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0 Chapter Directory 129 Help Me
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

time curse is still unscrupulous along the direction of this curse chain, threatening everyone who has stepped into the interior of Nosoran.

     On the third day after Yuanfeng’s death, although he had not yet found Gongsunya’s place, Run An and A Jing had discovered that the remaining four Nosoran employees had also been erased from this World by this time curse. They all came to G city when time curse was launched for various reasons, only to get away with it. Unlike upper-level administrators like Yuanfeng and Luo Zhilong, these four people are just ordinary grass-roots workers like Ling.

     Without knowing the inside story of Nosoran, he was baffled into a curse.

     The three people who drowned, their presence in this world was also erased. The original news published in the newspaper that found the drowned corpse disappeared without trace after Yuan Feng also died. Moreover, there was no news of trucks knocking over cars on the bridge where he was involved.

      In addition, Run An also discovered one thing.

     The family members of Gao Fenghui and others who had entered the Northorland company in the past no longer exist in this world. Only his adoptive parents who had no blood relationship with Zhong Zili could escape. Rundang went to see Zili's drunk ghost mother before. She didn't remember having adopted a son at all.

     City G has become more weird and horrible than hell.

      In addition, the psychicist, the exorcist, and the ghost-eye...

     As long as human beings with flesh and blood's body have no ability to fight against ghosts and monsters. Their current situation, unlike those protagonists in horror movies, doesn't have any difference.Run dark, A Jing, as well as Mu Jing, Shen Huai and others, all very clear this.

     Just think about this, let tremble with fear tremble with fear. And A Jing himself is also extremely frightened. She doesn’t have any appetite at all recently, and the slightest wind blowing and grass swaying (slightest sign of trouble) will be terrified. You have to glancing to left and right when you walk. I don’t know how many times I’ve been The nightmare awakened.

     If this continues, she will already know Spirit Fission before the curse comes. The wise and confident Ah Jing in the past was completely out of sight.

     This also makes Yun An very heartbroken. He knew what a terrible future A Jing was facing, but he could do nothing for her.

     He could do nothing for her...

     Shenhuai was also caught in this kind of trouble.

     Hao Lin's will has been very depressed after losing her younger brother. Now, he must face this terrible time curse. And Shen Huai is also full of guilt feelings, because, at first, he brought Hao Lin into the company.

     Everything is his fault.

     May Ji's death also be caused by him.

     Looking at the beloved one, haggard and painful day by day, but he was impotent, even powerless to defend oneself, and Shenhuai almost collapsed. If there were people such as Runtan and Mujing as his support, how could he survive unimaginable present self.

     However, this curse will not have any mercy on them. Those who step into the door of Nosoran must be deprived of their right to survive normal times.

     No one can be an exception.

      At midnight 00:00, Shenhuai still smoked at the head of the bed.Hao Lin couldn't sleep soundly, but snuggled in the arms of her lover, silently speaking to each other.

     The interior is not very dark, because the bedroom is facing the window, and the moonlight comes in obliquely, reflecting their faces clearly.

     Suddenly, a rapid ring of telephone ringtones completely broke the quiet and dark atmosphere. Shenhuai looked at the bedside phone, frowned. Although I can't know the time because I took away all the clocks at home, but now the sky should be around zero, who would call this time?

     After answering the phone, he could not speak before he heard a woman's sharp shouts.

     "Help-save me! I will be killed!"

     Shen Huai was shocked and quickly asked: "what's going on? who are you?"

     "Don't care who I am... Please help me, I'm here on Zongyue Road near Beiying Road... There are four men chasing me... No one around, come and save me!"

     "You... you should call the police," Shen Huai couldn't help but suspect that the woman's IQ was abnormal. In this case, she should call the police immediately. How could you make a strange call and ask someone who is a total strangers to go? Save her? Is this woman a lunatic who escaped from Psychiatric Hospital?

     However, the woman seemed to be unable to understand people's words, still repeating the same words: "Help, help me! They are going to catch up with me!"

     Hao Lin on the side was completely confused, but she intuitively felt whats the matter.

     At this time, when I called another, there was indeed the sound of chasing footsteps and the obscene and indecent voices of several men: "Chick, don't run, play with your brothers!"Shen Huai immediately said to Hao Lin: "Quick, dial 110 with a mobile phone! It seems that a woman was entangled by a group of hooligans, the location is...Zongyue Road..."

     The woman on the phone was still screaming: "Come and save me... they are going to catch up with me..."

