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    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
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"Putting it that way... Wen Zimei is dead?"

     Although already have mental preparation, Yuan Feng couldn't help but wonder when she heard the news. After all, she has the ghost-eye ability of half-human and half-evil physique!

     "She is indeed dead, and there is no need to doubt this. John saw it with his own eyes." Shen Huai was holding the steering wheel at the moment, driving these people to Jian's house, perhaps Jian Wenshuo had news of Gongsun Ya.

      No matter the case, you also need to find Gongsun Ya as soon as possible, not just the remains of Wish Ji, what is more important...

     Ghost eyes teach clues.

     The plan of moistening is that whatever the case, you must also obtain the scroll that was cast with a curse, and the possibility of being able to restore the ability of ghost eyes through that scroll is not high.

     Must get it! No matter what means you use!

     Run Darkness made this vow in his heart.

      he must let A Jing live... Ren Senbo has nothing to do, he will continue!

     When stepping into Jian's villa, Yuanfeng saw Jian Wenshuo again, shocked that he had become so old.

     This series of blows is really not something ordinary people can afford. The biological daughter and wife died one after another, and even the only Wei Jing who was still alive was not spared the curse.

     Because he has no blood relationship with Wei Jing, he can escape this time curse. However, if all relatives are lost, what is the point even if they can survive?The root cause of all disasters is caused by Northoran. If you didn't agree to that absurd suggestion and created a clone of Weijing, there would be no nightmare now.

     Therefore, when he saw Yuanfeng appearing in front of yourself, he was unspeakably abhorrent.

     However, he must also help them. Only by cutting off the curse chain before the date of the curse of Wei Jing can the last daughter be saved. Although she does not belong to oneself, his feelings for her will never be less than Yilian.

     At this moment, Ah Jing gently shook the head to the man who met again after a long period of separation, saying, "I think that we will not need to meet in the future. I will survive with my own power in the future. "

     Just as she was about to leave, the man opened the door and shouted to her: "The chairman already knows! About ghost eyes, also... the curse of you."

     A Jing's feet didn't move as if they were frozen.

     "And...he has come to China now."

     A Jing bit his lips tightly.

     "He, I want to meet you. Currently, he lives in the Crown Hotel..."

     "enough!"A Jing's eyes were full of sadness and anger, she didn't even look back, coldly said: "That man, it doesn't matter with me. Arrived since childhood, in my impressions, he has not met him more than three times. . Even at the mother’s funeral, he never appeared! Do you now say he wants to see me? Is it pity for me? Or... Want to relieve his guilt? I have no obligation to respond to his thoughts! And, I also don't want to see again to you!"

     "Listen to me, Miss Ren Jing."

     The man came to her and explained patiently: "Listen...Miss Ren, whatever the case. I also want to implore you to see him on behalf of the chairman. He will tell you, at first... he opposed your father. The reason for the marriage with your mother. The chairman, he, is more afraid than anyone... your father’s purple pupils."

     Those are ghost eyes... ghost eyes...

     "What the hell...what do you want to say?" Ah Jing or do not understand, what exactly did Bo Shao want to tell her?

     "About a month ago, the chairman began to have nightmares frequently, and he often had hallucinations. Whether it was dreams or hallucinations, what he saw was the same, that is... a group of looks odd oddities of every description Baby, and a black door."


     When Ah Jing heard the word, his reaction was extremely intense.

     "He has been afraid to be stared at by your father's his eyes, your father..."

     It sounds absolutely ridiculous.

     But A Jing couldn't help but believe Belsau's words.

     "Take me to see him." She finally compromised.She wanted to know the truth behind it.

     "Gongsunya's address, I don't know either." Jian Wenshuo was unable to help however much one would like to face Shen Huai and others.

     "After Yunxi divorced Gongsun Ya, she rarely had any contact and contact. In fact, I only saw him twice. He never asked him to meet Weijing, and Yunxi has been with him for so many years. there's nothing about it contact. he already doesn't live at the original address, the current whereabouts are not clear at all. But I will try to find out."

     After Jian Wenshuo said this, Yuan Feng's heart was settled a lot.

     "Mr. Jane..." He felt guilty at the moment. After all, he knew that for Jian Wenshuo, he was an unforgivable sinner.

      "Indeed, I'm so sorry..."

     "You go back and wait for the news first, I will contact you."

     The 12th floor of the Crown Hotel.

     When the elevator door opened, Ah Jing hesitated for a few seconds before stepping out.

     Bersau walked ahead to guide the road, and A Jing's heart at this time was turbulent.

     Really... Are you going to see him?

     On her way here, she repeatedly asked herself many times, in the end, is there any need to see that person again?

     However, although he was reluctant to come, the body could still follow Bo Shao's help.

     Thinking about it, I already arrived at the door of the room.

     Bersau took a key card from his pocket and opened the door.

     "Chairman, I brought Miss Ren Jing over."At the entrance, there is a sumptuous (of houses etc.) luxurious suite, and on the two rows of leather sofas in the center, a man in his fifties looks sitting.

