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0 Chapter Directory 117 Reincarnation One
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

That door...

     A Jing remembered that door.

     The existence of that door has been known since a long time ago.

     In her soul, there is something related to that door.

     She kept guarding the door, and didn't want to let more aliens come to this World.

     But now her ability to guard the door is already vanished.

     After all...she is not a real gatekeeper.

     When the ghost eyes disappeared, she also felt that her connection with the door had been cut off.

     The door to...the fierce space.

     A Jing checked some ancient documents and classics. People with purple eyes have always been regarded as taboo in ancient China, and some esoterics have recorded them in detail. But the earliest origin of this legend cannot be verified.

     And she also learned that after having ghost eyes, a message would flow into her mind, and... a man's voice.

     Who is that man? This is definitely related to the supernatural constitution itself.

     The ghost ability possessed by human beings, which should not have appeared in this curse chain, does exist. This contradiction is not only reflected in the alien constitution, but also in the mutant constitution she had in the past. She can even transmit supernatural powers, which are physical physiques, but she also has the ability to foresee.

     It's not wrong.

     A Jing came to a conclusion.

     Those grievous ghosts residing in the human body, which constitute the alien constitution...all came out from behind that door! And she is just the human who is responsible for guarding the door in this era.But now, that door is temporarily closed. what does this mean?

     Thoughts were interrupted by the rapid ringtone.

     Almost everyone's hand immediately reached the phone, and they all held the microphone at the same time. In the end, I pressed the hands-free key.

     "Hello... yes, is it John?"

     "Mo Dong... Lu..."

     "Ah, what, you say louder..."

     "Neck out... There is too much blood... I'm going to pass out now... Come to the construction site of Modong Road..."

     "John... is it you?"

     The darkened heart almost jumped to the throat, and now he just roared with excitement.

     "Yes... it's me..."

     "We won--"

     Everyone immediately burst into an unspeakable roar of excitement.

     John survived!

      Currently already past Midnight 00:00!

     They have overcome this curse!

     A Jing was completely shocked by this result. For a moment, there was no response at all, and his brain was blank.


     This curse chain... was cut off?

     She just feels blacking out, the whole person loses consciousness...

     A Jing had a strange dream.

     She was walking in a long corridor. In front, there is a black door.

     In front of the door, many babies gathered.

     Yes, baby.

     However, A Jing is more willing to call them monsters.Most of those babies are terrible deformed. They can only be judged as babies from the outline of their figure. But... nothing like a human baby!

     This fantastic oddities of every description of the baby makes A Jing almost dare not move on.

     At this time, a figure walked by her side, leaping past the door.

     That person, at this time turned the head around.

     A Jing asked in amazement: "Dad...Dad?"

     Ren Senbo smiled slightly at her and said, "A Jing, everything... it's over. This curse chain won't continue in the world. Finally, it's too late to save you. I already don't have any regrets No more. Don’t go through that door... that’s not what humans should step in."


     "Go back. You still have a good life. I have promised that as long as you can survive, I will suffer even in hell. I have committed too many sins, but you are different. You inherited your mother's Pure and kind, you deserve happiness."

     Just when Ren Senbo wanted to continue to say something, suddenly those deformed babies made strange noises, and many even crawled to Ren Senbo and dragged his pants legs.

     "No way...I have to go. Go back, A Jing. Another of this corridor is the world you should live in. I... I will never let this door open in front of you."

     When Ren Senbo was talking, he was full of serenity, and those deformed babies had already covered his whole body and kept pulling him back.


     A Jing knelt on the ground.She watched as they watched, as the babies dragged their father to the black door, and then the door opened. The father was thrown into the door by the babies.

     Then... the door closed again.

     Those deformed babies, what scared her most, were not their bodies and faces.

     But each of them...has a pair of purple pupils!

     "Why...why is this..."

     "A Jing! A Jing!"

