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0 Chapter Directory 128 Evil Spirit
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Yuanfeng's car is high-speed driving on the highway.

     Originally, I would go to visit that person with Zhilong and Yuanzhi today.

     They didn't even tell him about this matter. Because this is the man's request. He had planned to talk about this with Zhilong, but before he could say it, Zhilong had already baffling to death.

      Yesterday evening, he received a call from a man.

     The man did not say who he was, but said that he wanted to let them know something about ghost eyes. And asked him to absolutely not be able to tell others about this matter, come to the Crown Hotel Room 1206 for an interview the next afternoon. It doesn't matter if you bring a few people.

     He decided to go because the other party told him that he had clues about the legendary "seven evil spirits" taught by ghost eyes.

     At this time, in the Crown Hotel, A Jing looked at his grandfather's purple eyes, whatever the case, it was hard to believe that it was not ghost eyes.

      If this is not the case, how could it be... so weird?

     "These eyes have caused me a lot of pain and fear." My grandfather spoke until here and suddenly asked: "Have your mother mentioned it with you? I, never look in the mirror?"

     Thinking like this, A Jing remembered that his mother had said that.

     "Putting it that way..."

     My grandfather put on contact lenses again."I'm afraid to see these eyes. My parents don't have this kind of pupil color. Why is it so, I always is is unclear. But the purple eyes always give me great fear. However, that does not because of the eyes themselves... Unlike the so-called ghost eyes, this is just a pair of ordinary eyes. What I fear seems to be buried behind these eyes, some kind of strong resentment."

     A Jing never remembered her mother and herself mentioned this kind of thing.

     The grandfather at this time looked completely different from the coldness at the time, made him feel pitiful.

     As the head of a large family to rebuke Heaven and Earth, he was afraid of his eyes.

     And this fear has continued until now, and it has not ended...

     "A Jing...I really don't want to break with your mother. This is the most painful choice in my life, but I can't overcome that fear. If I approve of your parents' marriage, then I have to meet forever Face that Demon’s eyes. Maybe your father doesn’t have any sins, but those eyes don’t belong to human beings. I can’t overcome the fear, even if you weigh your mother on the other end of the scale, I can't do it either!"

      spoke until here, my grandfather's eyes were actually full of tears.

     A Jing believes that what he said is the truth.

     But but so what?

     This ridiculous reason has become a regret that the mother can't achieve until her death. She loves her father so much, but she never gets the blessings of her family."Why...Since you value your mother so much, why didn't you come to the funeral after her death? Why!" A Jing's emotions became more and more excited, and later, she began to cough uncontrollably.

     "A Jing... are you uncomfortable?" The grandfather asked with concern, but A Jing looked back at him with still indifferent eyes.

     Is it just because of this baffling fear?

     Father's ghost eyes will reduce disasters, and this can perhaps exclude him as a reason. Ah Jing is naturally aware of this. But why did my grandfather treat my mother that much? He said he loved her, but he was so cruel to his daughter.

     Ah Jing, whatever the case, could not accept this words from my grandfather.

     My grandfather said heavily: "At the beginning, when I just heard the news of your mother's death, I only felt it was a nightmare. Although it was very painful, although I wanted to come to China to send her the last trip, but... I was afraid. I was afraid See your father. As long as I need to face his purple pupil, I will have a feeling that all my soul has been taken away. So, I..."

     This sounded a reason that was simply unacceptable, but it made A Jing feel vaguely that there might be a curse hidden behind this abnormal phenomenon.

     Why is my grandfather so afraid of his father's ghost eyes?

     If it is because of the disaster-reducing ability of the father's ghost eyes, it can be understood. However, the reason for my grandfather's fear of the ghost's eyes was only because they were the same eyes as himself.

     It's just for...this reason.

     "Bosao said to recently saw hallucinations frequently..."At the mention of this, my grandfather couldn't help but shudder.

     "That's not an illusion..."

     At this point, A Jing is also very clear. She now has roughly concluded that ghost eyes are also a curse, and the key to this curse is the so-called "seven evil spirits."

     "Could it be that the so-called seven evil spirits refer to..." Ah Jing already had some clues.

     After seeing Liuli, John caused all spirits to lose their ghost eyes. Liuli is indeed the key.

     Although the specific reason is not clear, it seems that the ghosts are attached to the human body. Observing this world through human eyes is related to the strange babies. The voice of the man heard after getting the ghost eyes should not have been made by the babies.

     So... it's a male ghost that dominates everything! The seven evil spirits are the objects that those ghosts are looking for. Combined with the legend that originated in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, the answer is ready to appear at the call.

     "You, too, are cursed."

     A Jing never imagined that the three generations of their grandchildren were actually implicated by this curse chain together.

     Although I don't know the date of the death of the specifics, it is basically certain that my grandfather was cursed.

