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0 Chapter Directory 134 The Hell Of Hell 2
    Chinese Name: 异悚  Author: 黑色火种(Hēisè huǒzhòng, Black Tinder)
    Original: | Translator:

When Hao Lin was thrown out of the window that moment, Shenhuai seemed to be pushed into the bottomless abyss from the tower.

     "Artemisia-Lin -"

     He ran to the window regardless of costs and looked down. Hao Lin was already lying on the cold concrete floor.

     At the height of their seventh floor, Hao Lin may survive a tiny bit.

     The female ghost is still floating in the room.


     "Wow Aaaaah Aaaaah—" Shenhuai took out his pistol and aimed at the female ghost in a burst of fire. Every shot did indeed hit her, and the blood continued to bleed, but the female ghost only had a painful expression, but she refused to dissipate.

     "Go to die! Go to die! You die to me!"

     Shenhuai poured all the bullets into the female ghost angrily, and soon the bullets ran out.

     The female ghost's body is trembling, the joints are constantly making strange sounds, the body is constantly twisting, and the eyes are wide, and the mouth is still saying: "Why...not me..."

     Shenhuai knew that everything would be over.

     Finally, the body of the female ghost floated towards him quickly, and pushed him violently from the window sill... Run darkly watched as the two fell.

      "No... no... no!"

     He knelt down heavily on the concrete floor and watched the deep locust and artemisia fallen in the pool of blood, plunged into great pain, and couldn't help but bury one's head in one's hands and weep. As the so-called if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves, not to mention getting along for so long, there is still a little feeling.John is dead, Ren Senbo is dead, and now Shen Huai and Hao Lin are dead.

     At the time, the clone made by Nosoran was only alive today.

     When Rundang raised head up, he was greeted by a more unimaginable scene!

     The two bodies disappeared without trace in front of him!

      how can it be?

     This time curse will not give them any traces left in this world. This is true for John, Yuanfeng, and Shenhuai.

     It's like never existed in this world.

     Run An also felt that his memory of Shen Huai also began to blur. Many things, he cannot remember.

     Everything is like a dream, without realism.

     When this curse killed Mu Jing, the final goal was naturally A Jing. By the last of the last, he will forget even A Jing.

     This... he can't tolerate whatever the case.

     At the same time, A Jing opened the eyes.

     She touched her forehead, lifted the quilt, and her eyes were full of lightness.

     Just now, she was thinking of a hypothesis.

     An extremely scary assumption.

     She intends to try to verify it.

     "Listen...Mu Jing, I have a hypothesis."

     Run Li finally made a firm resolution and spoke out her concerns in front of Mu Jing.

     "Assumption?""Well... it's about Yuki. Combining all the clues I have learned before, I thought of a possibility related to Yuki. However, I am not going to say it now, but I will go to verify it first. Watch now You, you... do you really have the courage to accept that answer? It is likely to destroy everything you believe so far."

     Run Li said very seriously.

     When Mu Jing heard until here, she couldn't help but bewildered.

     "If you really have eternally unvarying love for Yuan won't be afraid of any doubts I have about Yuanji?" Run Li knows that this is her only hope for happiness and can save Mu Jing. Last chance.

     "I only need your reply. If you agree, now, go with me. How is it?"

     Mu Jing firmly believed in his feelings for Yuan Ji, but when Runli said that in front of him, he found that there was indeed a sway somewhere in his heart.

     May Ji already dead.

     He has never wanted to admit this, on the contrary, he has used various methods to Decieve Oneself to prove that Ji Ji still exists.

     The wish Ji who turned into a ghost, her ontology, everything's everything, all show that Yuan Ji still exists in this world. However, that is just a vague trace.

     If, without these traces of insignificance, what would his love for Yuan Ji become?

     Is it true...Is it so hypocritical?

     "Okay... as long as that is the true answer," Mu Jing also made the final determination, to chop the nail and slice the iron and said, "I will definitely accept it!""So... okay. I will go to one region/place first, and if the result is verified, I will call you. Mu Jing, I want you to face your true self..." Runli spoke until here At that time, I felt myself and finally took my life as a bet and made a big bet.

     "I believe that then you will understand who you really love!"

     After Runli left, Mu Jing sat alone in the room, thinking about her words.

     Is it really love for Yuan Ji's feelings?

     He was created as a clone, lived in the environment of be cut off from the rest of the world, and grew rapidly in that heterogeneous space. Does he really understand what is called love?

     May Ji be really irreplaceable to him?

     And what about Runli?

     Mu Jing recalled the whole process of going to a different space to save her. Why did he work so hard? Why would she be so happy after finally saving her?

     At this moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.

     He hurried to the door and asked, "Who is it?"

     "It's me, Mu Jing."

     This voice is...


     At a time when Mu Jing's thoughts were so chaotic, she came.

     Seeing that same wishless Ji face again, Mu Jing seemed to have an illusion again.

     Runli's words still ringing in one's ears, but he still felt that it seemed that he was the one in front of him.