     Run An's familiar voice echoed in her ears. A Jing lifted her eyelids slightly, and the dazzling sunlight made her help herself to block her eyes.

     She is lying on the bed at home. At this moment, only Yun An was in front of her.

     "It's all over. We can survive! And ah, you hid the Healing Potion really secretly, if not all of us find it at home, and then go to heal John, he might not live long. We got there. At the time, John was already in a state of persistence. But fortunately, his current situation has stabilized."

     A Jing gradually took her hand away, and Run An immediately noticed that there were tears on the corners of her eyes.

     "You... What happened to you? A Jing?"

     A Jing has already guessed whats the matter happened.

     "Run dark... Dad, I'm afraid already dead. He was taken behind the door by the gatekeeper of that door."

     "You... what did you say?""My soul was originally the door, and a medium for the world in which this human lives. They want to connect with this world through me. The ghosts who are lodged in spirits are also because of this door. only……"

     "Stop talking, A Jing!"

     Yun An hugged her tightly.

     If we compare the present darkness to a plant, then A Jing is the soil in which he is rooted.

     "If you survive... it will be enough. There is nothing better than being able to continue to live, isn't that so? "

     Then, the two looked at each other, everything was speechless.

     A Jing closes the eyes, and Run Dark, offered her the most sincere and affectionate kiss.

     Yeah... everything is over.

     Nothing matters.

     At this moment, for Run An and A Jing, it is eternity.

     weather is good.

     John and a very beautiful girl sitting on the lawn in the park, watching the chasing children in the distance.

     "So... the things you said to do before are finally done?"

     The girl had short, short hair and bright eyes.

     "Um... Liuli. It's all done. I can go with you next month."

     The girl named Liuli smiling sweetly said, "Forget it, look at your unwillingness. I know your thoughts, do you like her, right? Miss Zonghao Lin?"

     John was silent."Why give up so quickly? Don't tell me you just treat her as an elder sister. After all, people are not married yet, can't you still continue to fight? Listen, I won't force you to do anything."

     "You really are... since I first met you in the orphanage, I knew that as long as it was my heart, you could definitely see through. But when you appeared in front of me two weeks ago, I was really Surprised. You actually came to China."

     "Since your baffling disappeared in an orphanage three years ago, I haven't given up looking for you. When I saw you in the orphanage a few months ago, I was really surprised. I don't know why you seem to grow up so much. , But I recognized you at a glance. Afterwards, I followed you to China. However, Your Eyes was able to recover, which is really great. I have always believed that most of the supernatural phenomenon in this world is true. You said that when you were a kid, a ghost was attached to your body, and I still have no doubts, so even if you become an adult in the past, I would not feel strange."

     At that time, John was taken to the United States by Nosoran Company. He deliberately returned to the orphanage, but he did not expect to be secretly noticed by Liuli.

     " you can meet me this time, it can be regarded as the two of us, the first time "meet"."

     This girl named Liuli is sixteen years old this year. She is a Chinese American, and her parents grew up in an orphanage because they both died. She and John met in an orphanage. The orphanage is church-like, so the management is strict. At that time she had always looked after John as a younger brother."You... still refuse to tell me, whats the matter has happened in the past three years?"

     "Well. Can't say. I'm really sorry about this."

     Even if he said it, Liu Li would not believe it, and he didn't want her to be scared.

     "Since you plan to continue living in China, I will stay in China well."

     "Huh? what did you say ah?" John immediately objected: "Aren't you still studying in the US? No! Now you come to China because of the Christmas holiday, but don't tell me you plan to give up in the US School!"

     "It doesn't matter... after all, if you feel to be with you, you will definitely encounter a lot of interesting things. My biggest wish is to shoot a spiritual documentary film, so... how can I not follow you?"

     John knew that what Liuli decided could not be changed by anyone.

     "Just do it... I don't mind."

     Anyway, she couldn't shoot what thing anymore.

     There will be no more curse chains in this world.

     There won't be any more...