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0 Chapter Directory 122 Third Night One
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

In the study room in the middle of the night, Run Jing looked at concentrate one's attention.

     "I knew it would have happened... At the beginning, you shouldn't enter the Northorland company to capture John. Fenghui them, don't you survive not a single one?"

     "Yeah, I also regret it." Ah Jing heard until here, and turned his pages, but also stopped.

     At first, Fenghui watched a real horror movie and suffered a curse. When Lu Yuanxiu’s death date came, she was stolen from dragon to phoenix. At the time, in order to prevent the horror movie "Death Ringtones" from killing Lu Yuanxiu, they didn’t carry any communication equipment on their body, so Run dark took Soul Devouring Ghost Eye’s ability. It reached its limit and quickly went down the mountain to find the telephone booth to call the police, but suffered serious internal injuries as a result.

     It is for this reason that A Jing decided to take a risk out of desperation and used John as the last bargaining chip for Fenghui to survive. However, she stepped into the forbidden place of death.

     At this moment, a piece of memory suddenly passed in her mind.

     "Right...I to think of it. At that time, when entering the special space-time floor, only ID card authentication is required, and there is no need to verify the fingerprint..."

     "fingerprint?""Yeah. I felt weird at that time. Why do you only need ID cards to access the two important floors? Later, I asked Hao Lin, and she answered me, because when I was in E city, my father I took the fire when snatching the mirror, causing the head of the company to be burned and losing my fingerprints, so for this reason, the fingerprint authentication device that was originally installed was canceled so that I could get on... So, it should be my father In order to let me enter the two floors smoothly, I set fire..."

      heard until here, Run And suddenly shivered.

     He recalled that Ren Senbo had mentioned that he had foreseen that it was too late for A Jing to enter the Northorland Company in order to recapture John, so it was too late for Mu Jing to take her out. However, if Ren Senbo deliberately used the fire to let A Jing smoothly enter the floor of the Foreign Space, wouldn't it be justified?

     But Ren Senbo has no reason to let his daughter enter that kind of space...

     Well, Run An had to draw a terrible conclusion.

     And not because of Ren Senbo let the fire cause the leader to lose fingerprints, but... that space itself caused the fire to burn the fingerprints of the leader! from that time on is enticing A Jing into that space!

     Moreover, it was Ren Senbo who projected the attention of the Nosoran family to China. In fact, there are similar supernatural buildings abroad, and Nosoran also has secret laboratory facilities there. Ren Senbo pushed his daughter into the cursed chain with one hand, but still believed that oneself infallible was saving her...This curse is really terrifying! It is actually possible to create an inevitable death trap through these seemingly accidental and irrelevant phenomena!

     Ling's crying made Feng finally worried.

     "Ling... don't cry, tell me, what the hell is it coming into the house? If you don't say it, I can't walk away!"

     "Please... please come back to accompany me! Feng, I’m begging you, OK? Please..."

     There was silence on the other end of the phone.

     "Sorry, Ling. I can only come back at one in the morning at the earliest. Recently, during the accounting review, I found a batch of goods that were in deficit, and the amount of the loss was very large. The department is investigating the cause, and several foreign investors want To do a big business with us, we have to prepare the negotiators for tomorrow today, as well as the calculation of the quotation, etc... really sorry, there are too many things to be busy, if you don’t give me an exact Reason, it is really impossible for me to come back now."

     Ling was so scared at the moment that she didn't even tremble. Although the room looked peaceful, she was sure that something must have invaded her home, but her husband couldn't come back!

     "Feng...I beg you for the first time since I got married...I'm really scared, I really..."

     "Okay, I'll try to come back as early as possible. Don't worry, will you sleep for a while? Sorry, goodbye."When Ling heard a "beep" sound, her heart also fell to the bottom. She fell off the phone fiercely, complaining to her husband all the time, turning on all the lights in the room, and then adjusting the radio to the maximum, drilling into the bed, quivering around every corner of the bedroom.

     She also felt that her behavior seemed too crazy. There was nothing, but why did she feel so scared when it was eight or eight?

     In this state of anxiety and anxiety, she gradually fell asleep.

     When the second day came and the sunlight re-introduced into the house, Ling woke up sighed in relief. She felt yesterday evening her anxiety was really too funny. Now, the tension in her heart has weakened a lot.

     Looking towards the hanger in the bedroom, Feng's suit was already there.

     He hasn't gone to work yet?

     Ling immediately got up excitedly, and ran out before her coat was put on. Her husband was placing her favorite sandwich on the breakfast table.

     "Feng... You can come back... I was scared to death last night..."

     Ling Jiao flung into Feng's arms, and the latter also smiled and said, "You really scared me and made me feel down for meetings. What exactly is going on you? Say something invades our home ?""Well, probably... it's because you have been back so late." Ling looked very delicate and charming. Feng touched the bangs on her forehead and kissed her on the cheek. "My dear, It's really aggrieved. After the honeymoon, we hardly ever have sexual life. But that's okay, when the New Year's Eve, I must compensate you. Do you want to go somewhere? I can take you there! "

     Looking at Fengcheng’s sincere attitude, Ling’s resentment and dissatisfaction immediately vanish like smoke in thin air.

