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0 Chapter Directory 119 Reincarnation Three
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

John raised his head and stared at the clock on the wall, the time was approaching Midnight 00:00 moment by moment.

     "Come on... even if it's one more time? Do you think I'm scared?"

     Once again the date of death...

     He didn't know if he could escape this time.

     At this moment, suddenly a peculiar dizziness struck, and immediately, pitch black in front of me.

     When I could see the light again, I found myself lying in the basement of Ren Senbo's house. Ren Senbo was standing in front of Wen Zimei's body that had been killed by him.

     John jumped in an arrow and ran towards the steps of the basement.

     He has studied the terrain of this mountain, so he is confident that he can escape this time.

     After leaving the villa, he first rushed towards the foot of the mountain according to the predetermined route, and at this time, the intense palpitations also came back.

     Can't die...

     He immediately manufactured five zombies and shouted at them: "Three go to stop the ghost, two follow me!"

     Although I know that zombies can't stop Li Gui, but John still hopes to delay a period of time.

     Following his two zombies, John gritted his teeth and desperately suppressed his inner fears, constantly increasing his running speed.

     Hurry... hurry up!

      At the same time, he also connected his optic nerve with one of the zombies who blocked the ghost.The three zombies staying in place, soon, sent a terrible yin from the front of the sensed, the grass on the ground withered row by row, the dark side, is a walking, whole body covered Woman in blood!

     One of the zombies yelled and rushed towards Li Gui with a thunderous whisper, but he was not close to the Li Gui, who had pinched his head with his hands and then torn his body completely Two halves!

     The remaining two zombies did not flinch, but continued to pounce on Li Gui.

     That Li Gui first grabbed the face of the zombie who rushed first, and then inserted it into his heart position, and pulled out the heart alive!

     And at this moment, another zombie suddenly grabbed Li Gui's neck, and then bite it dead!

     Li Gui made a mournful howl, but was still struggling.

     Just as the zombie was about to bite Li Gui's neck completely, Li Gui turned into a gust of wind and disappeared.

     The zombies looked around, but couldn't find where the ghost was.

     At this time, from behind a tree behind the zombie, a bloody hand was stretched out, and the zombie's hair was pulled, and then the ghost jumped out and rode on the zombie's neck again, trying to put the zombie's The head is torn in half.

     But this zombie is not so easy to be killed.

     He is different from ordinary zombies.

     He is the strongest undead zombie made by John.

     The zombie issued shouted, and then threw Li Gui on the ground fiercely. The nails of both hands became sharp and swept down towards Li Gui!Who knows, Li Gui's mouth was greatly opened, and then swallowed the entire head of the zombie!

     The zombie is still immortal, and the sharp nails are once again scratched towards the throat of the ghost in front of him! Within a few seconds, Li Gui's neck was cut with several deep wounds. But even so, Li Gui still bit the zombie's head.

     John further unleashes the power of the undead ghost eyes, whatever the case he wants to let this zombie win.

     The zombie finally found a chance to fight back. He grabbed Li Gui's hands and pulled them out completely!

     But Li Gui is still not relieved!

     The zombie's neck bleeds constantly, which means he hasn't become a corpse.

     Finally, Li Gui failed to support it first.

     The deepest wound that the zombie drew on her neck finally disconnected her neck from her body.

     After Li Gui's head was torn down by the zombies, he took his head out and threw Li Gui's head to the ground.

     Li Gui, who had no head in front of him, stood still.

     And... continue to walk towards the zombies!

     Beads of sweat began to flow from John's forehead.

     In this battle of fierce ghosts and zombies, who will win?

     Just as Li Gui gradually pushed towards the zombie, the head on the ground began to roll over. Immediately afterwards, he immediately levitated into the air and rushed towards the zombie!

     Who knows, the zombie actually grabbed the head with one hand, and then crushed the head!Seeing this scene John, he was also unbelievable.

     "How can it be? That zombie... how can it be so strong?"

     Although this is indeed the strongest zombie he has made, he at most only thinks that he can delay Li Gui a period of time. Unexpectedly, he was able to fight with Li Gui unable to distinguish eldest brother from second brother!

     Could it be that God cares for these cursed people?

