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0 Chapter Directory 131 Reincarnated
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
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Mu Jing returned to the apartment he rented.

     Recently, in his mind, he kept recollecting everything he had lived with and wishing Ji Ji, especially... he had vowed to Ji Ji.

     Isn't he breaking the agreement with her now?

     However, as long as he faced Wei Jing, he could not accept the fact that Yuki had died. As if Weijing is a form of wishing Ji still live in this world. He kept deceiving himself, so he accepted Weijing's feelings. Although he knew it was mean.

     He didn't know how long he could survive, but even in the face of death, he couldn't erase his wish for Ji Ji.

     When he came to the door, he froze.

     Runli leaned against the door with a sad face, her head down, and when she noticed the arrival of Mu Jing, she immediately raised head up.

     Mu Jing dazed for a moment, then asked: "Run Li... why not call me? How long have you been here alone?"

     Runli's eyes were full of resentment, so she looked directly at Mu Jing without saying a word.

     When Mu Jing gradually approached her, Run Li could no longer restrain her surging heart, and suddenly stepped forward and hugged Mu Jing tightly!

     This happened suddenly, and Mu Jing didn't even have time to react.

     "Why...I can't? Why do you turn a blind eye to me?"

     Mu Jing is completely confused, what is this's going on?

     He didn't understand the meaning of Runli's words for a moment.Runli is a delicate and sensitive girl. Although she has always lived a dark day, she has longed for a simple and happy life in her heart.

     "Mu Jing... why not it could be me..." After talking a while, Run Li's tears had soaked in Mu Jing's chest: "May Ji Already dead, isn't that so? Don't tell me you to me Without feelings, if If not, why do you dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety to save me when the stairs are cursed? Why would you rather risk mortal danger to save me? Answer me... why not may be me !"

     Mu Jing finally cleared over.

     Why... Runli has always looked at himself with strange eyes recently, and he finally fully understood.

     "Go in and talk, Runli... we should need to talk."

     Now Runli has also encouraged her courage before expressing her heart to Mu Jing. In fact, she knew that she would probably regret it, because if she was rejected, she would have no hope.

     Even if I knew this, I still did that.

     Because... at least she wanted to know the answer to this problem before Mu Jing was cursed.

     Mu Jing was actually completely without perceiving Runli's feelings for him. As a clone, perhaps even feelings are not sound. Cloning humans is by no means completely copying the entirety of a person, only that the genes are identical to the ontology.The main body of Mu Jing is named Tie Minchao, and his real age is about thirty years old. About 20 years ago, in Oregon, the United States, there was a blockade of a blocked sensationalize. A ten-year-old child threw more than ten teachers and students into a red spacial rift in his school. (s), so that those people are no longer visible. He was born in a Chinese family who immigrated to the local area. After this incident, he received full attention and even the FBI was involved in the investigation.

     The company tried all kinds of channels to obtain the genes of Tie Minchao, and cloned Tiemujing through it.

     After a secret investigation, Tie Minchao used his purple evil eyes that day to throw many people into the Foreign Space since childhood. And he did it only for some insignificant reasons. This terrifying man later received government control, and many scientists are still analyzing the Foreign Space he is connected to.

     Tie Minchao's wicked demon-like heart, whether inherited to himself, Mu Jing still can not understand. However, this has become what he fears.

     Cloning people... can you really get true love?

     In fact, when it comes to this point, Shenhuai's body is much more terrifying than the Tie Min Dynasty...

     His body is called Lu Zhenzi.

     It is the current leader of Ghost Eyes.

     According to the literature, many generations of pastors had ghost eyes with yin and yang, and the company found this cultist who remains in modern times, and got the genes of the master Lu Zhenzi, thus manufacturing clone Lu Renhuai.However, it is a pity that Lu Shenhuai does not have a supernatural constitution, so it can be basically determined that the current leader is only one ordinary person. Shen Huai's value as a clone does not exist after that, he is only treated as a failure.

     After he was judged as a failed product, Shenhuai once thought about death.

     His life was a product of artificial technology, and was created by human beings abusing technology. Today, even the value of being alive is negated, and the value of yourself as a "counterfeit" has completely disappeared.

     The reason why he gave up suicide later, only has one reason.

     That is for Mu Jing and Yuan Ji.

     "You are not a failure product, Shenhuai." Yuan Ji comforted him like that: "It is not important what you are born for. It is you who decide how to live. Your survival value is not everything for self and selfish profit, just want to use your decision."

     Mu Jing also said, "I don't think it's bad to be a human being. We are not different from ordinary people. We are born in a special way. Even if you are considered a failure by the company, we need you!"

     Just because Mu Jing and Yuan Ji need themselves, they have to survive.

     This is the Mental Pillar that survived until now.

     And now, on this pillar, another person is added, that is Hao Lin.

     He took Hao Lin to Runrun early in the morning, and when he got the Detailed Materials about the female ghost of Zongyue Road, he had foreseen that his death was not far away.After reading all the materials, he ripped the paper into pieces in a rage and growled: "Why-it wasn’t me who killed her, how can it be I saved her who was already dead ten years ago? Have you let me go?"

     "Listen to me...Shenhuai..."

     Run Dark prevented his madness and replied first: "I want to ask you to listen to me to say something first. We are absolutely unable to fight those ghosts and ghosts. So the only hope is the lost ghost eyes. At present I have got some Clue. Ah Jing’s grandfather has come to China. From his mouth, I got some information. Maybe... I can learn about the "seven evils"."

      spoke until here, Shenhuai seemed to have grabbed one's last hope, and stepped forward to hold Run Dark's hand, sobbing and said, "Run... Run dark, thank you so much... I was really sorry in the past, Please tell me, what should I do?"

