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0 Chapter Directory 116 Death Knell
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Midnight 00:00 is approaching.

     John looked at the watch on his wrist, and within an hour, his date of death was about to pass.

     This is the last John.

     The other eight spirits are already dead.

     At this moment of life and death, he recalled a horrible night at Northorland.

     That was what happened when he was still the fourth experimental body...

     "John, did you take the medicine today?"

     On that day, Hao Lin came to his room as usual and performed a routine physical examination on him. After measuring his body temperature, pulse and blood pressure, she asked John about taking medication on time every day.

     "Well, ate, sister Hao Lin!"

     At that time, he had just transplanted undead ghost eyes, and his constitution had always been stabilized by drugs. However, his body was generally healthy, and he did not have much rejection of these ghost eyes.

     Hao Lin was nodded. After leaving, John looked at the clock and it was almost midnight 00:00.

     His eyelids also started to fight, and after a few yawns, he lay down on the bed.

     Just when he turned off the room lights, a person's silhouette suddenly appeared in a corner of the room!

     But when John noticed, the lights were turned off.

     He hurriedly turned on the light again, but in the room at the moment, there was only his one person.

     The room arranged for him by the company is luxurious with Presidential Suite discussing two disparate things together, and the area is also quite large. In the so big room, there was only one person who was empty. He couldn't help but be nervous.He had planned to ask the company's people to take a look, but he suddenly remembered that he had undead ghost eyes. He might as well create his own zombie to go to another room to check it out.

     So he began to release the undead ghost eyes.

     Soon, in front of him, stood five boys who looked exactly the same as themselves.

     "Go, check out the other rooms."

     The five nodded and went out deadpan.

     After all, John was only one child at that time. After calling the zombies, he covered his head tightly with a quilt, heart alarmed, trembling in fear, waiting for the zombies to return.

     And unfortunate things finally happened.

     With a blood-curdling screech, he suddenly opened the quilt, and began to connect the optic nerve of each zombie with the eyes of the undead.

     One of the zombies, whose body was torn apart all split up and in pieces, has become a corpse falls to the ground. From the eyes of the other four zombies, no one was in each room.

     The chill finally struck. John couldn't help but grabbed the phone microphone at the head of the bed and called the person in the development department to come here immediately.

     However, the other end of the phone...

     It was deathly still.

     The phone line is clearly plugged in!

     John became more and more scared, and he simply manufactured many new zombies, and called back the other four zombies. Surround yourself.

     As an experimental body, the external door is naturally locked. And it is a special lock, only the authentication ID card of the company staff can be opened.

     The appearance of the corpse in his mind remained clearly.The head is gone. The limbs were torn to everything broken and in disorder, and they couldn't see the original.

     In this way, the zombies spent a night with him. Until the day, nothing happened.

     John didn't know what happened and suddenly recalled this matter.

     He already knows that the time flow in the company's experiment building is different from the outside world because the company's building was originally rebuilt on the basis of a spiritual building. There may be something terrifying in the twisted space and time inside.

     At that time, would he already be a member of that thing's death list?

     Judging from the data penetration in the past, most of those who were cursed saw something that they should not see, or entered a place that should not be entered, and thus fell into the situation of consigned to eternal damnation. For example, like the Black Earth Band, the cursed people who died because of ghost revenge are not many.

     So... did your own curse start at that time? Or was it cursed from the moment I stepped into the experiment building?

     Two zombies were left beside him.

     Here, it is on a construction site. And he is staying inside a reinforced concrete pipe.

     Anyway, it’s the same to flee to the places with more people and fewer people, just stay here. Inside this narrow concrete pipe, the space where ghosts can ambush is reduced, and there is a zombie guard before and after, so at least, he will not be calculated.

      At this time, he felt that the ghost was coming!Look at the watch again, half an hour before Midnight 00:00!

     This may be the longest half an hour in John's life.

      At the same time, all relevant personnel, Shen Huai, Hao Lin, Mu Jing, Wei Jing, and others, gathered at Run An's house.

      Each person is waiting by a telephone, and after Midnight 00:00, John calls for a safe call. As long as he can confirm that he is safe and sound, then every person present can be saved!

     "John... can he be okay?"

     This is the inner voice of every person now. They all knew that if John with the eyes of the undead could not escape the disaster, then no one could survive.