     After entering Mu Jing's house, Wei Jing smiled and said, "Mu Jing... for the first time, come to your house.""Yeah..." Mu Jing closed the door and stared at Wei Jing's face again. The illusion is constantly deepening.

     Wish Ji...


     The two figures completely overlap together.

     He could no longer contain his inner desires and thoughts, and suddenly hugged Weijing.

     "I... I want to make sure that all I need is you? For me, are you the one you need?"

     Mu Jing Unable to Restrain Emotions Say these words that he also feels some incoherent speech.

     Wei Jing’s hand also wrapped around Mu Jing’s back, nodded, and replied, “Yeah. I’m the one you need. I’m different from Yuki, and doesn’t have any. You can think of me as much as you can. is her."


     She is wishing Ji.

     Mu Jing just as in the past continued to deceive himself.


     Wish Ji...

     Is it really the one you need?

     A Jing walked in front of what she wanted to confirm.

     Runli, right behind her.

     "Unexpectedly... we thought about the exact same thing. Well, maybe it's God's will." A Jing spoke until here, when she was about to touch that thing, Runli suddenly grabbed her hand and said, " Wait, Ah Jing... there is one thing, I want to ask you today. Really, this problem ...... hold in my heart for a long time..."

     A Jing slowly lowered her hand, looked at Runli, and said, "Isn't... Mu Jing mentioned to you, I used to want to use you to become a ghost body?"

     Runli was silent for a while, slightly nodded."I won't do that."

      "Yí?" Run Li was stunned for a moment, she couldn't think A Jing would decisively deny so.

     "Are you surprised?" A Jing had expected her to be the reaction, but she also felt that it was time to departure.

     "I will never do anything that hurts others to save myself. From a very childhood, my mother taught me the dignity and pride of being a human being. The mother is very kind and values human virtue more than anyone else. She always believed that People should have virtue and dignity, and they should not abandon them for anything. Even when facing a critical moment, one cannot give up pride as a human being. As a human being, absolutely cannot be reduced to a beast."

     A Jing also has the same pride.

     Although she was also afraid of this curse, she paid more attention to the precious legacy left by her mother. As a noble mother, she understands more knowledge than the average person and pays more attention to the importance of personality charm.

     "So, I have never tried to kill others in the past. Remove Curse. Even if I die, I want to die as a human, rather than live like a jackal. Maybe the average person can't understand my values, but this is my belief."

     A Jing's words moved Runli, and she gradually believed that A Jing was not the kind of person who would despise the lives of others.

     At the same time A Jing's heart was also thinking: Run dark... What a stupid thing you did. also... Dad, you are the same...A Jing has known many crimes committed by her father for her mother and her long ago. Her wisdom is to infer everything from cause and effects, not difficult at all. And she also saw news of Ming Huarui's shooting on her mobile phone on her way. Run Jing's speculation about things, Jing Jing also speculated.

     She whatever the case, also making a firm resolution to stop the darkening. She didn't want to build her life on bloody killings.

     From the beginning, when she put down the knife that was going to kill Ou Xueyan, she had no regrets. Also making a firm resolution, I won't think about it again.

     And, for this curse...

     "Sorry... Weijing."

     Mu Jing let go of Wei Jing that he was holding tightly in his arms, and he finally realized what he needed.

     "You are not the person I need. You are not Yuan Ji, no, even if you are Yuan Ji. The love for Yuan Ji is just a kind of pure zhan desire, just my unilateral desire. I have never considered Yuki’s feelings. I just feel that I have lost Yuki, but I have never considered the pain of Yuki as a ghost. Now, I only wish Yuki can rest in peace...”

     "No, it's not right!" Wei Jing held Mu Jing's arms tightly, and whatever the case she couldn't accept this statement: "I love you so much, Mu Jing, don't... you have to give me such a reply I don’t accept it!"

     " shouldn't be wronged to pretend to wish Ji. She is different from you...""No! No! No!" Wei Jing dragged Mu Jing's hand like crazy, during the dispute, her foot slipped accidentally, and the sleeve of her left hand was torn open...

     At the same time, A Jing opened the door in front of... the wardrobe in the Weijing bedroom.

     "You... are you okay? Wei... Wei... Weijing?"

     After the sleeve of Wei Jing's left hand was torn open, her arm was exposed. And on top of it, there is... a clear tooth mark!

     This wound... this wound...

     Mu Jing recalled the night when Yuan Ji's left hand was bitten by a monster in the dark...

     From the Jingjing wardrobe, A Jing and Run Li saw the scene of shocks the eye, astonishes the heart.

     A shriveled body huddled in the corner, it looked already dead for a long time. However, after opening the closet, the rotten smell came out.

     John said that one day Wei Jing told him to wait outside the door when changing clothes, and when she opened the closet, she saw the ghost of Yuki in the mirror of the closet. Then John rushed in, when I saw only the fearful crystal falling in front of the wardrobe...

     However, this is not the case.

     On that day, the wishing girl in the mirror ran out from inside, killed Weijing, and hid her body in the closet. Then, using her face that was exactly the same as Weijing, she was always posing in front of everyone. !