     Perhaps this woman is really having a problem with her mind. Whatever the case calls the police first, it is considered extreme benevolence, utmost duty. Whether this woman can escape alive depends on her character. The cursed thing has caused Shenhuai's mental exhaustion to the extreme, and there is really no mental strength to see what is right and act courageously (idiom, from Analects).

      "All right, miss, I have called the police, and the police will be here soon. You can rest assured. That's it, bye!"

     After Shenhuai hung up the phone, he spoke with Hao Lin in detail. Hao Lin also thinks that somewhat weird, who would call someone who is a total strangers to call her to save her? It’s the most common sense to meet the gangster alarm that's right!

     "Is it okay?" Hao Lin is a very soft-hearted person after all: "In case those gangsters..."

     "We don't have that energy to manage others now, and just moved to this city, the road is not familiar, go to the woman, and find that she had an accident. It is better to let the police handle this matter. Well, Go to sleep."

     However, when Shen Huai just closed the eyes, the phone rang again.

     Shenhuai frowns answered the phone again, and it was the woman again.

     "Quick save me... they will catch up with me... Ah, there is a dead end in front! I cannot to pass... save me, come and save me quickly!"Shen Huai impatiently said: "Why call me? I don't know you! You can call someone you know! I have called the police, the police will come soon!"

     But then he suspected that the woman had problems not only with IQ, but also that she couldn't understand people at all.

     "Save me... Come and save me... Ah, they are only ten meters away from me..."

     It sounds like the situation is critical. Shenhuai unscrewed the bedside lamp, put on a coat, took out a map placed in a drawer, and started searching for Zong Yuelu's location.

     "Where are you now? Tell me the specific location..."

     But suddenly I heard the scream of the woman, followed by the crazy laughs of several men, and then... the sound of tearing clothes.

      At this time, the idiot can also imagine what the situation is over the phone.

     Shen Huai also began to realize the seriousness of the matter. On the other side of the phone, there were always women's screams and crying, and men's nasty words.

     He handed the microphone to Hao Lin and said solemnly: "I'm going out for a while, you and I use the phone to keep in touch."

     Hao Lin was also worried. After all, she didn't know how many gangsters there were. She was so worried that Shenhuai would take such a risk.

     "It's okay... The ghosts have all seen it, are you afraid of people?"

     Shen Huai comforted Hao Lin, quickly dressed, and went out.

     However, according to the map, although Zongyue Road can be found, the name of Beiying Road cannot be found at all.

     Did the map expire, or did the woman remember it wrong?Shenhuai’s home is located on Zongyue Road. If you drive, it will take about half an hour. Even if you can get there, the woman is mostly everything bodes ill, no positive signs. But he had already called the police station, and the police should be able to get to the scene soon.

     The reason why Hao Lin hangs up the phone is because he is worried that he will keep the call and let the gangster find out, then they may be afraid that their voice will be heard, and find out the address through the dialed number displayed on the mobile phone to hurt He and Hao Lin.

     The threat of being cursed has made them there is no road to the sky, nor door into the earth, and does not want to be threatened by humans anymore.

     When Shenhuai's car arrived at Zongyue Road, the streets there were cold and cheerless. After a long search, they found nothing, there's nothing about it Beiying Road.

     However, the road itself is not long, and there are indeed a few laneways around, but nothing is found.

     Shenhuai didn't know what to do, so he had to take a car and go home.

     As a result, he didn't sleep well all night, thinking in his heart what exactly is going on. This thing, more or less has some weirdness that makes him feel unnatural.

     The next day, shortly after he got up, two policemen visited.

     He immediately thought that something had probably progressed last night, and the address should be the one they found based on the contact number.First, a policeman asked him if he called the police station yesterday. After Shenhuai answered "Yes", the policeman's expression immediately became very serious, saying, "This comrade, you know or not Reporting false police is legally responsible? Yesterday, because we received the alarm call, we immediately dispatched the police to search for Zongyue Road, but we did not find the gangsters and victims you said!"

     Shen Huai's unknown hunch was fulfilled again.

     The phone call last night was really weird.

     But, more weird... still behind.

     "Also... Even if you report a false alarm, you shouldn't tease us like that? Beiying Road is the old name of Huaying Road that intersects Zongyue Road ten years ago. And ten years ago, it did happen there. In a bloody case, four gangsters raped a woman in an alley, but the case has long been broken, and the murderers have also been put to justice. You are all right, actually use the case of ten years ago to entertain us?"


     Shenhuai only felt the coolness behind him...

     So, the person who called him last night... Could it be...