     John didn't dare to show the atmosphere at this time.

     Although not sure yet that Li Gui is now in the right place, he knows that she is approaching!

     It is no longer possible to divide the spirit body.

     Then, a strong wind blew into the cement pipe.

     Suddenly, the zombie curled up in front of the cement pipe in front of him, suddenly somehow, went out of his control.

     John almost unbelievable his own eyes, the undead ghost eyes have no reason to manipulate zombies!

     At this time, the zombie behind him also went out!

     If, if they were seen by Li Gui...

     John gritted his teeth and used the eyes of the undead to recall them to his own eyes.

     I hope it was not found...

     I hope she didn't notice...

     There are two fifteen minutes left.

     Everyone in Run An's family almost jumped out of their throats even with their hearts."God...please bless Mr. John..." Run Li first crossed her chest to pray for John's safety, and then everyone began to pray according to their respective beliefs.

     John is about to watch his watch almost every ten seconds or so. Now, all the same is suffocating every moment.

     At this time, the cement pipe mouth abruptly...a twisted face appeared!

     Despite his mental preparation, John was shocked and immediately fled towards the back. Continuously shuttled in the cement pipe.

     There are dozens of connected cement pipes piled around here. During the shuttle, John kept watching the back and released the eyes of the undead with all his strength, and prayed in his heart.

     He can no longer create new zombies.

     Although the undead ghost's eyes are somewhat offensive, the opponent is a ghost!

     When he was tired of gasping for air, he suddenly realized something.

     Why...I have passed so many cement pipes, but I can't get out?

     Each cement pipe, followed by another cement pipe, could not see the head at all.

     John began to sweat coldly.

     When he looked back, a horrible scene appeared.

     That Li Gui is climbing over! Moreover, at an amazing speed!

     She already entered the range of release of the undead ghost eyes, but it is uninjured!

     John raised his wrist and looked at his watch again, also... also...

     five minutes!

     He gritted his teeth and continued to crawl forward! Even if you can't get it, you must live at least five minutes!

     Five minutes to race against Grim Reaper!In this narrow cement pipe, Li Li was able to crawl so fast, but strangely, she kept a distance of more than five meters from John.

     John finally saw the end of the cement pipe ahead.

     That is the hope of life!

     Three minutes left!

     He was about to climb out of the cement pipe, but his ankle was slammed!

     John struggled to escape, but the force was dragging him into the cement pipe!

     "Smell... Wen Zimei! There is an injustice and a debt! You are the one who killed you, Ren Senbo, you can go to the underworld to get his revenge, please let me off! I don't want to die!"

     But that force doesn't have any looseness at all. John grabbed the edge of the outside diameter of the cement pipe with his eyes, and his eyes did not leave the watch on his hand for a moment.

     Two minutes...

      Another foot was also caught!

     That terrible strength made John feel that his physical strength had almost reached its limit. Although both hands still grabbed the outer edge of the caliber, they had started to bleed.

      Still one more minute...

     But at this moment, his hand was finally released! The whole person was caught back into the concrete pipe by Li Gui, watching the outer space in front, further and further from himself...

     "No... no, I don't want to die!"

     John finally got cruel, aimed at his wrist/skill and bit down hard!

     The way to improve the ability of ghost eyes is to eat human flesh.

     But John did not know whether this was useful or not for the undead.

     He bit off a piece of meat on his wrist and swallowed it in his stomach!This instant, he tried his best to release the undead ghost eyes!

     There are thirty seconds!

     The force that grabbed his feet gradually loosened.

     Behind him, the vague howl of Li Gui came.

     Although the severe pain in his hands almost made him faint, he still kept releasing the undead ghost eyes.

     One hand loosened.


     Ten seconds!


      Another hand still refuses to let go!


     John gritted his teeth, grabbed the cement pipe and continued to crawl forward.


     He felt that another foot was caught, and it seemed that he was deeply embedded in the flesh by Li Gui's nails!


     "Don't die... don't die!"


     "I want to live, live!"


     Li Gui's nails couldn't seem to stick anymore.


     "I want to live... Midnight 00:00, Midnight 00:00!"


      Another hand is released!


     John looked back, but found that the head of the ghost was floating behind him, and then bit his neck fiercely!


      The bell of Midnight 00:00 rang at Run An's house.