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0 Chapter Directory 125 New Neighbor
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
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     Next to Run An's house, a new family moved in.

     The original owner next door seemed to be eager to emigrate, so he sold the house at a low price. Newly moved in are a mother and two children.

     Also a pair of siblings.

     In China, where family planning is now practiced, families with brothers and sisters are extremely rare. The pair of brothers and sisters also reminded Run An of the happy childhood of Run Li and many children.

     The mother was 33 years old this year. It seems that she moved here with her two children after divorcing her husband.

     Originally, it was just a common thing.


     The two siblings are a bit strange.

     In fact, it is my brother who is more concerned about Run-Dan.

     That was the day after they moved in. When the mother brought her two children to visit the neighbor.

     "Hello, I am Fan Yin, who lives next door to your house in the future. Since I just moved to this city, I hope to take care of me... Xiaoxia, Xiaoya, say hello..."

     This pair of siblings looks at most ten years old. Brother's face, the expression was very stiff, just looked at Run An and A Jing, without saying a word. The younger sister kept her head down and hugged a doll, even her looks were unclear.

     Their strange and indifferent attitude makes it impossible to make any sense of the matter.

     "Xia Xia, what happened to you? Why didn't you speak?" The mother was anxious. Although he kept urging his brother to speak, he still didn't say a word.As for the younger sister, not only did she not speak, her head swayed left and right strangely, shaking her long hair.

     A strange pair of siblings...

     But, at first, humiliation was just that. After all, he has too many things to consider.

     Ling disappeared.

     It was a week ago.

     When Run An rushed to her apartment, she came to the floor of her house, where it was supposed to be the door of her house...

     There is only a cold wall.

     Moreover, ask the neighbors all around, they don't have any people who remember Ling.

     Ling has completely disappeared from in this world.

     I am afraid that only people who have entered her house, the eroded space, can remember her existence. This is the same as the situation where Nosoran disappeared.

     According to the content of John's disc, in the end, when the last cursed person disappears, he will completely forget those people.

     If, in the end, not only will you lose A Jing, but you will even forget everything about her...

     For Run An, it was a much more terrifying thing than he would die.

     Recently, through contact with the Tartaros website, not only did his latest work be exclusively serialized in Tartaros, but he even sold the copyright of e-books of all his future works to this website at a low price. Such a rich condition, only has one requirement, that is, Tartaros wants to disclose to him all the information related to supernatural phenomenon in the past years and in the future.

     He finally got some information about ghost eyes during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period.The Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms was a period of great division in Chinese history, and the time was between 907 AD and 960 AD. The Five Dynasties refer to Houliang, Houtang, Houjin, Houhan, and Houzhou, while the Ten Kingdoms refer to Qianshu, Houshu, Wu, Southern Tang, states of south China in different historical periods, Min, Chu, Nanhan, Nanping and The Northern Han Dynasty, etc., are mostly located in the southern part of the regime.

     The legend of ghost eyes came from the ten countries in the southern region.

     The earliest legends of ghost eyes originated from the "Yi Shu Jing" written by a Taoist priest at the time.

     "Yi Shu Jing" is a short note of classical Chinese text similar to "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio", which records some strange things. But because the content is too messy, it has not been widely circulated among the people, and so far, there is no complete version. One of the stories is about a scholar who met a woman with purple pupils while staying in a temple at night. The scholar carefully followed the ritual and always kept a distance from the woman, but the purple pupils of the woman always gave him an impression. A few days later, the scholar returned to his hometown, but he did not know what the reason was. He continued to see all kinds of illusions, and finally he died of bloodshed.

     Before the death of the scholar, he and his family mentioned the woman they saw while staying in the temple that day. The monster eyes became the original ghost eye legend.

     Now when recalling, it should be ghostly eyes.

     Later, there are more folk legends related to ghost eyes. But it is not recorded on paper, but passed on word of mouth. Later, at the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, some esoterics began to believe in ghost eyes as demon gods. Although the doctrines were all independent, they all used purple pupils as symbols of ghost eyes. At that time, there had been a ghost teaching.The prosperity of Guiyanjiao was in the early Yuan Dynasty. Because it was a Tantricism, there are very few records in history. However, the names of the seven kinds of ghost eyes, from the broken evil ghost eyes to the Yinyang ghost eyes, were named by this Tantricism. It is said that the leader of the religion is a person with yin and yang ghost eyes.

     The teaching has a strange doctrine. That is, regard the seven as extremely unknown and ominous. The reason why it is strange is that the seven are exactly the number of types of ghost eyes, and the esoteric religion that extremely believes in the power of ghost eyes should have been regarded as auspicious, but it was just the opposite.

     And this and that leader can’t say It doesn’t matter.

     According to the doctrine of the teaching, it seems that the ghost eye has seven kinds as opposed to the seven reincarnated evil spirits.

     Seven evil spirits...

     Is this the secret behind ghost eyes?

     Ah Jing's illness is basically all right now, but occasionally she will be dizzy and cough. After viewing all the data collected by Tartaros, she also began to understand the reason for the disappearance of ghost eyes.

     The seven evil spirits... appeared.

     Find a way to find out the seven evil spirits. Perhaps, you will be able to retrieve the ghost eye ability again. Liuli is the biggest key to finding the seven evil spirits.

     Of course, this may just be a lie woven by a cult, and a common occurrence in history. However, Run Dark has experienced so many supernatural phenomena and has long no longer had any sense of trust in the so-called common sense. On the contrary, things that are ridiculous and incomprehensible to ordinary people seem to him more in line with the normal state of this World.

     "Cough, cough..." Ah Jing turned a few pages and coughed desperately again. Her complexion is really not pretty."Are you okay, A Jing?" Run Angang just asked this sentence, and the phone rang.