      "All right, I have to go to work too. You have to eat breakfast slowly."

     After he left, Ling was alone in this empty room.

     After breakfast, she decided to go for a walk.

     After putting on her coat and putting on a scarf, she combed her hair before going out to make her look as spirited as possible.

     When I came downstairs, when passing the administrator's office, the administrator, Mr. Wang, smiled and greeted Ling: "Miss Ling, good morning!"

     "Well, good morning!"

     When I came outside, breathing fresh air, I couldn't help making Ling feel more relaxed.

      The pressure of yesterday evening disappeared without trace.

     Walking out of the community, she plans to go to the nearby supermarket to buy something. However, when passing through a library, it is also good to want to simply go in and read some books.

     This library is very large. She first went to the library on the second floor. Looking at the bookshelves of glittering jewels to delight the eye, she wants to see if there are any bookshelves on the internet, because her recent creations are a bit of a bottleneck.At this time, when she passed a desk, she saw a woman holding a book, and that book was the network she wrote.

     Seeing that the woman looked so concentrate one's attention, she sat next to her and asked, "This lady, I want to ask..."

     The woman raised head up and asked, "What?"

     "You... like this one?"

     "Well, yes, it's okay."

     Ling replied happily: "Great, actually I am the author of this book."

     She thought that this woman would have a surprise, and then excitedly discussed the plot of the book with her. She didn't expect that she just "Oh" indifferently and said, "So. You can write it."

     After talking, she continued to look back to the book.

     Ling suddenly disappointed, could she not like this book?

     For a while, she was embarrassed because neither staying nor walking was.

     But at that moment, the woman suddenly closed the book and said to her, "Did you... have you encountered something strange recently?"

     Listening to her say, Ling immediately tightened her heart, too late to answer, the woman's gaze suddenly became very strange, saying, "You are cursed."

     Ling's body immediately tilted back a short distance can't help.


     "Have you worked at Northollan, right?"

     Listening to her such a saying, Ling felt terrified.

     "Who are you... what is it mean?"She began to take a closer look at the woman. She looked very beautiful, but her face seemed to be covered with an unspeakably dark aura, which made people feel very strange.

     "Your home now has an intruder."

     When a woman speaks, her tone is completely calm, but Ling is completely cold in her back.

     The woman stood up, came to the bookshelf and put the book back, looked back at Ling, then said nothing, and walked out of the library door.

     Where did Ling want her to leave? She hurried over to grab her shoulder and asked, "Tell me! Who are you! What is it curse again? And, do you know that right? Nosoran really Has existed, right?"

     The woman looked at her coldly and started to laugh. This laugh made her shiver all over though not cold.

     "You still have to find a way to find the intruder earlier. Otherwise..."

     Then she let go of Ling's hand and stepped up to the door.

     Ling ran over again and asked, "At least... tell me, what's your name?"

     The woman had already stepped out of the door by half of her body, concealed behind the wall.

     "My name is... Wen Zimei."

     Then, the other half of her body also stepped out and disappeared completely behind the wall. And Ling ran out to see...

     I never saw the woman again!

     Ling ran out of the library and searched for Wen Zimei's figure. However, she could not find her in the vast sea.

     curse? Nosolan?

     What the hell is it!"Wen Zimei! where are you, get your ass out!"

     She shouted desperately on the street regardless of costs.

     At this time, a hand rested on her shoulder.

     She looked back in horror. A handsome man in a suit was looking at her in shock, asking: "Who are you? Do you know Wen Zimei?"

     She stared wide-eyed, then nodded. Then the man in the suit said, "What is your relationship with her?"

     "Relationship... I met her just now..."

     As soon as the words came out, the face of the man in the suit cramped suddenly, his hand can't help tremble, and he looked desperately from side to side, pulling Ling's hand and running wildly.

     "You... you come to my house! I have a lot to ask you!"

     At this time, Ling suddenly felt that this man was familiar. She searched desperately in the memory bank of her brain, and finally, she immediately said his name: "Are you... are you not Minister Lu Shenhuai? Minister of the Development Department of Nosoran!"

     Shenhuai immediately stopped and looked at Ling carefully again, and asked, "You... do you remember Nosoran? How can it be? Tell me who you are!"

     In the following time, both parties explained their detailed circumstances to each other.

     "You said... curse of time and space? Nosoran company was once a ghost building?"

     Although Ling already had mental preparation, she was still terrified.After deep thinking, Shen Huai Ning said to her, "This evening, I will take some friends I know to your house, and they are all people who have some understanding of the spirit. If...If you smell Zimei, then say, then Your home... indeed entered an intruder!"