     "That's good... Listen to me, Hao Lin, you also listen to it. After all, you used to be a researcher of supernatural phenomenon."

     A Jing told Run An, his grandfather had been afraid of her father's ghost eyes. At the same time, he also had a pair of purple eyes, but that was a pair of human eyes. At the same time, when Bersau and Ruri met, they recalled memories of meeting each other in their dreams.

     In general, one thing can be determined.

     They are all members of the "seven evils."

     The seven evil spirits are the sayings of ghost eyes. They regard ghost eyes as the devil. Then, the object of fear and hatred of ghost eyes is naturally regarded as "evil ghost".The dreams of Bersau and Liuli both stayed in ancient times. The origin of ghost eyes is also ancient.

     When the grandfather described by Ah Jing met her father, the panic of the former was very similar to that of Tartaros reporter Ming Huarui. After seeing the ghost eyes, they all described the square as a "demon".

     At the same time, Bersau saw Ren Seng when he was a child. According to him, although it was a childhood memory, it was terrifying to recall the purple pupils. And Liuli, after seeing John's ghost eyes, caused all ghost eyes to disappear.

     If all the clues are integrated, a conclusion can be drawn.

     As early as the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, seven people had joined together to commit a crime. The crime led to the generation of countless injustices, and as a result, ghost eyes appeared. For revenge, those unjust souls do not hesitate to find the reincarnation of the enemy through ghost eyes, which is "seven evil spirits." The voice of the man heard every time he gets ghost eyes should be the main body of the wronged soul.

     And, no matter which era, the souls of injustice will choose a person to become the connection channel between the world and the underworld. And A Jing was selected in this era.

     The ghost eyes disappeared because the reincarnation of the seven people who committed crimes in that era was all found in this era by ghost eyes. Liuli is the last one, because John used to be blind, so even though he and Liuli had known each other, they couldn't see her looks at all. Until that moment when she was seen by John’s undead, the seven evil spirits were found together, and the door was closed.In other words, in addition to A Jing's grandfather, Bo Shao, Liuli and Ming Huarui, there are three reincarnated people.

     "Sounds... It's crazy... In order to find the reincarnation of the seven people, the ghost eyes have been in the world for thousands of years..." Shen Huai spoke until here, suddenly understood what he was, and he looked straight at Run dark. , Suddenly remembered something, suddenly asked: "Hey, darken, shouldn't be..."

     "Yes." Run An was very happy that Shen Huai understood what he meant.

     "Kill one of those seven people and that person will be reincarnated again. In this way, the ghost's eyes will recover and look for that person's reincarnation."

     Crazy idea!

     Although Shenhuai used to survive for oneself in the past and had the idea of killing other people, he couldn't think Run Darkness actually produced such an idea.

     Yi Runtan finally began to follow in the footsteps of Senbo.

     "This is just your guess?" Shen Huai said the head: "After all, only four of this kind of person isn't that so are found? According to your statement, it is necessary to find the other three. This proves that the disappearance of ghost eyes is indeed due to the fact that seven people have been collected. After all, it is necessary to kill a person. Based on the current inference, if something is wrong, it cannot be compensated!"

     "No! No!" Hao Lin directly opposed: "You can't do that, run dark, what did you say The reincarnation of the seven ancient people, that's just your inference! completely without evidence!""The crazier the thing, the closer it is to the normal state of this World." Run dark spoke until here, his hand pointed directly at Hao Lin, and asked: "When I find the evidence, how many people can we survive in this world ?"

     This curse, the time left for everyone, there is not much left.

     However, what I didn’t expect was that...

     The fifth person, and his distance, was just a few steps away.

     Today is Sunday, so Xiaoxia and Xiaoya stay at home. Introverted sister Xiaoya finds that her brother is a little strange recently, it seems that that day he said he saw the man with purple eyes started.

     He seemed terrified of the gentleman who lived next door. For this reason, when you go to school, look around before you open the door.

     Mom has been busy with work recently, so she didn't pay much attention to it.

     But Xiaoya found out.

     The frequency of my brother looking in the mirror has become higher and higher.

     The reason for this is unknown, but Xiaoya feels that his brother has become more and more abnormal.

     She remembers waking up one night and found that her brother was not sleeping on his bed, and the living room lights were on.

     She got up quietly to open the door, but was surprised to find that... her brother was sitting alone in front of the mirror and kept looking at the mirror.

     At that time Xiaoya had watched her watch, she by no means disturbed her brother, and kept watching him secretly.

     Brother... Actually stayed half an hour in front of the mirror!Later, no matter what he did, he had to put a mirror in front of him. Although it is said that the children of adolescence value the image, the older brother doesn't seem to because of this because he frequently looks in the mirror.

     He could not do whats the matter, just stay in the mirror and sit for two hours. Moreover, it does not seem to appreciate his appearance, because in the process of looking in the mirror, he always has a very anxious look.

     So, Xiaoya finally summons courage, intending to ask his brother why he kept looking in the mirror.

     She came behind her brother who was sitting in front of the mirror and asked, "Brother... what the hell are you doing?"

     At this time, my brother actually answered in a very terrified tone: "I... I am afraid... I am afraid my eyes become purple... I am afraid that my face will become deformed and ugly... I am afraid... "