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0 Chapter Directory 121 The Second Night
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

That's what happened to A Jing more than 20 years ago, one month before his birth.

     Ren Senbo suddenly awakened in his sleep, at the moment clearly covered the quilt, but it was unusually cold. Looking at his wife again, it was stared wide-eyed.

      how can it be?

     Countless abnormal babies with fantastic oddities of every description actually lie on his wife's swollen belly.

     Ren Senbo wanted to reach those babies, but he couldn't move.

     Ming and his wife are only a few steps away, but they can only watch.

     The eyes of those babies are all purple pupils!

     He wanted to make a sound to wake his wife, but he felt like his throat was blocked. Even his yin and yang ghost eyes could not be activated.

     In fact, what shocked him the most was that he didn't foresee this horrible scene!

     Those babies are so ugly, the facial features are so distorted that it makes people shiver all over though not cold. The shape of the head can only be judged to be human based on the outline.

     However, they did nothing.

     Immediately thereafter, Ren Senbo suddenly raised his head and saw a black figure floating above his head.

     His yin and yang ghost eyes gradually saw the figure clearly.

     It was a man wearing ancient and luxurious silk clothes, but his face was so festered.

     On the ceiling, there is a black door.

     The door was gradually moving to the head of the bed with the wall.Immediately afterwards, it began to distort into a vortex shape on the wall, turning into a black ring. And this ring also began to expand and extend to the bed. Finally, the half of the bed where Ren Senbo's wife was sleeping was completely covered.

     Then the ring moved to his wife's belly again, the size of which was exactly the same as that of the swollen belly.

     Afterwards, the black ring spun quickly, and kept getting smaller, smaller, and finally, turned into a small black spot, which could no longer be seen.

     The deformed babies, and the ghost floating in the air, don't know when they disappear without trace.

     However, Ren Senbo knew that the ring formed by the black door had already entered his wife's body.

     In this section, he told her in the notes left to A Jing. And A Jing also inferred some precise information. First, she can be sure that the black door is already not in within her body. However, in the past she has gained a foreboding ability. It can even conduct supernatural powers. And she has been through a drug, trying not to let that door open again.

     Don't let it turn on again...

     Ah Jing mentioned from the note that the ghost was wearing ancient clothes to see...

     Did the curse of the ghost eye really come from ancient China in a long time ago? Now through the literature, it is determined that it was during the period of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms...

     Waking up the next day, A Jing found that Runli was not asleep around her. At this moment, it was only six in the morning.

     Runli is preparing for a job again recently. Because she has no ghost eyes, she can safely contact the public.However, A Jing believes that she did not go out so early to find a job recently.

     That's right, she... went to Mu Jing.

     Runli got up early in the morning and called Mu Jing's cell phone. He heard that he was also working with Weijing to find a way to restore ghost eyes.

     "Together" with Weijing.

      heard until here, Runli's heart felt a colic, but she couldn't say anything. She wanted to see Mu Jing, so she proposed to investigate with them.

     It doesn't matter if... you want to watch Mu Jing and Wei Jing together.

     Runli, the thoughts and admiration for Mu Jing, when he first saw him, was unable to extricate oneself and sprouted in his heart.

     Lifting the curse of Mu Jing has become the present Runli, the innermost wish.

     Ling stretched his waist, lifted the quilt, put on his coat, opened the curtains, and greeted the morning sun.

      Yesterday evening, the baffling palpitations had disappeared without trace.

     Feng had already gone to work, but he prepared breakfast and wrote a message for Ling. Breakfast is a sandwich and a glass of milk, both are Ling's favorite.

     Although it is a shame not to have breakfast with her husband, Ling also understands that he is busy working now.

     After hurriedly eating breakfast, she sat at the computer and turned on the machine again, preparing to continue writing today's chapter. And, I would like to first look at my own, whether there is an increase in clicks and recommendations.

     Yes... this is a very ordinary day...

     "You said that John had seen a strange woman that night?""Yes." Wei Jing said to Mu Jing who was driving, sitting in the co-pilot's seat: "That day should be Anyuan's night when they went to Dazhi Mountain. Late at night, I was awakened by a nightmare, and then, I felt that there was something in the room. Then, I put on my clothes and woke up John sleeping in the next room."

     "Because I was too scared. I simply decided to go for a walk. When I got outside, John noticed that there was a black car parked at the door of the house. And in the car, I sat with a little girl who looked at most 15-16 years old. Really She was surprised that she would drive even when she was so young. Then, after seeing John, she immediately got out of the car and greeted him."

     "And then?" Mu Jing asked nervously.

     "John was stunned at the time, and asked, "Which one are you?" After she smiled, she replied: "Really, I forgot the voice of my old friend?" John was dumbfounded again, and then it seemed Realisation said:'Luri! You are Liuli!'"


     Mu Jing had no impression of the name.

     "Yeah. I was thinking, maybe they are old knowledge. Then, the little girl named Liu Li asked again:'But I have been waiting here, planning to spend the night in the car. How are you? John? '"

     At this time, the car came to the downstairs of Run An's house and had seen Run Li waiting there.

     When Run Li saw Mu Jing and Wei Jing sitting together, she couldn't help but feel sour again.

     "Get in the car, Runli." Mu Jing opened the door, and his pair of pupils, which were no longer purple, could still make Runli intoxicated.She couldn't contain a thought in her heart: if, the person staring at these eyes is always me, how good it should be...

