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0 Chapter Directory 126 Abnormal Drowning
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Yuan Feng still remembers the woman's words absolutely clear till now.

     From the woman named Wen Zimei.

     "You have been cursed. If you want to continue to live, you must listen to my arrangement."

     According to her request, try not to touch any place where clocks exist.

     Nosoran Company is a void space constructed on the basis of buildings that do not exist at all. Today's G city has been completely invaded by this void space and turned into a time chaotic zone.

     But now the woman has lost contact with them.

     Now, Zhilong is dead.

     Ah, what the hell is this...

      several hours ago.

     He came to Zhilong's house and wanted to discuss with him what to do next.

     Luo Zhilong is the secretary of the former company development department director Lu Shenhuai.

     Like himself, he felt at first. After the clone named Yuan Ji was killed, the strangeness hidden in the building became stronger.

     "How to end her curse? Gongsun Yuanji's curse?"

     When he first stepped into Zhilong's house, he had no time to say hello, he saw Luo Zhilong, whose eyes were covered with red silk, and his face was snarling at him nervously: "I don't die... I Don't die ah!"

     "Enough is enough... Don't say anything, I don't want to die." Yuan Feng shut the door, took off his shoes, and said: "Wen Zimei may have encountered something unexpected. This curse does exist, we are next to be It’s your turn."At the time, Yuanfeng, who was the company's biological technology supervisor, had also considered whether it was correct from the perspective of ethics. But using clones to test is the best way to measure the relationship between alien constitution and Inheritance Genes. And through the powerful biotechnology behind Nosoran, if it’s possible to find out the laws of this association, we can mass-produce humans with spiritual physique.

     "Is this retribution...?"

     Ignoring ethics and disregarding the clones' own feelings, they simply treat them as an experiment. In this way, Gongsun Yuanji will not forgive them even if they die, and it is not a strange thing.

     If, not because of oneself, it happened to be in G city at that time, I am afraid that I have disappeared without trace in this world now.

     Yuanfeng already has his own plan.

     "Listen... whatever the case, we have to find the remains of Gongsun Yuanji, and then bury her and at rest, so that the curse may end. So, you must find the man and find Gongsun Ya!"

     Gongsun Ya is the biological father of Weijing.

     He is a believer.

     Luo Zhilong also thought of it: "That esoteric religion seems to be called ghost eye religion... It was an extremely old esoteric religion founded in the Southern Song Dynasty. Really don't understand why such a strange religion can continue into modern times..." Luo Zhilong asked again when spoke until here: "I remember, the grandson... The reason why Miss Jian Weijing showed a special physique at an early age seems to be related to the esoteric religion her father believed in?""Yes." Yuan Feng continued to recall: "This man, Gongsun Ya, was originally only one folklorist. When studying the ancient folk legend, the believers of contacted ghost eyes were actually deeply attracted. At that time, Jian Weijing was still He was not born. And since that day, he has been hanging a scroll on the wall of his home. The scroll is painted with a huge, terrifying eye. That eye..."

     "It's purple. I've heard of it."

     "Well... after Jian Weijing was born, Gongsun Ya told her to look at that horrible eye every day. I heard that the scroll was the first instructor of ghost eye teaching, and he painted the "yin and yang ghost eye". This ghost The eyes are filled with a magical curse. There are a total of twelve pieces left to the present. Gongsun Ya can own this scroll, which shows his status in teaching."

     Affected by the curse hidden in the scroll, Weijing became abnormal when he was a baby. She often shows expressions that babies should not have, such as... hate.

     When she showed such an abnormal expression, her mother Sui Yunxi would be frightened. But Gongsun Ya continued to let Weijing look at the scroll.

     Sui Yunxi finally chose to divorce him because he couldn't bear the abnormal behavior of Gongsun Ya again.

     After Yuan Ji's death, Gongsun Ya contacted the company and requested to obtain Yuan Ji's body.

     And Yuanfeng agreed.

     Because... he was deeply frightened, the resentment of the dead wish Ji!

     "But... how to find the man named Gongsun Ya? And, if he is not in G City," Luo Zhilong was very afraid of thinking about this: "We can't find him!"G City is now a cage that holds all the cursed people, all of those people, will not have the idea of leaving G City, even if you know that staying here will definitely die.

     "He should be in city G. The location of the Guiyanjiao occult is in city G, so...

     "What if he's not there?"

     "If it's not... let's talk about it."

     Where Gongsunya lives in G city is a mystery. The only way to do this is to find Sui Yunxi and ask her the address of Gongsunya. Although the two are divorced, after all, because of Weijing, they may have contact indefinite.

     "I contacted Yuanzhi. He will drive to pick us up later. The three of us went to Sui Yunxi together." Because Yuanfeng couldn't wear a watch, he couldn't see any watches at Zhilong's house, so he could only estimate it. time.

     But at this time...

     "What happened to you, Zhilong, so much sweat?"

     It is now January, and the maximum temperature is only about a dozen degrees, but Luo Zhilong's face does not know when the water will continue to seep out. Even if it was sweat that was tense and sweating, it would be a little too much, because now his entire face is as if it has just been soaked in a basin.