     He of the seven evil spirits who were reincarnated.

     The ghost eye disappears because there is no reason to continue to exist. Because... seven evil spirits have been found. According to this logical reasoning, Liuli should be the last reincarnated evil spirit to be found.Father's eyes saw his grandfather, and John's eyes saw Liuli. Before then, there should be five people, all of them were seen by the purple ghost eyes. After Liu Li was seen as the last of the seven, the curse started.

     I am afraid that seeing hallucinations is just the first step, and then, many more terrible things will happen one after another.

     Even more terrible...

     Liuli recently discovered that her hallucinations are getting worse.

     She is considering whether to go back to the United States. Since coming to China, that weird dream has begun.

     The dream was so clear that it seemed to be the real experience. However, Liu Li was certain that she could not have experienced the dream. a dream, she is an ancient person. Moreover, it is very ancient.

     Her head felt heavier and heavier, and she became very confused.

     Just now, a young woman named Yi Runli came to her. She didn't know the girl at all, but she said eloquently that they had met before, and mentioned a man named John...


     Liuli whatever the case searched for the memory in his brain and didn't remember it, there was a man named John.

     She was lying on the sofa in the hotel room, constantly massaging her temples.

     Just at this time...

     She obviously felt a cold little hand and was stroking her neck!


     Liuli screamed violently, and gradually became clear in front of her, looking around, but there was nothing.

     The feeling of fear hit her.No matter what, she rushed out of the room and ran along the corridor, just as she was about to run to the elevator, she bumped into an oncoming man.

     She fell down on the carpeted corridor and raised head up just to say sorry, but when it came to her mouth, she was stunned.

     This man...

     A beautiful face, wise eyes, and an expression that looks like a smile yet not a smile...

     It looks so similar to the man she dreamed of...

     The ancient man named "Shaoqing"...

     "Are you OK?"

     The man lifted her up, but at this moment, he also froze.

     Looking closely at this little girl about 16-17 years old, how...

     So similar to the girl in his dream?

     The two stared at each other in this way.

     "who are you?"

     The two actually asked this sentence in different mouths, same voice.

     "My name is Bo Shao, Sun Bo Shao... your name is..."

     "Liuli, my name is Liuli..."

     To the person who is be total strangers, naturally speaking the name, this should be an extremely strange thing, but when the two people exchanged their names, they did not feel anything strange, as if it was as it should be by rights , Heaven's law and earth's principle.

     Runli did not tell Ah Jing that Liuli lived in the Crown Hotel.

     When A Jing told his grandfather his reasoning, he also pondered.

     "In short...I want to know. Why did you come to see me?"

     A Jing mentioned the core of the problem.My grandfather saw her alert eyes, and there was a sour heart in his heart, and he replied: "In fact, I have sent people to pay close attention to your life in China. Last year, your home was baffling and was destroyed by fire. I was completely missing. I spent a long time to investigate your whereabouts. A few months ago, when you disappeared, you contacted the dark brother and sister of Yirun. Of course, I quickly found out. Then I found out that you have contacted Everyone died."

     Just take some time to find out the relationship between those who are cursed and those who run dark and not not difficult at all. After all, this curse chain has existed for at least a thousand years. Whether it is a folk legend or a survey from some people who are exposed to supernatural phenomena, a lot of information can be obtained. However, most people will not believe these things.

     The Northoran incident was also learned during the investigation. Although there is no such company, there are too many people involved in it.

     "I, called the former technology supervisor of that company to come here. I want to seek through the exchange of information... a way to keep you alive."

     When my grandfather said this, he was very sincere. A Jing couldn't help but be confused.

     What is he thinking about?

     "Don't you hate me? I am... the daughter of the devil you said in your mouth."

     My grandfather shook the head and said, "I only know that you are Lingxiu's daughter. Is... my granddaughter!"

     Yuanfeng’s car is less than a thousand kilometers away from the Crown Hotel.

      This time, he was driving across a bridge across the river.Suddenly, he felt that the rear of the car was hit hard and his head hit the steering wheel hard.

     A truck in the back bumped into his car. The driver seemed to be drunk, causing the truck to bump Yuanfeng's car diagonally towards the guardrail of the bridge!

     Yuan Feng looked at the front in horror, and the front of the car had hit the guardrail. As a result, his car turned over 360 degrees!

     By the time he responded, the front of the car was already immersed in Jiangzhong.

     What followed was an extremely painful suffocation.

     Yuanfeng is completely a dry duck, and he is still in the car. The car sank almost vertically towards the bottom of the river.

     He can only struggle in vain in despair...

     The moment his life left his own body, he suddenly understood why Zhilong and Yuanzhi would die.

     If they did not drown, they should now sit in this car and follow him to the Crown Hotel.

      in other words ......

     They advanced several hours in advance and drowned in this river!