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0 Chapter Directory 118 Reincarnation
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"Really? The curse really lifted?"

     When Wei Jing's father, Jian Wenshuo, heard Wei Jing reported this good news in front of yourself, he was finally relieved.

     Although his daughter's curse was lifted, he should be happy, but his wife was already dead.

     John did not reveal all the truth about Ren Senbo, mainly because he considered it again and again, and for A Jing, he could not say this thing. But Sui Yunxi's death could not be concealed.

     Of course, he described the matter as Sui Yunxi installed a bug on his body, and then came to save himself when he was killed by Li Gui. What he said was basically in line with the facts, only the part where she shot Ren Sembo was omitted. And he also went to bury Ren Senbo's body.

     Although he hates him, but... he can survive, but it is indeed because of these undead ghost eyes.

     Moreover, because of him, this curse will be broken in the future, and no new victims will appear.

     Although the curse was finally broken, he was accustomed to the dark mirror, and he was still not used to it.

     He found himself not as happy as he thought.

     This curse that had been entangled with them and caused tremble with fear was finally lifted by John. Although it is very inconceivable, it is an indisputable fact.

     He is now in front of the tomb of Yuan Ji.

     After wishing Ji's death, her body remained whereabouts unknown. I am afraid that for the people of the company, these cloned humans have the same experimental value regardless of life and death.

     So she could only set up a tomb for her, even a tomb without a name.The reason why the tomb is standing in G city is also because there is no company infiltration in this city. He wanted Yuan Ji to sleep in such a place.

     However, it was regrettable to find her body without any means.

     Although the curse was lifted, but Ji Ji's soul was able to get a real rest without any means.

     If the date of Ji’s death could be after John... then she could survive. Mu Jing's heart was tortured by this idea.

     Memories continue to unfold...

     "drawing comic?"

     "Well!" Yuan Ji shook the manuscript paper in his hand: "I plan to draw a shōjo manga. Well, the subject is very simple, it is about magic and a different world, but I hope the content has some depth..."

     "That..." Mu Jing and Shen Huai looked at the excited Yuan Ji and asked a question.

     "Even if you draw, where are you going to contribute? There is no computer here! The company will not let us go out."

     "It doesn't matter...the days are boring anyway." Wish Ji said with a smile: "My dream is to become a popular cartoonist. Now practice first. Let's talk about it later."

     The wish Ji at that time was very similar to the current Wei Jing. He has seen Wei Jing’s cartoons, and the style of painting and Wishing Ji look almost exactly the same. It seems that even his talents in this respect have no difference in genetic scores.

      This time, the phone sent a text message.

     Was sent by Weijing."Mu Jing: I want to see you, I want to see you are going crazy... While learning that the curse is lifted, and knowing that my mother is dead... I am really sad, please come to see me..."

     Mu Jing closed the phone.

     He should not go.

      For a long time, as Shen Huai said, he is gradually looking at Wei Jing as a substitute for Yuan Ji.

     He didn't want to let Wei Jing deepen this illusion anymore.

     However, the whole brain is full of memories related to Yuan Ji.

     That night, he woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. But at this time, I saw Yuan Ji standing at the head of the bed with candles, and it seemed to be a bit grotesque.

     "Mu Jing... Hurry up, something's wrong."

     "What? Isn't it right?" Mu Jing didn't understand why she was lighting candles, did she lose power?

     He had no time to ask, wishing that the candle in Ji's hand would be blown out at once.

     Mu Jing immediately groped for the switch in the darkness, and pressed it after finding it, as expected, the light did not turn on.

     "Wish Ji... Wish Ji..."

     He walked out of bed and wanted to find Yuki, but he called many times and didn't have anybody answer him.

     Suddenly a loud sound came from the darkness, and then Mu Jing felt that some warm liquid splashed on his face.


     He recognized that was Ji Ji's voice.

     "May Ji! May Ji!"

     At this time the light is on.

     He saw it dumbstruck, wishing Ji clutched his left arm tightly, and looked painful. The left hand is constantly bleeding.

     "Monster... A monster just bit me..."At this point, I can't help but let Mu Jing shiver all over though not cold.

     Wish Ji...

     Wish Ji...

     Whatever the case, he could not drive the name away from his mind.

     Why is Shenhua the person who killed her? He cannot blame Shenhuai because he is also a victim.

     What is it for? Would Ji not live to this day?

     At this time, in his heart, the figures of Wei Jing and Yuan Ji began to overlap...

     He turned on his phone again, looked at the newsletter, with tears in his eyes, and said, "Wish Ji... Weijing, she is another one of you? Your life is connected with Weijing. Yes... it is connected of……"

     Weijing is still on the balcony at home, his eyes always staring at the door.

