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0 Chapter Directory 130 Curse Of Injustice
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

" the tomb of Yuki?"

     Mu Jing took Wei Jing to the tomb of Yuan Ji. The humble tomb formed by the small mound.

     Tombs without bones.

     "I don’t want you to be too scared of wishing Ji because she is your sister. She has the same genes as you and was born in this world because of you..."

     Weijing leaned over and gently stroked the mound.

     "This soil... looks like it has been turned over recently..."

     She felt that someone had excavated the tomb. And this also surprised Mu Jing, this is an empty grave!

     "Dig it out and see." Weijing began to have a bad premonition.

     Neither he nor Wei Jing noticed... Runli kept watching them secretly behind the tomb.

     Runli is always not knowing anything at all under the protection of Rundang. She always believed that it was only A Jing who was cursed, and her brother only rescued those who were cursed from a humane perspective. Therefore, she does not need to suffer the pain of waiting for death.

     Therefore, you can go to love...

     But, at the curse of the stairs, she really thought she was going to die. When the ghost captured space distortion, she really thought she was going to die.

     When Mu Jing's hand grabbed himself and left the Foreign Space, the feeling that was originally unknown in his heart became clear.

     Runli found that she actually...

     "In short, it definitely has to do with time curse."When Shen Huai and Hao Lin visited Run An's house and told him on the phone last night, everyone agreed. Currently, this is time curse. But, is it for Shenhuai or Hao Lin? it for both?

     "I need the Detailed Materials of the woman who died ten years ago." Shen Huai solemnly made this request to Run An. Through A Jing's extraordinary Hacking Skill and Runli's intelligence gathering ability, it should be easy as a hand's turn to do this. And spoke until here, he only noticed that Runli was not there.

     "Where did your sister go?" Hao Lin also noticed this, with some doubts asked.

     "I went out early in the morning, I don't know either where she went." Run An now completely put her mind on how to save A Jing, she is currently already nervous to the extreme, curled up in bed all day, still Hallucinations and auditory hallucinations often occur, and every time I feel that a ghost is coming.

     If you go on like this, she will definitely mental breakdown. Run Dark didn't expect A Jing to be so vulnerable when facing his curse.

     Faced with death, people cannot be strong after all.

     When the shovel was dug to a depth of about half a meter, it felt like it touched a hard object.

     how come!

     Mu Jing whatever the case did not expect such a thing to happen!

     He put down the shovel and began to dig up the soil by hand.

     A stench came out of the nose, and as the soil was dug away, a nearly rotten face appeared in front of him.

     "Ah! This is..."

     Weijing couldn't help covering her mouth.The upper body of the body was wearing a long gown with a long hem, and it looked very antique. And in the middle of the gown, embroidered... a big purple eye!

     This corpse... could it be...

     And at this time, at the position of that eye, the clothes actually began to swell slowly, Mu Jing that moment was completely ignorant, and the swelled part became higher and higher, and soon broke through the clothes, revealing ...

     A white ghostly head!

     At this moment, Mu Jing is almost the soul flies away and scatters, but... in a blink of an eye, look at it again, the head just disappeared without trace, as if it were a fantasy.

     However, the corpse is real, still lying in the mud, exuding a stink...

     This body is Gongsun Ya.

     From the illusion of the skull, Mu Jing can basically be sure that it is the evil spirit of Yuan Ji who killed him.

     The clue obtained with this great difficulty is thus broken.

     At midnight 00:00 that night, both Shenhuai and Hao Lin had difficulty falling asleep because they did not know whether that call would come again.

     Although I pray for everything end here in my heart, this is always an inevitable disaster.

     The sudden ringing of the phone ringing suddenly caused Shen Huai and Hao Lin's hearts to almost stop.

     With a trembling hand, Hao Lin hesitated for a long time before answering the phone.

     The sound as if from hell sounded again.

     "Save me... please help me... they are chasing me..."That miserable and sorrowful cry, at such a time, Shen Huai and Hao Lin could not help but goosebumps. At the end of the phone, there was a woman who had died ten years ago!

     This is a time curse.

     Ling was confused and changed his memories in the course of time's countercurrent; Luo Zhilong drowned several hours in advance; as for John, he was brought back to the date of his death by the time of countercurrent.

     The time in City G has been completely disrupted. Now, there will be a woman who called Shenhuai ten years ago, and he wouldn’t be surprised.

     "I beg you..." Hao Lin pleaded to the woman: "Please don't call me again, please let me off..."

     No matter what Hao Lin said to her, she always repeated only one sentence: "Save me!"

     Hao Lin hung up the phone fiercely, then hung up the phone line, and said to Shenhuai: "Don't... ignore this call, go to sleep... let's sleep first..." But then the phone rang again Get up!

     Shen Huai threw the whole telephone on the ground resentfully, and then he lifted a chair on the bed like crazy and smashed it down!

