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0 Chapter Directory 123 Third Night Two
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"Invaded what thing?"

     Without after a while, Run An and A Jing rushed to Ling's house, A Jing began to observe each room of Ling.

     "You said that at 8:00 P.M., what would it feel like to invade your home?"

      "Yes..." Ling timidly faced this group of strangers. She didn't know what was going on, but actually let these people who basically have not met come to her house and let them in and out of the room at will.

     A Jing looked at Run Dark, and the two sides exchanged glances.

     "In this case, Miss Ling, please move out as soon as possible," Run An immediately gave this suggestion: "Consult with your husband, and let us talk to him at that time, you may feel inconceivable, but... The feeling of thinking of you is not wind from an empty cave."

     Ling is still a bit hard to believe. She always thinks that the uneasiness at night is just a worry for herself, but Run An said this, which made her hesitate for a while.

     However, is it so ridiculous to persuade her husband to move?

     "How do you explain what you don't believe me...the disappearance of the Nosoran company you used to work? And..." A Jing deliberately prolonged his tone and said, "Before a number of days shocked this Do you remember the abnormal death of college students in the same university in the city?"

     When Ling heard it, she also recalled the case. Forty or more college students, all baffling without any external attack, simply died miserably just because they said they forgot something. It is difficult for the police to find out what happened until now. The government has caused great panic."I can tell you...their real cause of death..."

     A Jing always carries a DV tape recorded by Wen Miaoyu at any time. She intends to use this disc as evidence of the ghost's real existence. When she comes into contact with the cursed in the future, let them believe the curse as soon as possible.

     After playing this video in Ling's house, her face was completely white. The bloody and horrifying picture of the killing, and the scene of how the man in black stitched the corpses together are too real. Even the American blockbuster sighs. If this is a computer stunt, then it is unimaginable how much money it will cost. Moreover, the faces of those killed were indeed part of the photos of college students who were published in the newspaper.

     She finally began to believe. These people have no reason to spend so much money and material resources to shoot such a horrible picture in order to fool themselves, so do the gains do not make up for the losses.

     "Got you have to think about moving things as soon as possible, otherwise..." A Jing pointed to the TV screen, so Ling didn't dare to say more.

     "I, I understand... I will discuss moving with my husband..."

     "Your husband will come back later?" A Jing asked again.

     "Hmm..." Ling answered weakly and without strength.

     "Then... we will be with you tonight until... at eight o'clock."

     A Jing came to Ling's bedroom window at the source of terror, opened the window and looked out carefully.

     There is no feeling.

     She really didn't even have the supernatural power of one thread and one hair.Run Dark came behind her, and said quietly in his heart: "You will not die... A Jing. I will help you break this curse!"

     Somewhere in the darkened heart began to gradually look like Ren Senbo. He felt that if he had the same immortal eyes as The Almighty like Ren Senbo, maybe he would do the same thing.

     Even if he really sacrificed innocent people, he wanted to return to Ah Jing's happy smile.

     A Jing looked around the bedroom and soon felt somewhat unnatural.

     But I didn't know where it was unnatural.

     Obviously it is ready to appear at the call, but she cannot figure out.

     It was as if there was something in her brain that was preventing her from discovering that unnatural place.

     Shen Huai and Ling talked about her life after leaving Nosoran. When he told her all the inside story behind the company, the more Ling listened, the more she felt the past life in the company, as if it were not reality.

     Although the sky was still bright, the haze of fear kept rising in the hearts of four people.

     And at this time, in a hotel in G city.

     "This is not Master Shaoqing's fault..."

     "We are all guilty..."

     The twisted, disgusting deformed baby began to climb up from the bottom of the cave...

     Liuli woke up from the nightmare.

     Recently, she often has strange dreams...She is now lying on her own family's sofa with a book in her hand. Just now, when I looked at the book, my eyelids gradually began to sink, and I had that nightmare again unconsciously.

     As soon as I woke up, I felt a chill hit me.

     She didn't have time to take a breath, then the knock on the door came.

     She can't help to be alert immediately. It is not time for cleaning. She has never called room service. She has never mentioned anything about staying in this hotel. Who will knock on the door?

      Cautious and solemn approached the door, she asked, "Who is it?"

     "Miss Ruri Phedia? I'm embarrassed to visit, but we are John's friends."

     Listening to the voice is a young man, and when he heard the name of "John", Liu Li was surprised and asked again: "John? Do you know where John is?"

     "Miss Liuli? Do you remember my voice? Jian Weijing who met you that day."

     Upon hearing this sound, Liuli immediately opened the door.

     A man and two women stood outside the door. And there is indeed a young lady among them, Jian Weijing.