     Before Luo Zhilong could react, a large water stain appeared on the front chest of his shirt. Then, the water stain continued to expand and spread to his whole body...

     Then, Yuan Feng hard to believe that Luo Zhilong opened his mouth to speak, but could not make any sound, and more water came out of him no cause, no reason, and the ground was completely flooded. Wet.

     ", you what exactly is going on?"Luo Zhilong looked very painful, because his face was suffocated with purple and green, he stepped forward and grabbed Yuan Feng desperately to speak, but he couldn't make a sound despite his hard work.

     Yuanfeng make prompt decisions to untie Luo Zhilong's shirt buttons and want to find the source of those waters. His body was completely covered with water, and he continued to flow out as if secreted from his body.

     "This... what is this strange disease? No, could it be... this is the curse?"

     Luo Zhilong's face was completely without blood.

     He stopped breathing.

     A big living person, actually baffling to die in front of yourself!

     The water on the floor has already accumulated about two centimeters!

     After the recollection, in front of him was a handsome young man, and... Lu Shenhuai, the former head of the company's development department.

     "I would like to introduce to you, Director Yuan... no, it's time to call you Mr. Yuan." Shen Huai pointed at Run An: "This Mr. Yi Run An, knows a lot about supernatural phenomena, for you Curse, he also knows be very clear about sth."

     It is still difficult for Yuanfeng to erase the horror picture several hours ago. This curse came without omen, and it came to a person like this, and there was no room for resistance! Just as Zhilong died, Zhang Yuanzhi, his right-hand assistant in the past, also died. The reason is the same... drowning!

     But how can the human body drown baffling in the absence of water?He was completely ignorant at that time, so he fled the Zhilong family without warning. Not knowing what to do, he suddenly thought of Tartaros. So I called them to contact them. Perhaps they can give themselves a reasonable explanation.

     Here is the office of the Tartaros website. His words were believed and verified, and the drowned corpse was found, and Run An completely believed Yuan Feng’s words.

     It's a curse again! However, this time the situation becomes very difficult.

     Even the tangible ghosts, the dark is basically impossible to deal with, not to mention the invisible threat? This is like the curse of the virtual image that Tang Yingxuan suffered at the beginning, it doesn't have any way to escape!

     "Speaking of many people do you know? The people that you survived in Nosoran?" Run An intends to concentrate all the cursed first, and then formulate countermeasures. No matter the case, he has to solve the mystery behind the ghost eyes and find a way to regain the ghost eyes.

     "In my words, there are still five people." He spoke until here, and suddenly said to Shen Huai: "Minister Lu, um, I am used to calling you this, you are not in contact with Jian Wenshuo and Sui Yunxi now? I have to find Jian Weijing's biological father Gongsun Ya will do! Because... Gongsun Yuanji's body is right there with him!"

     The man who is crazy because of his belief in esotericism... It is impossible for his daughter to rest in peace! It is necessary to bury Gongsun Yuanji well in order to end this curse! This is what Yuanfeng thinks.

     Of course, Run An knew it was impossible.This is not from the curse of Gongsun Yuanji alone, but from the terrorist threat of the entire Foreign Space.

     "Dad where is he, I don't know either."

     A soft voice came from the door, and the eyes of all three looked at it.

     And Yuanfeng the whole person stopped/stood, curled up desperately to the corner of the wall, his eyes wide open, and said: "May... Wish Ji!"

     What he saw was Wei Jing. However, because the two people have the same appearance, they have the illusion that the other party is the wishing girl who turned into a ghost.

     "That's not it, I'm not wishing for Ji." Wei Jing was about to explain that a handsome young man behind her also caught Yuan Feng's attention.

     "Tie...Tie Mujing?"

     Mu Jing looked at this man, Yuan Feng, who had been observing them in the past, and the icy cold that had gradually disappeared in his eyes appeared again.

     "You just said... May Ji's body... be on the side of Wei Jing's father?"

     I have never known the whereabouts of Wishi’s body. It is always a regret for Mu Jing, but now this regret can be remedied.

     At this time, Yuan Feng gradually realized that the woman in front of him was actually Jane Weijing.

     On the street, a cold wind blew, and A Jing again coughed desperately.

     She didn't want to stay at home and wait for news. She planned to go to Hao Lin's house first. She should be at home now. The distance is not far anyway. whatever the case, she...

     Now I'm terrified to be alone at home.

     Runli went out to find the glass today, and now there is only her one person at home. This sense of loneliness made her completely unable to adapt.She couldn't think, in fact, he was so strongly afraid of this curse.

     Despite the scarf, he still couldn't stop coughing.

     When the red light at a crossroad stopped, suddenly, a very luxurious car stopped in front of her.

     "Where are you going? Do you want me to take you? Miss Ren Jing?"

     A Jing's eyes open wide, some don't dare to believe, looked at the familiar face in the rolling window.

     "What happened? Don't you know me?"

     This is a man about the same age as A Jing.

     "I how can it be and forget you..."

     At this moment, many memories poured into A Jing's heart.

     "Already, I haven't seen you in three years... Bersau."