     She is waiting for Mu Jing to arrive.

     At this time, a familiar figure appeared at the gate...

     John is sitting in a bus, going to the employment agency.

     He plans to find a job first. After all, if he stays in China, he has to solve the economic problems first. I saw job advertisements in the newspaper before and plan to give it a try.

      This time is 10:30 am.

     At this time, a sudden explosion came from afar.

     The explosion scared each person on the car ashen-faced. John looked back. It was an explosion on a certain floor of a building about a kilometer away, and the smoke quickly filled...

     After that, only half an hour passed, and a major accident occurred in the vicinity.At a certain intersection, a big truck failed to brake and caused a series of major crashes. As a result, about six people were killed and more than 30 people were injured in this accident.

     Moreover, the lot and the building that exploded and approached. It was said that the explosion of the building was a criminal who deliberately dropped a bomb.

     John looked at the smoke, and he had a terrible guess in his heart.

     At three in the afternoon, in the female hostel of a university in G city.

     Seven delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade girls gathered, and then everyone held a small utility knife in their hands.

     A girl headed with tears said, "Everyone did it without any means. We all have a crush on the same boy, but he refused all of us. Already live without hope, since fellow sufferers empathize with each other, might as well set foot on Huang Quan together."

     At this time, a girl with glasses holding a utility knife's hand was slightly shivering, thinking for a long time that she always shook the head, saying, "Forget it... forget it, I don't want to die, I'm afraid..."

     Then she ran towards the door, but was pressed to the ground by six other girls.

     "Do you want to be a betrayal? Say seven people are on the road together!"

     "I understand! She must think that if we are all dead, then she can get his heart! Think beautiful!"

     The girl with glasses was about to call for help, and a girl had already scratched her neck with a utility knife!

     Then, several other girls also successively wiped their necks with a utility knife...In the evening, news reports of the mass suicides of seven girls from the university, together with the bombings and serial crashes in the morning, have drawn the full attention of the city government. The citizens all feel that G city is like a curse, discussing spiritedly.

     And... catastrophes, more than that...

     At this time, John was holding a newspaper in his hand.

     On the social edition, in addition to the explosion of the building and the series of car crashes, and the collective suicide of the university female student, there are also several striking headlines.

     "A fire broke out on the third floor of the Ruifeng Commercial Building, killing three customers and injuring more than a dozen."

     "Tongqi Bank was robbed by gangsters and three bank employees were killed."

     "A four-year-old boy accidentally fell into the lake and died, and safety issues caused everyone to reflect again."

     In one day... there were so many major accidents in the same city!

     John squeezed the newspaper and crumpled it together!

     "It hasn't disappeared... this curse hasn't disappeared!"

     Could it be... because the curse on the cursed failed, and passed on to another group of people in a new form?

     Such a thing... how can it be? Are those innocent people killed by this curse on their behalf? And, in such a natural-looking way?

     If this continues to develop, will there still be victims in G City?

     Until...they are willing to compromise?

     Time passed quickly to the next morning.

     Run-Dan was awakened by the rapid ringing of the phone in her sleepy state.He touched the phone with great difficulty, and had no time to say the word "hello", he heard John say to Run An: "Run An! At 12:30 today, the third floor of a building on Yuefeng Road will A big explosion occurred! I will now describe to you in detail the appearance and characteristics of the prisoner..."

     Run dark with fright asked: "You... your hunch ability is restored?"

     "Even if it is...Listen, then I will use Miss Ren's potion to deal with them. The prisoner is a man and a woman..."

     Then John hung up the phone and dialed yet another number.

     "Hey, sister Hao Lin? Is Mr. Shenhuai right? Listen, today, at about 12:30, there will be a serial crash at the intersection of Mingzhao Road and Huilun Road..."

     "Hey, Mu Jing? In Meixiang Park, three boys will fall into the water and die... At three in the afternoon, seven girls in a university will commit suicide..."

     "Hello, Mr. Jane? Listen, there will be a fire in Ruifeng Commercial Building this afternoon. Please use your relationship to pre-arrange the police... In addition, Tongqi Bank will be robbed today and three employees will be killed... …"

     After John put the phone down, the sense of despair gradually emerged.

     This is the second time.

     The curse chain did not end.

     In fact he should have thought about it. For them, it was the curse from Foreign Space. This curse is a disorder of time and space, but in fact, he has never encountered a curse related to time disorder.

     Well, this represents...

     He didn't escape from this curse chain at all!As soon as he woke up this morning, he found that he was lying in a cold concrete tube, and his hands, feet, and neck were all in pain that caused death.

     Fortunately, he also carried some spare Healing Potion that Ah Jing gave him, which healed his injury.

     Time is going backwards... the date of his death will be tomorrow... coming again!