     "I'll pick it up!"

     Run An took the call, and had no time to say "hello", Tarhuaros reporter Ming Huarui's eager voice came out.

     "Mr. Yi? A big incident, two drowned bodies were found..."

     "Drowned corpse?" Run dark somewhat uncertain, but what is the relationship between drowning and spirituality?

     "However, it is not ordinary drowning. The two bodies were drowned in a basically impossible place where they came into contact with water."

     Run Dark was surprised and asked quickly: "Where... where is it?"

     At this time, he suddenly thought of another thing.

     "Oh, the deceased's name is..."

     "Well, let me see... one is Luo Zhilong, the other is...Zhang Yuanzhi."

     While hearing these two names, Run An asked the specific way of writing, entered it into the phone, and sent a text message.

     He sent it to the former head of the development department and technical analysis department of Nosoran, Lu Shenhuai and Zong Haolin. If they have an impression of these two names, it means that, like Ling, these two people are former employees of Northollan Company, who escaped because of staying in G city.

     Soon, the short message was sent back.

     "Yes, these two people used to be employees of the company, especially Luo Zhilong. He used to be my subordinate..."

     It was a long time ago...

     "Zhi Long, what do you think?"Yuan Feng looked at the three cloned children who were growing up at a different time on the monitoring screen, and asked the assistant Luo Zhilong said: "Although Tie Mujing's qualification is undoubtedly the strongest, but I feel that Gongsun Yuanji The girl’s potential is even greater. Although she may not be a psychic physique, she has shown amazing insight and observation, and is a resourceful talent."

     The common misconception about cloning technology is that clones are simply clones. But in fact it is not the case. The difference between the clone and the original body is sometimes more obvious than that of the twins.

     Gongsun Yuanji is such an example.

     "Wish Ji... did you get this name? Yuanfeng?" Luo Zhilong also looked at the screen, and his quiet grandson Yuan Ji was holding a book in peace and watching it patiently. Tie Mujing is now in her room.

     "Well, because her ontology name is Gongsun Weijing (Weijing's biological father surnamed Gongsun, Jane is her stepfather's surname). So the surname is Gongsun, as for the name Yuji, it means she can perhaps realize our desire."

     For all human beings, most of them are full of exploration and longing for the mystery of life and death, the existence of space, and the mystery contained in the soul and spirit. The spiritual undying and unextinguished is what many people have longed for and pursued.

     The original intention of the Nosoran family to develop cloning technology is to extend life through the replication of the flesh. However, when they learned about the existence of ghosts from Super Nature's Domain, they began to expect to create a life that can truly live without dying through experiments on the alien constitution.Forever immortality, this human life form for the yearn for sth even in one's dreams, if it can be realized...

     Although Mu Jing is also reading a book at this moment, his eyes are always towards Yuan Ji.

     With Time Elapses, I wish Ji's supernatural beauty and her elegant temperament all attracted him. To describe her with any ordinary words, Mu Jing will feel a kind of blame for her.

     "May Ji... your hands, are you okay?"

     He couldn't bear the silence anymore, so he didn't have anything to say.

     Last time, I wish Ji's hand was bitten in the darkness, but fortunately it was not very serious. In a building that is flowing fast at this time, the wound should also get better soon.

     However, now Ji Ji is wearing long sleeves, so, unable to discern her injury in the end How is it going.

      She raised her head, her mouth slightly twitched, and said, "It's almost good. Anyway, as long as it doesn't affect me drawing comics. Thank you, Mu Jing."

     May Ji put down the book and suddenly say to Mu Jing: "You, like me, right?"

     Mu Jing's heart was shaken at that moment.

     "I..." He blushed, not knowing what to answer.

     A girl, so boldly revealing this...

     However, this is also in line with Yuan Ji's character.

     "But I am just a clone. If one day, if you see my body, would you like her more? After all, I am just a "counterfeit".""Nothing like that!" Mu Jing shook his head violently and said, "No one can replace you, may Ji! No matter who it is,'s your body!"

      "Really? However, the human heart is the most difficult to understand and believe."

     "Really...I swear, wish Ji..." Mu Jing said regardless of costs: "I will never fall in love with anyone other than you!"

     "Well, Mu Jing... remember your oath." Then Ji suddenly stood up and walked in front of Mu Jing, kissing his lips.

     At that moment, Mu Jing was simply unbelievable.

     When Yuan Ji raised her head again, her eyes were full of tears.

     "It's great... Mu Jing. You think I am an irreplaceable person... I, I love you too, always, always love... Don't break your oath today, otherwise, even if I I won’t forgive you if I die..."

     "Even if I die..."

     Mu Jing's memories were interrupted by Wei Jing's words.

     "Mu Jing... Run An sent a text message... Let's go, there was a new cursed death, and... it was from Nosoran!"

      At the same time, inside the opposite door of Run An's house.

     The brother and sister's brother, Li Muxia, sat alone in the corner, staring blankly at the front.

     A black dot suddenly appeared on the wall in front of me, and then that dot began to turn into a ring. The ring spun up again, turned into a vortex shape, and constantly deformed. Finally, it occupied the entire wall and became a door.

     "Again……"Li Muxia shook his head violently, and when he looked at the wall again, he had nothing.

     Hallucinations, the frequency of attacks, is getting higher and higher.

     He recalled the man he just saw.

     This is not the first time he has seen him.

     That day, when he went to the housing agency with his mother and Xiaoya, he and the young lady also came out from there. They passed by, and the man remembered him naturally impossible. I didn't expect to become the neighbor next door.

     He will never forget what he saw when his eyes inadvertently faced him... that pair of demon purple pupils...