     The hope that had almost died out was burning in John's heart again.

     Li Gui has no head, but he is still very cruel, rushing towards the zombie. The claws on the zombie's hand pierced her chest at once, and then a few claws went down, tearing the body to thousands of pieces!

     The broken flesh fell to the ground, and soon disappeared.


     Is it so easy?

     John even wondered if he was dreaming. So the terrible ghost, before the zombie was like a baby, how could it be so weak?

     Not right!

     He immediately guessed, could it be that Li Gui was playing with him deliberately? Intentionally pretending to die in front of him, and then looking for a new opportunity to bring him greater despair?

     John thinks this possibility is very high.

     So instead of stopping, he still ran down the mountain.

     At this time, in front of the zombie, Li Gui, who had completely disappeared, did not die completely.

     Li Gui is a strong resentment at midnight 00:00 after the death of a person, a horror ghost wandering between the yin and yang, as long as the resentment is still there, it will not die because of the disappearance of the entity.The zombies haven't responded yet, and in the dark forest around them, they actually crawled out a lot of ghosts! Moreover, all are ghosts smelling Zimei!

     But there was no fear in the zombie's face.

     First, a fierce ghost closest to the zombie swooped up, before he could hold the zombie, his neck was tightly choked, and then the zombie used that claw to divide the fierce ghost's body one divides into two sides!

     Other fierce ghosts continue to pounce on zombies!

     A few minutes later, on the ground, the body of Li Gui was lying. The zombie whole body covered in blood, just standing in place.

     John was completely dumbfounded.

     He began to understand why Ren Senbo was so confident in the eyes of the undead.

     With this strongest zombie, even if it will continue to curse in the future, what is there to fear?

     So, John decided to possess the strongest zombie.

     After making up his mind, he closes the eyes and the spirit has moved into the strongest zombie.

     "No need to be worried...I can live! I can!"

     John noticed at this time that those ghost bodies that fell to the ground started to stop/stood again.

     "Do you want deathbed struggle? Useless!"

     John first jumped, and kicked the head of the violent ghost who was the first to hit it, and instantly smashed his head. Then, his claws flicked violently, and the bodies of those fierce ghosts were crushed again.

     In the end, all the ghosts came to John alone.John's power to drive the undead ghost's eyes was all injected into the body of this strongest zombie, and a yin gas field was formed around him. All the fierce ghosts approached, the body shattered into countless pieces in an instant!

     Finally, those fierce ghosts can no longer continue to attack John.

     Looking at the shattered fierce ghost corpses, an unnatural picture flashed across John's mind.

     He still remembers that when he was at Nosoran, he saw ghosts before turning off the lights that night, and because of fear, he sent zombies out to check. However, in the end, a zombie was killed. At that time, there was no head, only the body.

     He couldn't help but feel strange, what exactly is it is unnatural?


     It's the amount of meat!

     Because at that time, the dead zombie turned into a corpse, the whole body seemed to shrink. Moreover, it was a body that was torn to everything broken and in disorder...

     So he didn't notice, the amount of meat...

     It doesn't seem to be a zombie!

     What the hell is this?

     Wasn’t there only one zombie that died at the time?

     John suddenly understood something.

     What if the five zombies he sent out actually died two that day?

     Then, there must be one of the four zombies who came back, not him manufactured, but... the ghost disguised!

     A chill hit John's heart.

     So... the strongest zombie I'm boarding now...

     Really are……

     Is he a zombie?John immediately planned to move the spirit, but found...

     He cannot leave! Confined inside this zombie...

     Do not……

     This is not a zombie!

     This is... this is...

     It was too late to think, his hand, no, to be precise, the hand of this "thing" that he boarded, slowly raised. Then, it reached in front of the eyes.


     John is still able to speak on his own will.

     Hand, slammed into his own eyes!

     The eyes of the two undead ghost eyes were also dug out of their eyes at this moment!

     John's pair of undead ghost eyes can move to the zombie as the spirit shifts.

     The "zombie" raised his foot, aimed at the two eyeballs rolling on the ground, and stepped on it!

     The undead ghost eye created by Ren Senbo was completely destroyed.

     John's soul was completely engulfed in this "zombie" at the moment when the ghost eyes were destroyed...