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0 Chapter Directory 132 The Vicious Spirit Appeared
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

"I am very grateful for your heart, but in my heart, only Ji Ji alone."

     Mu Jing knew that this was the cruelest answer for Runli, but he had to tell her that.

     "But I wish Ji already dead dead... Wei Jing she is not wish Ji..." Run Li spoke until here, actually turned the words, said: "Mu Jing, the body and the clone are not the same person, this Common sense!"

     Runli is not willing to give up hope whatever the case.

     At that time, within the space distortion, Yi Lian showed her the picture of Wei Jing. At that time, as a woman, Run Li also marveled at her proud beauty. Although Wei Jing is not yet 20 years old, her pure and beautiful appearance is just a photo, enough to dump all sentient beings, and even women are very attracted.

     Getting along with such a beautiful woman day and night, completely unimpressed, Runli is also very unimaginable.

     Mu Jing is still unforgettable about Yuan Ji, and it is easy to understand his empathy with Wei Jing. Run Liming knew this, but still could not accept it.

     Even if Mu Jing is a clone, even if he is a cursed person, it doesn't matter to Runli.

     She only wanted to get Mu Jing's heart.

     "I..." Mu Jing turned his head away from Runli's face and said, "Now I'm only thinking about Remove Curse, so...I'm not going to think about..."

     "I won't let Mu Jing you die!"

     Runli's heart is very firm.

     "It won't let you die... absolutely not!"

     Mu Jing was not moved at all."You go back. Runli, we... are impossible. May Ji be my all, so Weijing is the only one for me. You will not understand. Even if faced with a curse, this is not true Will shake. I... never forgot her for a moment."

     "But Weijing is not wishing Ji!"

     Runli's tears have begun to flow, she exhausted her last courage and said: "Although many people misunderstand, from a scientific point of view, even if they inherit the same gene, it does not mean that they are the same person. !Listen...Mu Jing. In fact, in the early days of cloning technology, no one called the clone a "copy person", thinking that the clone is a copy of the ontology, which is the misreading and distortion of science reality by science fiction. The so-called clone It's just an artificial asexual reproduction technology. I think that Weijing and Yuanji are equivalent, but it's your illusion. Think about it... Are they really the same? Can they be completely replaced by each other? Is it?"

     The fact is indeed so. Mu Jing did read a lot of science fiction related to clones, because there are no public examples of clones in current world. Everything about clones is based on imagination. However, the inertia of thinking about cloning people as copying people is very extensive.

     He also confirmed that human clones can replace the ontology. On the contrary, the ontology can naturally replace the clone.

     He began to carefully when recalling, Wei Jing... is it really Ji Ji? What standard does he view the essence of life?

     That standard is actually just your own subjective desire.

     It’s just that I don’t want to admit it."Are you serious?" After deep consideration, Shen Huai asked Run An seriously: "If you can't make it, I can do it for you..."

     "No, I can do it."

     When Run An said this sentence, his expression not the slightest changed.

      This time A Jing is not present. She is still resting in bed. Recently, she has had a fever and repeated coughs.

     "Don't you know Ah Jing?" Hao Lin still has difficulty agreeing to this approach: "You really decided? This is murder!"

     "Yes, murder, what?" Run An has fully understood Ren Senbo's mood and decided to inherit his will and let A Jing get rid of this curse chain.

     In order for him and Ah Jing to survive and sacrifice one or two people, he doesn't care. As long as you think about the ghosts that you will be hiding from where you don’t know, you will suddenly take your life, and at the same time you die, you will also experience pains like Fenghui and Anyuan, and the guilt of murder. Too.

     In this unusual world, only by discarding common sense can one find a way of life.

     Hao Lin actually knows this very well. She has lived with her dead brother for two years. This absolutely ridiculous thing is still hard to believe like a dream, but it is an unquestionable reality. She also feels that this World is so crazy that compassion cannot save them. Perhaps it is only through some special means that she can seek a way of life.

     "But..." Hao Lin was still hesitant: "Even if the ghost eyes were restored...""I will eat human flesh again, and then have Yin Yang ghost eyes," Run An said this have one's hair stand on end in a very common tone: "In the first time, Senbo used Yin Yang ghost eyes to fight against time curse. Yes. As long as I can live, I will do whats the matter."

     "It's useless to eat human flesh." Shen Huai suddenly interrupted his words, saying: "Otherwise the company would have eaten Mu Jing at the beginning. Only when Soul Devouring Ghost Eye is transformed into a ghost spirit can rely on human flesh. Having said that... how do you know this? This is the internal research result of the company, I don’t remember telling you."

     Run An recalled that this was when the real horror movie was cursed. A Jing deliberately told Shenhuai with a hypnotic potion, but afterwards he was given amnesia, so it was normal for him not to remember.

     Hao Lin picked up the scattered papers on the ground one by one, and when she picked up the file bag containing the information, she suddenly felt tight and took out a few more papers from the inside!

     "Run dark, there are materials here... Zong Yuelu's ghost haunted records five years ago..." She looked at the data, but she didn't find that Run dark became pale.

     "Why...why? There is no such information!" Run An grabbed the papers and appended many new photos. But there are no papers in this file bag!

     five years ago?

      this is what's going on?

