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0 Chapter Directory 133 The Magic Sound Of Hell 1
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

Doctor Fang Kai has changed clothes and is already planning to leave work. However, a nurse ran in suddenly and said of out of breath: "Doctor... The hospital just sent an emergency patient with a head shot. The dean asked you to go to the third operating room on the 4th floor immediately !"

     Fang Kai is the chief surgeon of Guofeng Hospital, and brain surgery is one of his best areas. Hearing such an emergency, he hurried towards the operating room.

     When he got the scan of the brain, he frowned. The location of the bullet is very tricky, and one accidentally will lose a lot of blood and cause the patient to die. Even if a luck is saved, the possibility that the patient will wake up is extremely low.

     The surgeon who accompanied him to the operation was also very experienced, but when they saw the scan, they were also very nervous.

     "What about family members?" Fang Kai wiped his forehead and asked, "This operation is very dangerous, and it must be signed by the family members."

     "I have contacted, but I haven't rushed to the hospital yet." A doctor said: "The current situation is very urgent. There will be mortal danger at any time without surgery."

     Fang Kai once studied abroad and has extensive experience in brain surgery craniotomy, but compared with this time, it is simply minor magician in the presence of a great one.

     Frankly, he doesn't have any confidence in the surgery. And the time is very urgent, and the time used to discuss the surgical plan is very short.

     After Run Dark was shot by Shen Huai, his heart was very confused at the moment.

     Is Ming Huarui really dead?

     The eyes are still black pupils, which makes the darkening extremely disturbing. This shows that she may still be on the verge of life and death.

     Run An doesn't want to kill her again.He knew he had committed an unforgivable crime, but everything he did was for Ah Jing.

     I can't remember starting at at what time, he found himself caring about all the feelings of A Jing, and he strongly hoped that he could live with her.

     Since the death of his parents that year, except for himself and Runli, he has not cared about anyone's life and death. He has always lived a closed and untouched life. He has never cared about others, let alone love one. People.

     However, the encounter with A Jing changed all this.

     He now fully understands the sentiment that Senbo used both Fair and foul methods to remove Curse for his wife and daughter.

     A Jing is still completely without spirit. After lying on the bed for several days, she has no strength to speak and can hardly eat much in a day.

     Shen Huai and Hao Lin are watching the news on the TV nervously.

     This vicious shooting incident has aroused great attention from the police. At present, the injured are undergoing surgery in Guofeng Hospital, and the situation is very critical.

     "God...she's not dead yet?" Shen Huai is very confident in her shooting skills, but that shot didn't penetrate Ming Huarui's head, and the bullet remained in her brain.

     Hao Lin's mood is also very complex now, after all... that horrible female ghost's posture is still imprinted on her mind.

     Turning off the TV, she looked at the darkening night outside the window and said to Shenhuai: "Let's go...I don't want to stay at home, go to a place with more people, OK? I'm really scared..."

     Regret it...

     Shouldn't write that article...Should not go to Nosoran...

     No, the most important thing is...

     Should not go to Pulian Mountain!

     The most regretful thing about Hao Lin was to take Hao Qun to Pulian Mountain, and then because of quarreling with him, Hao Qun was killed by a car, so the grievances remained. It is for this reason that he himself entered the Northorland company...

     Shen Huai also thought that she made sense and planned to leave Hao Lin.

     Hao Lin simply put on a coat and walked to the door, just opened the door...

     "For...what...not to save me!"

     There was still a bloody ghost on her forehead, staring coldly at Hao Lin, and before she could react, she opened her mouth wide and flew in!

     Hao Lin yelled and ran to the back room, then closed the door heavily!

     Seeing her so flustered expression, Shen Huai already guessed a few points and asked quickly, "She... is she here?"

     Hao Lin pressed the door and cried, "Yeah...she's here, she's here!"

     Shen Huai's face stiffened, and he immediately took the gun out, and then used the microphone to make a call to Run An.

     Although Hao Lin had been reaching the door all the time, she didn't feel that the ghost had to force her into the door. When she was slightly relaxed, her body was suddenly slammed, and the door was... being violently hit!

     "Why not come to save me! Why not come to save me!"

     The shouting cry of the female ghost is like the sound from the bottom of the hell. It is not a sound that humans can make. It is full of infinite viciousness and curses!"Sorry... I'm sorry..." Hao Lin was about to mental breakdown, and she pressed against the door desperately, wail said: "Yes... it's our fault, Please let me off...we know we are wrong..."

     "Why, why not come save me ——————"

     The sound went straight through Hao Lin's back. She felt that her spine was almost broken, and the poor door was finally about to be knocked open!

     Shenhuai has already contacted Run Dark, pushing a desk and rush forward, saying: "Huan Lin... Don't give up, fight until Run Dark comes! His curse date has not yet arrived, so the female ghost can't hurt him! We Hold it!"

     Then, they piled up a lot of heavy objects in front of the door, and tried their best to withstand their bodies.

     "Why not come to save me--"

     The female ghost is still making this howl that has one's hair stand on end. Every sound seems to be penetrated by the soul.

     "Everyone who killed you is already in trouble!" Shen Huai kicked a newspaper and slipped under the door slit with a kick, shouting: "You read clearly! The newspaper wrote very clearly, killing you It’s all dead! Go back to Hades!"

     But the female ghost is still the same as on the phone, only repeating the same words.

     "Why not come to save me--"

     Despite the extreme fear in her heart, Shenhuai replied with courage: "I, how can I save... You died ten years ago, how can I save you!"

     "Why not come, you should die, you should die, I beg you so much, you haven't come to save me yet!"

     Shenhuai knows this is futile.This is time curse, basically unable to understand with reason.

     At the same time, Fang Kai is undergoing a craniotomy for Ming Huarui.

     He also hadn't thought that he had been in this hospital for a few months and had such a big operation. Because of his reputation as an authority on brain surgery, he soon became the Chief Doctor of Surgery when he first came to this hospital.

     Although it was nominally transferred to this hospital, was better to escape here.

     If he didn't flee here, he felt that he would have mortal danger. Although I still don't understand the origin of this kind of feeling, but... this feeling is too strong, so he cannot rest or eat in peace.

     Suddenly, the door was no longer hit.

     Shen Huai wiped his forehead with dripping with sweat, and then looked at Hao Lin who had almost collapsed.

     has it ended?

      absolutely impossible!

     Behind him, came...

     The sound of windows being opened!

     "Why not come save me!"

     At this moment, Run An has reached the downstairs of Shen Huai's house. And just as he was about to enter the apartment building, a figure fell in the sky and fell heavily on the hard concrete floor!

     "How... how could..."

     He looked almost unbelievable, looking at the body in front of him.

     That's exactly... dead but will not close the eyes of Hao Lin! ;