, with no meat residue left.

     That woman actually ate so fast?

     John tried to persuade himself in her heart that she couldn't have smelled Zi Mei, and then strode toward the door in a big step.


     He could not walk to the door!Obviously, it looks less than ten meters away, and it's just after a few tables. But he has been striding fast and walking forward constantly, but the door is always in front of him, and he can't get there!

     The weird thing is... he is indeed sure that he is moving forward, and there is no make no headway!

     In the end he simply ran up and walked past many tables that he didn't know. The door was always in front of him, and it seemed that he could be reached in a few steps. However, John never got there.

     Look aside...

     The scene in the restaurant made John feel as if he had fallen into the ice cellar!

     In front of each table, there is a complete human skeleton, and the skeleton is sitting on the table like that, it looks...

     Just like the bones that were thoroughly eaten on that plate!

     And, I don’t know why, the sunlight in the room suddenly became dim...

     Behind, the sound of desperately biting the food came again...