     "where are we going?"

     After sitting in the back seat of the car, Runli asked questions to transfer her inner melancholy.

     "Well..." Mu Jing also looked embarrassed, but started the car first.

     "I'll explain it to you, Miss Yi." Weijing repeated what she had just said, referring to the Mysterious Girl that John saw.

     "15-16 years old girl?" Run Lisi asked after some thought: "Is it... is that someone John knew in the American orphanage?"

     Weijing nodded and said, "I think so too. Listen well...the next step is the point."

     "At that time, through the moonlight, John finally saw the face of Miss Liuli, but almost at the same time, I noticed that his purple pupils suddenly changed strangely. in a flash, suddenly issued The strange light came, forming a vortex in the center of both pupils, which looked like a black ring. And that ring, soon, if it were a closed door."


     This caused Mu Jing to frown, in the end... what door?

     "Next, the door seemed to open. Soon, the door turned into a black ring and began to cover the entire pupil. Finally... John's a pair of eyes became black pupils!"

      spoke until here, everyone should understand.

     The disappearance of ghost eyes has a great relationship with the girl named Liuli.

     "So... where should we find her?" Run Li asked in a hurry."I didn't ask her address at the time. John is dead now too," Wei Jing said sadly. "However, I remember her appearance and asked my father to investigate the major orphanages in the United States. Yes. If there is news, we will inform us immediately. Now we are going to their home in Shenhuai and tell them the news, maybe they can know something about John."

     "Why... don't you need to contact them by phone and mobile phone?"

     "I want to be more cautious." Wei Jing's eyes at this time looked very wise: "After all, City G has been completely caught in the blockade of that Foreign Space. What kind of contact by phone is likely to get false information. This kind of For example, have you met Miss Yi in the past?"

     Runli could not help lamenting that Wei Jing was very thoughtful. She remembered that when the ghost painting incident happened, her brother and A Jing were blocked by a female ghost on a non-existent floor. At that time, she went to the fishing village near Ningluo's house to find her brother The phone from "Brother" came to her to keep her safe. It can be seen that the telephone is really incredible.

     "However, I have a better suggestion." Runli suddenly thought of A Jing: "A Jing's Hacking Skill is very strong, and even the computer system of Nosoran can easily invade, let her check the United States. What about the orphanage information?"

     "Oh? Really?" Wei Jing was very pleased when she heard it, and said, "That's good, please ask her..."

     "Ruri? I don't know."

     Hao Lin listened to Mu Jing and shook the head."But I know the name and address of the orphanage where John lives." Shenhuai took out the paper and pen and wrote all the important information on the paper, saying: "Well, Miss Jane, you can rely on this for your father to check Check. If that girl is really the key to the disappearance of ghost eyes... find her, maybe you can find clues to restore ghost eyes."

     The night is coming again.

     After eating her dinner early, Ling was too lazy to wash the dishes and temporarily soaked them in the sink.

     Today, I was bored writing the Internet at home, and I felt a little tired. She plans to go out tomorrow, even if she just wanders around in the community.

     Eight o'clock... Almost there.

     When Ling planned to listen to music according to the usual practice, suddenly...the sound of shattered glass came from the bedroom.

     The sound made her shudder.

     Only her one person is here...

     She picked up a vase and walked quietly on tiptoe to the bedroom door, listening to the sound inside through the door.

     very quiet.

     She squeezed the phone in her palm and dialed 110. She only intended to open the door. If she saw a thief or something, she immediately pressed the dial button.

     With a violent heartbeat, she opened the door.

     The window glass broke.

     Ling suddenly felt a strange feeling.

     This kind of thing...

     It doesn't seem to be the first time.

     But there was no one in the room, in the end still made her relaxed.

     When she brought the broom and dustpan, when she was going to sweep the glass...

     On the windowsill, two hands suddenly appeared, and a head covered by thick hair!Her legs softened immediately and the whole person collapsed to the ground!

     One of the hands reached into the room and touched the floor!

     Ling at this time, quickly picked up the vase and hit it with that hand. But it didn't hit, and it fell to the wall and shattered.

      Another hand also reached in.

     "Ah... no, don't..."

     She squeezed her phone clearly, but her fingers didn't even have the strength to flick.

     The clock on the wall changed again as the head was about to be fully extended.

     The time has returned to 7:55.

     Ling put all the dishes in the sink and bored to death pacing in the room.

     When it was eight o'clock, her palpitations filled her whole body, making her feel as if...

     In the room, it was the same as someone who invaded!

     The source of this feeling is still in the bedroom!

     She ran into the bedroom three and two steps, but everything was normal and nothing happened.

     "No... No... Something must happen... Certainly!"

     Ling herself was unable to explain how this palpitations came about, her legs were lying on the ground softly, and she wailed up.

     After crying for a long time, she wiped her tears and looked in one room one room. Under the bed, in the closet, all the places where people could hide were searched.

     But none of them are alone.

     She picked up the phone and called her husband again, and as soon as she connected, she said in a crying voice: "Her husband... come back quickly, beg you, something... something came into the house... is true... …""What? Did a thief come in?"

      "No... No, come back soon! Come back soon! I'm so scared, I'm really scared!"

     Ling unable to explain how this ridiculous idea came into being, but as soon as it arrived at 8:00 P.M., she would feel that she had entered an intruder in her own family!