     Run An looked at the file bag again, there was no paper in it, and then he began to look at the material that should not exist.

     Regardless of whether the information is true or false, why did the paper suddenly appear?

     While he was holding the document bag, suddenly...Run An felt that the bag was bulging again!

     He reached into his bag and actually... pulled out a few more sheets!

     This is... the appearance of the female ghost of Zongyue Road four years ago!

     Run Dark immediately understood...

     This is time curse, the female ghost, constantly changing history, approaching the present!

     Continue to put your hand in the file bag, and actually come up with new information! In this way, not long afterwards... a report on the situation of the female ghost of Zongyuelu was displayed in front of him last year.

     The content of the report is this. The haunting phenomenon has spread not only in the area of Zongyue Road, but has spread to all parts of the city. Great streets and small alleys, there are countless strikers who have seen the ghost of the victimized woman in the past.

     "How... how can it be..."

     She actually appeared in now!

     At this moment, suddenly the false door in the living room was opened.

     A woman with long hair hanging down, dressed in work clothes stained with blood walked in! In her heart position, a knife was inserted!

     Rundang suddenly saw eye sockets want to crack, and he couldn't move at all, just stared blankly.

     Shen Huai and Hao Lin also reacted in the same way. They were shocked by the abruptly arising horror.

     The woman... no, the woman ghost twisted her neck a few times, and said vaguely in her mouth: "For...what...not me..."

     Then, her body floated directly to Shenhuai!When her cold hands pinched Shenhuai's neck, Shenhuai woke up like a dream. Shaking off the muffled pistol he had been carrying, pulling the trigger at the ghost's forehead.

     The bullet instantly penetrated the head of the female ghost, and the blood spewed out, and the female ghost immediately released Shen Huai's wound on the face-palm. The door of the living room floated out, and then the door was also closed by kuang duang'ed!

     It was only a matter of a few seconds. It took three people about five minutes to recover.

     Shen Huai looked at the spattered blood on her body and immediately shouted: "It's her blood! Her blood splashed on me!"

     Hao Lin was also terrified by the soul flies away and scatters. She is still in a trance, her eyes blurred, basically unable to speak normally.

     As for moistening, Ah Jing immediately thought of it. When the female ghost just came in, A Jing was lying next door. If she saw such a scene, she might be afraid of mental disorder on the spot? At the same time, he was very happy that Runli was not at home now.

     The female ghost is coming...she wants to claim Shenhuai's life! I am afraid that even Hao Lin will not be spared.

     "I... I agree with your plan, Run Dark..." Shen Huai squeezed the gun tightly and said to Run Dark with a nearly roaring voice: "That Ming Hua Rui, where is she? I promise you, Go kill her immediately!"

     Ming Hua Rui doesn't actually like supernatural phenomenon.

     Since seeing Tong Moyan's purple eyes, she has been dreaming repeatedly.In her dream, she is an ancient concubine, she is full of grace and charming, and although she is not a queen, she has the same status as the queen in the harem.

     What kind of dynasty was that? It seems that during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, a small country in the South.

     Because of the accidental emperor's luck, he gave birth to a dragon. In ancient times where mothers and sons were expensive, especially in the palace, this was a great capital.

     That dream has been repeated over and over again without knowing how many times. The dream is so clear and true that when she wakes up many times, she feels that everything in reality is more like a dream.

     Although she studies the spirit herself, she still feels relatively insignificant about past life. But, after having dreamed so many times, she gradually began to doubt...

     Is everything in the dream world her previous life?

      Yesterday evening, she had that dream again.

     In this dream, a new character has been added.

     That man was a prince in the palace, surnamed Liang. Within a period of time after giving birth to the dragon, the emperor sent the doctor to become the doctor-in-charge of the prince.

     The prince she gave birth in the dream is very healthy and does not require medical treatment. However, the emperor seems to value this child very much.

     Then the dream woke up.

     A very strange dream.

     After get off work, she wandered alone on the street, constantly thinking about the cause and effects of this dream, and did not notice that the two men always followed behind her."There are too many people here, and then start when there are fewer people." Run Anqing saw that Shen Huai was very uncomfortable now, and constantly persuaded him to calm down.

     "I don't want to wait any longer!" Shen Huai suffered from the horror experience just now, plus his character that was a bit indifferent to life, he currently already can't bear it, just want to start immediately: "Since there is a chameleon liquid, even here to kill , It doesn't matter!"

     "If there are too many people, it is easy to accidentally hurt others, but if you are too close, you will easily get blood on your body, and then your body will no longer be completely hidden. Listen to me, as long as there is this liquid, who I couldn't find it. And make sure to kill her as much as possible. Do you understand?"

     The dark and deep locust at the moment are invisible status fuse together with the surrounding environment.

     Finally, came to a relatively remote intersection. There are few pedestrians around, and Ming Huarui is slow in thinking because he is thinking about the problem.

     "Ok... Shenhuai, let's do it!"

     Run An ordered the killing.

     When Shen Huai heard this, he immediately pointed the muzzle behind Ming Huarui and pulled the trigger.

     The bullet shot into Ming Huarui's head in an instant...;