     The chair smashed on the phone, and the dropped microphone sent the woman a cry for help: "Save me! Save me!"

     What's amazing is that this sound actually became louder and louder, causing Shenhuai to wonder if he had touched the hands-free key.

     "help me--"

     The next scream actually came out of the microphone at the ear-splitting volume, and Shenhuai and Hao Lin completely stiffened, and the scream continued.Shenhuai finally made a firm resolution and continued to smash it, but no matter how he smashed it, he even smashed the entire phone into a rotten, but the sound was still endless, even louder, and gradually reached the limit of human ears!

     Soon, there was a knock on the door outside, the neighbors who heard the screams. They all shouted outside: "Open the door quickly! What was that voice just now? Someone is asking for help!"

     "Save-save-me-no-then-I-do-ghost-also-no-forgive-you -"

     Shenhuai is almost mental breakdown, the phone has been smashed into a pile of parts, but the sound can not be stopped!

      More than one can bear, he finally broke into a roar: "You bitch! It deserves to be raped! If you have a species, you will come to me and I will not be afraid of you!"

     The deep sophia, who has always been calm, finally lost his mind when facing this unusual time curse. He didn't realize at all that the curse was officially opened as soon as this sentence was spoken.

     The sound stopped.

     At this instant, Shenhuai felt that his ears seemed deaf, and even the shouts of the neighbors outside the door were not very clear.

     Recalling that sentence carefully, Shen Huai suddenly too late for regrets.

     He did something extremely stupid.

     Is it... that female ghost... will he come to him?

     Just say that because of oneself?

     But everything soon got the answer.The next day, the darkness came to Tartaros' archive room again. Ming Huarui and he came to the database that kept the initial stage of the founding station. Rows of shelves are filled with all kinds of supernatural materials.

     "With... Found!"

     Ming Huarui took out a document bag and gave Run An to say: "Should this be the case? The female ghost incident of Zong Yuelu. It was the woman who was raped and killed ten years ago. It is said that she has been the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed, there are photos in it!"

     Nodded darkly, took the file bag, took out a few sheets of paper, and really saw the photo. The photo shows a silhouette of Spooky White's body floating on the wall of an alleyway.

     "Then..." He then asked Ming Huarui again: "Do you remember? Are you a reporter who worked in Tartaros' early days?"

     "Ashamed," spoke until here Ming Huarui said embarrassedly: "I couldn't find a job after graduating from college, so I had to work here. I still remember the incident of Zong Yuelu's female ghost, Qiu Zhan, who had passed away. Chang You took me to Zongyue Road with spiritualist Yan Ruixin and psychic Tong Moyan..."

     These familiar names let Run An recall the curse of the House of Dawn at the beginning. The seven members of Tartaros all died in the horrible haunted house.

     "Ah, speaking, Tong Moyan was already dead last year. The webmaster and Miss Yan were also baffling missing, and most of them were killed..." Ming Huarui spoke until here, it seemed very sad.

     This made Run An when recalling. Among the people who died in the Hall of Dawn, only Tong Moyan left the body, and the others disappeared.What Ming Huarui said next caused him a great reaction.

     "But... Tong Moyan is dead, but I don't feel any sadness, but I'm a little bit happy..."

     This made Run Ning surprised, and he began to look at Ming Huarui carefully. She is the Senior Reporter of Tartaros. Thirty-one years old this year. She is a very capable professional woman. She is also very decent in talking and speaking, but she is particularly excited when she encounters things related to supernatural powers.

     Tong Moyan also has ghost eyes, which is probably not wrong.

     "Mr. Yi... I only tell you this thing." Ming Huarui said mysteriously: "I have seen it once. It was the incident of the female ghost of Zongyue Road. At that time, I was responsible for and photography Teacher Shen Ang looked for a place where a female ghost might be infested, and photographed her trail. There was no clue, but... Tong Moyan's eyes suddenly turned purple, and he looked behind me and then addressed me Say:'She is behind you.'"


     It's not wrong!

     That's the ghost of mutation!

     "Then, Shen Ang took the picture you see now. That moment, only I noticed that his eyes had turned purple. But, I felt that it seemed that the soul was also ingested by his eyes. . I feel... he seems to be, a Devil! a Devil!"

     Tong Moyan has obviously been dead for such a long time, but spoke until here, Ming Huarui still seems to be unable to stop her fear.

     "But... I'm still uneasy...because, when the police found his body, his eyes were all dug out! Those unusual eyes..."Run dark looked at the picture on his hand, gradually understood.

     Tong Moyan probably has ghost eyes and can see transparent ghosts. But why does ghost eyes give Ming Huaru such a deep sense of fear?

     At the same time, the ghost of Zong Yuelu is really a curse on Shen Huai and Hao Lin?