     But Jing Jing knew that his actual age should be over 60 years old. It seems to be very well maintained, and almost no white hair can be seen on the hair.

     "You go out first, Bersau. I want to talk to her alone."

     Bersau was nodded and walked out obediently, closing the door.

     A Jing looked at that, she was very familiar, but very strange.

     The old man's face was full of sympathy and kindness at the moment, and it was completely different from what she saw, that solemn, unapproachable look.

     "I finally saw you again, A Jing."

     The old man stood up smiling, but A Jing said in disgust: "Don't call it so intimate! Also, don't approach me!"

     She sat down on the sofa facing the old man.

     "You really still... can't forgive me." The old man sighed saying and sat back on the sofa.

     A Jing saw the lonely and helpless in his eyes. However, she did not want to give him any sympathy.

     "You and your mother are really alike... No matter how they look or behave, it seems that I am back to the time when she was still alive." The old man spoke until here, it really looks very emotional and nostalgic. look.

     A Jing replied in a sarcastic tone: "You destroyed that period of time with one hand. Until your mother died, you didn't forgive her and dad, isn't that so? Why did you start investigating me again? ""No... Ah Jing! The person who destroyed me and your mother's happy years is not me, but your father... that, a hundred percent demon!"

     The old man was anxious to defend himself, but this made A Jing even more intolerable.

     "Just because of those ghost eyes? That's not it, the man who killed his mother was an irresistible curse, not caused by his father!" A Jing almost exhausted all his endurance and suppressed his own anger.

     The old man expected A Jing to say that.

     "No. It's not the case. Listen to me, A Jing. Since your mother was not born, I have known that there will be a demon like this in front of me in the future. He ruined my life, Also ruined your mother."

     When Ah Jing heard until here, I began to feel vaguely wrong.

     In the eyes of ordinary people, this idea is almost delusional, but A Jing completely believes it.

      This World itself is abnormal, so abnormal thoughts are closer to the reality of this World.

     "What the hell... what does it mean?"

     A Jing asked breathlessly.

     "On that day, when I asked your father to come to my house to treat Lingxiu, I regretted it. When I saw his ghost eyes, I knew... that Demon, saw me ...That Demon hidden behind the black door...see me!"

     A Jing's heart rose with great fear.

     Since she learned of the existence of supernatural phenomenon, she has never been so fearful as it is now.Before, in order to weaken her inner fear, she gave up all her common sense knowledge of the objective world, and no matter how violently violent curses arose in front of her, she would not be too scared.

     But it's different now.

     Her father's eyes, along with the door... has been staying in the door within his own body?

     Was it a coincidence that I was chosen by that door? Is it doomed from the very beginning?

     "I...have always had that inexplicable fear, the fear of purple eyes." The old man spoke until here and suddenly moved his hand over his eyes.

     "Grandma... Grandpa..."

     A Jing called out this title, which had always been unfamiliar to her.

     When she was born, her mother had come to China with her father. As she became sensible, she gradually learned that her birth had not been blessed by her mother's family.

     Mother honor does not allow one to glance back and abandoned everything in the family and chose to be with his father. Despite this, the mother still thought that with Time Elapses, there will come a day, her marriage to her father would be accepted.

     Originally, A Jing also looked forward to that day.

     When she was about five years old, her mother brought herself home once. At that time, she said, at least it was like letting my grandfather see herself.

     However, in the face of his granddaughter, his grandfather coldly turned away his mother.

     He told his mother that he would not accept her unless he chose to leave his father.

     Since that time, A Jing began to resent his grandfather. In my impression, my grandfather has always been a warm, cold-blooded person who doesn't have any.Over the next decade or so, my mother took her several times in succession, and every time, she received the same reply. Of these, only three times I saw my grandfather.

     My grandfather was not willing to accept her regardless of the case.

     A Jing hardly remembers his grandfather's appearance.

     Instead, she had a deeper impression of Bersau. He is the head of the mother's family, and his father is the former head of the family. He is very capable and has won the trust of his grandfather. I went a few times, because my grandfather did not allow my mother to come in. Accommodation and booking a return flight ticket were arranged by Bersau for his mother.

     Three years ago, after the death of her mother, who was also the representative of Bersau's family, attended the funeral, and after the father's disappearance, she was ordered by her grandfather to help her install the house.

     At this moment, the grandfather in front of him blocked his eyes with his hands, not knowing what to do. Then he showed... a pair of purple pupils!

     Ah Jing took a breath.

     "Relax, these eyes, only the pupil color is purple, not ghost eyes. I have been wearing contact lenses to hide the pupil color."

     A Jinggang wanted to continue to speak, and her grandfather's next words shocked her even more.

     "I...have been afraid of people with the same purple eyes as I have. Because I know that behind those eyes is a curse. Spread this eye in this World and want to see us... they want To find us, and then kill us all..."