     "About John... I want to tell you..." Wei Jing said to open the door and see the mountain: "Can you let us in first?"

     "Okay... Come in."

     Liuli is still tormented by the nightmare just now, full of brains that are impossible to get rid of, like a monster-like deformed baby...

     Those babies, except that they all look exceptionally terrifying, there is still one in common...

     That is, with purple pupils...

     "How did you find this?""My father has found out that you and John both grew up in the same orphanage, and checked the hotel occupancy list in the city...Although it took a while, I still found you," Wei Jing replied. .

     Fortunately, Weijing's father was a big entrepreneur, and his connections in G city were very wide, so he was able to find out so quickly.

     Because time is running out, it's too late to go round the curves and skirting the corners. Weijing first introduced Liu Li to the other two, namely Mu Jing and Run Li.

     "What we want to ask you is..." Mu Jing began to mention the change in his pupil after John and Ruri met that night: "About John's eyes."

     "I know. There is a ghost in his body."

     Such terrible words in such a plain tone really surprised Mu Jing. Before it was too late to ask in detail, she said again: "I don't know either why. When I first saw John, I felt very familiar with his eyes. At that time, I felt that there was something else in his body. Of different species."

     Mu Jing looked at Liu Li's trance, and began to become more and more certain that this woman was definitely not an ordinary character. She, the relationship with ghost eyes is absolutely deep!

     As the sunset gradually sinks, Ling also becomes more nervous. After all, there are three people in her house now, and they are all people who have a deep understanding of supernatural phenomenon, so the fear has weakened a lot. However, the bloody content on the CD prevented her from shaking her hands until now."Don't be too nervous, Miss Ling." Run An can only comfort the cursed person again hypocritically, although he knows it himself, this is the first time he doesn't know, he said this completely meaningless words, but he Still said.

     "You will be fine."

     Whenever I have to put it that way to appease the cursed, Run Dark feels very sad. Whether it is a self with ghost eyes in the past, or currently already a completely mortal self, facing this curse chain is no strategy left to try.

     Like Ren Senbo, people who want to cut the curse using both fair and foul methods must have too many to count in history. However, there is no precedent for success.

     Will the future self become the second Ren Sembo?

     Seeing so many cursed people die, no matter how strong they are, they should be on the verge of collapse. If, only his one person, maybe he would rather commit suicide now than endure the pain of waiting for death.

     However, he now has important ties.

     There are two people who want to protect.

     Even for Runli and Ah Jing, he can't show any despair.

     Fortunately, there are also Shen Huai, who accompanied themselves to bear the coming of this curse. Therefore, how much can comfort each other.

     "Really sorry... I'm really not in the mood to cook and entertain three..." Ling is at a loss to know what to do at this moment, she suddenly wants to accept the horrifying reality of being cursed in a short day, It's hard to let go easily."It's okay, supper... wait until eight o'clock and eat again." A Jing thought about it now, all about the black door and those with deformed babies.

     Ling was very nervous at the moment after seven o'clock. She came up with an idea and said to the three people, "Why not...I'm leaving here? If the cursed person is me..."

     "Useless." A Jing shook the head, saying: "This curse has nothing to do with the location. Even if you stay on the moon, you will be pulled back to this room."

     Yes, just like Gu Jin who was cursed by ghost painting.

     Ling listened to her such a saying, and was even more alarmed. Shen Huai quickly said to her again: "But you can rest assured that we are all very experienced people. During my tenure as the Minister of Development, I also conducted a lot of research on supernatural phenomena, so you can rest assured."

     In the bedroom, the atmosphere became very dignified. Although everyone wanted to find a topic to transfer the tension, even if someone spoke, there would soon be a silence in the room.

     Everyone cannot convince themselves to relax.

     At 7:55, even A Jing started to get nervous. Run An found her lips flared continuously, her hands swaying unnaturally, and immediately took her hand.

     He wants to tell Ah Jing that it is not her one person who is facing the coming curse.

     He dare not imagine how he would become if Ah Jing died. This idea, even if it just flashed in his mind, he will have a strong sense of suffocation.

     At eight o'clock finally arrived.

     But... nothing happened."What..." Shen Huai was greatly relaxed. He thought he would see something terrible.

     But Ling's expression shocked everyone.

     Her face was almost entirely covered with sweat, her mouth wide open and gasped desperately, and her eyes were as big as bronze bells.

     "That thing... came in... came in completely!"

     Run An didn't understand what she was talking about, but her eyes looked straight at the window sill, pointing at the floor with her finger, and said, "There! That thing really came in... coming in from outside this window sill, I Feel it! That thing has...have completely invaded this room..."

     The clock on the wall, the hands still move normally.

     Yes, quite normally...